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The Arabian: The World’s Oldest Horse Keeps Getting Better With Age

The Arabian horse is also known as “Al Khamsa” in Arabic and is a unique breed because it does not exist as a result of selective breeding with other breeds, but as a breed that stands alone and has been cherished for its purity for thousands of years.

Arabians are thought to be the oldest breed in the world, dating back at least 5000 years. The Bedouin tribes who lived in the deserts of the Middle East believed the horses were a gift from God and that they could “fly without wings”. They bred them for centuries and breeding was done carefully to create horses that could withstand extreme conditions of the Arabian Desert and tribal wars. Arabians were bred with a large lung capacity, incredible endurance and superior stamina and courage as well as speed and agility.  This unique breed has had a distinctive national identity throughout recorded history and is an original breed that many other breeds owe their ancestry to.

However, there is controversy as to just where the Arab originated and its history is full of romance, legend, complexity and contradictions. One thing we do know is that the original Arabian horse was somewhat smaller than today’s specimens. Otherwise the horse has essentially remained unchanged throughout the centuries.

The Bedouins valued purity and many tribes owned only one main strain of horse. The five basic families of the breed include Kehilan, Seglawi, Abeyan, Hamdani and Hadban. Other, less “choice” strains include Maneghi, Jilfan, Shuwayman, and Dahman. Substrains developed in each main strain which were named after a celebrated mare or Sheik that formed a substantial branch within the main strain. Each strain developed characteristics that could be recognized and identified when bred pure.

The Kehilan strain was noted for depth of chest, masculine power and size and stood up to 15 hands. The heads were short with broad foreheads and great width in the jowls and were most commonly gray and chestnut.

The Seglawi was known for refinement and almost feminine elegance. They were likely to be fast rather than have endurance and had fine boning, longer faces and longer necks than the Kehilan. The average height is 14.2 hands and usually Bay in color.

The Abeyan strain is very similar to the Seglawi and tended to be refined. They had a longer back than a typical Arabian, but were small horses, rarely taller than 14.2 hands. They were usually gray and carried more white markings than other strains.

Hamdani horses were considered plain with athletic, almost masculine, large boning. The heads were straight in profile, lacking an extreme Jibbah. It was one of the largest, standing as much as 15.2 hands and commonly gray or bay in color.

The Hadban strain was a smaller version of the Hamdani but sharing big bones and muscular build. They also possessed an extremely gentle nature. The average height of a Hadban was 14.3 hands and the primary color was brown or bay with few, if any, white markings.

In the 17th century, the Turkish rulers of the Ottoman Empire began to send gifts of Arabian horses to European heads of state. Such was the nature of the Godolphin Arabian (sometimes called “Barb”) who was imported to England in 1730 as well as the Byerley Turk (1683) and the Darley Arabian (1703). These three “Eastern” stallions formed the foundation upon which a new breed, the Thoroughbred, was to be built and now 93% of all modern Thoroughbreds can be traced to these three stallions.   

For centuries, Arabians have been used to improve and refine many different breeds of horses either by direct infusion or through the blood of the Thoroughbred. In other words, the Arabian has contributed to some degree, either directly or indirectly, to the formation of virtually all the modern breeds of horses. In fact, the Arabian, as the original racehorse, is becoming more and more popular competing at racetracks throughout the United States. They race distances similar to Thoroughbreds and there are more than 700 all-Arabian races every year. As an endurance horse, the Arabian has no equal.

In 1908, the Arabian Horse Club of America was formed and the first stud book was published. Recognition of the Arabian stud book by the U.S. Department of Agriculture established it as a national registry and the only one for the purebred Arabian breed. At that time, 71 purebred Arabians were registered in what is currently known as the Arabian Horse Association. Now there are more living Arabian horses in the United States than in all the other countries in the world combined and many breeders strongly support naming Arabian horses with traditional Arabian names, which to them, is as important as maintaining breed purity.

In terms of temperament, The Arabian is one of the 5 “hot-blooded” horses, which means they have more sensitivity and energy. This sensitivity has manifested itself in an interesting way. You see, the severe climate required the nomads to share food and water and they sometimes even shared their tents with their horses. As a result of being such a close companion, Arabians developed a gentle, pleasant personality and a close affinity to man with a unique ability to bond with their owners. An Arabian will take care of its owner as no other horse will. It has a loyal and willing nature that is unparalleled by any other breed. Foals, for example, have no fear of man, and are usually indifferent to sudden noises. The Arabian gentleness and tractability, while originally the effect of education, is now inherited, and is observed in foals bred in a foreign environment.

Today ‘s Arabian will never be mistaken for another breed of horse because of their distinctive dished profile on a wide forehead and large, wide-set eyes, small muzzle, small, curved ears and large, efficient nostrils. They have a graceful, arched neck, and a broad chest with a strong short back and are fine to medium boned. Arabians have a high, proud tail carriage. These horses weigh between 800 and 1,000 pounds, stand 14.1 to 15.2 hands high, and are usually grey, bay, chestnut, black or roan in color. They are an extremely sound breed, also.

Arabians have several unique genetic characteristics. They have 17 ribs, unlike other breeds which usually have 18.  They also have one less lumbar vertebra and one less tail bone than other equines, and their skin is always black no matter what their coat color is.

Unfortunately they also have many disturbing genetic Diseases and Disorders such as Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA) where balance and coordination are affected; Guttural Pouch Tympany (GPT), a defect that can be corrected by surgery; Juvenile Epilepsy Syndrome (JES) that is treatable by medication; Lavender Foal Syndrome (LFS)/ Coat Color Dilution Lethal (CCDL) rare, but results in euthanasia of the foal; Occipitoatlantoaxial Malformation (OAAM) where the cervical vertebrae fuse together in the neck and skull causing injury to the spinal cord; and Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) which is the only genetic condition that can be tested for.

The traits that were bred into the Arabian since ancient times has created a versatile horse that is not only a beautiful, loyal breed, but one that excels at being an all-around family horse, show horse, competitive sport horse, race horse, and work horse.

Crystal Eikanger writes for, classifieds of Arabian Horses for sale and other breeds, horse properties, western saddles and horse tack.

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Best Luxury Resorts in Ranthambore National Park

If you are a nature lover and a wildlife enthusiast, come to Ranthambhore National Park. Located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, India; this famous National Park is spread over 400 Sq Km of land. Boarding and lodging options for tourists around near this park are aplenty. There are a number of luxury resorts in Ranthambhore which provide top class facilities. So stay over at one of these top resorts during your Ranthambhore wildlife tour and discover a world of relaxation & indulgence.

The Oberoi Vanyavilas is a top luxury jungle resort located on the edge of the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. It serves as a perfect base from which you can explore the territories of the majestic tiger very easily.

The picture-perfect setting, the beautiful man-made watercourse and the sun-kissed private decks of Vanyavilas; all welcome you to this exotic resort that stands against a perfect contrast to the ruggedness of the jungle.

Aman-i-Khás is an encampment consisting of just 10 unique canopy tents. It is situated on the edge of Ranthambore National Park and offers its guests exceptional levels of comfort in a pristine wilderness of the national park. Being remote and secluded, Aman-i-Khás is a true haven of tranquility.

You will find that the resort tents reflect design and art of the Moghul era. The camp’s central outdoor fireplace as well as the breathtaking vistas of the Aravalli Hills will create a perfect jungle safari ambience for you.

Taj Sawai Madhopur lodge is located amidst 12 acres of lush green land and is at a 20 minutes drive from the Ranthambore National Park. This 80 year old hunting lodge exudes a rustic & earthy charm which will remind you of the ear of the Maharajas of India.

You can look forward to 36 well appointed & refurbished rooms out of which 6 are suites with a private courtyard and 2 are deluxe suites that overlook the well maintained front lawns of the lodge. Each guest rooms and suites symbolize rustic style and comfort.

Set in three and a half acres of land, the building of Dev Vilas has been designed in Indo-Saracen style. It inspires romance and adventure amongst tourists on a Ranthambhore wildlife tour. Located nearest to the entrance of the Ranthambhore National Park, Dev Vilas boasts of 19 individually decorated deluxe rooms, 7 tented bungalows and 2 suites. You will find that no two rooms of this resort are alike. Each has been designed in a unique sequence of color, style and ambience.

One of the best places to stay at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is the Khem Vilas. Spread over an area of 10 acres of land this resort provides top class luxury in simple yet sophisticated manner. Each accommodation of Khem Vilas is fully equipped with the latest gadgets of luxurious living. In addition to this you will also be offered lip-smacking, vegetarian food from a variety of global cuisines in this resort.

Visit one of the above luxury hotels next time you are on a wildlife tour to Ranthambhore National Park. Ask for a tour package from your tour operator which includes boarding & lodging options in one of the above luxury resorts of Ranthambhore.

Find more information about luxury resorts in Ranthambore National Park at This is a complete information portal about Ranthambore Wildlife Tourism. Also find the best tariff plan and accommodation for your ranthambore trip. Choose the best luxury resort and make your ranthambore wildlife tour memorable.

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Ultralight Backpacking Tent – Tips On Choosing An Ultralight Backpacking Tent.

When choosing an ultralight backpacking tent there are several factors to take into consideration but I think that a couple of the main ones are obviously size and weight. Ok so you want the lightest tent you can find simply because you have to carry it around with you all day long, so the lighter the better. But don’t forget that you also have to sleep in it, often in conditions that are far from ideal e.g. wind, rain, snow, and anything else that the weather can throw at you.

There’s no point in buying the smallest lightest tent possible only to find that there is no room to put all your gear, so it’s left outside in the rain. On the other hand you do not want to be lugging around a heavy 2/3 man tent with you.

Your tent is often going to be the only thing between you and the elements, so it’s vital to choose the right one for you and your style of backpacking. There are many ultralight backpacking tents on the market, some just large enough for a person to lie down in, and some so small that you can’t sit up in them. I have used these tents on several occasions and found them fine for short weekend trips especially if like me you carry an ultralight tarp and walking pole so you can erect a handy sized awning over the front of the tent to give you some extra room for cooking etc.

Ok so you may think that taking a tarp and tent is a bit silly but it only adds slightly to your overall weight and its well worth it, and most people carry at least one walking pole on a hiking trip these days. Also if you are blessed with some fine weather you don’t even need to put up your tent but just use your tarp on its own.

On my last backpacking trip around Dartmoor I was gone for 19 days and I had with me a small one man tent and this was absolutely fine for the type of trip I had planned, just stopping one night in any one place. But during the first week I had trouble with an old knee injury and had to find a campsite to stay for a few nights (something I try not to do as I prefer wild camping when possible.) This became very uncomfortable after a couple of nights as I found that instead of packing equipment away after use it was easier to leave it in the tent which soon became very cluttered leaving less room for me and making the tent feel even smaller. So remember that a extra few ounces for a slightly larger tent can make all the difference when it comes to comfort.

Sadly I suppose the biggest consideration when choosing a backpacking tent is going to be the cost. All I can say is to buy the best one you can with your budget and remember that you are buying something that hopefully you will have for a long time, so make sure that:

– It fits you
– You feel comfortable in it
– It’s up to the job you want it for
– Lastly whatever tent you decide to buy in the end don’t leave it in its bag at the back of the cupboard,

Then all you have to do is get it out, use it and enjoy it!

Mike Legg is a seasoned hiker with many years experience of backpacking in Europe. For more information on this or other aspects of backpacking go to

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Planning an Event

Welcome to AdventureMania Inflatable Rentals where we want your kids to bounce, jump, slide & ride at your next event. We can handle any event – whether it is a small backyard party or something as large as a Canada Day Event. AdventureMania Inflatables is a well-known and respected company that is fully licensed through TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) with over thirteen years of experience in the Inflatable Rental Industry. We promise you clean and safe equipment at the most competitive price. To ensure you are getting the best value for your party or event, we will beat any written quote. So if great value and excellent customer service is what you are looking for, look no further.

AdventureMania Inflatables has a wide range of bouncy castles, bouncers, jumping castles, moonwalks, bouncy tents, bouncy houses, slides, obstacle courses, water fun, interactive sports games, carnival games, fun food options, tents, tables, chairs, entertainers, clowns, magicians and face painters. We have many themes to choose from with over 300 items in stock we are sure to have what you need for your next event. We even have the generators to power your event no matter what the size.

We carry season themed bouncers such as an Easter Bunny, Halloween themes with pumpkins and witches and holiday themed bouncers with Christmas, Santa and winter scenery.

We have generic inflatable castles with, Tweety, Loonie Tunes, Candy, Pinocchio, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Dalmatians, Peter Pan, Goofy, Seven Dwarfs and Tiger. For those that enjoy sports, we have inflatables with Soccer, Baseball and Basketball. We also have a Tropical, Hawaiian and Pirates of the Caribbean themed jumpers. AdventureMania Inflatables also rents out the famous Toy Story with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Rex, Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Bullseye, Bo Peep, Lenny, Etch and Mr. Spell. We also have Thomas the Tank Engine, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, Clowns, Dinosaur and Sea World Creatures.

We have popular girl themed jumping castles including Frozen, with Elsa & Anna, Wonder Woman, Alice in Wonderland and Monsters High. We also have Disney Princesses such as Disney Fairies, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Jasmine and Ariel. For the boys we have Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, Henry Pym, The Wasp, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Hawkeye, Quick Silver, Swordsman, Black Panther, The Vision, Black Knight, Batman, Superman, Lego, Green Arrow, Spiderman, Incredibles and Power Rangers. We have bouncers such as Cars with Lightning McQueen, Planes, Dusty Chopper, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. You can even stay up all night watching a movie from our Movie Screen Jumping Castle.

Every event needs a younger themed such as Angry Birds or you can bounce with Phineas & Ferb, the Fireman in the Fire Truck or the big Monster Inflatable truck.

Would you like to slide at your next event? Join us for a slide of a lifetime and try out our many different inflatable slides. We have many to choose from including double lane thrill seekers and our famous water slides.

You might want to add some excitement to your event with one of our Inflatable Obstacle Courses. We have an great assortment for you to choose from including our Chuggy Choo Choo Train Tunnel, Circus obstacle course, Rocket obstacle course, Rocket obstacle course, Sports obstacle course, Boot Camp obstacle course or our Adrenaline Rush 11. We also have a Hampster Race and Zorb Balls. We have smaller one that are the perfect backyard obstacle courses.

Your small children can expect to experience a world like no other with our Toddle Fun and Interactives. We have a beautiful Safari Playland, Wild Animal Zoo, Rescue Heroes, and our Mini Castles that can be used indoor or outdoor all year long or our famous ball pond castle.

To keep everyone coming back for more we have our Mazes, Plasma Cars, Paddle Boat Ride and our Trackless Train. We also have a beautiful photo booth so everyone’s memories will last a life time.

We have lots of water products to offer including Water slides, dunk tanks, Pitch Burst, Big Splash Water game, Water Balloon Battle and our famous Zorb Water Balls.
If promotional items are what you are looking for rent our Fog Machines and Bubble Machine.

We can’t forget about all the Sports Interactive games that we carry including, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Frisbee, Darts, Football, Derby Express Race, Gladiator Joust, Bungee Run, Wrecking Ball and our famous Rock Climbing Wall.

We offer Carnival Games such as Plinko, Kacken, Potty Toss, Shock Wave, Bubble Gum Monsters, Fish-In-Bowl, Ring Toss, Tin Can Smash, Hit the Bucket, Golf, Skiddles, Hoppin Mad, On Target, Sack Race, Tug A War, Parachute and Quoits.

We can also help you out with our Promotional Roof Top Balloon for your big sales or grand openings and help you get the attention your event deserves with our 20′ Blue Air Dancer, 20′ Yellow Sky Guy and Jouster Air Guy.

What’s a party without food? We also offer fun carnival food such as popcorn, cotton candy or candy floss, and sno (snow) cones to give your event a real festive mood.

We have Clowns for hire that will do amazing balloon animals and balloon twist along with Face Painters, Entertainers, Jugglers, Caricature Artist, Magicians and Illusionist.

If you need tables and chairs to handle the crowd at your party, we have many affordable options. We also have a wide array of tents big or small. No matter what size you need we have the tent for you.

Inflatable rentals are great for: kids birthday parties, action packed themed parties, multi-cultural events, school fundraisers or fun fairs, carnivals, backyard BBQ’s, street parties, company picnics, Christmas parties, reunions/weddings, church fundraisers, school dances, daycare/camps, sports tournaments, festivals, special events, corporate events and promotions.

We are proud to service Milton, Acton, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Vaughan, Maple, Woodbridge, Concord, Bolton, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham and Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, Innisfil, Barrie, Stouffville along with a wide variety of other areas in the GTA. If your area is not listed here, kindly give us a call.

Don’t delay, call us today at 905-864-3290 or 416-953-0767 and reserve your fun equipment, games and entertainers and give the children a memory of a life time. Our professional event planners are standing by to assist you will all your party needs.

The Scoop On Dog Houses

Dog houses are small shelters kept outside to protect dogs from the elements of nature. They assure that the dog is protected from heat and cold and has plenty of water.

Dogs have been man’s best friend since at least the ancient days of Egypt. They were often pets and hunting partners. In Egypt, they lived in mud-brick kennels where they were trained. Dogs were also known throughout ancient Greece, China and Rome. Smaller dogs were often kept in the home but nobility and those with the means or necessity kept their dogs in their own houses outside the home.

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a dog house to purchase such as the size of the dog, the size of the backyard and the material and design of the house. Bigger doesn’t always mean better: the dog should be able to enter and exit the house and lay down in it comfortably. Houses that are too big can make the interior temperature too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

There are many types of dog houses. Many immediately think of the typical house with a peaked roof and arched doorway, but there is a large variety available. The “typical” house has a pitched roof and is the most popular style. There are also single panel flat roofs and loft roofs, which feature a sun deck on the roof. Doors on these houses are useful for temperature control. The houses can be made of plastic, metal, fiberglass or wood. Plastic ones are the easiest to clean, while the wooden ones are the most traditional. Houses with removable roofs provide easy access to the dog. Some houses are portable and some are even inflatable. Kennels refer to crates and carriers used for travel. Also available are dog tents and dog boxes. They all slightly differ and are appropriate for various uses.

Some houses for dogs can be extraordinarily lavish. Many are designed to look like villas, mansions, palaces, castles, estates or almost anything else. Some are hooked up to electricity and feature lighting, furniture, heating and air conditioning. Some may take things a bit far, installing chandeliers, multiple floors, moulding and tinted window treatments. Those with the finances and the space can have as lavish a home for their dog as they desire.

If pooch doesn’t seem to be crazy about his new house – even if it’s luxury – there are a few ways to remedy this problem. It’s important not to make the new abode seem like a place of punishment. Being in the house should be a positive experience. Put some of his favorite toys or blankets in his house, or give him some treats in his house. It should also be as close to home as possible. Make sure that the house isn’t too large or small for the dog’s size, as well. If the dog still isn’t crazy about his new house, just give him time. He might just need to adjust to it, especially if he is used to being indoors.

Basic houses for dogs start at around $ 80 and may go up exponentially depending on material, add-ons, style and size.

Steven Barnhart is owner of Doowaggle a great resource for custom dog houses, climate controlled dog houses and other dog supplies designed to enhance the life of your pet.

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Some Speliazed and Essential Outdoor Equipments

The Necessity of Tentage
Of course, there are all sorts of tents, but they all provide the same necessary function – shelter.

If you are an entrenched urban dweller, then you might wonder just what sort of creature would give up the comforts of home to head off into the woods for a weekend (or longer) and then insist on shelter. Well, we humans kind of thrive on those basic needs, even when we’re willing to sacrifice on the luxuries. Shelter is a basic need. Running water is a luxury.
Philosophizing aside, the true outdoorsman takes his time to find the right tentage. Do you need a small pup tent built for two or a large family-sized hotel suite (yes, they do make the three-room cottages, pardon my slight exaggeration on calling them hotel suites)? The tent you settle on, of course, should depend on your mission and the duration of the time that you’ll need it.

The Highlander Rockwall is an olive green with the groundsheet sewed in. The hydrostatic head is 1500mm and the material, polyester. Maximum head height stretches to 115cm and it does feature taped seams. At 2.8kg, it is lightweight enough to carry on any trip, even if you are hiking long trails and up mountains. One of the nice things about this tent is that the Highlander Rockwall 2-Man Pop-Up Tent is a quick-pitch tent that you can set up in minutes, leaving you time to do the really important things that you are going camping for in the first place.

3 Specialized Military Hats
If you are in the British Navy, army, or a UK military unit and you’re looking for a special type of hat that signifies your unit or the special mission to which you’ve been assigned, where do you go? I suggest you check first.

The selection of hats you’ll find at ArmySurplus365 is unmatched. As an example, here are three specialized military surplus hats that you can find on our online shopping store:
* RAF Peaked Cap – Grade 1 collectors item. This current issue hat is the official head gear of the oldest independent air force in the world, the United Kingdom Royal Air Force. Don’t just sit at home dreaming about the RAF. Order this specialized military hat today. Add it to your collection.

* Navy Ratings White Cap – Grade 1. This top condition Royal Navy issue is at once recognizable. It features a white top and a blue rim, the official white cap of the Royal Navy. This hat does not come with a cap tally.

* Black Beret – In some parts of the world, the beret a commonplace hat, not that special. In other parts, it signifies something great. The black beret features leather trim and is available in sizes 58-61. Order yours today and add it to your collection of military hats.

12 Jack Pyke Military Jackets
When it comes to military surplus jackets, you have a lot of options in terms of name brand, comfort, and durability. And one of my favorite brands is Jack Pyke.
Try these jackets on for size:

* There’s the Jack Pyke fleece jacket – color green
* Kids Jack Pyke waterproof jacket
* Jack Pyke hunter jacket – olive green
* Jack Pyke hunter jacket – English oak
* Jack Pyke hunter jacket – English woodland
* Jack Pyke field smock
* Jack Pyke English oak fleece
* Jack Pyke hunter’s gilet – English oak
* Jack Pyke hunter’s gilet – hunters green
* Jack Pyke English woodland fleece
* Jack Pyke English oak mesh vest

All of these jackets come a variety of sizes and at different price pionts. There is no reason why you should not pick your favorite military or hunters jacket from this lineup. Choose comfort and choose style. Jack Pyke has gone the extra mile.

Superadobe or Earthbag building workshop at Anchorage Eco Lodge

Superadobe is a building method which pre-owneds polypropylene bags and earth as the primary building elements. It is a form of earthbag construction which was presented by engineer Nader Khalili. It is an environmentally friendly, inexpensive and quicker construction choice compared with contemporary constructions.

Exactly what we instruct during the 2 week workshop:
Superadobe intro
The arch and exactly how it works
Soil make-up
Basic dome developing.
Dome geometry.
The compass as well as exactly how it works.
Stabalized earth.
Site preparation.
Floor covering choices.
* Learning all about superadobe using various teaching tools, both theory and practical.
* The chance to get hands of experience working on the main building site with larger sized, triple dome units.
* Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a variety of Indian dishes both vegetarian and non vegetarian (chicken and lamb). Tea and coffee is also available on site.
* Basic accommodation which includes mattress, sheets, pillows, blankets in a tent set up. 3 showers and toilets that are shared by everyone on site. Accomodation is shared (between 2-4 people per tent) and 2 person tents are available on first come first serve basis. You are welcome to bring your own tents, camping area is available on site.
* Tools and materials that are used for demonstrations and practice.
* Certificate of completion
Drainage as well as Waterproofing.

The team:


Owner/Director at Anchorage Eco Lodge. I completed my middle school in India, finished High School in Kuwait and studied marketing in Toronto, Canada. Once back in India, I started the Anchorage project on family owned property. I have extensive knowledge in earthbag building and superadobe building techniques. From filling bags to placing barbed wire and filling foundations to exterior plastering, I’ve done it all during the first unit construction on site. Want to spread awareness about this technique and do my bit for saving the environment.


An architect and artist by profession and the dome designer behind the project at Anchorge Eco Lodge. Born in South Africa and grew up in Holland. Studied architecture at the Technical College in Groningen and TU Delft. After graduation Arnout started his office for Art and Architecture – Ateler van Mameren. He is well experienced in housing and town planning projects and is the designer for the Grandstand with stable in Rotterdam for the CHIO (One of the biggest equestrain events in the world). In recent years he shifted his focus on ecological and sustainable building, with major focus on earthbag buildings. He has spent almost 6 months at Anchorage Eco Lodge pushing limits and creating unique triple unit domes. He is eager on teaching people about this technique and spreading a message about how we can enjoy modern day comforts without harming the environment.


She is professionally an inspector of public health back in Holland. An excellent chef when it comes to Dutch cooking. She has been to India several times in the past few years, understanding the culture and visiting historically significant places all around India. A cook who prepares meals on whats avaialable in the neighbouring area and using an Indian Kitchen cooks meals with a European flavour. She has been present on site during the initial building phase with Arnout and will be cooking during the second workshop.


Arnout’s good friend and a very dedicated, hardworking man. He has been trained as a civil engineer and has studied interior design. He has 25 years of experience in construction and has lead many projects during his work life. He has spent 4 months at Anchorage Eco Lodge helping Arnout with the first phase of construction. He has travelled all over India by road and knows his way around with locals very well. He is learned in both practical and theoretical aspects of superadobe building technique.

Bharti Yadav

Manager digital marketing and innovation

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Backpacking Gear for a Long and Short Trip

When you’re going for a backpacking trip no matter for how long, you should always have at least the ten essentials. The ten things that you must take into consideration when packing for the outdoors include navigation, sun protection, insulation, illumination, first aid, fire, repair kit and tools, nutrition, hydration and shelter.

To get a complete checklist you can do a search on the internet and you’ll find a lot of them and most of them are quite good. You don’t have to take everything on the checklist. It just serves as a sort of a reminder to make sure you don’t forgot anything you need. Here we’ll differentiate the type of gear used for a week-long trip and a weekend trip.

Tent choices are determined by the type of trip, whether it’s going to be a weekend trip or one that is longer, and the weather. On almost any trip, you can get away with small and lightweight 2 man tent if the weather is great. You might want something that a lot more living space, better protection from wind, rain and snow for a longer trip. There’s also going to be more poles for the stronger structure, more guy out lines and vestibules for storing gear.

For footwear, if you have a light pack and your trip is going to be short and the terrain is good, go for low top hiking shoes which are lightweight and reduces the risk of blisters. If your pack is heavy, the terrain a little bit rough, and you need a lot more traction, you would really want to consider heavier boots with better ankle support.

When it comes to camping cookware, you could almost make any choice you want depending on whether you’re simple cooker or a gourmet chef. But in general, it’s wise to get a smaller and lighter stove for a short trip. Go for a bigger cooking system with a sturdier stove and multiple pots if you’re going to cook for a group of people.

As for food storage especially in bear country, consider a bear proof container or kevlar reinforced bear bags that are too tough for bears or other animals to claw through. You don’t even need to hang them on a tree but be sure that you don’t keep any food inside your tent. Animals have a very strong sense of smell and they might mistake you for food.

Most people today carry internal frame backpacks. For maximum comfort and stability, carry lighter items at the bottom of the pack. Heavy items should be packed in the middle to the pack and close to your back. Your poles should be against the back panel. At the top, you’d have to have gear that you want to have easy access to like raingear and first aid kit.

Jonsky Sicuna is a writer for . In this article we talked about camp stoves , tents and hiking footwear .

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Some Important Backpacking Tips for Beginners

Backpacking in the woods in one of the most rewarding vacation you can get (and they’re cheap too). It brings you closer to nature, you get to experience its beauty, it makes you fit and more.

It involves “carrying your house on your back” as some might say. You need to carry your tent, stove, food, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes and other gear around with you in other to sustain yourself. The best advice for backpacking is probably to carry very little weight. Trust me, you’ll enjoy backpacking more with a light load on your back.

Other tips you might want to consider:

– Make sure you wear really comfortable boots that won’t give you blisters. If you carry a heavy load, you probably won’t be able to get away with wearing tennis shoes because your ankles would need support. I don’t wear heavy boots because it gives me blisters. Carrying a heavier backpack and wearing heavier boots does not make you look like an experienced hiker. Many through-hikers and adventure racers wear sneakers and carry small backpacks.

– Using trekking poles increases you walking efficiency while at the same time give you a better workout. Hiking feels less strenuous when you use trekking poles because the burden is distributed to your upper body so your lower body won’t be doing all the work. Trekking poles can also be used as a tent pole, camera stand, weapon to fend off animals and it helps you keep your balance and walking rhythm.

– Carry lightweight gear and use lightweight alternatives to everything. If you can find gear that have multiple functions then use them. Many lightweight alternatives are available today.

– Use a tarp and bivvy combination. There are 2 man tents today that are even lighter than a bivvy sack but they also cost a lot of money. As an alternative, you can use a tarp (alone or with a bivvy). Tarps save you a lot of weight as opposed to using conventional tents.

– Don’t forget the camping mattress. Some beginners then to leave the camping mattress out because they think it is not necessary but unless you sleep cold and can sleep on the hard ground it really is an essential gear. A good night’s sleep is really important on a backpacking trip because you’ll need the energy for hiking the next day.

– Prepare well for rain and cold. The cold can kill you so remember to bring along your raingear and fleece. Consider a fleece cap and balaclava as well because they really help you keep warm.

– Change into clean, dry clothing just before going to sleep if possible. The oils from your body makes insulation from your clothing and sleeping bag less effective. Clean clothing helps you keep warm at night.

– Carry a lightweight backpacking stove. I once survived on a backpacking trip without carrying a camp stove. It’s not because I didn’t think it was unnecessary, I just didn’t know any better. You could probably survive without one too but not all hiking trails allow campfires and cooking with it is quite slow. I recommend propane stoves for short trips and liquid fuel stove for longer trips and at high elevation and extreme cold.

– Don’t leave any signs of food near you when you sleep. This includes smell because wild animals have a strong sense of smell. Stop and cook a mile or two from where you intend to set up camp. Store your food in a bear bag hung high on a tree and out of reach of animals. Never put food inside your tent or near you.

Jonsky Sicuna is a writer for He recommends internal frame backpacks and backpacking stoves for your outdoor adventures.

Get The Must Have Camping Gear – Pop Up Tent

Family camping trips can be so much fun when Summer is in full swing. Make a good camping trip a great one by taking along the proper equipment to make the trip easy and hassle free. One essential item that every camper should have packed is a pop up tent. Using this wonderful camping gear can free up a lot of time for fun family activities.

If you’re wondering what a pop up tent is, then let’s over view quickly. Essentially, a pop up tent is no different then any other tent except for the fact that the rods are built in to the material. All you need to do is pull it out of the carrying bag and it does all the work for you. In seconds you are ready for that first hike of the Summer.

The is the perfect tent for a family trip because set up is a breeze. Caution should be taken however if you plan to camp in an area during severe weather conditions. It is recommended that more rugged styles be used in these situations to prevent sickness or injuries from exposure to weather.

A pop up tent is popularly used during back yard camping events involving children because of the material the tents are made of. Most models you find are constructed of only a single layer of material such as polyester and don’t hold up well if it rains. I child can easily run indoors if bad weather presents itself.

Break down is quick and simple when it’s time to go home. All that is required is for you to collapse the tent into a flat disc shape and slip it into the bag it comes with. This makes storing great since it can be stored in pretty much any location. Out of sight, out of mind!

You would be surprised by the number of people you will encounter that have no idea what a pop up tent is. This is most likely due to the fact that it is newer to the shelves then other styles. It was constructed for fast and simple use which in most cases makes it a cheaper option then others you will find in stores.

I’m sure you have figured it out by now that this is definitely the perfect piece of camping gear and works great in many normal outdoor situations. Always remember however that it should not be used in the situations warned against because of the risk of injury.

Before you take your next camping tent, make sure you find the best pop up tent to have a hassle free trip. Whether you’re looking for2 man tents or a larger family tent, you will find the best tent reviews and informative articles on the Internet.

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The Newbie’s Guide to Choosing a Tent for Camping

There are various types of tents to choose from for backpacking. When it comes to the fundamentals of choosing a tent, there are four of them; size, structure, weight and bulk.

A traditional type of tent is the A-frame tent. It’s called that because it forms the shape of the capital letter “A”, more like a triangle. The A-frame tent is very rugged, simple and very cheap. You rarely ever see people use this type of tent anymore but you can still get them at some places.

The A-frame was originally made of canvas but now some are made of breathable material. You can use a waterproof fly to cover the tent to protect it from rain. There will be an air space between the tent and the fly so that it keeps you warmer when it’s cold and cooler when it’s warm.

A newer type of tent commonly used for camping is the dome tent. There’s a lot of interior space with this type of tent and often includes a vestibule for storing gear or cooking in bad weather. Make sure you have good ventilation when cooking inside the vestibule. This type of tent is commonly used as a 2 person tent or a family tent. It can hold as much as 10 people depending on the size.

The structure of the dome tent is very strong especially when the frame follows a hexagonal structure. This type of tent structure does well against the wind, snow and rain. This is one of those tents that you’ll likely be comfortable in when the weather forces you to stay inside for a couple of days.

If you’re looking for something that has minimal size, structure, weight and bulk then go for the bivvy. This is great for mountaineers, cyclists and climbers because you don’t need a lot of footprint to set this up and they’re very quick to set up. It is shaped like a cocoon (or sleeping bag) and some are supported by poles . They pack down very small and weighs very little.

To summarize, there are four main areas of concern when purchasing a tent. First the size so you need to decide on how many will sleep in the tent. Then the structure where there are advantages and disadvantages of each type of structure in terms of strength, simplicity, price and ability to withstand the weather. The weight and bulk should be considered especially if you are backpacking, motorcycle camping or climbing.

Jonsky Sicuna is a writer for When you don’t have to carry your tent around he recommends you get a family dome tent but if you’re backpacking alone he recommends a lightweight 2 man tent .

Trailer Accessories To Make Your Camping Trip Comfortable

What would a trailer be devoid of trailer accessories? How can you seriously increase the effective use of your trailer without those additional extras which make such a difference? On the subject of acquiring that extra space which you require before starting your journey, the trailer is the solution.

In this posting I will be discussing a few trailer accessories and ways in which they could be utilized to make your journey all that far more convenient and cozy. There are so many various accessories these days, that trips and camping trips which are uneasy have become a thing of the past.

Before heading on to talk about the different trailer accessories let me provide you with a short over-view of the various trailer parts. The parts that make up a trailer and that make it easy to join the trailer to the vehicle. A trailer which breaks away can be extremely dangerous, therefore it is vital that you are aware of how to attach it effectively.

Not going into too much information, here are the fundamental parts. You can imagine the trailer as a box with two wheels a pole which attaches this box to the vehicle. It is certainly considerably more intricate, nevertheless this is principle concept. The hitch is the very important section of the trailer which attaches to the car. Making up the hitch you’ll find, a ball, coupler, and safety chains. Depending on the kind of hitch you’ll also find other components, but this is the basic.

The electrical system, must be functioning properly. The electrical system which is attached from the vehicle to the trailer, is the thing that permits the trailers brake lights to operate as well as other lights. You can not ride with a trailer which has no brake lights. The brake system is another essential element which makes up the trailer. If you place your foot on the brakes, the brakes on the trailer must work concurrently. The trailer will come with a brake controller which is then placed inside your vehicle.

When selecting your trailer second hand, always be sure that each part is properly checked and in the best condition. After you have all components checked you are able to go on to look at the various trailer accessories.

Roofracks Roof racks are the essentials in trailer accessories. Fundamentally roof racks enables you to mount cycles, fishing rods and other objects either too large or too long to fit in your automobile. Roof racks can also be used to mount camping tents.

Tents 2 man tents are fitted to the top of the trailer, enabling you to sleep comfortably when on a camping trip or cross-country journey.

Kitchen Units There’s also kitchen units which come as accessories. Kitchen units commonly have gas stoves, a working space, mini chiller and water dispenser. All kitchen units are different.

Tables An additional addition to the trailer accessory checklist are tables. Fold up tables which pull out as needed and then collapsed when done with are another essential.

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

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