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Ice Fishing A Very Chilly Experience

The sport of catching fish through an opening in the ice, in a frozen body of water, is called ice fishing. Fisherman use lines with hooks or spears, and they may sit out in the open on a frozen lake, or more comfortably sit inside a heated cabin, sometimes called a shanty. Some shanties even have bunks and other conveniences.

Ice fishing is popular in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Germany, and Canada. In the United States people who live around the Great Lakes, people in Alaska, and those in other areas with lakes and long, cold winters participate in ice fishing. One of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie can freeze over completely, while the other ones do not usually freeze over entirely. The bays of the Great Lakes do freeze though, and they are quite popular ice fishing areas. Northern pike and yellow perch are the most common catches in these areas.

The fishing gear used is highly specialized. An ice pick, an auger, or a saw is used to cut a smaller circular hole or a larger rectangular hole in the ice. Sometimes even power augers are used. At times a strainer is needed in order to remove any newly formed ice.

There are three main types of fishing for the sport of ice fishing. The first is called jigging for fish, and it requires light, small fishing rods with brightly colored, smaller lures, or bait such as moussies or wax worms. Allowing for less intensive or unattended fishing, tip ups are sometimes used. These are a line which is attached to a flag that tips up when a bite occurs. Lines are pulled in by hand and no reel is used. For spear fishing, the fisherman stands over a large hole with a spear in hand. Spears are most often used for Lake Sturgeon fishing.

There are some dangers in the sport of ice fishing, and care must be taken before going onto any ice. The ice needs to be at least four inches thick in order to support the weight of walking humans. It needs to be at least a foot deep in order to support the weight of a vehicle. Late winter warm spells and off shore winds can destroy the texture of the ice, and is referred to as rotten ice. While the ice may be thick enough, it will not adequately support weight. Other dangers include carbon monoxide poisoning in fishing shelters from heaters, and also frostbite from extended exposure to cold temperatures and wind.

Ice fishing has been considers a quasi sport for a long time because some people say that there is little skill involved, and that success is achieved only by good fortune; but, research by the American Ice Fishing Association shows that it can be a very calming sport for everyone. They also concluded that it helps to manage the fish species population, and it also adds to economic growth, and the well being of those who participate.

For more information on all aspects of ice fishing, and to download a free guide, visit The Fishermans Guide

Sport Fishing Boats from Lund: Excellent in Every Way

Sport fishing or recreational fishing is a popular activity among men, but there are also women who participate in the sport. The sport is played using a fishing rod, reel, line, hooks, and bait. There are certain rules to the sport which are set by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). Anglers and fishing enthusiasts play the sport on sport fishing boats.

Boats come in all sizes and models, but sport fishing has guidelines that need to be followed. One of these is the use of a good and proper water vehicle that will be used throughout the sporting activity. There are also several features of a boat that benefit the activity, and choosing the best sport fishing boat can really make a difference in the activity.

There are several boat manufacturing companies in the world, but Lund is one of the most popular brands that is admired by many fishing enthusiasts and anglers, especially in North America where sport fishing is extremely popular. The brand features a competition-wise set of boats that have excellent quality, durability, and aesthetics.

A valuable boat in sport fishing does not only fit the guidelines. It also should have the features that provide comfort and advantage to the angler. An example of this is the Lund 186 Fisherman GL, which has seven seat bases where an angler can transfer his swivel seat to find his best angling spot. It has a rod storage locker where the user can keep up to 11 rods which he can use for a variety of fishing activities.

You can also choose between the 1800 and the 2000 Sport Angler boat from Lund. It features a trademark accessory in Lund boats, the SportTrak, which is composed of a rod holder and brackets that make it easy to set rods for frequent use. It also has rod holders where you can keep more fishing rods. The 1800 model has a length of 18′ 6” and the 200 model has a length of 20′ 6”.

For spacious storage, the 1975 and 2075 Pro-V can provide for you. It has two live wells and two bait wells where you can keep as much catch as you desire and have as many bait to use. The four swivel seats and six seat bases provide room for good company and flexible angling areas. It also has a rod storage locker with 15 rod compartments for a lot of different fishing techniques.

For maximum comfort, spaciousness, and a lot of company, the 2150 Baron from Lund is the perfect boat for you. It has a length of 21′ 10” and a beam of 100”. Four swivel seats, two flip-up seats, and six seat bases make a lot of room for plenty of company. Two livewells and a baitwell permit a long day of fishing and the fishing rod storage can hold up to ten rods.

Sport fishing boats from Lund certainly have all the great features every angler needs for good and lengthy fishing on the open water. And because Lund has the credibility and reputation of excellent boats, these models will definitely help maximize the productivity of any sporting and fishing activity.

I have even more reviews and information about Lund Fishing Boats and Small Fishing Boats at my website. I will also let you in on a little secret: Where to get them cheaper than anyplace else on the web;) Many thanks for reading, and good luck!

Fishing Rods One Of The Guy Gifts For Any Occasion

You can never go wrong when buying the special guy in your life any gifts of fishing rods. Knowing which type to buy for them can be a little confusing. That’s why we have written this article to help you learn the differences in the most popular rods on the markets today.

Many fisherman really love using spinner style rod’s. These are carried in all of the stores with sporting goods in them. Versatile and easy to handle while fishing make these rods the best for almost all types of fishing from heavy to light.

Catfish and trout are favorite fish caught using this particular rod setup. These are known to be very durable and very easy to reel in and cast. Many types of lures can be used with these as well as many styles of bait for even more adventurous fishing excursions.

Carbon fiber type rod’s are some of the most expensive and the highest tech versions on sporting markets now. Course fishing is where these rod’s really show their abilities off. Placed at just the right spot your bait will have the fish jumping out of the water to get onto your hook.

You will find jigging rod’s used by most commercial fishing boats. These are very tough and are able to handle larger bait on their hooks. You will be able to use much heavier and bigger type lures as well as using them to catch bigger ocean variety fish.

Fly rods make excellent fresh water rods your guy will swoon over your choice of gift with these. Salmon an Trout are the best tasting fish these rod’s can catch and are great at doing it. These are usually made from carbon graphite and come in the versions listed here.

The fiberglass versions are made heavier than all the other fly rods and is not a popular choice to use due to this factor.

The bamboo is the most preferred style used most due to its strength and ability to be used almost in any area for fishing. It is also very lightweight and comfortably flexible which allows easy casting, reeling in and handling altogether.

Fly rod’s made from the graphite is stiffer than other rod’s and can become much harder to manage. They do have endurance and are very effective tools to fish with. Their are a lot of fishermen that actually would rather use these rod’s over the other styles.

Sea rod’s are you guessed it used for fishing in the oceans. Many a large fish can be caught when using these. Their bodies are a lot longer than normal style fishing poles and they are heavier. Their tips, hooks, handles and tips are larger and heavier in weight than others. Boats that do sport fishing carry these more than any other rods. You can also purchase these in shark and marlin specialization fishing designs.

Small fishing excursions call for the ultra-light rod’s. If fishing for brim, crappie and pan fish is your guy’s preference then these are the rod’s for you to choose for him. Lures can be used that are smaller as well as line which is much lighter.

So now that you have learned the different styles of fishing rods out there you are ready to find just the right one for your special other.

Get help picking out the right fishing rod for that next trip. With fishing rods that will not be too much for your budget either. Go online now and get that perfect catch!

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Terminal Tackle Consists Of Fishing Hooks, Sinkers, And Floats

The term terminal tackle refers to fishing items that are tied to the end of a fishing line. Hooks are the most used type of terminal tackle, but there are other popular types of terminal tackle as well. Sinkers, swivels and floats are all in this category of fishing tackle.

Sinkers are a type of terminal tackle and are also known by the names of weights and leads. No matter what they are called they are intended to place the rest of the tackle below the water’s surface with the intentions of getting the fishing line in the best possible location. Sinkers provide a set amount of weight on the line. There are numerous styles and weights of sinkers but they are all designed to give the fisherman flexibility regarding the total amount of weight on the line.

When fishing you want to place your bait as close to a hungry fish as possible and you want them to be fooled into tackle the bait so that you may catch the fish, this means that the fish has to see the bait. The purpose of sinkers is to make this possible.

Split shot is a popular style of sinkers. They are a form of terminal tackle that is designed to provide small increments of weight on the fishing line. They can be set to provide small amounts of weight or be grouped together to add additional weight. Often using sinkers is a matter of testing to see what works, by being able to easily remove or add sinkers you can improve your chances of getting the tackle in front of the fish. One example of split shot is bullet shot; this is often used when fishing for Bass.

Sinkers and split shot are all rated by their size and are identified by a numbering system. The smallest of split shot is known as BB and resembles a BB used in firearms. Sinkers may range to a size 10 or bigger but no matter what the size they are all designed for the same thing. It is a good idea to carry several different sizes of sinkers so that the weight on the line can be fine tuned.

Due to the many different sizes of split shot and other forms of sinkers you can make minor adjustments to your fishing line. A good rule is to use the smallest amount of weight on your line and still get it where it needs to be.

You also need to take into consideration the current of the lake or river. You do not want you r tackle being carried by the current away from the fish, so it is a good idea to add extra weight. Keep in mind though that you want to keep this looking as natural as possible.

You may find situations where you want the line to be able to be lowered and raised without being moved from the spot you placed it in. Setting up your sinkers so that they can travel up and down the line is a good way to avoid obstacles on the bottom of the lake or river. Getting caught up on obstacles is a common problem that can be avoided with the proper set up of sinkers.

There are many different styles of sinkers but they are all designed to do the same thing, get the bait in front of the fish and look as natural as possible. Sinkers are one type of terminal tackle, but they are far from the only kind. Terminal tackle is anything that is typically tied to the end of a fishing line.

Want to find out more about terminal tackle, then visit Stabor’s site on how to choose the best fishing tackle for your needs.

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Fishing Made Enjoyable With The Right Tools

If you are interested in making some fishing friends, you can consider joining a group for a boating party. Generally, most of the party boats will be provided with different types of devices for this activity. Even, there are some service providers, who take off the fish caught and will clean it for you.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in hiring these services and if you have your own boat, you can get the appropriate tools for fishing from online stores meant for this purpose. If you are planning to focus on small fish, there are tools like small fishing flies available. These tools look like small insects and here when you go for brighter color flies as compared to darker colors, fish can be attracted as they think them to be their original food. This tool should be too small as the size of the mouth of small fish so that they will be attracted towards and false insects and can be caught.

If the water pressure is high due to the recent rain and if there is enough room in your boat, you can bring in many tools like strong & sharp hooks, terminal tackle, etc….. These tools can be purchased online and when they are used in appropriate places, you can make your hobby more enjoyable and enthralling.

Even, if you have one of your family members with great interest towards this activity, you can present him with these tools as the online stores are selling gift boxes as well like fishing mugs, color calendars with images of water, mouse pads, etc…. You can email the pictures of your family member to them and can get his images too printed on the mugs and calendars in a watery background.

You should be careful about the purchase of strong & sharp hooks. This type of tool is highly essential when you are planning to catch big living organisms in the water.

The sharpness of the hooks can be tested with the help of fingernails. The hook can be dragged lightly across the nails and if it makes a scratch you can be assured that it is sharp enough for doing the job right. But, if it is not creating a scratch, it is the right time to sharpen it or you can also go for a new set.
All it takes is the careful selection of the right online store for purchasing tools like terminal tackle and this will make your weekend more enjoyable.

The Fishing Edge is the right place where you can find tackle items of great use in all aspects of daily saltwater fishing items like terminal tackle, Japanese hooks, curl tail swim baits, Jaws rod and reel covers and even charter trips on the West Coast. Click here for more details.

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