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Pensacola Fishing For Cobia

Cobia, ling, lemonfish, crab cruncher, you can call them what you want, but they are all a part of the craze! They quickly become the focus of anglers in Pensacola, Navarre, Orange Beach, Destin, and Panama City when the month of April arrives.

They make seasonal migrations along the coasts in search of water in their preferred temperature range and normally start arriving around Pensacola in late March.

One of the best things about cobia is that they aren’t limited to anglers with fishing boats. They are caught at all of the Gulf piers including Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier and Navarre Fishing Pier along with piers in Gulf Shores, Fort Walton Beach, and Panama City.

The majority of them caught in Pensacola, Destin, or Orange Beach are sight fished whether it is off a boat or on one of the beach piers. On the pier a two to three ounce bucktail jig is the bait of choice because the heavy jigs can be thrown long distances.

Jigs can also be used on a boat, but since you usually don’t have to throw far or compete with other anglers there are some better choices. Live eels more times than not are the best bet, but cobia will also take mullet, pinfish, croakers, catfish, and crabs.

You’ll want to choose a real with a good drag that will hold at least 250 yards of line. Some of the favorites of Pensacola anglers are Van Staal 250, Penn 750ssm, Shimano Stradic 8000, Shimano Spheros, and Shimano Saragosa.

Most anglers fishing Pensacola choose a rod in the seven to nine foot range. Custom rods with wire guides are the most popular, but a factory rod will work just fine. Look for the specifications to be something like 15-30 or 20-40 pound line.

Selecting the right line for cobia fishing takes us to a whole new subject. On the fishing piers it’s nearly impossible to compete any longer without using 30-50 pound braided line by Sufix, Fins, or Power Pro. The majority of boat anglers are still using Momoi, Ande, Sufix, or Trilene 20-30 pound mono line.

A variety of different straight, circle, and treble hooks are used by different people, so you just have to try different ones until you find what fits you. If you’re using a treble be sure it’s a 4x strong and use either a Gamakatsu or Eagle Claw. The best circle and j hooks are produced by Owner and Gamakatsu, look for something in the 6/0 – 8/0 range.

There is no need to use a weight when ling fishing considering they are swimming on the surface. Just rig with a 30-50 pound Seaguar fluorocarbon leader and ninety pound swivel.

Charters are also readily available to take you cobia fishing in Pensacola, Orange Beach, Destin, Pensacola Beach, and Navarre. If you are in the Pensacola are be sure to give Hot Spots Charters ( a call, they are some of the best in the business.

Captain Chris Phillips has spent his entire life fishing the waters of Pensacola and the Gulf of Mexico. Right out of school he began making a career in the fishing industry by taking a job at a local tackle store and acquiring his United States Coast Guard Captains License. For more information on fishing, please visit Pensacola Fishing.

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The Best Fishing Rod Racks On The Market

There are many types of fishing rod racks to choose from on the market. These racks have the ability to be placed on any surface or vehicle. Some racks are intended to hold them on a car, while others are for storing them in the home.

In most cases, they are located on a boat rather than in any other area. If desired they custom designed them or just buy them from a store. Depending on where they are going to be used on the different kinds that are available. Should you wish to place it on a vehicle then an additional security feature is needed to hold the rods in place.

Nevertheless, the extra security is not needed if placed in a garage. You can look online or in a store to purchase the racks. However, in most cases it will be a sports store that has the best selection. No matter where the rack is bought, the prices are consistent.

Buying them online is handy and convenient but there will be a shipping cost added to the purchase. If your rod is large or has been custom made then a custom rack maybe needed, however it will cost more for this feature.

All the racks that are made have a padding placed around the part that holds the rod. This is great when transporting them to your favorite fishing hole. Generally, there is not much additional hardware needed when securing them to a boat but to place one in a car will mean buying extra supplies to make it fit.

A rack will fit any size rod and reel that you have. You can select from ones that stand, lie down or mount. You can have them designed out of plastic, wood, steel or cloth. In addition, they are offered in different shapes. If you have a motif that you desire they will created to match that design.

You will see a wide array of spectacular fishing rod racks from which to choose when you visit today! Select fishing rod racks that will meet all of your needs fast and easy!

Yo-Zuri Has Been the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Quality Fishing Lures and Fishing Lines

yo zuri fishing lures – Guides

Whenever you possess gone fishing with the kids no question, you experience expended numerous an hour untangling the guides. Probabilities are its happened to you. With your custom-built rod, you desire to be positive that you hold a brilliant guide that is running to render you accomplished functioning. There will be no deficit of option of flair. Then along with the guides, you cause to select from a miscellanea of rings and or course the color builds and you are proceeding on your rod-building venture.

Now lets induce ambitious as to what character of fishing you are going to be doing and the rod you are building which has no doubt been planned around this prospect.

Aftco has a wholesome selection of guides, which of course are upmost of line. Each has a very particular utilization. For rods that are going, to fair 20-80 pound lines and for tuna rod actually the stand up rods then your necessity with be the Aftco heavy duty.

The Aftco lightweight rollers are specifically geared towards 2-30 pound catch for both fresh and saltwater fishing. As we own talked about in the past the lighter you can go on your rod the amended. Thats why these Aftco lightweight rollers are unflawed. They are a single foot mold. You will realize the indistinguishable projecting spaces with this as you would with ring guides, and there is no sustentation to them.

Another marvelous Aftco guide is the Aftco Wind-on. This has portions of room thus it creates it unflawed for passing the knots. It is a heavy class typecast hence unneeded to enounce it is tough and most lasting. It has over sized feet that are absolutely contoured which lets for a elementary run.

When it comes to guides one must not rule out Fuji. They possess some marvelous frameworks that put up a motley of responsibilities. You are ranging to detect premium medium weight guides and salt-water usage as well and that only calling two of many a. Fuji sets up the like craftsmanship and caliber into their guides just as they make out with all their other products. Its very unlikely that you would be thwarted with the banner in this area. Just to afford you an instance they exercise a Hardloy ring organised from very superior grad aluminum oxide. They are diamond processed which entails they are gentler, fit to realize free of the heat and most significantly are not rugged on your lineage. With some shoddy examples, it doesnt postulate exuberant for the guides to wear down the line.

Before going onto another subject of particulars claim for your self-made rod, we exact to advert the guides from Pacific Bay. There is a grand diversity to render you a right measure to choose from. If you are implicated about incurring the perfect guide for your proper rod then dont impart up hope until you have verified out Pacific Bay, as its highly unlikely they wont feature what you want.

Yo zuri fishing lures reflects all subsurface light and gives a game fish a target even in murky water available at

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Cancun Deep Sea Fishing is Legendary Throughout the World

Twelve of the most popular species of sports fish abound in these waters, including marlin, sailfish, kingfish, tuna, and grouper. Some of these fish are renowned trophy fish, while others offer some of the best tasting meat from the sea. Some Cancun fish jump high in the water and put on a spectacular show, while others dive for the bottom and offer you a long, protracted, muscular fight. No matter what you end up fighting, however, the fight is always rewarding and well-worth it after successfully landing a magnificent catch.

Cruising out on a Cancun fishing yacht takes you past some of the best scenery in Mexico into some of the finest water in the world. Your Cancun fishing experience begins at the Marina, where you are issued your boarding pass and introduced to your captain and crew who are trained to accommodate both beginning fisherman and veteran anglers alike. They will take you to one of many custom built, world-class fishing yachts and take off for deep water.

As you leave the marina, you will see the tropical scenery of the Nichupte Lagoon and Cancun bay as you head out to the hot spots. The boats are super fast and get you there in no time. You can charter boats for periods of 4, 6, 8, and 12 hours. The six hour charter is the recommended booking for those seeking the best experience without too much exposure to the sun.

Cancun fishing boats are fast and Loaded with Gear. Cancun fishing boats usually measure 11 feet wide by 34 feet long and are fully equipped with all required safety gear. Every boat has two fighting chairs and fish fighting belts, along with a cooler for food and drinks and a bathroom below decks.

You never have to bring your own rods and reels when fishing in Cancun (unless you choose to). All boats are decked out with the best Penn International rods and reels and thoroughly checked and rigged prior to departure from the marina.

Different fish in Cancun bite at different times of the year. Your captain knows which fish are in season at any given month of the year. This means that no matter when you plan to visit Cancun, there are always sports fish of some species running at that time. Your captain has a chat that shows exactly which fish are most active at a given month of the year, and where they are most likely to be found in the surrounding areas.

We recommend that beginning fisherman rely upon the experience of the Captain and crew to get them started in this great sport. While it is a simple thing to strap into a fight chair, it takes a team of people to bring in the larger fish…even if you are an expert fisherman.

It is also recommended that you always follow your captains recommendation on bait, lures, and tackle required to attract and land your trophies. If your Captain recommends a specific method for hooking the fish, go with the recommendation and let the crew position you for the best possible chance of landing your catch. Planning, cooperation, and teamwork always pay off when fishing in Cancun.

The Ancient Art of Fly Fishing- Getting The Right Equipment

Distinctly different from any other method of angling, fly-fishing is a style angling that has a history dating back to ancient times. While some fisherman may use a rod and reel to sit back, relax and perhaps catch a fish; the fly fisherman wades into the water and uses his honed skills to lure the fish to bite. Fly fishing has several distinct characteristics that make it different from any other style of angling, the main being the technique and bait used, and the special fly fishing equipment the angler uses.

Fly-fishing has developed, as a standard, a variant rod and reel that works a bit differently than the traditional closed or open spool reels. Fly rods are light and flexible, and usually made of fiberglass or other composite materials. Fly rods are made to different lengths, so when you choose your fly fishing equipment, it’s best to know what species of fish you’re after. Traditionally the fly angler seeks to catch trout or salmon, but other species of fish have been known to be responsive to the fly angling method.

The fly rod has another unique feature, that is, the type of fishing line a fly rod uses is usually thicker than any other type of angling line. It’s the weight and thickness of the line, combined with the weight of the fly, that gives fly-fishing it’s unique casting techniques.

Although the fly rod is an important piece of fly fishing equipment, it’s the type, weight, and color of the artificial fly that affects the art of angling for the fly fisherman. Flies fall into three different categories, surface floating flies, partially submerged flies, and below surface flies, each having it’s own specific style of casting.

Fly fishing equipment can be expensive, but don’t worry, the fly rod is usually the most expensive purchase, the flies and fishing line are relatively inexpensive. Often, experienced fly fishers will eventually learn how to create their own flies to use. This gives your fly fishing experience a custom feel to it, and can cut down costs dramatically. If you’re a beginner, finding a mentor can be the best way to learn about and get the feel of each article of fly fishing equipment.

So, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a seasoned angler or just interested in learning about fly-fishing, try it out! Fly-fishing is a sort of ‘antique technique’, passed down from generation to generation. With the right knowledge and correct equipment, fly-fishing is a hobby that can last a lifetime.

For more information on all aspects of fly fishing, and to download a free guide, visit The Fishermans Guide

Get the Complete Rod Building Components & Guides

ROD BUILDING EQUIPMENT – Guides: Whenever you have gone fishing with the kids no doubt, you have spent many an hour untangling the guides. Chances are it’s happened to you. With your custom-made rod, you want to be sure that you have a top-notch guide that is going to give you good performance. There will be no shortage of selection of style. Then along with the guides, you get to select from a variety of rings and or course the color frames and you are continuing on your rod-building venture.

Now lets get serious as to what type of fishing you are going to be doing and the rod you are building which has no doubt been planned around this aspect.

Aftco has a whole selection of guides, which of course are top of line. Each has a very specific use. For rods that are going, to average 20-80 pound lines and for tuna rod actually the stand up rods then your requirement with be the Aftco heavy duty.

The Aftco lightweight rollers are specifically geared towards 2-30 pound catch for both fresh and saltwater fishing. As we have talked about in the past the lighter you can keep your rod the better. That’s why these Aftco lightweight rollers are perfect. They are a single foot model. You will get the same casting distances with this as you would with ring guides, and there is no maintenance to them.

Another great Aftco guide is the Aftco Wind-on. This has lots of room so it makes it perfect for passing the knots. It is a heavy class type so needless to say it is rugged and most durable. It has over sized feet that are perfectly contoured which allows for a smooth flow.

When it comes to guides one must not rule out Fuji. They have some wonderful models that provide a variety of duties. You are going to find superior medium weight guides and salt-water use as well and that just naming two of many. Fuji puts the same craftsmanship and quality into their guides just as they do with all their other products. It’s very unlikely that you would be disappointed with the quality in this area. Just to give you an example they use a Hardloy ring devised from very high grad aluminum oxide. They are diamond polished which means they are lighter, able to get rid of the heat and most importantly are not hard on your line. With some inferior models, it doesn’t take long for the guides to wear down the line.

Before moving onto another topic of items need for your self-made rod, we need to mention the guides from Pacific Bay. There is a wide variety to give you a good amount to choose from. If you are concerned about finding the perfect guide for your specific rod then don’t give up hope until you have checked out Pacific Bay, as its highly unlikely they won’t have what you need.

Rod Building Components: the complete information guide available at

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Start Building Your Own Fly Rod

Ever thought of building your own Flyrod? This could be just one of the hobbies that sprout out of the marvellous sport of Fly Fishing, your own custom built rods. Difficult option I hear you say, but with a little research, practice and a good measure of patience, you will be capable to build a rod that can be the envy of your friends.

There are also a lot of benefits to constructing and designing your own rod. Most importantly it can save you a lot of money, as it is often cheaper to build a flyrod according to your own specs. This includes the colour of the wrapping, the casting action, length of the blank and the respective components to add to the completed product. Secondly you will find it very rewarding when you start catching your first fish with the fly rod you have designed and built by yourself.

Before purchasing your rod blank, you have to research what blank you would like to use for the new rod. You got to consider the various characteristics of each blank, like the rod action which comes in slow, intermediate or fast, this naturally will all depend upon your casting style.

Then you must decide what rod components you want. Depending on the size of your hand, you got to consider the various custom cork grips available on the rod builders market today. You can purchase the raw grip and mould it yourself, or just order the completed product that comes in different contours like full wells, reverse-half wells, cigar and super fine.

Now we got to look at the reel seat to complete the grip arrangement. Again there are countless alternatives available to pick from. These reel seats are constructed from different exotic woods, metals and other synthetic materials. They come in configurations like down-locking, up-locking and also sliding rings for the very light rods.

This is followed by the stripping guide, a set of guides (where the fly line winds through) and a correctly sized tip top to fit the rod tip thickness. You can choose between single foot or snake guides depending if you going to fish for light or heavy fish. The guides come in light wire, ceramic or titanium coated versions. The light wire snake guides are the best option for your very light rods. You can also opt for a hook keeper to keep the fly in place when not casting.

To complete and fit all the components to your new customized rod you’ll require wrapping thread in the color of your choice and rod wrapping varnish to coat the thread. Look for good rod builders’ epoxy to put together the rod seat and bonding the reel seat and cork grip to the rod blank. Optionally you can also purchase some color preserver to preserve the look of your wrapping tread and cork seal that strengthens the grip and keeping it from deteriorating from continues use over time.

Building your own Fly-rod is an first-class idea to past time on weekends, particularly in the winter when the fish is scarce. You can also turn this hobby into a profitable side line by building and selling customised rods to other fisherman.

For more Fly Fishing Info and to get more expert advice and tips on what you will need to start fishing on the fly. Visit us at We provide you with the latest fishing news, books on how to Flyfish and articles about catching your first fish on your fly rod.

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The Trout Fisherman’s Equipment – Part 1

“Hey Charlie, cut me another willow, will yer? Ol’ Scarface just took my hook, line, and the top three feet of my pole.”

I won’t say those days are all gone but they’re gasping feebly. Today there are few fishermen who do not have the semblance of an outfit. Rods, reels, lines and terminal tackle are more or less standardized even though the range between good and indifferent equipment is on the increase.

There are many die-hards who cling to tradition and refuse to acknowledge progress. I have no doubt but that old Izaak Walton would have cast a fishy eye on an upstart who might have tried to convince him that this new bamboo stuff makes a mighty fine stick.

And today there still are a number of followers of Izaak who cast a gloomy eye on the upstarts shouting about the superiority of the graphite rods over glassfiber. It was ever thus!

Sure we love, our split bamboo rods. They are a delight to look at and feel and they are a pleasure to use. It actually hurt me when I found that a new glass rod, which I was testing, was lighter, stronger, had an apparent superior dry fly action, was definitely more accurate, was able to deliver longer casts when required and all this with much less effort on my part when I finally discovered the casting tempo of the glass which was speedier than the bamboo. I tried vainly to match these abilities with my favorite custom-built bamboo rod but the bamboo just didn’t have it in as marked a degree.

So now this beautiful bamboo rod, which in my personal opinion is the finest rod this unexcelled rod builder ever turned out, has been retired. In spite of its having to take second place I love it and wouldn’t consider selling it for all the Andalusian capes in existence.

In the top quality rods the features are close to a toss-up, but in the ordinary market productions the graphite, ounce for ounce and dollar for dollar, is much superior. For myself I am using custom-built graphite rods which I have found to be much better than any mass-produced rod now offered for sale and the custom-built rods are less expensive than some of the others. Don’t take my word completely, try both. There is a marked difference in the way each type of rod is manipulated to bring out its finest action.

The quality graphite, dry fly rods have a much speedier action, and less effort on the part of the caster is necessary. The rod does much for you that you are required to do yourself with the bamboo rod. A confirmed bamboo rod user applying the same casting stroke with a comparable graphite rod will perform like a rank amateur and give up in disgust. Timing is an important attribute to good casting but the timing is different between bamboo rod casting and graphite rod casting.

A few years ago there were dozens of rod builders who could turn out a top quality bamboo rod. Those dozens have dwindled down, at this time, to two or three, in fact I know of but two that I could, without reservation, recommend.

The size of the rod or rods in length and power depends upon the types of fishing you do. Many fishermen have “compromise” rods with which they do bait fishing, fly fishing, spinner fishing and bug casting. If they enjoy their fishing, more power to them, but to fish a certain way with a rod designed to do that particular job best, is the ultimate in enjoyment. One certainly would not expect to fish for steelhead with a dainty dry fly rod. The reverse is almost as quaint an idea.

Roy C Lloyd has been passionate about all things to do with fly fishing since the age of 16, that’s over 40 years ago. There have been days of toil, but many, many more ‘shining’ times.
To learn more about fly fishing equipment and claim your FREE 30-page report and gifts on fly fishing go to

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Travel Fly Rods Give You Ease and Comfort

You are well aware that going on summer fishing trips require lots of baggage to carry. Of course you want to travel light as well. It is imperative that the equipment you bring is lightweight to lessen the load. Travel fly rods are your best choice when it comes to convenience. This way, you can go farther in search of the right spot.

When getting equipment, comfort and efficiency should be your top priority. Custom flyrods will give you just that. These poles are created according to your specifics. Because they are built according to your details, it is guaranteed to feel just like a part of you. This way you can fish for longer hours and catch more.

Going on vacation means packing a lot of things and because of that, you have to consider bringing light things. The most lightweight and compact rods available is the multi-piece fly rods. With this tool, you need not worry about its cargo space. Now you can enjoy more time fishing and less time worrying how to store away your rod.

Some people are happy to go out fishing twice a year. For others, going out on a monthly basis is normal. Fishing is a serious hobby and they invest a lot in their past time activity. Whether you are a frequent or not you will surely notice the difference in terms of convenience. You can say they are a traveler’s best friend.

You may question if this equipment can keep up with you. It is perfectly normal but it is fail-safe that this rod will go down the drain. Countless users have been completely pleased with its performance. Everyone found it is a lot stronger than they thought. This product has won the hearts of its users.

As a matter of fact, professional fish gamers have staked their names with this fishing stick. During summer outdoor games, you will be surprised to see so many big names using this. Those well known authorities in the game are happy with its performance. Surely there is no reason for you not to trust it.

Travel fly rods are certain to meet your standards. Now that you are planning to get one, make sure to buy the multi piece type. You will soon learn that custom rods will make fishing more pleasurable. Once you see how easy it is to use and store, you will be amazed that you will not think of using anything else.

Deerfield Fly Rods specializes in custom flyrods. Visit them online for details! (

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Getting Hooked On Cabo Deep Sea Fishing

Beautiful beaches and bright blue waters surround gorgeous Cabo San Lucas. Deep sea fishing is more than a sport in this locale, it’s an experience. This articles details a few things you need to know so you can best enjoy your Cabo deep sea fishing adventure.

Getting Gear

When going on a Cabo deep sea fishing adventure, you need a good rod and reel with fresh main fishing line and leader line. Choose your line carefully to ensure it will reel in a big catch because you’ll experience some really big fish when Cabo deep sea fishing. Experts recommend a 50-80# line for this kind of fishing. You’ll also need a license in Cabo for everyone age 13 and over that costs around $ 13.00 in USD.

Getting A Boat

While boat owners find the Cabo waters to be calm and fun to navigate, not everyone owns a boat they can take on their fishing trip. You can still enjoy Cabo deep sea fishing, even if you don’t have a boat, with fishing tours or boats for hire. Checking out both options will ensure you find the solution that fits your budget.

You have plenty of options when it comes to charter boats in Cabo. Deep sea fishing boats usually range from a large luxury 70′ custom fishing charter boat to a simple 24′ sport fishing boat. With so many boats to choose from, you are sure to find the boat that meets your fishing plan. Charter boats usually provide extras like sonar and GPS. Sometimes they even include conveniences like an on-board restroom and an English speaking captain experienced in navigating the waters of Cabo. These types of charters usually run about $ 500.00 USD and will typically accommodate three to five anglers. Lunch, drinks, bait, and sport rods are other amenities that are often included.

For a special occasion or extremely serious anglers, high tech boats can offer current fish finding technology and a cabin equipped with staterooms, televisions, and first class accommodations. Booking a charter like this will also provide you with top of the line fishing tackle, hydraulic triple spreader outriggers, light tackle, and 30’s, 50’s, and 80’s. This type of Cabo deep sea fishing trip will cost a bit more, around $ 4,000.00 USD, but it can accommodate more anglers, typically up to twelve. You will also discover many midsized boats and fishing tour packages that will suit your group and experience when it comes to Cabo deep sea fishing.

Getting Out On The Water

After getting your gear and your boat, you’ll head out on the open water for a fishing experience like no other. Cabo deep sea fishing is perfect because of how the warm, tropical waters from the Sea of Cortez meet up with the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean. This results in the ideal conditions for catching big game fish like Jack Crevalle, Striped Marlin, Amberjack, Grouper, and Dorado. Catch and release of fish is unlimited. Anglers can take two Dorado, Halibut, Tarbin, or Sailfish, one a full grown Marlin for a total of up to ten fish and not more than five of the same species. You can even bring the fish home with you already filleted and then frozen and packed for travel.

Christine O’Kelly writes for the Cabo fishing experts at Cabo Fishing Fleet. They provide a Cabo deep sea fishing adventure.

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Custom Boat Seats For All Occasions

Custom Boat Seats could be for you if you are refurbishing a boat that you already own, but also if you just bought a new one and want to be more comfortable on it. There are many ways to commission purpose-made boat seats, and this guide is about getting it right.

Just as there are many different kinds of water going vessels, from pontoons to fishing boats so sailing yachts and ferries, boat seats can have multiple purposes and constructions too. The most important points are the type of boat, the area where the seats need to fit in, and who will be using the seats.

When planning for customized boat seats, the best bet is to prepare a detailed list of the specifications that you want your seats to have, and then to discuss the list with several manufacturers.

Once you have the replies, don’t only look at the price but also at how professional the reply was. You don’t want to take the cheapest offer only to find yourself stuck with an unprofessional manufacturer.

Space and sizing is the most important factor – you need to make sure that the manufacturer is building the boat seats to the precise measurements of the space where they will be fitted, and if possible that he commits in advance to modifying the seats if they don’t fit on installation.

As the boat seats will be custom designed and manufactured to your specifications, it will really be up to you as the boat owner to decide on the kind of fabric, of color and trimmings, and of the style that you will want for the boat.

Don’t forget any boat seat extras, such as places to affix navigation equipment or fishing rods on the boat. Storage space is also an important and often overlooked component of boat seating.

Boat seat padding can be of many different types, light, medium or heavy, removable as in cushions, or fixed. Be sure to specify all this, especially if you are taking a lot of passengers on your boat.

Make sure that the chosen materials match the boat and the boat seat’s function. For a vintage boat, you want corresponding material. If the seats will be outside and will take a lto fo humidity, they need to be water- and salt-proof.

Likewise, for modern steel- or fiberglass-based seats, you need to ensure that any steel bolts or staples used in the construction are stainless steel to prevent rust and unsightly rusting streaks, and also that no hard parts are left unpadded, which would make for very Uncomfortable Seats. has the answers to all the questions that you were afraid to ask about boat seats! Check out the site to make sure that you won’t settle for anything less than great boat seats.

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Crappie Fishing Boats Which One For You

Crappie fishing is fun and entertaining but to get the most out of each fishing trip you need a good crappie fishing boat.

You can catch crappie along the banks of lakes and rivers and by wading out into the water but nothing beats the excitement of taking a crappie boat out for a spin. They allow you to get to areas that you normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

By going to where the crappies are located you will have a more productive day each time you go crappie fishing.

There are many different types of crappie fishing boats available that are designed to make fishing easier. However, with so many different designs available, how do you know which one would be the best for you?

The more you know about the different boats and the special features that have to offer the easier it would be to determine which one is for you.

To help you choose your fishing boat below are some reviews of a few of the most sought after crappie boats sold today. This will help you determine which one would be best suited for your needs.

Types of Crappie Fishing Boats

There are many different types of crappie fishing boats ranging from the affordable aluminum boat to the expensive custom made designs. Below you will find four reviews of the top crappie fishing boats that are sold on the market today.

The Duracraft 1650 Crappie fishing boat has a V-hull designed especially for crappie fishing. It is sturdy and the 50-inch bottom weight and 70-inch beam provides the ultimate in stability.

The gunnel height is twenty-two inches high and this fishing boat is designed with a thirteen gallon fuel tank and holds up to four fishermen at a time.

The War Eagle 861 Predator is considered to be an excellent crappie fishing boat. It has a V-hull and a smooth relaxing ride.

It is even designed with extended rod boxes for the holders to accommodate the long crappie fishing rods used by many anglers. It is also designed with re-circulating dual livewells at the rear of the boat and at the bow. Both of which have an eighty-four quart capacity.

In the bow seat is a round shaped baitwell and he boat is designed with plenty of storage space. It is designed to help the fisherman relax by providing comfortable seats, drink holders and more.

The ProCraft 200 Combo fishing boat is an excellent option when it comes to crappie fishing. It is equipped with a 12/24 MotorGuide trolling motor, digital depth finder, livewell and more. This twenty foot fishing boat is designed with an extra-wide nine foot beam.

The Tracker Panfish 16 is also an excellent choice that offers the right equipment needed for crappie fishing while still being affordable. It is designed with an insulated livewell, 36 quart cooler, nine-gallon fuel tank and a built-in baitwell to name a few of its features.

The type of boat you choose will need to be something that you feel comfortable with. The size will be determined by the number of people you expect to be in the boat at any given time.

You need to think about how much money you want to put into the crappie fishing boat, how often it will be used and what features you would personally enjoy the most. Then you will be able to choose the fishing boat that suits your needs the best.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best crappie fishing information possible. Get more information on trolling for crappie here: