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Finding The Perfect Fishing Reels

Every fishermen, from the casual to the professional wants quality equipment to make sure that every trip is successful and fun. Fishing reels are an important component, but they do not need to cost a bundle in order to get high quality and reliability. Finding the right one can help to make every trip a success

While even the priciest reel will not help to snag a fish every time, it can make a very big difference in each cast. A consistent and reliable piece of fishing gear is important, but the style and extras are mostly a matter of the individual’s preferences. Even the least expensive reels can come with great extras.

Every fishing trip will benefit from a great spinning reel. They are versatile, and great for many uses. They should be solidly constructed using quality products and materials to provide durability and longevity. Line should wind evenly onto the spool, and it should have sufficient line capacity for the intended use. A collapsible handle is a nice touch and is standard on many models.

A bait-caster is intended to be accurate and give the user a consistently smooth, easy cast. These reels need to be adjusted each time the lure is changed to compensate for the weight of the lure because if this is not done it can easily cause backlash of the line and leave the line in a twisted mess. This should be easy to do, as nobody wants to spend a lot of time fiddling with the reel before each cast. It should be constructed of lightweight materials to keep the user in control of the cast.

If desired, the reel can be purchased as a set that also includes the rod. Again, quality and light weight designs are important. The rod and reel should be balanced to provide comfort. Durability and quality can be found without spending a lot of money.

When fishing for big game, ensure that the rod and reel selected will be able to withstand the added weight and fight of these bigger fish. They should be of a proper weight and size to allow for smooth casting and easy retrieval, and have a capacity for heavier line that is necessary when attempting to land bigger fish.

Choosing the right gear for fishing does not need to empty the bank account. There are many quality rods and reels that can provide quality and value at the same time. With such a large selection, there is a perfect reel for every job and every fisherman.

Enhancement of fishing results becomes easier and convenient with the quality fishing rods and fishing reels as well as the combos that can be cast all the day in the winds, offered by Discover for yourself the amazing selection of casting reels, spinning reels, and Daiwa reels.

Picking The Right Catfish Rod And Reels

Fishing for catfish has been the favorite of many anglers for years. They were one of the first species of fish to ever be caught as a sport. The catfish can grow to some amazing sizes and they will put up a fight that you will want to talk about for a long time. There is no better feeling than to reel in one or more of these monsters.

The rod and reel are extremely important when it comes to your gear and the amount of success you can have reeling in the catfish. There are certain steps you can follow when picking out the right combination of rod and reels. The first step is to decide which species of catfish you intend to go fishing for. Are you after the channel cat, flathead, blue cat, white cat or the bullhead catfish?

After deciding which species you prefer to catch, you need to learn as much as you can about the different types of rod and reels available. This will help you determine what would work the best for each type of fishing you are trying to do. Of course, if you are new to fishing all together and not sure which species you want to go after, then you should learn what type of catfish live in your immediate area or where you will be going fishing the most.

This way you can focus on buying a rod and reel to match the species of catfish in your area. Later on as you begin to advance your skills you will learn more about the different species of catfish and this will help you decide if you need to change or add to your gear to go fishing for another type of catfish.

Before you can choose the right catfish rod and reel it would be helpful to understand a little about the rod itself. No doubt you have heard much talk about the rod action and power of the rod from other anglers but, do you know what is meant by these terms? Below is a brief description explaining what is meant by the action and power of a fishing rod.

All about Rod and Reels

When you talk about the action of the rod you are talking about the amount of bend it has. The bend is most noticeable when you are casting your line or reeling in a fish.

Slow Action Rod – This rod will bend all the way down to the handle.
Moderate Action Rod – This one bends over the last portion of the rod.
Moderate-Fast Action Rod – These will bend just over the last third portion of the rod.
Fast Action Rod – The fast action rod bends in the last fourth part of the rod.
Extra-Fast Action Rod – This rod will only bend at the tip.

The bend affects the way you fish because the softer or slow action rods give more. In other words, they have more flexibility. These will hardly ever sling your bait from the hook but they will not cast as far as the fast action rods will. The fast action rods will cast further because they put more force behind your throw giving you a little added power.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best catfish fishing information possible. Get more information on catfish fishing rods here:

Choosing the perfect Carp Fishing Rods

Carp fishing rods are one of the most sought after types of fishing rods as carp fishing is a very popular hobby and sport. The choice of carp fishing rods is vast and many different fishing rod manufactures create a range of carp fishing rods for all different purposes. There are a range of carp fishing rods available for all budgets and for both amateur and professional fishers. Hardy fishing rods are a highly regarded brand of rods that are well known for their excellent equity and high performance and they are a favourite choice with people who are looking to purchase one or a number of carp fishing rods. Anyone who is just staring out fishing as a hobby may want to seek some advice from carp fishing rods retailers who will be able to explain to them about all the various rods and equipment available and which items will be best suited to the type of fishing that they would like to do.

The type of Hardy fishing rods that people need will depend on the types of fish they would like to catch and the locations that they plan to fish in. There are different carp fishing rods for river, lake and sea fishing so this needs to be taken into consideration when people are looking for a new rod. Hardy fishing rods are specially designed for fly or course fishing and they are perfect for anyone who is looking for a high quality rod that will deliver excellent results. Many carp fishing rods are designed with travel in mind and some are very lightweight and foldable to make them easy to transport. Lots of keen fishers will book fishing holidays so they will be looking for carp fusing rods that are easy to pack to take with them.

Once people have chosen carp fishing rods or Hardy fishing rods they will then need to choose suitable reels, lures and bait to use with their rods. Most fishing rod retailers who stock a selection of carp fishing rods and Hardy fishing rods will also sell many other fishing accessories so people can buy all their fishing supplies and equipment from one place.

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Do Effective Fishing with Quality Fishing Rods

Non-vegetarian people love to eat lots of egg, meat, milk, fish and to some extent cheese. Among all these, fish is one food that has good percent of all the essential nutrients. Fish is a worldwide distributed food commodity. It is known as a cheap source of protein, especially great importance to developing countries. Fish provides good balance of minerals, vitamins as well as proteins and has relatively low caloric content. It has comparatively low content of fat and high percentage of protein. Fish liver oil is the great source of Vitamin D and A. As little as 120 g of fish serves about half of daily requirement of protein of a person.

Fishing rods are one of the most ancient (ancient Egypt) tools for catching fish. You can make it from all sorts of different things, which may range from bamboo to modern materials. These types of rods were once considered to be integral in order to catch fish. These days nets are used instead and the rods are used often as a hobby for fishing. Though the specifics are not the same depending upon the kind of fish that is being fished for, the general concept is to put some bait at the end of the line, put it into water and then use a wheel for pulling the line up again if the fish is hooked.

Fishing tackle has everything that one needs in order to carry out fishing. Line, bait, rod and hooks are the most important parts of the tackle. As fishing is very popular sport, it is very much competitive and the right kind of tackle is required if you want to stay ahead of the game. If you are the one willing to buy this type of tackle, you can purchase it by mail order, tackle shops, and increasingly the internet. By availing the services of online shopping and mail order, you would be able to cut the costs as these stores have monthly deals, like half price discounts on popular fishing tackles, i.e., discounted fishing reels. If you are a serious fisher, this would prove to be quite beneficial, as you could save lots of money.

Fishing rods have more parts than you would expect, including a grip (for holding), the rod itself( the ‘stick’ portion), a wheel(for pulling the line back in), a line and a hook( to hook a fish). While adding the bait to this, you have the option of using either an artificial bait, which is designed to resemble a small fish (it would attract big fish) or live bait( worms). If you are planning to have this type of rod, you should always buy quality rod as poor quality rod may snap if they are used in order to catch a large or particularly attacking fish.

J and H Tackle is the name that has become quite synonymous with exquisite fishing reels and other accessories. Fish lovers have reposed faith in this esteemed company and this is the reason for its outstanding popularity.

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Penn International Introduces Penn Reels For Big Game Fishing

Saltwater fishing is not just a means of livelihood. There are some individuals who fish large games such as tuna and marlin for commercial purposes. On the other hand, there are also some individuals who make saltwater fishing a sport. These people try to seek to make or break world records by attempting to catch the biggest fish of all. Since big game fishing requires a very powerful drag, you have to make sure that your fishing reel is capable of this power. There are many great performing reels in the market and one of these is Penn International. The reels from this maker are durable and effective.

The Different Types of Reels from Penn International

When you want superior saltwater fishing reels, opt for Penn International reels. They have been proven to stand the most powerful dragging fishes in the blue. What is more, their durability has been tested over time. If you want a strong reek to take during your offshore fishing sport, why not choose Penn International. Its reels are not known to let serious anglers and seekers or world records down. When you want to shop for Penn reels, you can choose from:

o International Reels
o Conventional Reels
o Spinning Reels
o Baitcast Reels

Penn International also has a wide selection of rods for you to choose from. Aside from this, you can find a combination of Penn reels and rods. You can find this from several online stores of fishing rods and reels.

Trust in the Established Reputation of Penn International

Penn International is a reel manufacturer that you can trust. One of its fierce competitors is Shimano. Since the year 1932, Penn has been leading the industry of fishing reels. The official name of this maker is Penn Fishing Tackle Company. The company is run by Otto Henze, who has mastered the art of creating the finest and most powerful Penn reels for more than seventy years. Fishers and anglers from all over the globe who have used several brands of reels have sworn that Penn is the greatest. If you want to make sure that you reel in the biggest catch of all, opt for a powerful and durable reel from this company.

Choose Penn International Reels for Its Superior Quality

With all the brands of fishing reels in the market, it is hard to find the best one. But if you want a fishing reel with superior performance and made from high-quality materials, choose Penn International. There are plenty of expert fishermen who choose Penn reels rather than its competitors. This is due to the high quality and great performance of the reels. What is more, these can be bought at really reasonable costs. Penn International reels lead the other brands of fishing reels. These are created and tested, in order for it to perform in the world’s four oceans. The reels from Penn are proven to be very powerful reels. The company boasts of advanced construction, with ball bearings that are made from stainless steel. Their single-piece aluminum frames are machine forged, which makes the reels very durable.

When you want to shop for reels from Penn International, you can visit Sea Isle Tackle, which offers a broad selection of reels and rods from the company.

Visit Sea Isle Tackle, a Long Island Saltwater Tackle Shop, for the Penn International Fishing Reel. We offer Penn International Reels in addition to a full collection of Penn Reels.

Purchasing fishing reels

Fishing reels are an essential piece of fishing equipment and anyone who wants to start fishing as a hobby will need to find out more about the various reels and fishing rods that are available. Customers who are already into fishing will often need to buy new fishing reels and some people will have a range of reels if they like to take part in different types of fishing. There are fishing reels for fishing in different types of waters as well as reels and fishing rods for catching different types of fish. Customers who are looking to buy fishing rods and fishing reels but are new to fishing and aren’t sure which equipment to buy should seek help and guidance from a specialist retailers. Expert fishing equipment retailers will know all about each type of reel and they will help customers choose the best fishing rods and fishing reels for their requirements.

As people learn more about fishing and become more experienced at this hobby they will often be keen to update and upgrade their fishing rods and fishing reels to more sophisticated and advanced models that have more features than fishing rods designed for beginners. There are fishing rods and fishing reels to suit all budgets ranging from budget rods through to more advanced rods for expert fishers. The choice of fishing reels that customers will need to choose from includes fixed spool fishing reels, fly reels and multiplier reels. Fixes spool reels are the most popular type of fishing reels and they are ideal for people who are new to fishing.

Many fishing reels and fishing rods retailers will sell rod and reel combos that will pair together the perfect rod and reel to make it easy for people to see what works well together. Like reels there are different fishing rods for catching different fish and for use in different types of water such as lakes, rivers, canals, ponds or the sea. The various types of fishing rods are carp rods, fly rods, match/feeder rods, sea, spinning, telescopic and travel rods.

For more information on fishing reels, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the fishing rods!

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Weiss Lake Crappie Fishing – Location And Strategy

Weiss Lake is nicknamed “The Crappie Capital of the World” and for good reason. When it comes to crappie this lake is full of them.

Lake Weiss is located in the northeastern part of Alabama and along the Alabama and Georgia border. Since so many anglers visit this lake to go fishing it is designed to accommodate all of their needs.

You will find four free public areas in which to access the lake and thirty-seven marinas that are privately run.

You will also find many campgrounds, cabins and motels all alone the shoreline that averages more than four hundred and forty miles long where you can relax and prepare for your fishing trips.

The crappies flourish very well in this environment because it is an excellent habitat where this species can thrive.

As a result most of them found here will average somewhere between two and three pounds. All you need to do is know where to look for the crappie and you will be on your way to some of the best fishing you have ever done.

Best Locations for Crappie

When fishing on Lake Weiss there are many shallow flats and deep channels where you will find the crappie lurking about. There are also a number of coves and drop-offs that make the prefect habitat for the crappie to grow and thrive.

This lake has many areas where the water is very deep and many places where it is shallow. The crappie can be found throughout the lake in all depths depending on the season and time of day.

The best time to go fishing for crappie on Lake Weiss is between the months of March and May. This is when the crappies are feeding the most aggressively. However, you can still have lots of success fishing for crappie on through till sometime in November.

Therefore, you have plenty of time to plan a fishing vacation on Weiss Lake in which you can enjoy some great crappie fishing.

Take some time to learn a little about the lake and where the areas are located and you will know where to head out right from the start. This will save you lots of time from searching for the fish and give you more time for reeling them in.

Make sure you search for all types of structures both natural and man made because this is where the crappie will be the most plentiful.

Fishing Strategies

Before you set out for your crappie fishing adventure it is imperative that you get prepared. There is nothing worse than going out on the lake only to learn that you don’t have half of what you need to get the job done.

Pack up your gear in advance and go over everything one last time before heading out to make sure you have everything you need. It is recommended that you take at least a couple fishing rods and reels just in case you need an extra.

Usually the 1/8 ounce plastic jigs or plastic minnows will work very well when using artificial lures and live bait is always a great choice.

However, you should also take a variety of jigs in several different colors and sizes so you can switch around and try different ones until you find something the crappie are attracted to.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best crappie fishing information possible. Get more information on Weiss Lake Crappie Fishing here:

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Salt Water Fishing Lines And Reels

There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to selecting your fishing gear. There are many manufacturers of both rods and reels, many different combinations you can use and many possible outcomes. It all depends on finding the reel and rod that is right for what you intend to do with it. You need to know what you will want to do whether that is fresh water or salt water fishing, light tackle, medium tackle, heavy tackle and even fly-fishing.

In order to be able to select the best tools for the job you need to narrow the job down even more. If it is salt water fishing that you will be doing then you should decide if you will be fishing in shallow or deep waters.

When doing salt water fishing in relatively shallow water you will need medium to heavy fishing gear. If you are fishing in the Gulf of Mexico for example you will be going after emigrational species such as Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, and Cobia.

What reel you will be selecting is important when salt water fishing in order to get the best results. For example if Spanish Mackerel is what you will be going for you should get a light to medium weight reel to get the job done because this type of fish is not too heavy. Any reel from the from the abu garcia ambassadeur line should do the job.

Spinning reels should be selected if you intend to be fishing along the coast. For coastal fishing a reel that has about two hundred yards and 10 to 12 pounds of line. A good tip is to tie a steel leader perhaps 12-14 inches to prevent fish from biting the line.

The general rule is that the heavier fish you will be targeting the heavier the gear you will need. If the fish you are after is the King Mackerel and because these fish can reach 20 pounds in weight you will need heavier gear.

King Mackerel are heavier and faster fish and in order to bring one of those in you will need a longer line and a longer rod. You should get way more than just 200 years of fishing line and equip yourself with a fishing reel that can take the pressure.

Abu Garcia reels are good for salt water fishing just because of their durability and relatively low cost. Finding an Abu Garcia reel for salt water fishing at a good price is not a big deal. Just go online for all your fishing needs and you will be able to equip yourself for some great adventures of salt water fishing with the right rod, reel and line.

locateing Abu Garcia Reels on Sale can be difficult unless you go online. The internet is a amazing place to locate all kinds of discount fishing gear and accessories by Abu Garcia including the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur c4

fishing rods ,rod and reel combos

Fishing is a favorite pastime of thousands of people, men and women, even children sharing fun moments with their enthusiast parents. It’s a traditional activity that combines a lot of skill with perhaps some luck. For fishing, you need a whole lot of gear and knowledge. From the best spots to the best bait, it’s easy to learn, but difficult to master. Even the masters have low-points occasionally. To have the best chance at catching the fish, you’ll need the most suitable equipment. Here’s some information about fishing rods and what to look out for when purchasing.

However, it began as simply using a pole with a line suspended from the end. On the end of this line, there would typically be a lure or bait to catch the fish. While functional, it lacks of many of the advancements the later iterations provided. Modern fishing rods are now created out of several extensions of the original design. From the handle, there is a reel, which allows for storage of the line and control over how much slack there is.

After this, there is a long rod, usually with line guides. This rod can be rigid or flexible, though quality lines generally have a good mix, and can also be made from different materials, like fiberglass, carbon fiber, graphite and bamboo. The length of the rod can vary between 24 inches and 20 feet, allowing for differing styles and methods of fishing.

The Available Materials

The material will always dictate the price and as such, some compromises may have to be made. For looks, bamboo is generally considered the most beautiful of the materials. However, it lacks some of the sturdiness of the other materials and is quite difficult to use over a long period of time. Additionally, it’s one of the most expensive materials. Carbon fiber has excellent control and has a good range of sizes with its prices depending on the quality of the material. Graphite and fiber glass are typically the most common, but they combine good strength and moderate control with relatively inexpensive kits.


The reel is what holds the line and as such there are many different mechanics involved in its usage. For example, if saltwater fishing, it’s important that its treating to avoid rusting due to the salt. For fly fishing, a centrepin wheel is advisable as it provides the main tools required for the line to travel under its own weight, rather than the lure’s. Many reels come in different forms, weights and styles, so pick one that suits your method of fishing as well as the type of fishing you’re doing. not only offers the best selections of fishing rods but also excellent quality fishing reels and other such fishing accessories like the poles. Use of such equipments and accessories can make the fishing experience exotic taking it to a new height.

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What is meant by fishing rods and what are its important types?

There are different types of fishing rods and it depends on your choice that which type of fishing rod you will use for catching fishes. You have to understand that there is not a single fishing rod which fits to all situations. This article will increase your knowledge about different types of fishing rods . Following is a list of fishing rods .
1- Trout fishing rods
2- Bass fishing rods
3- Crappie fishing rods

Trout Fishing Rods
Trout fishing rods do not usually need to be as flexible as different other two types of fishing rods . There are different fish poles that usually run from eight to eleven feet. Therefore, you can use trout fishing rods to catch fishes as well as have fun. Generally, eight to nine foot pole is a good size for trout fishing. The trout fishing rods are made up of graphite. The material is not flexible as compared to other materials but it can provide you good results. You can use trout fishing rods while fishing in a boat. Every year, number of fishermen goes for trout fishing in rivers, streams and lakes. They want to spend wonderful time while trout fishing.
Bass Fishing Rod
This type of fishing rod is good for the base fishing because it can take a lot of punishment. If you will pull a bass fishing rod on shore then you have to take your line for a ride by bending the fishing pole in a better way. This whole step can take time and you have to be patient while bass fishing. The base fishing rods come in different sizes but you have to buy a bass fishing rod that is more flexible and strong. You do not need to buy lengthy rods because the length of the rods does not affect the performance.
Crappie fishing rods
The length of this type of fishing rod is directly related with the individual preference. The weight of the crappie fishing rod must be light so you can carry the rod easily. You have to understand that crappies are small fishers which mean that they have light weight and by using crappie fishing rod you will not get tired. The customer comfort and service is the major concern of the crappie fishing rod manufacturers. You do not need to take tension while buying this type of rod.
You can use different fishing reels, fishing rods and fishing nets to catch trout, crappies and other types of fishes. You do not need to worry about the quality of fishing accessories because there are hundreds of companies who are manufacturing different types of fishing reels, fishing rods and other fishing accessories. You have to understand that all the accessories are available for the customers therefore you have to be careful while using them. If you do not know how to use a fishing rod or fishing reel then first gather enough knowledge about them before using the products.

Find more information relating to fishing rod, and fishing pole here.

The Important Features Of A Fly Fishing Rod And Reel

The fly fishing rod and reel are two of the most important items when it comes to being successful in the sport of fly fishing. There are several factors you will want to take into consideration when it comes to choosing from the enormous selection of fly rods and fly reels available on the market today as there are different types designed for various kinds of fly fishing. If you are new to the sport of fly fishing and are interested in purchasing your own fly fishing gear, this guide on the important features to look for in a fly fishing rod and reel will help you in selecting the ones that will suit your needs best.

Features of a Fly Fishing Rod

Selecting the correct fly fishing rod and reel is primarily based upon the type of fly fishing you intend on doing as fly reels and rods differ significantly based upon this factor. The line weight of a fly fishing rod is one of the most important factors to consider when making your decision and depends upon whether you will be fly fishing for smaller size fish such as brook trout or large fish such as the saltwater marlin. The line weight of fly fishing rods can typically be found printed on the rod along with the measurement for the length of the rod. The line weight of a fly fishing rod ranges from zero (ultra-light) to fourteen (heavy weight). If you plan on fly fishing in smaller or tighter streams for small fish, then you should select a rod with a line weight between zero and three.

A rod with a medium line weight between five and eight is the most common type utilized for the average fly fisherman and can used in rivers or lakes to catch fish such as small bass or trout. The heavier line weights between nine and fourteen are primarily utilized for saltwater fishing. The average length of the most commonly used fly fishing rods is nine feet, however, if you plan on fishing in areas such as smaller and narrower streams that have a lot of brush you may want to consider getting a shorter rod as it will be easier to cast. The “fly rod action” must also be considered when choosing your rod and you will have a choice selecting a slow, medium, or fast action rod. The medium action rod is the most versatile and is recommended for beginners and is also the preference of many individuals who are experienced in fly fishing.

Fly Reels

It is essential that your fly fishing rod and reel be compatible with one another, therefore, once you have selected your rod you will need to choose a fly reel that is best suited for your fly fishing rod. In general, the lighter weight fly reels will work best with shorter fly fishing rods and the heavier fly reels with the longer rods such as the ones used for saltwater fishing. The three basic types of fly reels you can choose from include the single action, multiplier, and automatic reel. The single action fly reel is the most commonly used reel due to its simplicity, reliability, and durability. Purchasing a combination package that includes a fly fishing rod and reel is often recommended for beginners as they are designed to be compatible with one another for balance and stability. carries only the top manufacturers of the finest quality fly fishing rod and reel.

The Skinny on Fly Fishing Rods

If you are an avid fisherman you will more often than not agree that bamboo fly fishing rods are some of the best rods to fly fish with. So, if you find that you are in the market for a fishing rod try searching for one made of bamboo. You will likely be able to find a great one if you find a company that is in the market for specializing in selling them and make sure they are in the market to only sell you the finest hand-crafted bamboo fly fishing rods and reels.

Do a little research on the type of rod you want and would like to spend the majority of your time fishing with. Your rod should be handcrafted in a traditional fashion to ensure you the unsurpassed feel, simplicity of casting, and characteristic beauty only for which bamboo rods are known.

Make sure you are purchasing a rod made of quality materials because this is probably the most important aspect your rod needs to have. Double and triple check to make sure the highest quality seasoned cane available is used to culminate the beautiful finish you and other avid fishermen are sure to love.

Find out what kind of planning has gone into constructing your rod. Also, try to find out if they are suitable for both wet and dry fly fishing. Many companies should be able to customize your rod to your liking, so be sure to look into all the options available when it comes to making your bamboo rod your own.

If you are a first time purchaser or user of bamboo fly fishing rods, there are a few things to keep in mind or remember when actually buying. Aim to get a shorter rod when buying one made of bamboo this is because it will seem a little heavier than the usual graphite poles you may be accustomed to. Before spending a fortune on your first rod, try casting and playing with a less expensive rod to make sure you really want to make a switch from the fly fishing rods you have been working with until now.

When fishing your new rod, slow the cast down and allow the bamboo to work the loop, you will want to concentrate on playing the fish from the grip instead of the tip when hooking it. Always remember to enjoy yourself because you will most likely have your rod for years to come you will want to make sure you have made the best investment possible.

Monllorrods ( sells Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods. Art Gib is a freelance writer.