A Guide For Setting Up Catfishing Rigs

When it comes to rigging for catfish, there are many variables, but the following guide for setting up catfish rigs will help you to get it right no matter the time of year or conditions in which you will be fishing. Perhaps the first thing to consider when it comes to setting up catfishing rigs, is the size differential when it comes to catching cats.

Obviously, since catfish come in sizes from panfish sized to HUGE monster cats, the size you hope to catch will vary the types of gear you choose to use. Just try to match the size gear you use to the size fish you hope to target for best results.

For huge monster cats, heavy sea fishing rods may be your choice, but you might choose a heavy eight footer with 30 pound test line in some circumstances too, just as you might choose a more common spin rig with 10 to 15 pound line in other circumstances when you are fishing for catfish.

If you are pond fishing for some small table fare (particularly if you are teaching youngsters to fish) you might even want to target some really small cats in the two to nine pound size range. You can use really light gear for those and use six to ten pound test line.

The choice should depend on the fish you hope to catch. Likewise, the size bait you use should be relevant to the size fish you hope to target.

If you plan to fish in the heat of the summer, you might find wading in a stream or creek while you fish for catfish a cooler way to catch a fish. Using the lighter gear will also make it easy to be on the move with your pole and every thing you need in hand (or an easy access pocket) while the water keeps the endeavor a bit cooler. Use a light spin rod with a light eight pound test line.

Carry a small case with # 1-4 hooks, split shot, and a bobber or two. If you are fishing bottom cover in slower moving waters, you might want to use a float to keep the bait off the bottom so you won’t get hung up as often.

Another rig that works well is using a little sinker in about a half ounce range. Use a snelled hook about a foot above your sinker. You might also try a dropper with a hook tied on it. Use tiny minnows or worms, crickets, small shrimp, or small pieces of chicken liver for fish in this size range.

If you are fishing lakes, large impoundments, rivers, or smaller reservoirs, and hope to catch fish in the four to fifteen pound size range, move up to a medium weight class of tackle.

All the baits you can use on the lighter tackle previously mentioned will work on the medium sized rigs, but you can also add in good punch bait as another alternative. Use split shot, a bullet sinker that is about a foot and a half up on your line. Either peg it or crimp it to keep it from sliding around on your line. You can also use a Dipsey sinker as well.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best catfish fishing information possible. Get more information on catfish fishing rigs here: http://www.askcatfishfishing.com/

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Things to Consider When Planning a Camping Menu

A camping trip will not be complete without a hearty food feast. There is something about the outdoor atmosphere that makes eating more pleasurable and the food more delicious. Planning the menu is important to ensure that you do not forget any necessary ingredient and that you do not spend the whole day preparing the food. Here are some things to consider when planning a camping menu to make the whole process easier and faster.

Preparation and Cooking Time

When planning for meals to cook for the trip, consider the preparation and cooking time of each recipe. Choose dishes that are easy to cook and prepare. Pick a recipe that requires few cooking equipment as well as simple ingredients that won’t easily spoil.

As you know, if you’re going to cook in the campsite, you won’t have the usual cooking equipment that you have in your kitchen. It is best to stay away from elaborate meals that would entail baking or any other complex cooking procedure. Simple boiling, broiling, and grilling are practical cooking methods to do during the trip.

To make things a whole lot easier, prepare the ingredients back at home. Cut, chop, and slice vegetables and other ingredients and put them with labeled Ziploc bags. As for the meat, poultry, and fish, you can pre-cook them at home and then freeze them and store in the chest coolers so that it would take a shorter time to cook them at the campground.


It was mentioned earlier that it’s important to select ingredients that don’t easily get spoiled. In the campground, you won’t have a refrigerator and freezer where you can store foods without worry of spoilage. Here, the best thing you have are camping coolers that can keep your food fresh as long as they are packed with sufficient ice. This means, it is smart for you to choose dishes that don’t easily get spoiled.

Apart from this, you have to keep the camping coolers in a shaded area so that ice won’t melt easily. Don’t put them at the trunk of car where it can be exposed to heat. It would also help to wrap a blanket around the cooler to help preserve the ice.

Organize the food in one cooler in such a way that the food you’re going to cook first will be on top. The perishable items should also go at the bottom. A separate cooler should be used for the snacks and drinks, as this will be opened more frequently.

Food Preferences

Aside from safety and cooking time, you also need to consider the food preferences of the people you’re going camping with. It would be nice if you get their opinion on what they would want to eat during the trip to assure that everyone will enjoy the food feast you’re going to prepare. Aside from preferences, you should also find out if anybody has food allergies so you can stay away from those dishes that can make your fellow camper’s skin burst with red spots.

Preparing the menu for your trip will make things easier for you. Not only that, it will also help ensure that everybody will enjoy the scrumptious dishes you’re planning to prepare for them.

For more tips and information about camping coolers, please check out chest coolers

Using Wood Camp Stoves

Wood camp stoves are a popular alternative to modern stoves like propane stoves and liquid fuel stoves. They’re very lightweight, cheap and you don’t need to buy the fuel because it burns on wood. This is also a limitation because you can’t use this type of stove where there is no wood around. However, when there’s plenty of wood around you can use this stove continuously for as long as you keep adding wood to it. It’s a very efficient trail stove.

A wood camp stove is simply a piece of metal that is cut and bent to form a chimney. It typically has small holes at the bottom and a large hole on top for the fire to vent when you put a pot on top. In some designs, the top holes are to one side only which causes the fire to burn unevenly. You also can’t control the fire like you could in a propane stove or liquid fuel stove because there’s no knob for you to control the fire.

Cooking with wood fire also means that you have to feed it with wood frequently. This also means that you might have to constantly attend to the fire to keep it going, making other chores difficult. Fires are also harder to start especially in the cold winds of winter. There will be a lot of smoke as you add wood which some may find annoying. Because they generate a lot of smoke and carbon dioxide cooking inside the tent in a fierce storm is out of the question. Although I’ve seen one that is so well designed that you don’t see any visible smoke when used to boil water and is made out of used tin cans. Another problem with wood stoves is that you can only use it where it is allowed to burn and collect wood.

In order to get a wood stove started you first need to have some tinder or you can whittle some wood with your pocket knife to make some fine material which is very flammable. You can also use other stuff as long as it is flammable.

Once you have a good amount of tinder ready, put the stove over the tinder and start to fill the stove with small pieces of wood. Twigs, branches or any wood that is less than a centimeter in diameter would work well. Try to lay your wood upright (or close to upright) so that the smoke a debris can move up the stove efficiently. Don’t use too much wood at the beginning because it might hinder air circulation inside the stove. The stove won’t burn well without the air.

Use a match or lighter to light the tinder to get the fire started. In a few moments you will have a fire going ready for cooking. You might have to blow into the stove if you use wet wood. Once the stove gets going, it will continue to burn until you stop putting wood in.

Place your pot on top of the stove to start cooking. The fire will exhaust itself through the big top hole of the stove. Add more pieces of wood if the fire starts to die out. It usually takes about 10 minutes to get water to a rolling boil.

Jonsky Sicuna is a writer for Hiking-Camping-World.com. He invites you to check out his article on propane stoves and also check out these reliable camp stoves.

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Specifically How To Help Fishing Gadgets And Additionally Materials Advice

I would say the sun is out. Our temperature is in fact nice and crisp. Without a doubt, this is a great time just for fishing.

As you come to the edge on the swiftly moving forward steady stream, you see an incredible fishing adventure beckoning. You place down your tackle box with your rod and reel, take off your water resistant jacket, as well as slip in the latest pair of hip waders over ones fisherman’s vest.

The above mentioned are only a few of the countless fishing accessories widely available to you from suppliers, catalogs and the internet. Stay with me to learn more about the accessories you’ll want to help make fishing much more interesting.

The Fishing Basic principles

The backbone to your fishing equipment is actually the fishing rod and reel. For the casual fisherman, the essential rod and reel is definitely all that’s necessary. Once you’re more proficient, you may better understand your tastes and may upgrade accordingly.

Tackle runs from very simple to really complicated. Simple tackle includes hooks, weights, bobbers, fishing line as well as needle nosed pliers.

A net can be another great addition. Pick a net size based upon the particular fish size that you’ll be after.

Very high Tech Tools

Electronics have, to the alarm of purists, penetrated the fishing sector. You’ll find gadgets that guide you locate in which the fish can be found. And there are alarms to alert you once you have any fish on the line. Those poor fish will not have a chance.

Gear For Fisherman

Fishermen’s clothing essentials include a fishing hat along with sun glasses to shield you from the sun. A fishing vest with lots of pockets also comes in quite handy. A great waterproof jacket is a must for keeping an individual dry when the weather isn’t. Waders, in thigh or chest height, help lengthen the reach simply by getting out into the water.

Some other Helpful Accessories

You may also think about: a tackle box, forceps, fishing knife, scissors, flashlight, wading boots and shoes, along with a fishing belt. If you are fishing from a fishing boat, you will need some sort of flotation protection vest.

Obtain Tips Before Buying

Before choosing high priced accessories, make sure it is perfect for the job as well as good for you. There are various factors to contemplate, therefore don’t hesitate to consult for help. Another person with past experiences, either a friend or a salesperson, can quickly make it easier to assemble some fishing equipment that will increase your fish capturing odds.

The right accessories will make your fishing adventure far more successful, and therefore, more fun.

We are hoping you find this information of interest. You can get more information and details about how every fishermens dream can come true fast and easy! Feel free to visit online to enjoy the fishing comedy at http://fishing.futuresyours.com/ today!

How To Stay Safe When Using Family Camping Stoves

Cooking a meal for your family in the great outdoors can be a very rewarding experience. However, without the proper precautions you and your loved one’s safety could easily be compromised. When using family camping stoves there are a few safety tips that should be utilized to ensure that both your relatives and the area you have set up camp in stay protected.

It is important to understand the main differences between family camping stoves and other outdoor cooking ranges. Stoves built for the camping family are typically heavier and most come with a grill attachment. Extremely flammable stoves and ranges with wide open flames are not well suited to groups with children and as such, advancements have been made to stovetops meant specifically for families. These are generally built with two to three burners and run on either propane or white gas. They also tend to burn hotter than smaller backpacking stoves.

There are a few safety tips that should be performed before your camping trip starts. Do not be tempted to buy inexpensive, clearance or incompatible fuels. Be sure to use the right kind of fuel for the stove model you have. And by checking family camping stoves thoroughly to make sure that seals, gaskets and hoses are intact, you can be sure that the stove will be in good working order.

Some commonsense tips to remember when actually using family camping stoves include being aware of your children around these sources of heat. It is easy to want to include your children in the preparation of food during your holiday, but it is highly recommended that you or another adult take the cooking responsibility without the help of youngsters. This will help to protect them from any kind of cooking mishap, including burns from spilled grease or hot surfaces. And to help keep spills and tipped stoves to a minimum it is advised to use your stovetop on a flat and solid surface. Always be present when the stove is lit and being utilized and if for some reason you must leave the range, have another adult tend to the food while you are away.

Another safety tip for camping stoves includes keeping fuel tanks away from camp fires and other heat sources. Be sure not to overwork your stove as multiple pots and pans could lead to a higher rate of spillage. Never use a camping stove inside of a tent as you need proper ventilation. And by properly disposing of empty fuel tanks you can help to aid in the recycling of these types of materials which in turn helps in the preservation of the wild resources we have left on the planet.

Today’s technology can be very confusing, creating some challenges for consumers trying to find the best technology at affordable prices. You can take advantage of Alexander Sutton’s knowledge of the tech industry and apply it to your consumer experience for budget-friendly, state-of-the-art solutions. For more information, please visit Family Camping Stoves.

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A Fool Proof Guide on How to Begin Fishing, and how to Keep Improving

Fishing is one of the most tranquil and unwinding past times there is and its not hard to get started.

It is one of the most popular sports in the country with over 4 million anglers in just the UK alone. These anglers don’t only catch fish however they are interested in river conservation as well, making sure our rivers don’t get polluted and overcrowded.

The team from Ocean Tackle Store have provided guidance and tips on how to start and enjoy fishing.

First of all, you will need the basics, for fishing these include a rod and a reel. These need not be costly and you shouldn’t spend much more than £20 helping you catch heavyweight fish. It is always vital that every fisherman has a tackle box complete with different size hooks, lures, sinkers, bobbers and swivers along with other bits and bobs.

Then you have to decide where you are going to fish, will you choose the sea or in freshwater. The fish in both of these places are extremely varied and require different fishing techniques. For every style of fishing, it is vital to learn how to cast, everyone does different from the next person, and the best way is to practice in an open space, like your back garden. Just make sure no one else is around- as it can cause an injury.

Once you have mastered your casting and you are fully equipped you are almost ready to begin. Tie a fishermans knot onto your hook and affix the bait, this can be live bait like earthworms and maggots, or if this makes you feel a bit unwell you can always use dry pellets. Another userful piece of attire is polarized sunglasses and these will weaken the glare from the water surface, allowing you to see what’s lurking below.

When devising your first fishing excursion trip it is always advisable to listen to more knowledgeable anglers. They usually are informed on the best locations and will give you plenty of advice on sea fishing hooks. A good pointer on learning how to fish is to think like a fish, this way you will uncover hiding places. Local fishermen will also inform you about pollution in that particular patch of water, very useful particularly if you want to eat your catch.

After you have cast your fishing line to where you think the fish might be, reel in the slack. Its useful to support your rod on a 45-degree angle, Keep casting and reeling in until you feel a strain on your line, this will be your first fish. Position your rod at the fish and reel in pulling up the rod tip to set the hook. To minimise injury to the fish, do this process as quick as you can and then catch the fish with a net as it approaches the shallow water and transfer it to a bucket, taking away the hook carefully.

An advantage of fishing is getting outdoors and near the water however catching the fish can be fun too. Making sure you have the right equipment will make this task even easier and fun, and more importantly safe.

Sea fishing hooks – Maintaining an organised workplace is my key responsibility – I’ve created numerous ways to categorise records to make sure that items can be accessed with ease. I keep up with company correspondence, fill out paperwork and make sure the business runs as well as it can. I believe it’s of the utmost importance to make sure the foundations of any enterprise are solid before other tasks can be completed.

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Every Aspect You Should Find Out About Camping Sleeping Bags

Camping is one outdoor activity that people take pleasure in, especially the thrill of sleeping under the open skies at night. Camping sleeping bags are very important items during camping. Be it a backpacker, family, or a base camper (also known as a car camper), every person wants to travel light during camping. Those opting for family or base camping also factor in comfort in their plans. Therefore, the sleeping bag one needs depends on the kind of camping one is undertaking. There are various types of camping sleeping bags. The most common types are rectangular, mummy, and tapered sleeping bags.

One of the most often used types of camping sleeping bags is the rectangular shaped bag which is also the widest kind. These sleeping bags can be zipped or unzipped completely creating a blanket effect and when two are zipped together, they are large enough for two campers. Rectangular camping sleeping bags are also usually lightweight and roll up nicely leaving room left for other camping stuff. And if you have claustrophobia, you may prefer this type because of the ample room it provides.

The smallest kinds of camping sleeping bags available are referred to as mummy sleeping bags. Narrowly designed to fit snug from the top to the bottom, this type of sleeping bag sometimes features a hood that allows you to completely wrap yourself in the bag much like a mummy. Some types of mummy sleeping bags can be rolled up conveniently while others will have to be folded. This particular style of camping sleeping bags also tends to retain the most heat.

Another style that is similar to the mummy style of camping sleeping bags are known as tapered sleeping bags, which are slightly wider in size but they are also easy to roll up and transport. Tapered sleeping bags also retain heat well as they stay close to the body.

There are a few different factors you will want to keep in mind when it comes time to shop for your camping sleeping bags. Before buying one particular type or another you will first want to consider the temperature or weather conditions you will be camping in. Obviously camping sleeping bags intended for use during the warmer months will be made of lighter materials than those meant for use during the winter or in a colder climate. Don’t forget to check the sleeping bag’s temperature rating listed on the label before deciding to buy.

Another factor to consider is the portability of the bag. Are you going to carry it in a backpack, or are you carrying it by caravan or car? If you are using a rucksack, the sleeping bag you use should be compact enough to fit into the sack without taking in much space. The fill material of the sleeping bag is also important. Camping sleeping bags with down fill are the warmest but the most expensive and easily absorbs water, thus taking long to dry. Those with synthetic fill, on the other hand, are cheaper, dry faster if wet, but are not as warm as down fill camping bags.

Other factors to consider include the zipper type, the type and number of people going camping, and hood designs. Whatever the camping trip, there is a camping sleeping bag for everyone.

If you like some need more advice prior to you find the right solution you can find a lot more on Camping Sleeping Bags to show you the way. To get a Pro attitude have a look at Camping Sleeping Bags and Camping Stuff

Where To Acquire Camping Stoves

What is usually your concern if you look for camping stoves in the market? Is it portability or efficiency? Today, most campers carry this because of its efficiency and usefulness to them when it comes to cooking. These are the main concerns of most campers especially those who plan to extend their week at the camping sites. If you know where to find this, all your needs will be provided. But, do you really know where to find this? What is your choice of design? To make it easier for you, here is the information which you might consider in finding this item in the market.

Camping Store: In most camping store they sell camping stoves in various colors and designs. There are made from high quality materials so you can assure its long lasting performance and its efficiency in producing heat.
Checking this in different leading supermarket in the city will give you many options not only the designs but also price. So if you want to save money, just decide what to choose. Is it affordable or expensive? Anyway, camping store sometimes give incentives to their customers.

Surfing The Net: Through SEO, you will be able to visit the sites on the net. There you can choose unique design of camping stoves . This comes in affordable price so you can really buy this as many as you can. Most of the designs are created by various nationalities in the world. No wonder it is very interesting and useful.

Retail Store In Local Areas: Are you living far from the city? Check retail store near you. There, you can find many products on sale. Some of it is in affordable price. This is made from high quality materials, so no worries. Most of the items here are being purchased in bulk, which came from the city. They just sell it to their towns mate for convenience. This is very helpful since you will not be forced to spend great amount of money for travel.

So, do you know already where to find them? With this, you can easily purchase camping stoves in the market. All you need to do is to choose the one which you feel best for you. Through this, your cooking habit will become inspiring.

Looking to find the best deal on Camping Stoves , then visit www.outdoorsportsmania.com to find the best advice on Camping Stoves for you.

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The Basics of Tent Camping

Tent camping is an activity my family has been involved in for many years. Our camping trips combine fishing, hiking, and swimming to the regular camp site life of cutting wood, starting a fire, food preparation, cooking, eating, games, and just relaxing. We’ve made a lot of good memories from our camping trips. We’ve always gone up in the mountains and found great camping hiking spots either at designated campgrounds that offer water for washing, and some type of restroom (out house or rest-stop type), and garbage cans, or places where there were no creature comforts at all. We always camped by streams, lakes, or rivers during the summer months.

If you intend to have a successful camping experience, planning is important. As a retired Army Airborne Ranger, who has had to live out of a ruck (back pack) for many days, having the right camping gear when you’re camping will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

The best camping tents for families are tents that have separate rooms. Since we have two children our tent has three rooms — my wife and I sleep in a room, the kids sleep in a room, and the entrance room is for dressing and storage. We use a combination of foam and inflatable mattresses. We use rectangular sleeping bags that you can zip together for the wife and I, and the kids have their own individual bags. Bring extra blankets for chilly nights. We also use poncho liners for the kids to use inside their sleeping bags . We’ve had our tent for over 15 years and average 2-3 camping trips each summer.

We also take a couple of tarps. We use one tarp on the ground under the tent and make it long enough to have about 8 feet in front of the tent door. We take our shoes/boots off outside to keep the inside of the tent as clean as possible. We bring a small folding stool to place outside the tent door to help with putting shoes on. The second tarp is used to cover our kitchen/cooking gear if it rains.

We use two camping stoves – one uses propane (which we mainly use for heating water for hot drinks and washing) and the other is a 2 burner stove and uses fuel, which does not burn as hot. We use this one for cooking bacon, pancakes, eggs, etc. Bring a couple of frying pans, and camping pots/pans – remember to bring a spatula if you’re going to cook pancakes or eggs.

We always start a fire in the morning(for warmth) and in the evening, for cooking. Bring a collapsible grate to put over the fire if you plan on laying anything on it to cook or heat up. We make pointed sticks by cutting small branches from nearby trees for the polish dogs or bratwurst – so bring a couple of knives. We cut our own wood from the dead branches and logs you find near the campground. We bring an axe and small saw with a folding blade to get the wood the right size to fit in the fire pit.

Here are the basics of camping gear to bring:

Tent with rain fly, tarp, tent stakes, and hammer

Sleeping gear to include mattresses – inflatable or foam, blankets (poncho liners), and pillows

Cooking/kitchen equipment – camping stoves, folding camping table, frying pans, pots to heat water and cook in, paper plates, bowls, and utensils, napkins, paper towels, wash rags, towels, cutlery, large spoons, tongs, can opener, lighters, tin foil, plastic wash basin, scouring pads, disposable wipes, detergent, plastic storage bags, and trash bags. We pack this in see-though plastic tubs with folding lids. We pack most of our non-cooler food in these types of containers, too.

Fire pit necessities – if you plan on scrounging your own wood from the forest floor – axe, folding saw, gloves, newspaper for fire starting, lighter, a folding grate (campfire tripod), and a folding shovel.

Personal hygiene – soap, wash cloths, towels (dark in color), shampoo and shower shoes (if your campground has a shower), toothpaste, and toilet paper.

Safety equipment – flashlights, lantern, spare batteries, cell phone with car charger, map of the area, first aid kit, compass or GPS, and plenty of drinking water.

These are some of the items you’ll need to have an enjoyable camping trip. After your first trip, you’ll be able to fine-tune your list. Tent camping takes a lot of prep work, but it is so worth it for the memories you’ll always have.

I’ve been tent camping for over 30 years and as a retired Airborne Ranger, have experience in wilderness survival. For more information on camping tents and camping hiking gear, please visit us at http://mycampingtentsandmore.com. We carry a nice selection of camping gear from tents to flashlights at reasonable prices. Check us out.

Girl’s Sleeping Bags: Choosing The Right Gift For Your Fashionista

Girl’s Sleeping Bags can be a challenge to pick out. Parents look for practicality while children are more interest in visual appeal. Thankfully, you can find both! This article covers three things that every great indoor sleeping bag should have.

A sleeping bag is a necessity for any little girl. And that’s why you’ve got to make sure it’s the right one! Good children’s sleeping bags aren’t always easy to come by, but when you find one, it can last for years. Whether she’s going to her best friend’s slumber party or she just wants to “camp out” in the living room, at the end of the night she’s going to want to be comfy and cozy. But just like any other accessory kids are looking for something that is just as fun as it is useful. Here are three things that will help you find the perfect sleeping bag for your little adventurer.

1. Make sure it’s comfortable. It may be the cutest design you’ve ever seen, but if she can’t get a good night’s sleep in it, forget about it! Look for soft fabrics like cotton or fleece when picking out a sleeping bag. It may be helpful to take a look at what material her favorite clothes are made of since each child has different tastes. It’s also smart to think about where she will need to use it most. Indoor sleeping bags are the way to go unless your family camps a lot. Outdoor sleeping bags are made for much colder weather conditions and chances are the designs won’t be as cute and she’ll get too warm when using it anywhere else.

2. Make sure it’s durable. A child’s sleeping bag has to be able to withstand some rough treatment. So try to find a durable sleeping bag that will be able to grow with your child. A machine washable bag will be much easier to keep and reuse no matter where she takes it. And the easier it is to carry the better. Travel bags and elastic straps will help her pack up quickly on her own, which means that she’ll like taking it even more. There are even some sleeping bags that fit in a special backpack. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

3. Make it stylish. Just because a sleeping bag is comfortable and durable, doesn’t mean it has kid-appeal. A unique bag that expresses her interests will be a sure-fire hit. And thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to find them! Companies like Fireside Comforts, Wildkin, Bazoongi Kids and Marsupium all produce bags that are stylish and well tailored. You can find great designs with horses, dancers, butterflies, and, of course, princesses. There are also wonderful colored patterns and designs for parents who are looking to get a little more mileage out of the slumber bag.

It’s never been easier to find sleeping bags made with your daughter in mind. Designers are finally creating slumber bags that are just adorable as they are practical. There are so many different styles that are unique and trendy so, don’t settle for anything less. Set some time aside for you and your little girl to find a sleeping bag that will satisfy both of your needs. With the right sleeping bag in hand she’ll be ready for any adventure!

Find an incredible selection of Girl’s Sleeping Bags at www.sensoryedge.com. Alycia Shapiro is in charge of product resourcing and she only allows the cutest toys and kids furniture on her site.

New Glow Technology for Fishermen

Lunabrite, a leader in photoluminescent technology, has uncovered new applications for glow in the dark materials for usage during fishing expeditions. New glow products such as LunaGel Glow Sheets glow in the dark ribbon and rope that can be attached to fishing equipment and gear for multiple uses.

Photoluminescent materials not only glow in the dark, but glow under water as well.  The materials can be used both in and around water.

New photoluminescent ribbon and glow sheets can be used in a multitude of ways to attract fish. The first of which is fashioning this glowing material into a fishing lure. A bright and visible lure is one of the best ways to attract fish.

There are many benefits to using a glow in the dark lure. Glow in the dark lures are beneficial because fish will be able to actually see the bait. This helps fishermen catch more fish. Once in the water, fish cannot easily see lures without glow especially if the fish are under 6 feet of water. Even on the brightest day and the clearest water, without glow, many times the fish will be unable to detect that there is a lure or bait.

Several experienced fishermen agree. “Photoluminescence is a naturally occurring element of nature.It is displayed by many species in nature, especially of aquatic nature,” states avid fisherman John Akeson, “Most fish have encountered natural photoluminescence and are attracted to it as a food source as part of their DNA. Simply put, the fish love to bite on glow because it’s natural.”

Additionally, using luminescent rope trim to outfit a fishing boat is another application for the nighttime fisherman. It has been reported that the bright glow of this trim on a boat can successfully attract phototropes, thus attracting the bigger fish. Outlining the boat in photoluminescent trim and glow in the dark outdoor tape will not only warn others in boats of a fisherman’s presence, but it may attract larger fish, and it can additionally provide a relaxing ambiance.

Adding glowing vinyl material to equipment is another option during nighttime fishing situations. Using glow materials on equipment facilitates keeping track of essentials such as keys, bobbers and tackle boxes. Additionally, a glowing accent is useful when applied to switches on flashlights and boat motors or to the ends of fishing rods and reels.

With so more glow options to choose from, fishermen should be catching more fish than ever!

Flint Charles a supply distributor of Glow products in New York City, Charles loves glow products and will always keep you updated about the same. Check out http://www.lunabrite.com for further details

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How To Have A Great Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

Deep sea fishing can be an exciting adventure indeed, especially for those who love fishing and the ocean. Here are a few pointers to help you find and hook the right sort of game the next time you go deep sea fishing:

Keep an eye out for telltale signs: When out on the ocean, if you spot seagulls swooping down to pick up small bait-type fish, you know there are bigger game-type fish hunting and driving these fish into tight balls near the surface.

In certain cases, you will even find larger fish swimming near floating wood or debris. Generally, the best place to fish for big game fish is near reefs. This is because these larger fish prey on the fish that live in the reef.

Oftentimes, fishermen try to catch live bait-fish near the reef and head to deeper waters in the hopes catching the big ones. However, this tactic rarely proves successful and it’s recommended to fish around the edges of reefs.

Type of Fishing rods and hook: Using lighter fishing rods out in rivers, streams, lakes and even surf fishing is fine, but when you go fishing in the ocean for larger fish like marlin, large sea bass, shark, tuna and stripers, you will need a much stronger rod that can take the weight of the fish, withstand the time it takes to catch one and handle the struggle between fish and fisherman.

This is why it’s not surprising to see fisherman opting for graphite fishing rods which are relatively light yet extremely strong and durable for heavy duty fishing. Although graphite is also used to make fishing rods for other types of fishing, deep sea fishing rods made out of graphite are much longer, wider and denser. The only downside to graphite fishing rods is that they are not as flexible, which is why some fishermen also use relatively less durable but strong, light and flexible fiberglass fishing rods for deep sea fishing.

As far as hooks are concerned, circle hooks are best suited for deep sea fishing. Circle hooks translate into more catches since they have a minute gap and a reverse point. Such hooks are also better for the fish because they hook the fish in the lip and not in the gut, causing minimum suffering.

Popular Catches: Snooks are a popular fish among deep sea fishermen and these can be found swimming around rocks, ledges and posts. Another popular type of fish are Stripers and the best time to go fishing for these is at the full moon when they are hunting for crabs who have just shed their shells.

A great way to catch these is to use crab imitations as bait. Yet another popular deep sea fishing fish is the yellow fin tuna. These are often found schooling with dolphins, so if you spot a dolphin group, you may find some tuna swimming in the area as well.

The aforementioned are a few tips that will help enhance your deep sea fishing experience. So go ahead, head into the open seas and strap yourself in for a fun filled roller coaster ride!

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