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What is the Best Bass Fishing Lure?

There have been debates raging amongst bass fishing enthusiasts for all sorts of things in recent years, from the best way to fish in winter to what features are needed on a bass fishing boat. This is largely because the Internet has given all bass fishing enthusiasts with an opinion a forum to head to in order to air their views. Although some people may disagree on the topics above, the main bone of contention is and always has been the best bass fishing lure.

The fascination with finding the best bass fishing lure and the presence of so many different points of view is a result of the fact that people have personal preferences. Some people can only get on with certain lures and find it impossible to get on with others. Others tend to use certain lures at specific times of the year or in specific waters.

However, the best lures should be a part of everyone’s bass fishing tackle. They all have their uses and can be employed to great effect. Furthermore, if you want to turn your catch rate around then you may well want to try switching them around.

So what are the best bass fishing lures around? Read on to find out!

The Spinnerbait – Spinnerbaits are firm favourites amongst bass fishing enthusiasts because they can be used in any waters, throughout the year and for any type of bass. They come in a variety of shapes are sizes and are versatile, which is why many bass fishing enthusiasts absolutely love them. Furthermore, they are perfect for use in top waters or mid depth waters. As such, you cannot go wrong.

The Crankbait – This is literally a lure that looks exactly like a fish. As such, they attract the bass like there is no tomorrow because they tend to move like fish would too. They come in a vast range of colours, shapes, sizes and materials so you can literally tailor them to suit your needs at the time, whether that is fishing in vegetation or in clear waters. Crankbaits usually have a huge level of success when used in top waters but can also be used a little deeper or when trolling for bass in a boat.

The Plastic Worm – This is another firm favourite amongst bass fishing enthusiasts. It is the best known and the most used because it is incredibly versatile. You can literally use a plastic worm in any waters, at any depth and regardless of the state of the waters. In fact, it is perhaps the best lure to use in vegetation. Some bass fishing enthusiasts swear by these so it is important to try them if you have not already. You will definitely like them.

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Bass Fishing Lures Which To Use

Bass fishing is a great sport that allows you to spend time with friends and family relaxing doing something that you really enjoy. Many anglers love the opportunity to see some of the wonderful things that nature has to offer while out on the lakes and rivers. The scenery is definitely beautiful and can’t be matched by anything else.

Whatever takes you out of the house or office and onto the waters to go bass fishing, you need to get all of your gear ready before you go out. One of the most important items found in your fishing gear will be the fishing lures. When it comes to bass fishing you have the biggest selection available compared to any other type of fishing lures.

With so many different shapes, sizes and colors available how do you know which ones to choose? In the end it all comes down to your personal preference but the information listed below can help you get started searching for the bass fishing lures that work the best for you.

Below is a list of some of the best bass fishing lures in North America.


Spinnerbait is one of the most popular bass fishing lures used today. They come in many different colors such as red, yellow, white, brown, black and so forth with gold or silver blades. Many anglers prefer the metallic spinnerbaits but all designs are bright and shiny to attract the attention of the bass. Some spinnerbaits have rubber skirts that are designed specifically for getting the attention of the bass. You can change these skirts making this type of spinnerbait more versatile.

When it comes to the shape of spinnerbait you should use, you need to consider the types of fish found in the water where you are located. Spinnerbait is designed to imitate the bait fish found in different waters to outsmart the bass so they will take the bait. These tend to trick the bass into taking the bait by impulse.


Another very popular bass fishing lure is the crankbait lure. It was given this name because the lure is connected to the end if the line and then you crank it back to the area where you are fishing. Some crankbaits sink directly to the bottom of the water while others float on the top. There are even crankbaits that stay suspended at the depth where you stopped reeling it in. Crankbaits are designed for shallow, medium and deep waters.


There are a wide variety of jigs available for you to choose from. The bucktail jig is very popular because they resemble smaller fish that the bass feed on.

Bucktails are made with both curly and straight tails to capture the attention of the bass easier. Many experienced anglers have great success with the Jig and Pig lure. These are the lures that are used in many tournaments.

Topwater Plugs

The topwater plug is a great lure that floats along the top of the water. When you get a bite it will be pulled down into the water so you know it is time to set the hook. They work great around lily pads, trees, stumps and around docks. They help prevent you from getting hung up on obstacles while fishing for the bass. Some examples of topwater plugs include spoons, jitterbugs and boppers.

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A Splendid Variety of Bass Fishing Lures Await the Avid Fisherman

From the east coast of the United States to the west coast, sport fishing for bass is one of the most enjoyed summertime sporting events. Professionals and amateurs enter tournaments as well as simply having a bass fishing weekend or go on daily trips to a favorite lake.

Besides being a significant sporting event, bass fishing is considered an art. To be successful, it is essential to be able to choose the best bass fishing lures to use based on the behavior of the fish, water temperature, seasonal movements, and water conditions.

There are any number of freshwater bass fishing lures that are customarily used in places where bass tend to exist. The many types of bass include small and large-mouthed bass, peacock, stripped, spotted, and white bass. Each one of these groups is fished using a different size and type of bait. Common bass fishing lures can include:

Topwater baits – these lures are used on the surface of the water. They are designed to float and move across the water in order to attract bass that are feeding right below the surface. Topbaits may be buzzbaits or rattlebaits that utilize their movement through the water to make a vibration or sound to attract bass, or they may have tiny propellers that are there to make a splashing sound when breaking the surface of the water.

Crankbait – these bass fishing lures may be used at any water depth including deep, mid-level, or very close to the surface. Crankbaits may possess a lip or can be lipless, depending on the depth at which they are used and the action that the fisherman desires to get from it. Crankbaits are usually shaped like thick minnows and they cause the fish to become attracted when they move through the water while the lure is being “cranked” or reeled in.

Swimbaits – these bass fishing lures are quite streamlined and sectioned throughout the body in order to nearly duplicate the movement of a swimming minnow. Typically, they have colors like the fish used for bait in the area; and, for most bass fishing, the shad colors are widely preferred. The swimbait can have a single hook, a treble hook or a series of hooks.

Jerkbaits – these are also shaped like minnows, but they are usually heavier than swimbaits. However, the jerkbait is not designed for smooth retrieval as the other lures are. Instead, they move irregularly and act as an injured bait fish would when swimming.

Bass fishing lures also may include trolling baits, worms, and live bait fish. Usually the lures will be brightly colored for fishing in bright conditions and deeper waters. More naturally-colored lures are for fishing in shallow and cloudy water found near the shoreline.

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The Best Bass Fishing Lures In North America

It is very difficult to choose one, single best lure for bass fishing in North America. Spinner bait is usually the one single choice that most anglers would cite for the best bass fishing lure, if they could only choose a single lure.

That choice would be based largely on the fact that it is probably the most versatile lure. You can use it to fish various depths, not limiting yourself to your choices if the bass are suspended, shallow, or deep. If you cast your spinner, and start reeling immediately, it will stay on the surface for shallow fishing. You can cast and then wait a bit, letting it sink partway to the bottom, so you can catch suspended fish, or you can let it sink to the bottom before beginning your retrieve to catch those fish on the bottom.

Another excellent choice of a lure that is sure to catch a lot of bass is the crankbait. They come in a huge array of colors from which you may choose. They work well when you need to fish anywhere from the depths to the surface, and they may even be equipped with soundmakers to attract the bass. They are designed to look like natural baits such as shad, crawfish, or minnows.

Another very good choice of lures with which to catch bass is a simple, plastic worm. You can fish these lures very simply with great results. You can use a Carolina Rig, Wacky Rig, Texas Rig, Floating Rig, or any number of others, and really all you have to do in order to be successful doing it is to slow down your presentation just a bit. There are new rigs being developed every day too, so the versatility you seek will be there when using plastic worms as bait for catching bass.

If you are looking to catch really big bass rather than larger numbers of bass, you might want to try a pig and jig combo. It really is a very good combination for catching the big largemouth. You can give it a try anywhere, but, of course, it is going to work best for you in areas where there are larger sized bass and they are biting.

If you are fishing early in the morning or later in the evening, you really might want to consider using top water lures for catching bass. They are pretty effective during the prime times for their target use.

Jerkbait and suspending bait are also very good choices for bass fishing. If you haven’t given them a try, go for it. Many of the locals in various areas will tell you that this is one of the best ways to fish for bass. What’s more, it creates something new and interesting for you to do while you are fishing.

Just remember that since conditions change rapidly when fishing for bass, the lures you need to use can change just as rapidly making what worked for you a few minutes ago, obsolete in current conditions. The biggest thing is just to be versatile and adapt your presentation and choices for lures to the conditions in which you are fishing. Try to understand the patterns of the bass in your particular body of water, and fish according to the current conditions present.

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