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Basic Camping Gear for the Family

Camping with family is the best way to tighten your bond with them. Not only can your kids learn a lot about nature tripping, you can also build up memories from this and your kids will surely remember the fun they have experienced on this trip. But if it’s your first time to experience such adventure, you need to learn about camping gear just to make sure you’re family has everything they need when coming to camps.

Camping gear nowadays vary from small to big items. It’s really important to know what gears you should be getting and to know if your vehicle and bags could accommodate all of your stuff. But of course you have to consider the important stuff so as not to overload your ride. Basic camping gear s that you could bring are the following:


Tents will serve as your shelter. If you have a big family, you have to make sure that you’ve got enough tent s for everyone. Tents come in various size and shapes. Camping experts say you have to have the right tent depending on the terrain and weather. This will serve as your family’s protection.

Sleeping Bags, Pillows

This will serve as your bed. And having sleeping bag s can provide additional warmth and comfort when sleeping on the ground. There are lots of sleeping bag s you can shop around depending on what kind of sleeper you are. Make sure to check on the temperature rating that way you can be comfortable with your camping bedding.

Rain Gear

When suddenly rain starts to pour down while you’re hiking, you will definitely need your rain gear. Plastic rain coats are light and easy to carry around. This way you don’t get soaked up while hiking.

Lanterns and Flashlights

This could light up place on a dark cold night in the wilderness.

Camp Stoves

These stoves are very handy. And it makes cooking easy. Just makes sure you bring enough fuel for this.

Cooler and Ice chest

To accommodate all of your drinks, and if you have enough space on your trailer or vehicle, you can definitely make room for coolers. They can help preserve your food and retain the coolness of your drinks.


I have done some research on other important camping gear and I’ve come across tarps (specifically tent footprint tarps). This could actually make your tent s last longer and a protection from making it damp.


Actually, I am referring to knives and other cutting devices. You have to make sure to have one just in case you need to cut a rope or even dice up your food. And it could be handy in some emergency cases.

It’s fun to research about camping gear . But definitely choosing your own would also mean you have to take note of your budget. Make sure on your first camping trip with the family, they can have all the comfort just like at home. Definitely it will have a lasting effect on them.

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