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Things to Consider Before Purchasing Kids Sleeping Bag

If you love outdoor activities, chances are you could have come across and purchased different sporting equipments for your active lifestyle needs. What would influence your purchase? Different people have different answers in mind. Here I would like to guide you through some of the tips before making a purchase. It can be quite an experience to purchase one of them, especially if you are flooded with so many choices around.

The very first question is to understand thoroughly the purpose of the kid sleeping bags. A silly question maybe? You bet. Sleeping bags for kids do not only serve good purpose during outdoors (especially camping), but it is also very handy for slumber parties or overnight stays with friends or relatives. In general, if you are planning for a couple of nights’ stay in the camp or forest, try to look for one with high portability and durability. There are many famous names with well-known durability that you can choose from, and you can take a look at some of them in a separate section on this site. On the other hand, if you are using them indoors you may have more options at relatively lower prices. And yeah – more design choices for your kids too, as I am sure every kid wants a fancy and unique design of their own.

After some thoughtful considerations about the purpose, you should now consider the temperature rating factor, which I think is as equally as important. The temperature rating refers the maximum ambient temperature such that a sleeping bag still keeps you (or your kids) warm or cold. The reason why this is so important is because there is little or none at all that are suitable across summers and winters. Again, it is definitely worth considering the “purpose” – in this case, when exactly in a year that your kid sleeping bags will be used. If they are often used for outdoor activities such as camping, it is advisable to get a lower temperature rating. However, it usually does not matter if you use them indoors most of the time. While some may think that the temperature rating numbers are only estimates from the manufacturer and make little sense, it is still a useful general guide on how you can expect how they can perform under different temperatures. In addition to that, the temperature handling capability will tend to degrade over time. Nevertheless, to avoid getting one that is either too hot in summer or too cold in winter, consider the temperature rating before making any purchases.

Another consideration to make for kids sleeping bag purchase is to look at various different designs. There are many different designs available in the market; however they can be categorized in two general groups: mummy and rectangular bags. Mummy sleeping bag got its name for the fact that it closely resembles the shape of the Egyptian mummy. It is usually narrower on the foot and has a wide opening on the head. It provides better “wraparound” feel to the kids and insulated warmth more effectively. The immediate drawback is that there are fewer spaces inside to move around and some find it cramped being inside. Rectangular bags, on the other hand, are named in such a way for the same reason as mummy bags – they are rectangular in size. The characteristics of a typical rectangular sleeping bag are somewhat opposite of what a mummy has: it offers more room in the inside and some people favor this, at the expense of lesser capability to insulate warmth inside it. As you may already be aware, rectangular bags tend to be larger and heavier that mummy bags. Regardless of the design, do also pay some attention on the user-friendliness of the bags’ designs. This could include the location and opening of the zippers, the weight and size after compression and storage, and so on.

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Find the Most Comfortable Baby Sleeping Bags

Considering the tender body of babies, it must be ensured that whatever they come across is not harmful in any respect. From toys to sleeping bags, they might be made of a harmless material so that they won’t discomfort the babies even for a second. Baby sleeping bags are one necessary item that should be included in the list of your items of purchase for sure. They are special items that have been developed to take care of your little angels during their sleep.

Infants sleep most of time. You can use the normal sheets or mattresses for sleeping them but they might not provide the same comfort as baby sleeping bags. Their bodies are ten times softer to ours and needs special care and treatment so that nothing bad happens to them. Apart from the sensitivity of their body, the comfort is also an important thing to discuss. Unless the baby is feeling comfortable, they will not be able to sleep and will therefore give you a hard time.

Sleeping bags are created of special type of cotton so that they easily comply with the skin of the babies. The cloth is utterly soft to give the babies the highest level of comfort that they rightfully deserve. They also provide extra warmth to the body of the baby which is very necessary for the kid’s body.

Babies can catch fever and cold easily. If you are not using appropriate items so that they can sleep properly, they can catch a cold soon. Since babies constantly kick their legs and hands, they can easily tend to remove the sheet from them. Although this scene can be very cute to watch, it adversely affects the health of the baby. But in case you are using kids sleeping bags, this situation will never occur. These bags come with a zip that can be closed to a certain level. Providing enough room to the baby to kick their hands and legs, this zip will never open and the body of the baby will not be exposed to the outside temperature.

Kids sleeping bags can be favorably used for all kinds of seasons. You can use the one that will keep them warm in colder seasons. Basically, there are various types of bags available for this reason and you can use them according to the surrounding climate. These bags come with a kind or rating in fact that reflects the comfort level. A bag with a 1.0 rating refers that they will be favorable to use during the summer times. A higher rating will generally refer to even warmer sleeping bags that can be used as winter ascends.

This way, you can provide the best sleeping comfort to your babies. Baby sleeping bags are one of the best items you can use to keep your baby healthy and unaffected due to the changing seasons. It will take efficient care of your babies and keep it comfortable all throughout. This option is a boon when it comes to travelling and you have to take your baby along with you.

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What Makes Kids Sleeping Bags Safe?

In the United States alone, it estimated that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is responsible for 50 per 100,000 deaths of infants between 1 to 4 months old. Although the main cause of SIDS is still unknown, experts were able to identify those environmental stressors like type of bedding used, faulty design of cribs/beds, and overheating were major risk factors. Thus they recommend that mothers and caregivers must cautiously select safe baby sleeping gear.

Kids sleeping bags , also known as sleep sacks replace the traditional use of blankets to wrap babies and keep them warm. Sleep sacks avoids the unnecessary use of loose bedding that can bunch up around the infants’ mouth and nose that put them on the risk of suffocation. However, choosing a safe sleeping sack is an additional precaution. Generally, a safe infant sleeping sack must be designed in such a way that the baby cannot slip inside the bag so that the face will not be covered. The baby’s head should not pass through the neck hole.It is therefore important to choose the one with the correct size.

The sleep sack must allow the baby’s feet to move comfortably inside the bag. It must have a fitted neck, arm holes or sleeves. These features allow ventilation even inside the bag. There are sleep sacks designed in such a way that the bags can be worn only up until the baby’s underarm. In this case, the size must be of primary consideration. Do not use the ones with hoods.

The materials of kids sleeping bags must be considered for the baby’s safety. Generally, cotton fabric is recommended due to ventilation advantages. Since cotton fiber lets the air to circulate, the baby’s body heat can pass through the material thus leaving the baby warm and comfortable. However, mothers and caregivers must take into consideration the temperature around the baby. The baby’s comfort inside the sleep sack must be of primary concern. Fleece and acrylic fibers for instance are artificial fibers that limit air circulation inside the sleep bag. The baby’s sweat therefore stays inside that will make the baby feel hot and uncomfortable and thus are not recommended.

Choosing sleep sack made of cotton with at least three percent or more spandex material to allow stretching would be beneficial.

Sleep sack made of silk fibers may also be used without compromising safety and comfort. This is especially beneficial during cold weather. Sleep sacks with silk floss filling can add to your baby’s comfort. The material must however be 100% natural and hypoallergenic, like all other fabric materials for babies, to avoid skin rashes and allergies.

There are already available sleep sacks made of organic cotton, Merino wool and silk that mothers can choose from. Although they usually cost more, you may consider health reasons over few dollars. You should keep in mind that sleep sacks are not intended to be used as dressing gown so you should choose the simplest, most comfortable and safest ones.

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