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How To Stay Safe When Using Family Camping Stoves

Cooking a meal for your family in the great outdoors can be a very rewarding experience. However, without the proper precautions you and your loved one’s safety could easily be compromised. When using family camping stoves there are a few safety tips that should be utilized to ensure that both your relatives and the area you have set up camp in stay protected.

It is important to understand the main differences between family camping stoves and other outdoor cooking ranges. Stoves built for the camping family are typically heavier and most come with a grill attachment. Extremely flammable stoves and ranges with wide open flames are not well suited to groups with children and as such, advancements have been made to stovetops meant specifically for families. These are generally built with two to three burners and run on either propane or white gas. They also tend to burn hotter than smaller backpacking stoves.

There are a few safety tips that should be performed before your camping trip starts. Do not be tempted to buy inexpensive, clearance or incompatible fuels. Be sure to use the right kind of fuel for the stove model you have. And by checking family camping stoves thoroughly to make sure that seals, gaskets and hoses are intact, you can be sure that the stove will be in good working order.

Some commonsense tips to remember when actually using family camping stoves include being aware of your children around these sources of heat. It is easy to want to include your children in the preparation of food during your holiday, but it is highly recommended that you or another adult take the cooking responsibility without the help of youngsters. This will help to protect them from any kind of cooking mishap, including burns from spilled grease or hot surfaces. And to help keep spills and tipped stoves to a minimum it is advised to use your stovetop on a flat and solid surface. Always be present when the stove is lit and being utilized and if for some reason you must leave the range, have another adult tend to the food while you are away.

Another safety tip for camping stoves includes keeping fuel tanks away from camp fires and other heat sources. Be sure not to overwork your stove as multiple pots and pans could lead to a higher rate of spillage. Never use a camping stove inside of a tent as you need proper ventilation. And by properly disposing of empty fuel tanks you can help to aid in the recycling of these types of materials which in turn helps in the preservation of the wild resources we have left on the planet.

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