Exell Battery 3V 50mAh CR435 Fishing Lure Shape Lithium Battery FAST USA SHIP

3V CR435 BR435 435 Lithium Pin Type Cell Battery For Fishing Lures, Fishing Bobbers, Pen Lights, Arrow Nocks, Fishing Floats, Pole Lights, LED Flashers, Microphones, PDA Pens.

  • Voltage: 3, Amperage: 50mAh, Chemistry: Li-MNO2
  • Length: 1.410, Width: 0.160
  • Exell Battery
  • Coin Cells - Lithium
CR435 BR435 435 Lithium 3V Pin Type Cell Battery For Fishing Lures,Bobbers, Pen Lights The CR435 Lithium pin battery is developed for fishing lures, fishing floats and bobbers. It can also be used in compatible inspection pen lights, arrow nocks, LED flashers, and many other applications. It has a capacity of 50mAH and a discharge rate of 5 mA. It is only 4 mm in diameter (0.16 inches, 5/32"). This tiny non-rechargeable battery has an extremely long shelf life, up to 20 years. CR435 3V Lithium Pin Type Battery Specifications: Chemistry: Li-MNO2 (High capacity Lithium Manganese Dioxide), Voltage: 3.0V, Amperage: 50mAH, Length: 1.41in (35.9mm), Width: 0.16in (4.2mm), Weight: 0.9 Self-Discharge rate: >1% per year, Nominal Current mA: 5mA, Pulse Current mA: 25mA,

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