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Moonstone Sleeping Bags – Old Is Still Gold

In spite of being around for almost four decades, Moonstone still holds the firm position as the industry leader of the sleeping bag segment. It owes its consistent performance to its innovation habits resulting in the production of most comfortable, synthetically insulated or down-filled sleeping bags for its customers.

Moonstone sleeping bags have a very versatile usage considering the fact that not only they can be utilized in wet and dry environments, they offer warm comfort and high-compressibility for lightweight packing as well.

Such excellent performance is possible only because moonstone takes care of every small detail that goes into making a good sleeping bag. This is primarily the reason that almost all the hikers and campers depend on moonstone for their sleeping bag needs.

Every great company’s accomplishments are built on a noble mission. Moonstone found its inspiration in the Northern California’s mountain rescue teams needs for excellent sleeping bags essential for rescue operations in wet coastal climatic conditions. It is that endeavor that has led to the company Moonstone is today.

Before the Moonstone era, hikers and campers mainly depended either on synthetically insulated or down-filled sleeping bags . However, moonstone provided them with much needed half synthetic insulation and half goose down comfort that changed the world of outdoor camping gear forever.

Goose-down normally looses its insulation ability in wet conditions, thus it is not suitable for rainy or humid terrains. Moonstone cracked this limitation effectively and brought sleeping bags that had synthetic insulation at the bottom (which takes care of wetness) and natural goose down filled on the upper surface. This concept gained instant acceptance from hikers and campers all over the world as they could safely rely on a sleeping bag that would not get wet due to uncertain weather conditions.

Excellent wind and water resistant fabrics go into the shell construction of Moonstone sleeping bags . In the interiors, you can find ultra-light fabrics rendering much desired comfort and warmth for hikers and campers.

Sleeping bags from Moonstone also boasts of attractive features like glow-in-the-dark zippers (this is a blessing when one gets the urge for natures call in the middle of the night), hoods, good length draft tubes and many more.

People who have used the Moonstone sleeping bag even once consider it great value for money and vouch readily for its superior quality and comfort.

Moonstone is known for its research and development programs that leave no stone unturned in venturing into technological domains no other company would dare, just to make their sleeping bags little more better for their customers. Some of these adventures have led to innovations like in-built sleeping pads and detachable hoods that have made life easier for hikers and campers everywhere. Devoting its energies to develop serious products targeted at serious camping and hiking enthusiasts has made Moonstone the world-class company it is in its domain.

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Selecting the Right Sleeping Bag for Camping

When it comes to selecting the right sleeping bag for your camping needs where does one start? Since there are so many different sleeping bags to choose from, finding the right one for your needs seems daunting. These tips will help you sort through the pertinent information to make the selection process much easier.

Besides your budget, comfort is the main factor in selecting sleeping bags for tent camping (also known as car camping), while weight is the most important aspect for hiking (backpacking). This is what to consider when looking for sleeping bags.

Find the right temperature rating:

A sleeping bag’s temperature rating identifies the lowest temperature that will keep the average person warm. A bag described as a “20 degree bag,” means that most people should remain comfortable if the air temperature drops no lower than 20°F. These ratings factor in that the sleeper is wearing a layer of long underwear and using a sleeping pad with the bag. Temperature ratings vary from one manufacturer to the next. Use these ratings as a guide only.

What other factors affect how warm you are inside the sleeping bag?

The sleeping pad or air mattress adds warmth, since you’re not lying directly on the ground. Your tent also warms you up by approximately 10 degrees.

What you wear inside the sleeping bag also makes a difference. Sleeping in long underwear and clean socks will help insulate your body. A stocking cap will help you retain body heat as well.

The general rule on temperature ratings:

Summer Season bag has a temperature rating of +35 degrees and higher

3-Season Bag has a temperature rating of +10 to +35 degrees

Cold Weather Bag has a temperature rating of -10 to +10 degrees

Winter/Extreme Bag has a temperature rating of -10 degrees and lower

Most family tent sleeping bags are rectangular for maximum comfort. You can usually zip two together if they have compatible zippers and create a double bed. This configuration fits well on a queen size air mattress for maximum sleeping comfort.

The mummy-shaped bags are normally used for backpack camping. They are lightweight and more efficient at keeping the body warm. Some people find the mummy sleeping bag too constrictive.

Semi-rectangular bag is a good compromise between the rectangular and mummy shapes. This type of bag offers more room than a mummy bag and less bulk and weight than a rectangular bag.

Sleeping bags are available in three standard sizes: the junior (or child size), standard, and extra long. Although small children fit well in the junior bags, a standard sized bag will accommodate them as they grow without the need to buy a larger bag later on. It’s good to have some extra room at the bottom of the bag to allow you to put items you want to keep warm like clothes or water bottles if it’s freezing outside, as well as an extra blanket to keep your feet warm.

Insulation choices for sleeping bags include goose down and synthetic fibers. Goose down is mainly used to insulate top of the line mountaineering bags for extremely cold conditions, while the synthetic materials are just right for most camping conditions.

I’ve been tent camping for over 35 years and as a retired Airborne Ranger, have experience in wilderness survival. For more information on camping tents and camping hiking gear, please visit us at We carry a nice selection of camping gear from tents to flashlights at reasonable prices. Check us out.

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Military Sleeping Bags – A Cut Above The Rest

The military is known to design equipment that will last longer and take on a lot of has treatment over long periods of time. The same can be said about military sleeping bags, which makes it a first choice for any one who goes on frequent camping trips. These sleeping bags have been designed to withstand the harshest of conditions and keep the user warm and comfortable at all time.

Quite a lot of the sleeping bag manufacturers have their own idea of a military sleeping bag that has all the qualities of a military sleeping bag but look a bit different. Make no mistake these look-alike sleeping bags are in no way inferior to the actual military sleeping bags.

The military style sleeping bags are generally built out of 4 units. These four parts can be used separately or together as one single unit as an all-weather sleeping bag designed for survival.

Professional campers prefer these military style sleeping bags. Some professional researchers who need to camp out in extreme conditions also prefer to include a military style sleeping bag in their camping kit.

There are two types of military sleeping bags and a typical military sleeping bag is recognized primarily by the MSS or Military Specification Modular System. These features include:

– A Patrol bag to contain the sleeping bag and manufactured from nylon or some water resistant material and is un affected in temperatures that range between 30 degrees F to 50 degrees F.
– Another bag that can withstand colder climates, primarily -30 degrees F to 10 degrees F.
– The MSS specification bag can be combined with the Patrol and the Intermediate bag for greater warmth at temperatures as low as -30 degrees F.
– Has a stuff sack complete with compression straps to pack it into smaller spaces.
– Contains Gore-Tex Bivy sack for protection against drastic weather change.
– Is insulated with polyester filament.
– Has a draft tube.
– Special ‘snap’ locking system for integrating the units.

Then there are the VCSS or Variable Component Sleep System bags that have the following features:

– Ability to resist water and withstand temperatures from 30 degrees F to -30 degrees F.
– A delta bag that is unaffected at temperatures up to 30 degrees F and made from nylon and is waterproof.
– Contains a Gamma bag used in colder climates, is water proof, made of nylon with a rating of 30 degrees F to -10 degrees F.
– Combines both Delta and Gamma bags with the Bivy sack for more warmth and protection.
– Keeps out bugs with the help of a bug protector mesh.
– Has Polyguard insulation.
– Does not have any ‘cold spots’.

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Picking The Ideal Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Once you start to get ready for camping, you will want to make sure that you are thinking a lot about the sleeping bags along with all the other camping stuff. If you do not have the best possible sleeping bags , you will find that you will not be all that comfortable. Because of the need for Lightweight sleeping bags and comfort, many companies have invested a lot of time and money into research. Some bags are so light that they weigh just a few ounces and might fold down to the size of maybe a water bottle.

There are Lightweight sleeping bags , which are also called ultralight sleeping bags , that are super easy to carry. They certainly come in handy when you need warmth, comfort and a nice place to sleep. Look for the bags that can withstand the extreme climates because you never know what kind of environmental conditions you are going to be faced with.

It is also very important to make sure that you are taking the durability into consideration, such as the material and the shape of the bag. Some will have heavy fillings that are clumsy and others will have a lining that is made from light weight silk and polyester. For the occasional camper, the lightweight bags can be exactly what is needed. Of course, if you camp a lot then you are going to want to make sure that your camping stuff is of good quality.

While shopping for sleeping bags , try to pay attention to the shape of the bag. There are mummy shaped as well as larger, rectangular shaped bags, so find the most comfortable option for you. The Lightweight sleeping bags are rated according to “temperature ratings”, which is actually the warmth of the body inside the bag when a person is sleeping. Hence, the bag should be comfortable and not over sized.

Maintenance of your camping stuff and sleeping bags is also necessary, so look for bags which are easily washed and do not require special washing instructions. Do not go for goose-filled bags, as they take more time to dry, while those made with poly fill or synthetic material will dry quite quickly.

Always consider the carrying options for sleeping bags , as there are ultra thin insulated bags which can be packed in as little space as a water bottle.There are also some bags which occupy more space, so depending on how much camping stuff you are carrying, choose a bag that will not overburden you.

You will also find that the prices of the sleeping bags will vary from one company to another. Some will be way less expensive, but they will not be of as high of quality. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are looking over the camping stuff selections very carefully.

Once you have walked a long distance, you will want to make sure that you are going to get a very good night of rest. With the right sleeping bag, that will be possible. The more research you do regarding the lightweight sleeping bags , the better prepared you will be.

If you like some need more tips before you select the right solution you can find a lot more on Camping Sleeping Bags to show you the way. To get a Pro attitude have a look at Lightweight Sleeping Bag

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Camping Gear – Choosing the Right Camping Gear And Supplies

Are you planning for a change in your daily routine? How about the great outdoors to enjoy the best of panoramic and magnificent sites of awesome mountains, rivers, flora and fauna.

But for the outdoors, whether on a relaxing trip with family or on a rigorous hiking mission, one should never go unprepared. Plan well before challenging the great outdoors. Planning includes choosing a trek route, getting detailed idea about the place, making a “must have” list of the camping gear and then set about searching for them.

Out of all these the biggest hurdle is searching high quality outdoor gear. Camping gear
comes with wide variety finding all these camping supplies under one roof and that too with labels of some of the most experienced and reliable manufacturers like Browning, Eureka, Kelty, and Mountainsmith sounds a bit unbelievable. But it is true infact you could do it online, enjoying the comforts of home.

Get all of the latest camping gear and equipment, ranging from backpacks to electronic gadgets to camping tents. Camping gear categories, which we supply, include backpacks, books, clothing/apparel, clothing/footwear, cookware, electronics & instruments, flashlights & lighting, food and food processing, furniture, insect control, kayaks, canoes, rafts, camping knives & accessories, personal care, poles, staffs and canes, ramps, carriers & vehicle acc, recreational, camping sleeping bags , stoves and fuel, tent accessories, camping tents, videos, dvds, cds, water treatment & transport, you name it and we have it.

Join us online and browse through the outdoor gear of your choice, if you get registered, you could shop faster, get regularly updated on the orders status, and you could also keep track of the orders you have previously made. Direct purchase without account creation is also possible.

Plan well and get all the quality camping supplies in ample amount as it is said “A perfect blend of preparedness, adventure and natural beauty makes up a great outdoor”. “Happy camping”.

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Camping Sleeping Bags: Things That You Need To Know

Outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, kayaking, and many more, are just few of the most wanted outdoor trip that most people have interest. To fully enjoy each of those outdoor activities you need to have those necessary gears for your comfort and convenience. Depending on the type of outdoor activity you’re going to, there are actually different types of outdoor gears that you can have. One of those comfortable camping gear s to have is camping sleeping bags if you are going for a camping trip. This type of camping gear is really easy to carry and light in weight. But what other factors that you need to know about camping sleeping bags ? Try to check these factors below.

Easy to carry/convenient: Compared to camping tents, camping sleeping bags are easier and more convenient to carry since sleeping bags don’t have those tent stakes that adds to the weight. It also comes differently with its length size and width. The great thing about sleeping bags , it has great features that could make your life easy while trekking. These materials are very light in weight. When it comes to its price, they are very affordable. But make sure that you only buy those that suit your budget and taste.

Give the best comfort: Camping sleeping bags are qualified when it regards to its comfort. Try to have those that have great features. Also, don’t forget to check the following when you are buying; the materials, the texture, the comfort and the shape. Try to be assured with it protecting features, make sure that you will be protected from insects. When you buy, if it’s possible, try the sleeping bag so you could be assured with the comfort. Of course, we want to be sure that the money we’ll be paying it worth it.

Quality of the material: When buying camping sleeping bags , this is an important factor that needs to be considered. Obviously, we just want to buy those that are really in top quality so it could last for a long time. Those that are made of quality materials that is not easily tattered. You could do some research about those materials that are quality.

The internet is actually a great source for information about camping sleeping bags . There are plenty of sites available that provides information about camping sleeping bags . Only read the information that you need to know.

Looking to find the best deal on Camping Sleepingbags , then visit to find the best advice on Camping Sleepingbags for you.

Sleeping Bags- How To Stay Warm And Info On Other Camping Stuff

Camping is an activity enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Some people find themselves camping out in the woods overnight, because they are too tired to drive back to their homes after an active day. For some people, camping overnight is a sport in of itself. They love the idea of “roughing it”. They get a thrill from sleeping on the earth amongst the trees and the stars, and coming up creative ways to survive out in the woods without the comforts and necessities of life.

Trying to find the right equipment can be a daunting task since there are so many possibilities. You will have to consider the type of tent you purchase, the accessories, food, hiking boots, clothes, first aid kits, backpacks, and anything else you might need for the trip (or sleep over in the backyard). Whatever you choose it’s important to remember that the weather drops during the night, even in the summer time. Staying warm is the only way you’re going to get a good night’s rest and not wake up with a bunch of cramps, sore muscles, or even back pain.

One way that a camper can become warm is very common. They should pack a pair of warm, clean socks. This is because during the course of the day, the feet are moist, and the moisture can make the socks become moist. Also, feet can be exposed to water and become wet. Moist, wet socks exposed to cold air become cold. If the feet are cold, the whole body will be cold. So if the campers bring a nice pair of dry, warm, and clean socks, their feet will be nice and toasty in their sleeping bags .

Bringing extra clothing is also important, because it’s a lot easier to get warmer then to cool off. Bringing a hat along for the trip is another choice as well. The idea here is to be prepared before you head out camping. If you don’t want to bring all kinds of clothes then purchase a pair of “Long Johns” or thermal underwear. You can find them over with the other camping stuff of your local shopping store.

Sleeping bags will certainly be found in this area also, and this is the third tip. Simply find a sleeping bag that has a high down, or stuffing count. The higher the count, the more the sleeping bag will keep you warm. Some sleeping bags come with a hood and a drawstring. These sleeping bags were made to specifically keep campers warm.

Last but not least you can always use the body heat of another individual with you. A lot of couples love to do this in order to stay warm. All you have to do is lay in a spooning position and it will insulate each other. This can be tons of fun for loved ones, but anyone who loves snuggling will enjoy it.

Camping for a lot of people can be a lot of fun, and can be made a lot more pleasant when the campers can sleep warm while camping. If campers use these common tips to stay warm in their sleeping bags , they will find that they will feel refreshed and literally be “happy campers” in the morning.

In advance of you buying anything at all online, be sure you get all the hidden tips on Camping Sleeping Bags and to prolong the life of your camping stuff have a look at the Camping Sleeping Bags Caring and you will be save.

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Family Camping Checkpoints – Tents and Baby Camping Sleeping Bags Special

The easiest thing to do in summers is camping. Amazing camping places invite you for canoeing, hiking, adventure water sports and more. Camping is great fun especially with your families. If accustomed to playing with people out of your families, by camping with your own people you can actually develop stronger bonds with them all. Every camping experience makes you a better family person outside the boundaries of your house. This ensures higher trust and fun among families.

Tent camping is the easiest and most frequent form of excursion among people. This reduces load of the luggage and also allows for lesser effort or time in arranging the residential equipment. Of course, it is the most pocket-friendly option as well.

What considerations one can keep while going out with family are totally related to the kind of camping you want to do and the people you are. That means if you are interested in living in tents, you must be equipped with a polyethylene or vinyl tarp down so that the tent remains dry at the bottom. Next, have a thermo rest type mattress which acts as a great insulator. Make sure the tent stakes aren’t made of low quality material and are strong and light like aluminium. The tent material must contain an air permeable roof covered by a rain fly.

Talking about family, if you are traveling with young kids or babies, their sleep and health needs will pose a greater challenge than it does inside your cozy house. You need to carry every possible medicine which even your child many not need. Their sleeping arrangements need more attention than you can expect. Especially babies need more comfortable sleep arrangement because the tent can’t guarantee safe and healthy sleep environment. To avoid nightly wailing of your little ones, you can make them slid inside lovely baby camping sleeping bags which keep them nicely insulated and breathing. Make sure their zippers aren’t dangerous (many accidents were reported against the baby sleep sacks of top manufacturers – you cant afford a facility to turn into a hazard due to a design error). Also, make sure you dont buy the camping sleepers for babies which come with a hood. SIDS researches prove they are potential suffocative enhancements. You can get expert and pediatric support regarding standard sleep sacks for summers or winters. In fact the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of wearable blankets for your children from zero to three years of age.

The small suggestions made above can keep subtle points covered (the checkpoints of family camping). The quick guide can be followed by considerations of what to do on camping. This depends on your nature and what makes you excited on a camp excursion. Good luck, Happy Outing!

Sammy Jon is an expert author and has more then 8 years of experience in writing articles on various topics like baby sleep sacks, sleeping bags for toddler and Baby Sleeping Bags.

Get The Right Temperature Rating When Selecting Camping Sleeping Bags

Camping is one of the most exciting things you can do on a holiday. It gets even more exciting when you are part of a group out in the mountains or deep in the forest. The stories told around a campfire last a lifetime in the mind. Apart from the tents, camping sleeping bags are the next most important items you should have. The choice depends on the weather you expect to find at the camping site. Camping sleeping bags are classified under different categories according to their durability and reliability in certain weather conditions. They are categorized according to temperature rating.

Temperature ratings refer to the temperature range in which a person will be able to enjoy a good sleep within a particular sleeping bag. Extreme temperature ratings refer to the very lowest temperature a sleeping bag is suitable for. If a sleeping bag is used in temperatures below that which is recommended, it will be ineffective at keeping the occupant warm. With that said, when you buy a sleeping bag, you need to bear in mind that the temperature ratings are only there to act as a guide.

If you take your camping seriously, and you enjoy a little bit of extra comfort, a good camping mat should also be packed in, together with all your other campaign stuff. Camping mats are very effective at providing insulation between the ground and you when you’re in your sleeping bag. Many campers even say that it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep without a camping mat, no matter how low a camping sleeping bag is rated.

As one goes camping, it is important to consider the kind of clothing one will carry. Since most camping takes place in rugged rough places, always carry a set of warm clothing to protect yourself from the cold weather at night. The clothing should always be dry because dry clothes are a poor conductor of heat.

As mentioned earlier, one should always take possible weather changes into consideration when you go camping. If the weather remains dry and calm, you will be fine with camping sleeping bags rated at 10F, but if there are strong, cold winds blowing, you may need something better. Ideally, it is always best to choose sleeping bags which have micro-fiber shells, in that they are the most effective at keeping the cold out.

Humidity is something else which also needs to be taken into consideration, bearing in mind that air is a poor conductor of heat during dry weather. Damp air is better at conducting heat. In other words, during times when the humidity is high, sleeping bags with a temperature rating of 35F will probably be inadequate, whereas they would be fine if the air was dry.

As previously stated, the temperature ratings only provide guidance to the camper regarding the bag to select. However, the ratings should not be considered as the absolute determinants because people have different tolerance levels. Some people are able to tolerate cold weather better than others are. Men can withstand more severe weather than women can. The bag you choose should be one that fits your unique individual needs.

Temperature ratings do act as a useful guide, and they’re certainly not something you should choose to ignore, but what’s even more important, is that you make sure the bag of your choice fits you comfortably. You also need to make sure there are no holes in the draft flaps and the hood. Lastly but not least, as with all your other camping stuff, you should only rent or purchase camping sleeping bags from reputable dealers.

Should you want more details before you select the right solution you can find a lot more on Camping Sleeping Bags to show you the way. To get a Pro attitude have a look at Camping Sleeping Bags and Camping Stuff

Basic camping sleeping bags caring

To prolong the life of your camping sleeping bags you only need to follow a few simple guidelines and you will have a sleeping bag lasting for many, many years to come. Always make sure to keep your sleeping bag dry if possible. In worst case scenario when it gets wet let it air dry thoroughly. It might take time but eventually it is the best thing to do if you want to be sure not to reduce loft (Loft is the measure and ability to keep you warm and is measured by the puffiness/thickness of a sleeping bag).

This also means trying not to wash your camping sleeping bags to often. For some this might seem impossible because you use it outside when camping but with a little effort I am sure you can manage not having your sleeping bag washed every time you have been out camping. In the end if you have to wash/clean your bag try out with a sponge and some mild soap first before using the washer. If you do wash your sleeping bag make sure you give it time to dry thoroughly and make sure it gets some fresh air. Some people might want to dry clean the sleeping bags but I can not recommend this.

Camping sleeping bags are there to be used but caring a bit when you go to sleep will prolong the bags lifetime. Dirt and moist inside a bag is no good when you go to sleep and is no good for the sleeping bag. First of all it will ruin the sleeping bag liner and eventually get through to the insulation and again reduce loft.

I would recommend wearing long under wears and a long sleeved shirt to make sure you get the best result on caring. Do not forget when you sleep your body gets rid off loads of water in the form of vapor and with the dry clothes to catch this it will not end up inside the bag which means caring for your camping sleeping bags .

The fastest and maybe easiest way to get rid of your camping sleeping bags are what many people actually do! They get to close to the camp fire and that will in many cases result in small holes or in worst case a big fire. Sleeping bags has to meet a minimum of flame resistance but not that much – just remember when you are out there sitting around the camp fire.

The last thing which most people tend to forget is storing your camping sleeping bags the right way. When you get to camp or when you are finished camping and get home make sure to get your sleeping bag out and let it get some air. Do not as most people do stuff your camping sleeping bag in a tight container or bag. Leave it in a place where it has space to “breathe”. Leaving your sleeping bag compressed for a longer period will reduce loft.

Want to find more inside knowledge on Camping Sleeping Bags or could your next move be looking for perfect Camping Rucksack

Need Advice On How To Care With Your Camping Sleeping Bags

It does not need to take much effort to prolong the life of your camping sleeping bags. With only a few simple guidelines you will have a sleeping bag that will last many years when you go camping. First thing to remember is always to keep your sleeping bag dry. A wet sleeping bag is worth next to nothing when it comes to keeping you warm. Should you be out of luck and should you get your camping sleeping bag wet it is very important that you dry the bags very well and let them hang to get aired thoroughly. Camping sleeping bags loose loft when they get wet. Loft is the measure which is used to measure the puffiness of the bag and with that comes the ability to keep you warm.

Washing your camping sleeping bags is not recommended even though it might be dirty. If you really have to you should try with spot cleaning first with a sponge and mild soap which in most cases will do but again you might need to go all the way and wash the bag.

I am sure you have your camping sleeping bags because you tend to use them with any wear and tear it might go through. With a small effort and a bit of thinking you can make sure your sleeping bag will last longer. When you are out camping it is almost impossible not to get your sleeping bag dirty. At night maybe even the night dew will make your clothes moist but if you have the possibility then try to look out for the bag and get rid of all the dirt and make sure no moist gets inside your camping sleeping bag because eventually that will ruin the sleeping bag liner and also reduce loft!

The best way to make sure you are not dirty or your clothes are not moist at all would be if you could wear long under-wears and a long sleeved shirt. This will also prevent that vapor from you when you are sleeping in the bare nothing to penetrate the sleeping bag liner and this way ruin your favorite camping sleeping bag.

Watch out when you tug up close to the camp fire because even though sleeping bags have requirements to meet a minimum of flame resistance getting to close might end up with big flames!

The best way to store your camping sleeping bags when not used is not in a small compact sack. You would be better of if you could find a place where your sleeping bag could hang or be loosely folded and not be compressed because a compressed sleeping bag will reduce loft over time. It is also recommended to airing your sleeping bag every day when you are out camping.

Want to watch more inside knowledge on Camping Sleeping Bags or would your next step be finding the perfect Camping Rucksack

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Why Camping Sleeping Bags Not Always Keep You Warm

Ready to go camping and you have spend the last few weeks trying to get all your camping stuff ready for a nice 10 days camping away from all the daily stress and noise. You have been out buying the newest in camping sleeping bags so you will get a good nights sleep without getting cold or wet and well satisfied you are on your way just to realize that when you go to sleep at night you have problems keeping warm in your new Camping sleeping bag and that is with a temperature range all the way down to -5 Celsius and it has not even been below 0 degrees. Even trying out with warmer clothes is not doing any difference and things are just not working out as expected.

A thing that may very well puzzle many campers is why there brand new camping sleeping bags do not keep them warm at night – What are we doing wrong? Most of the times it is quite simple and with a fast look at the sleeping pad you know. The sleeping pads gets no attention compared to the camping sleeping bags and this is why so many campers face problems with keeping warm at night when camping in colder areas.

The right choice of sleeping pad for your precious camping sleeping bags are not necessarily the big inflatable once because once the get on to the cold ground there is only the air inside between you and your body and you will have to keep that air heated which in colder conditions can be difficult. I am not saying they will not work but I would for sure go for something else.

For sure you will find inflatable sleeping pads that will work but to be sure I would go with something else. Find a simple sleeping pad that meets your requirements when you look at where you are going to camp. You might also want to try out your sleeping pad with all of your camping sleeping bags to make sure it is the right choice because when you are first out there it would be sad turning around because of a cold night out.

If you need to travel and camp lightweight a slim sleeping pad might be the right selection to go with your camping sleeping bags because that will keep weight down but be sure that a slim sleeping pad will do otherwise you will wake up with a back that is really hurting. The foremost thing to make sure is that it will keep the cold from the ground. Get The Secrets On Why Camping Sleeping Bags Not Always Are Warm

These few tips could mean a world of difference if you are going camping and I really hope you will take notice of some of this because with the right camping sleeping bags and pads I am sure you can have one of the best family experiences ever.

Just Prior to you acquire anything at all online, ensure you get all the hidden secrets on Camping Sleeping Bags and to extend the life of your camping stuff have a look at the Camping Sleeping Bags Caring and you will be save.

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