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Toys for Traveling: Must Have Toys for Summer Vacation Road Trips

Summer vacation is now in full swing and that means summer vacation road trips and plane rides. It’s hard enough to keep your little ones entertained on the way to the grocery store let alone on a long journey. Summertime travel requires toys that will keep kids entertained that they can do in the car with limited movement. Instead of depending solely on portable DVD players and handheld video games, try offering kids these brain building boredom busters for the ride.

Under Cover Detective Kit:
The Alex toy company has a knack for understanding kids of all ages. The Under Cover Detective Kit by Alex comes with hours of fun activities for young sleuths like puzzles, codes, fingerprint kits, a secret marker pen set and much more. Alex Toys won the Openheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award for the Detective Kit. More importantly, kids love it and can stay entertained for hours working through the puzzles and deciphering code.

Car Valet:
The Car Valet by Alex is a wonderful car ride companion for younger children. The valet attaches to the back of the front seat and opens up into a portable arts and crafts center. Pack the valet with all of your child’s favorite art supplies, stamps, paper, crayons, and coloring books for hours of creative entertainment in the car.

Wooden Sewing Box:
This little wooden sewing box by Alex is the perfect mini replica of a real sewing box. Inside are buttons, thread, and beads. The 4 compartments make it easy to store all kinds of car friendly crafts like cross stitch, beads and thread for making necklaces, felt sewing projects, and more. Kids and families are so busy today that it’s difficult to find enough peaceful time to sit down and do craft activities. A car ride offers the perfect reason to slow down and engage in a quiet craft activity and the Wooden Sewing Box by Alex gives kids fun way to store and organize their goodies.

IQ Baby Beep Traffic Jam by Small World Toys
Small World Toys is another of our favorite manufactures of toys for kids of all ages. The IQ Baby Beep Traffic Jam by Small World Toys is designed specifically to keep toddlers busy in their car seats. The Baby Beep attaches directly onto the stroller or car seat and has lots of colorful interactive activities to engage toddlers. Small World Toys designed this toy with parents in mind too; all of the activities are attached so mom and dad won’t be constantly reaching back to pick up dropped pieces.

Kids Sleeping Bags
Though not a toy, kids sleeping bags are essential for long car rides. Kids love to cuddle up in their own kids sleeping bag during the dark hours of the drive. Colorful kids sleeping bags are built for packing and can be rolled up for easy storage. When you arrive at your destination, kids sleeping bags help kids feel comfy and cozy in the new environment. For kids, sleeping bags are a way to bring the comfort of home on a new adventure.

No matter where your summer adventures take you, get the trip off to a great start with a smooth car or plane ride. Toys that encourage kids to use their imaginations are not only healthy, but keep kids entertained longer. When kids are entertained during long travel, the experience is much more enjoyable for them and for you!

Author is a writer for My Polka Dots who offers kids sleeping bags and other kids traveling toys. For more information you can visit

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Taking Fun With You! Interview With Peter Hart of Wildkin

Wildkin is a company that is well known for its sleeping bags, nap mats and messenger bags for kids. These unique and original products have allowed kids to take the fun with them on any trip. This company started small and is a leader in the kids sleeping bag field. When Peter Hart, Wildkin’s owner, left the corporate world in 1997 when he had decided it was time for a change in his work life. One goal that he wanted to reach was that his work would be more family centered and oriented. So when he acquired Wildkin in 1999 he knew that is was going to be a family effort and something that would be centered around families and for his family. According to Peter, “Because we were buying an existing business, it was a question of finding one that seemed the right fit for our goals and talents, and gradually transforming it to match our vision.” Peter knew Wildkin would be a great opportunity for him and his family and one that he knew he could succeed in with his experience in sales and distribution.

Wildkin was originally a company that provided backpacks and sleeping bags for kids that were inspired by commercial cartoon characters like Madeline and Curious George. As time went on Wildkin eventually dropped the commercial cartoon theme and switched to original artist inspired patters that were unique and original. “We started with a single artist and 3 themed prints: Fireman, Astronaut, and Ballerina, in sleeping bags and backpacks. Quickly gratified by the response, it wasn’t long before we phased out of the licensed characters altogether and began building a stable of themed prints. Each year since then we’ve added more artists, more prints and more product categories.” Wildkin now has 25 patterns and 8 product categories with more coming in 2009. The Wildkin company realized that the family unit today is always on the go and always has somewhere to be. With these products children are able to take their gear and toys with them in the duffle bags they sell as well as carry around a sleeping bag just in case. This is where Wildkin’s tag line of “Take the fun with you!” came from. These products are so versatile that a child really can take the fun with them wherever they go. Wildkin products don’t just stop at sleeping bags and nap mats but they also sell wallets and messenger bags which are good for the older kids. With Wildkin products Mom is able to get in on the fun too! They make duffels and carry-alls for mothers to keep their kids and themselves all in order and on the go.

Now that Wildkin has reached to many in the United States they are reaching out internationally Peter Hart reports, “We already have distributors in Canada and the UK, and have sold directly to Australia, New Zealand and Central America. We continue to field international inquiries and will likely extend our distribution network over time.” With this ever growing and developing company Wildkin is able to pride themselves in high quality product and their unique creations for kids. When asked about what he was most proud of his company accomplishing Peter Hart answered, “Though backpacks and, for that matter, every one of our products have been around in the marketplace for a long time, we are told over and over how happy parents are to find these products in a form that appeals to the imagination of a child rather than being tied to the latest movie or cartoon character.” Wildkin allows a child to find a unique and original product that suits them and their one of a kind personality.

Alycia Shapiro is the author and proud reseller of Wildkin items. You can find the Wildkin line at her store online at Wildkin kids sleeping bags, toddler nap mats and the rest of their products are fun and colorful. As Wildkin says, “Taking Fun with You!”

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Sleeping Bag Insulations and Their Benefits

Sleeping bags are sold in different styles (mummy, rectangular, hooded, and kids’ sleeping bags), for varying temperatures (extreme weather, cold weather, three season, and warm weather sleeping bags), and with many different insulations (synthetic fibers and down fill). Sleeping bag insulations should be considered when purchasing your next bag. Here are some commonly used insulations and their benefits.

Slumberloft HQ(TM) is a synthetic fiber composed of a 50% hollow core polyester fiber joined with a 50% solid core polyester fiber. This combination offers great warmth and loft. Examples of sleeping bags with Slumberloft HQ are: Slumberjack – Latitude, Long -20F/-29C and Slumberjack – Lil’ Timber, Kids Bag +10F/-12C.

DuPont Hollofil® 808 is a synthetic fiber. Its hollow core is designed to trap more air for greater warmth and loft. Examples of sleeping bags with this insulation are: Coleman – Crescent +15F/-9C and Coleman – Mountain Lodge, King -5F/-21C.

DuPont Hollofil® II is a synthetic fiber that features four hollow tunnels that run throughout its length. With four compartments per fiber to trap air, it typically provides even more warmth and compactibility than Hollofil 808. An example of a sleeping bag with this insulation is: Coleman Exponent – Northbound +0F/-18C.

DuPont Thermolite® Extreme is a high performance insulation that blends three different fibers – fine denier fibers, thermal bonding fibers, and hollow core spring fibers. This tri-blend fiber system offers ultimate warmth and superior compactibility. Examples of sleeping bags with this insulation are: Slumberjack – Diablo +40F/+4C and Slumberjack – Odyssey, Long +10F/-12C.

DuPont Thermolite® Extra is a high-loft, high-resilient technical insulation for extraordinary warmth. Because it is made from unique patented hollow-core, three-dimensional crimp having a helical configuration, it provides superior loft, compactness, and exceptional resiliency. An example of a sleeping bag with this insulation is: Slumberjack – Telluride, Long +30F/-1C.

Polarguard® HV is a high-performance insulation made of high-void, continuous-length polyester filaments that are bonded into a batting of multiple layers. Because it is a continuous filament, Polarguard HV does not shift, clump, or separate. An example of a sleeping bag with this insulation is: Coleman Exponent – Boulder Ridge +20F/-7C.

Polarguard® 3D is a high performance insulation produced from continuous filament in the same manner but finer than Polarguard HV. This makes Polarguard 3D softer, more compressible and stronger while providing great insulating value and loft. Examples of sleeping bags with this insulation are: Sierra Designs – Paul Bunyan, Long +10F/-12C and Sierra Designs – Rosa, Regular +20F/-7C – Women’s sleeping bag.

Polarguard® Delta continuous filament polyester is the newest member of the Polarguard family. Polarguard Delta combines a super void cross section with modified batt formation. The larger void creates higher loft with less weight, making it warmer, yet lighter. An example of a sleeping bag with this insulation is: Sierra Designs – LX, Regular +45F/+7C.

Down is a time honored, expedition proven natural insulation made of very small extremely light down plumules found next to the skin of geese. For its weight, down has an exceptional ability to trap air, making it the most efficient warmth to weight insulation available. Examples of sleeping bags with this insulation are: Kelty – Light Year Down, Long +15F/-9C and The Backside – Blue Ice -50F/-46C (750 Down).

ThermoTech exclusive to Coleman, is made of solid-core fibers and is soft and lofty with good thermal retention, properties to keep campers warm. Generally used for mild condition bags, this insulation keeps campers snug on cool summer nights. Made of 100 percent polyester fibers, which are non-allergenic, machine washable, and odorless. Examples of sleeping bags with this insulation are: Coleman for Kids – Journey Junior +40F/+4C and Coleman for Kids – Voyager +40F/+4C.

Coletherm also exclusive to Coleman, is a hollow-core fiber, allowing for greater loft (a measure of the amount of space the insulation occupies and the amount of air the insulation can trap). The hollow-core fibers create pockets of air that serve as an extra barrier between the sleeper and the environment, maximizing thermal efficiency. Made of 100 percent polyester fibers, which are non-allergenic, machine washable, and odorless. An example of a sleeping bag with this insulation is: Coleman Exponent – Big Basin +0F/-18C.

Buckloft® is a fine denier, solid core polyester fiber. This combination offers outstanding warmth with extra loft. An example of a sleeping bag with this insulation is: Slumberjack – Kenai +0F/-18C.

Buckloft HQ® is a synthetic fiber composed of a 25% siliconized, hollow-core polyester fiber joined with a 75% solid core polyester fiber. This combination offers great warmth and comfort. An example of a sleeping bag with this insulation is: Slumberjack – Chaparral -30F/-34C.

Kelty CloudLoft® is an affordable and durable Kelty sleeping bag with branded synthetic fill insulation. The blend of solid core and hollow core fibers trap heat efficiently and provide excellent loft and comfort. Cloudloft is used in Kelty’s most value-oriented mummy and rectangular bags. An example of a sleeping bag with this insulation is: Kelty – Mistral, Long +20F/-7C.

This part is important, so pay attention.

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Sound Sleep for Kids with Comfortable Toddler Sleeping Bags

It is a well known fact that infants need 16 hours of sleep for their optimum development. A cozy and warm bed ensures deep and uninterrupted sleep for the babies. Earlier, layers of blankets, duvets and sheets, which are quite unsafe, were used for covering the babies while they slept. Parents were largely unaware of the fact that loads of blankets and sheets might suffocate the babies to death during sleep. This phenomenon is known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. The advent of infant sleeping bag has helped in minimizing this unfortunate and avoidable incident to a great extent.

During summers, parents can opt for a cotton infant sleeping bag, which is made of soft cotton. These sleeping bags are light in weight and have double lining, which keeps babies comfortable and ensures that they sleep comfortably. Such sleeping bags are quite similar to a cotton jersey and are easy to put on and take off. The toddler sleeping bags come with shoulder snap and oversized zippers which easily fit the babies. Sleeveless design of infant sleeping bags aids in proper air circulation and avoids over heating inside the bags. Owing to the seam of the sleeping bags, toddlers remain safe from the scratchy edges, which could irritate their soft skin.

Families often face problems with the babies when they go on trips. As the temperature changes, babies may find it difficult to sleep, which can affect their development in the long run. In such a scenario, a baby sleeping bag comes forward as the ideal solution since it is extremely comfortable, cozy and warm. The bags are specially designed for babies aged 0-6 months as well as kids aged 18-36 months.

With these sleeping bags in their backpacks, parents can be assured of the baby’s deep and comfortable sleep. Moreover, these bags also help in maintain the ideal posture of the babies while sleeping. Individuals can avail these sleeping bags with different TOG ratings. This rating represents the thermal resistance or warmth of the fabric. In order to take the bags to trips in summers and spring season, it is ideal to buy sleeping bags with lower TOG ratings.

Individuals can avail these bags in different sizes and colors. These bags can easily be put over kids’ night suits so that they can comfortably sit and play even with wearing these. If the baby sleeps well, parents can also have uninterrupted and comfortable sleep at night. Such sleeping bags also assure that the baby’s legs and arms do not get entangled while resting. With growing awareness about SIDS, more and more people are opting for these infant sleeping bags.

Sammy Jon is an expert author and has more than 8 years of experience in writing articles on various topics like Toddler sleeping bags, Sleep sack and Infant sleeping bags etc.

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Choosing The Ideal Double Sleeping Bags When Departing On A Camping Trip

Double sleeping bags have become extremely popular in camping gear over the last few decades. Among a lot of different brands to choose from, you are warranted to find a double sleeping bag that suits your sleeping wishes. Makers such as Coleman, Black Pine, Grizzly, big Agnes and Slumberjack offer a large number of double sleeping bags to match your requirements.

This design offers a more convenient option choice to zipping two sleeping bags mutually. By making a bigger bag, two people can simply distribute the heat on a icy night. A double zipper permits each person to comfortably access the bag without disturbing the other. This decision is also a nice bonus when taking a visit to like the outdoors by permitting people who are accustomed to sleeping as one each night the same opportunity.

The double bag is furthermore a more affordable method to spend some time out in the open without the need to get two separate bags. These bigger bags are furthermore an ideal choice for someone that is a bit bigger or for someone who just likes more space when asleep, as selected bags may be a bit confining.

Resources alter depending on what your wishes might be. Particular bags are outfitted to keep you warm on extremely bitter nights, while others are made through a waterproof fabric to ward off the morning dew. And though particular people still choose to select single bags that can be zipped mutually, it would appear a smart choice to select a double bag as a substitute.

A double bag is less bulk to hold, and requires less space to take. Obviously a much better preference when it comes to couples camping. Along with so many options in model and fabrics to choose from, you are certain to attain the right bag to match your wishes.

Get good deals on double sleeping bags

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Kids Sleeping Bags

Camping is an activity that is made even more enjoyable when the kids are brought along. They add life and fun to any outing, because to them, a lot of experiences are new. However, because of this, you must take extra care to ensure their comfort, or else you might find yourself trying to pacify some bad-tempered children who complain non-stop. And to do this, you must pick the right kids sleeping bag. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing the right kids sleeping bag. But before that, accept first that, no matter how much the seller might attempt to convince you, you do not need the best sleeping bags for kids. It’s safe to bet that you won’t be bringing your kids along if you ever decide to try climbing Mount Everest. So, when buying kids sleeping bags , you can save a bit of money just by taking note of these factors.

Down vs. Synthetic

Down Sleeping bags are those with a stuffing of feathers. These are the greatest insulators, and are usually far more pricey than the synthetic sleeping bags . Down sleeping bags are, of course, of the topmost quality. But then again, your kids probably won’t need it that much. Furthermore, down sleeping bags are more difficult to take care of, especially since they are weightier and more difficult to maintain. Synthetic bags are also less difficult to wash. All in all, it’s better to just keep to the cheaper, more practical synthetic sleeping bags if it’s for your children. However, if you really have to purchase a down sleeping bag for your children, make it a good investment and buy one that your child won’t grow out of too fast.


Another thing that you have to put into consideration is the presence of different features. Does the sleeping bag have a hood, a draft tube, and a draft collar? You must make sure that, if it does get drafty, none of the draft will be able to get inside the sleeping bag. The child must be kept warm during the night so that he does not catch a cold. And, since we lose much of our body heat through our heads, then the hood is of prime importance. Furthermore, try looking for a bag that does not have any long cords so that they won’t get tangled up.

Finally, give your kids a treat and bring them along when you go shopping, then let them pick their own designs. It will be lots of fun for them, and well worth your effort.

Karen Dreyer writes about kids sleeping bags on her site. Go check it out if you want to learn more about camping equipment.

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An Explanation To Bean Bags For Kids

If you are searching for something very soft and comfortable for the decoration of your child’s room then bean bag is the perfect option to go with. I would recommend you to buy this comfortable furniture for your children so that your children can fully enjoy their favorite games and movies while sitting on this type of chair. It could be the best possible gift to your kid. I am quite sure your child would be glad with this juggling and funny gift. Many kids are captivated towards soft, fun and comfortable things. No doubt it is a perfect gift for them. They all are very comfortable to sit and to calm down. If you really want to know about this type of furniture then keep on reading this post.

Buying a kid sofa for the room decoration is definitely a good idea. If you wish a comfortable chair for your kids, bean bag chairs are perfect. They are very easy to wash and clean so you do not have to worry about its washing and cleaning. Everyone can enjoy their favorite dishes and drinks by sitting on it. These chairs can be fitted anywhere in the room. The portability makes this furniture popular amongst the people. You can easily move them from one place to another place. All the kids play with this furniture as they are very comfortable to sit on and to enjoy with.

There are several places where you can find these decorative items. One best and cheapest way to find this chair is internet. This is the only place where you will get the essential information regarding this seating product. You can get the color whatever you are seeking for. They are not tangible so you cannot check its material. That time has been passed when the sofas were constructed for the seating purpose only. This is the time when sofas are used for many purposes such as watching movies, enjoyment and taking breakfast etc. It works like portable sleeping chair.

They are filled with the beans and sometimes filled with the rice product. There are available in different sizes and colors depending on the age of your child. They come with lots of safety features. Many experts are making this decorative furniture. One of the most important things you should consider is that this furniture is not suitable for the kids under the age of three. So if you have a child less than three years, you should not try to keep him from enjoying on this chair.

Most of the kids love to sit on this type of chair as it is very comfortable. They are generally long lasting and can be refilled with the beans. So we can say that they are just the ideal gift your teenagers. As they are more slippery so it might be possible that your kid mat get down on the floor. Make sure that you read this post at least one time. So let your kids have lots of fun and enjoyment as it gives them a comfortable and soft way to enjoy their favorite activities. So what are you waiting for just go and grab any of the model.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Infant Sleeping Bags

Baby sleeping bags are a new kind of bedding that is utilized in place of regular bed sheets. Many parents are aware of these advantages of sleeping bags and have switched to modern bedding style for babies. These sacks don’t have sleeves and resemble more like baby suits. The infants are kept safe while sleeping. The arms and head of the babies remain outside the sleeping bags so that there is comfortable movement is ensured inside. Moreover, proper air circulation is ensured by these sleeping bags so that a sound sleep is enjoyed by a baby.
Earlier, when sheets, blankets and duvets were used, loose bedding turned to a major problem for all parents as child did not get a comfortable sleep. Due to constant movement of the body, the child would remove the blanket and wouldn’t sleep properly at night owing to sleep. However, it has been reported now that the load of the duvets and blanket over the body of the baby choked them. This is also known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. However, now you can enjoy the benefits of infant sleeping bags or swaddles for newborns. This also makes a perfect gift for newborns as several people are not yet aware of these occurrences.
As per the studies, for proper mental development and physical development of the babies, making them sleep for at least 16 hours is extremely important. There are several reasons as to why babies don’t get uninterrupted sleep and the main reason is due to cold. When these sleeping bags for babies are used, both the baby as well as parents can have a comfortable sleep at night. Moreover, planning trips with toddlers is definitely a pain in the neck if no proper arrangements are made. The most essential thing is that the baby must get proper sleep at night. With infant sleeping bags, trips can easily be enjoyed with small baby. These products can be availed by parents in several TOG ratings, which are an indication of the warmth level of the fabric. If the sleeping bags have a low TOG rating, it means they are mainly for usage in summers. However, if the sleeping bags have a higher TOG figure, it means that they can be used to keep the child’s body warm in winters.
With the warmth of these sleeping bags, the babies are kept comfortable at nights while sleeping. This has proved to be very essential for overall development. You can use the sleeping bags right from the time the baby is born till a period of 6 months. Nowadays, there is availability of bags for older kids as well in the market. The stitching of the sleeping bags is done carefully and the finest quality fabric is used so that all kinds of irritation on the baby’s body are avoided.

The author of the article has an extensive knowledge in the field of Sleep Sack and Swaddling Blanket.

Kid Sleeping Bag – Types Of Sleeping Bags!

When we are young we love to sleep in a sleeping bag. Do you remember the days when you used to go for an overnight stay at friend’s house and used to snuggle into your sleeping bag with your favorite cartoon character. Some sleeping bags even have bright colors design on them. When children grew up, the only thing that changes is the cartoon characters on the sleeping bag which does not fit the scene then. Nowadays, there are various types of sleeping bags for kids with several features and designs.

Parents also look for sleeping bags for their kids that can provide adequate protection for their kids. Such sleeping bags are specifically designed keeping in mind the security and interest of kids. If you are looking for a sleepover for your kid, both for indoor and outdoor, then a big sleeping bag could easily solve the purpose.

But when it comes to camping, then the requirements are completely different. These large sleeping bags have more area than required to warm up a small body. Therefore, companies have recognized this requirement and designed sleeping bags that provide better security and protection to children in such outdoor excursions.

You would find extra insulation near the chest and foot area of the sleeping bag. These bags have fun little pockets, snag-free zippers etc. for added comfort. Most of the children do not like their bags to be difficult to repack. Therefore, these bags are designed in such a way that they can easily be repacked to keep the frustration away.

What’s more? Some sleeping bags even come with adjustments to suit the size of your growing kid. So, you need not to purchase a new sleeping bag every time you go for camping. This saves a lot of money as such sleeping bags are not daily requirements but are used for leisure or during camping and that is not certain. You can adujust the length of the sleeping bag with its extendable footbox to accomodate the growing camper maintaining the same level of protection. There are many such features that would help you to adjust the size of sleeping bag so that you do not have to purchase a new sleeping bag every season.

Your kids would love to go on outdoor camping trips with these vibrant new colorful and fun to use sleeping bags. Kids feel confident and can easily enjoy the freedom of their choice or type with their favorite sleeping bag. Moreover, specifically designed sleeping bags seems more manageable to them due to their appropriate size. Let you kid take part in the indoor or outdoor sleeping bag sleepover experience and see the smile on his or her face.

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Baby Sleeping Bags – For A Good Night Sleep

Mothers always look after the comfort and rest of their babies since birth. The tender body and bones of an infant demand cozy bedding; thus, toddler sleep sacks are designed to meet such needs. Considered as one of the key essentials for new born babies who spend most of their time sleeping, such sleeping bags are a must. These bags help in comfortable bed-making so that their child can enjoy sound sleep for hours. Unsaid restlessness of infant is no more unheard as sleeping bags offered these days are designed for catering their needs.

When it comes to buy baby sleeping bags for camping, the choice is wide to keep the toddlers absolutely comfortable. These bags are simple to use as you can wrap them around the baby and zip up the side of the armless sleep suit. Some of these bags are also available with zip-up front or buttons on the shoulders to place baby in and take out easily.

Another advantage of buying the infant sleeping bags for camping is that they cover the baby’s feet completely, keeping the parents worry-free from accidental moves. The fabric used in making these bags is skin-friendly and keeps the baby comfortable during sleeping hours. It sticks to the body yet manages to offer room and does not come off with slight movements made by the baby. These sheets can be easily washed in machines and are quick on drying due to their light weight.

These toddler sleeping bags aren’t very thick which can otherwise make the kids restless while they are packed in. Rather, these toddler sleep sacks are airy, light in weight and offer perfect sleep to the babies in the first year. Such bags are also available in the bottom-up style which allows the parent to change nappy on a sleeping baby without unwrapping the entire suit. Designed in diverse styles, these sleeping bags come for the toddlers of 18 or 24 months. Kids get to enjoy a great time in these spacious sacks which otherwise cause tangling while kicking in the large bedsheets.

Often these bags come with add-on accessories such as matching cuddly toy to keep the kids engaged resting in the comfort zone. The range of style varies with each brand in the market. Some these camping baby bags are available in gentle, light colors for newborns whereas other targeted towards toddlers, offer bright colored and smartly designs sacks.

Sammy Jon is an expert author and has more than 8 years of experience in writing articles on various topics like Baby sleeping bags for camping, Sleep sack and Toddler sleep sacks etc.