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Baby Accessories To Get When You Are Expecting A Baby

Having a child is thrilling and makes new parents prone to buy just about every baby accessories they come across with. There is nothing wrong with buying things for the newborn baby but the issue occurs when these parents find out that they have no need for the things they bought and have clearly spend lots of money purchasing unneeded things. To prevent yourself from hoarding lots of infant items, a listing of significant things to buy must be firmly used. You will find yourself being able to save a whole lot from doing so.

The first items you should placed on the list would be the sleeping accessories. A bassinet having a bedding is vital. The mattress should be comfortable enough for the little one to sleep in without putting the newborn at risk of suffocation. For modern mothers who want to work on specific things while the baby is sleeping, a baby monitor should also come helpful.

Changing and bathing accessories needs to be included on the checklist as well. Mats are much better than a whole changing desk so that you can carry them around even outside the home. For toiletries, begin with hypo-allergenic things first prior to introducing perfumed kinds to prevent hypersensitive reaction. Disposable wet towels ought to always be around as well as cotton wool for cleaning the baby?s bottoms. Diapers also are important and you can choose from non reusable and non-disposable ones.

For eating time, you have to have bottles for babies. Eight to ten bottles will give you enough time to clean all of those other bottles in a day. Sterilizers are fantastic to maintain these baby bottles thoroughly clean and secure to use.

On the other hand, if you have to take a trip with your little one, the baby accessories that you will most likely require are baby car seats and baby strollers as well as their covers and shades. Baby slings and bags are also good if you would like to bring the child around securely and comfortably. Whenever going outside, consider buying a baby bag large enough to bring all of these necessary items that you will need for feeding and changing.

Some other accessories you need at home are storage drawers, bouncer seats, toys, and even first-aid kits. Storage drawers should be big and really should fit the baby’s items in a single place. This is to prevent mixing the baby?s delicate clothes and accessories with other clothes in the home. Bouncer chairs and playthings will come in handy when you want to take a rest from carrying the newborn. These are also great to sit on when the child gets a bit older.

It really is simpler to buy the necessary baby accessories when you make a list in advance. It can save you a lot of time, cash and effort throughout shopping. Even as new parents, do not stress over buying items that will not be needed instantly. Prioritize what precisely your baby needs at the moment to prevent purchasing items that will not be used in the future. Also, don’t be greedy and buy a lot for just one kind of accessory or clothing. Purchase age-appropriate accessories and clothing to aid them in their growth.

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Kids Party – Make Your Child’s Birthday Special With These Unique Ideas!

Kids parties are very special celebrations for them and their parents as well. The birthday celebration is a big deal to kids, they look forward to their birthday as much as they do Christmas! So if you need some theme ideas, here are a few creative and popular ideas for you to think about.

Bowling Parties

Bowling parties are big this year. You can host it in a bowling alley or right in your own home. To play a game of ten pins you can buy a plastic bowling game, or you can learn how to make one yourself. Serve a bowling ball cake and your sure to “bowl a Strike” where the kids are concerned.

Party Game Truck

Hiring a party game truck is the best idea available to make your kid’s birthday the most memorable one. There are many service providers who offer services to celebrate your little one’s birthday by hiring video game truck. This truck will arrive your home for 1-2 hours and you can make the best celebrations inside this giant truck.

Generally, the party game truck is thirty feet long and consist of 15-20 sitting units for kids and also consists of the TV screens mounted inside and outside of the truck. They have almost every game imaginable ranging from Wii games to Xbox, PS3 and Wii-U games to play on multiple flat screen plasma TVs. There is option for kids to play all the games either in group or separately.

Slumber Parties

These parties are a kids favorite, both boys and girls, and have been since before you were a kid. Do you remember the fun you had with your friends staying up late, playing games and talking? Watching movies all night or trying to, and of course for girls, there is the make over. It’s a fun time but be warned Mom, there is going to be lots of giggling! For boys, you can use the sleeping bags ! It makes them feel like they are camping out.

Pirate Parties

These have been pretty popular lately, for girls and boys alike. And why not, they are lots of fun! You can buy accessories with Swashbuckling Pirates on them or you can get pink Pirate plates and accessories for the girls. There are plenty of fun party games you can use with a pirate theme, like Walk The Plank or Pin the eye patch on the Pirate. Treasure Hunt is another game that is perfect for the Pirate theme, after all, X marks the spot.

Disney Parties

Disney has given us plenty of beloved characters to use as a birthday party theme. Mickey Mouse is the most famous, along with his girlfriend, Minnie. A wonderful favor idea is a Mickey Mouse hat with ears and a fun game can be a Mickey Mouse Pinata. But don’t forget Mickey’s friends, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy and Donald Duck because I saw some paper supplies with all of the gang on it. Pin the ears on Mickey is a fun game that you can make yourself.

Be it party game truck, pirate party or Disney party, these are all the unique and entertaining party ideas which every child is surely gonna enjoy and remember it for a long time.

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Great Children’s Educational Toys to Give Away This Christmas

Christmas is still weeks away, but it is never too early to make that list and start buying gifts for your own children, godchildren, nephews, nieces, younger siblings, or even the children of your friends. Thinking of gifts for children can be tricky. Some prefer to give gifts that are fun while others prefer those that encourage children to learn. The budget is also something to consider, especially if you are buying for several kids. Some of the toys available in stores do cost an arm and a leg. With these factors in mind, choosing what to buy can indeed be stressful. Here are gift ideas that might help you decide what to buy this Christmas.

Educational Toys for Young Girls

Little girls can be really picky at times, but even the pickiest little girl cannot thumb her nose at cute stuff in pastel colors. Pretend play toys make great gifts to girls between five and ten years old. These gifts can improve their creativity and imagination.

* Dollhouses and doll furniture
* Fairy wings, magic wands, hair accessories to complement their princess costumes
* Playhouses, huts, or tents designed like castles
* Dramatic play toys like a doctor’s medicine bag or a play money set
* Toy kitchen accessories
* Wooden toy kitchens
* Wooden play food
* Girl’s vanities

Pretend play toys also give mothers opportunities to teach a little about housekeeping or good grooming to young girls while they play.

Educational Toys for Young Boys

Young boys, at any given day, seem like they have all the energy in the world and then some! Give them gifts that will not only capture their imagination but also exercise their critical thinking or resourcefulness as well as provide another way for them to spend those extra energy.

* Train and activity tables
* Paint kits
* Science kits featuring dinosaurs and other animals, robots, and fossils
* Magic tricks set
* Construction toys like blocks
* Magnetic toys like mazes
* Rubik’s cube
* Rocking toys shaped like horses, boats, motorcycles, an even an airplane

Educational Toys for Girls and Boys

Buying gender-neutral toys is the best way to go if you know so little about the kids other than their age. Boys and girls will enjoy playing these toys with their friends.

* Jigsaw and floor puzzles
* Board games
* Puppets and puppet theaters
* Outdoor toys like a trampoline or a balance base
* Memory card games and the like
* Activity tables like those looking like science projects with colored wires and balls

Gifts Even Parents Will Appreciate

These gifts might make the parent happier than the kid, but kids will still appreciate them.

* Wooden toy boxes with sporty designs for boys and cute floral ones for girls or toy chests shaped like farm houses, treasure chest, or even a carriage
* Sleeping bags and tents
* Playroom furniture like mini lockers, step stools, desks, and rocking chairs

Christmas is a special season for families but more so for kids. It is the time of the year when Santa and his elves bring good tidings in the form of beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree.

Choosing the best gift for a child needs a bit more effort than just buying the first thing you can grab from aisles upon aisles of toys and whatnots. You have to decide if you want something fun, something educational, or something practical. Just remember, every child deserves a merry Christmas!

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How to bathe a baby

Bathing your baby can be a wonderful experience and should have some advice from the experienced persons to bathe your baby. How to bathe a baby is a difficult thing for a mother who have first new born child. To do bathe for a infant you should be careful and should take help from others. You shouls have a warm water, clean diaper and three wash cloths and Sterile cotton balls are needed to begin bathe to your baby. Bathing a baby is a simple and fun task to mother and it will be a great relaxing time for you and your baby. There is no need ot bathe your baby dialy but you should wash you baby face, neck and bottom daily carefully.

Kids footwear

shoes for kids are availble in different styles like kids keen sandals, flip fops and many. Kids footwear is now availble at online you can buy the kids footwear for your girl or boy. For girls there will be different models with different designs. There will be different kids footwear selection with the lower prices including school shoes and the sneakers and many. Different sizes of footwear are available are designed.

kids furniture

Make your kids room with beautiful kids furniture and create a perfect space for your kids and designed to meet the standards. Now one can buy the kids furnture at online and you can set your your kids bedroom for girls or boys. Childrens furniture will be available at different prices.

Kids soft toys

Most of the kids are used to play with the toys or dolls. Toys are very attractive to the children and they used hold the toys with them at the sleeping time and lunch or dinner time. Kids soft toys are like teddy bears and stuffed animal sleeping bags and kids plush toys. There is also soft toy animals for kids and while playing with that kids also it wont be hard.

kids toys online

Now kids toys are avialble at online. Parents can buy the toys at oline as per their wish. You can buy kids toys online at the lowest prices in India. You can buy the kida puzzels, games, books and teddy bears and gifts online. Different toys for kids are available like fisher price toys, educational toys, barbie dolls, disney toys, fnskool toys and many.


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Family Bonding Time

There are some things that you can have in order to make a place more comfortable. There are people who want expensive things so that they can tell themselves that their lives are getting better. There are those that want simple yet elegant fixtures to keep themselves in a low profile. People more often than not want their homes to be filled with appliances and furniture so that they’ll be able to live a comfortable life. For those who are not able to live a happy life, they are contented in eating three times a day and have a home to live in.

Sometimes too, even though you’re on vacation, you tend to bring some things to make the place feel more at home. Camping tents for example is something that you can live in when you’re outdoors. Lamps take place of the household light while sleeping bags are substitutes for the bed. Clothes inside the bag are used as pillows to lessen the burden of bringing unnecessary weight. Others bring hanging decorations in order to make the tent be more comfortable for sleeping and staying while away from the house. Decorative metal wall hangings can also be brought to spice up that dull camping tent.

Bonding time with the family is more important than bonding with friends. The family is intact therefore the ties and the memories experienced will be forever remembered. There are a lot of things that families can do in making those ties stronger. A simple gesture of helping one family member pick out what clothes to wear is one way of proving that a family is really bonded. Also, the mere comments or opinions of what each family member does are given utmost consideration. Having a family is something people should really learn to appreciate because not all individuals have families to take care and love them.

Mothers and daughters, father and sons; they have their ways of spending time with one another. Of course, guys have their own thing and the girls do too. The guys spend their time in hardware stores and other “guy” stores. The girls on the other hand, busy themselves with clothes and kitchen stuff. Occasionally, they would cross on the other side but still maintain a firm stand on the zone they grew up with. Guys would fight over which gadget is better for them while the girls try to find the best wall vase there is to put in their home.

Decorations no matter how big or small it is makes a home more comfortable and inviting. It is something that people incorporate in their lives and regard it as a staple in one’s home. Without décor, life is without color and dull. In addition, because of the popularity of home embellishments, a lot of individuals try their luck in making their own. More and more people want to have do-it-yourself furnishings for fun. It doesn’t hurt if you try. Who knows, you may even start a business with it when you see that other people want to have one too.

Decorations can take form in paintings, hanging lamps, sculptures and the likes. There are even those that come in metal wall planters that can be easily placed in any space or room in the house. It will fit perfectly no matter where you plan to put it.

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Adorable Doll Accessories for Your Next Project

Doll-making is an old art that can be fun and satisfying. Of course, you’ll want to take a look at the latest accessories that are available for this useful craft. Whether you work in cloth, wood, ceramic, porcelain or other materials, you’re sure to find everything you need online.

Wooden dolls can be quaint and sturdy toys for children to play with or for display. Start with a 16mm Pre-painted Wooden Doll Head Happy Face. This package comes with ten dolls heads that are painted with a cheerful smile and rosy cheeks. Or if you want to make a ‘baby doll,’ you might begin with the 25mm Wooden Doll Heads – 2pcs. This sweet pre-painted set of two round heads features a sleeping face, again with rosy cheeks.

Once your doll is complete, add a pair of Black Patent Leather Doll Shoes for Dolls to each one. These are faux patent leather Mary Janes in black. At 2-1/4 inches long, they are made to fit a substantially sized doll. But the price is great, just as it is for most of the other doll accessories you’ll love to include in your next project.

Dolls up to eight inches in length can be tucked in every night inside one of the pretty sleeping bags that come in the Package of 18 Assorted Super Soft Doll Sleeping Bags. Each bag is made of acrylic plush for softness, and they are 9 inches long and 5-1/2 inches wide. The package of 18 comes with 6 each of pink and blue bags plus 3 each of yellow and cream bags. It’s a great accessory to give with each doll you make.

Make a pretty Angel by beginning with the 2-3/4 Inch Porcelain Angel Doll Head and Hands. This striking blonde beauty will become a cherished toy or showpiece once you’ve added the cloth body and dressed it properly. Of course, you’ll want to include a set of wings like the 4-1/2 Inch White Feather Angle Wings. These are made of real feathers and can be affixed right to the back of your almost-completed angel. Or you can use the wings to make fairies or even Christmas tree ornaments for next season.

If you leave off the wings and add a 6 Inch White Lace Folding Fan, your porcelain doll becomes a beautiful little lady. This fan features Spanish style lace attached to plastic ribbing. At 6 inches in height, it’s perfect for larger dolls that are dressed in the lush gowns that little girls of any age love.

Add some individuality to the dolls you make by adding doll glasses to their faces. The 3-1/2 Inch Half Round Doll Glasses are perfect for Granny or Santa Claus dolls. You can even add a pair to the stuffed animals that you’re so good at making. This pair is constructed of gold-tone wire frames and acrylic lenses. You might prefer oval lenses. If so, pick up the 2-3/4 Inch Oval Doll Glasses. These also feature wire frames in gold-tone and acrylic lenses.

If making bears or other stuffed animals is your thing, don’t forget to dress your creations appropriately. There are plenty of choices in stuffed animal clothing, such as the Dark Brown Velvet Bow. This is a lovely addition to a stuffed bear. Or you might pick up a sweater for someone’s future little buddy. The 3 Inch Small Hunter V-neck Sweater is a cute choice. It features a red neckline and red stripes on the sleeves. Any small bear will look precious when he wears this sweater. For more formal bears, add a necktie. The Bulk Lot of 12 Hunter Green Velvet Ties will dress a lot of precious pets. In fact, you can use one package to accessorize a whole den full of bears!

Many doll lovers appreciate having a hat added to their doll’s ensemble. The Open Weave Sinamay Dolls Hats – 12pcs gives you plenty of pretty hats to use in your projects. These are lightweight hats with an open weave. You can use them plain or add lace, flowers, ribbons, pearls…let your imagination run wild. Each doll will be unique, even though you’ve begun with the same basic hat.

Doll up a snowman, bear or rabbit with the Mini Black Flocked Top Hat. At 4-1/2 inches long and 1-3/4 inches wide, it is designed for mid-size dolls. Made of felt, it is durable and will last as long as the doll does. This is an especially useful accessory for holiday or wedding dolls, but you can add it to any doll you’ve created.

There are so many more doll accessories available for your special craft — far too many to name here. If you’re looking for quality clothing, stands, furniture, hats or other accessories, spend a little time browsing through what’s available. Your imagination will take flight and your dolls will look truly unique.

Zack Spence is a freelance writer who writes about hobbies and interests including products such as doll accessories

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Top 5 Bedroom Decorating Ideas This Christmas

Kids don’t typically seem to care about the way you decorate their rooms but at a certain point, they do begin to have more and more of an opinion. From the things they hang on the wall to the furniture they have, kids bedroom decor becomes more and more important as they grow into teens, then into young adults. Spending time and effort shopping for the right decor allows you to give not only a great Christmas gift, but also gives your child something he or she can use every day . So what are some great bedroom decor ideas you can get them for Christmas they will appreciate? Here are some neat, useful and awesome looking things that may just do the trick:

1. For the sports minded kid, there are personalized wall racks that are themed to the sport they like whether its baseball, football or even skateboarding. This keeps their equipment out of the floor and organized where they can find it. If you’ve got a fan of baseball or football or any other sport, there are lots of great wall art from sports team pictures to great looking pictures for all sports.

2. Beanbag chairs are another great gift idea and with truck, dinosaur, butterflies and other themes available, both girls and boys can enjoy them. There are even sofa style beanbag chairs that have a back and arms just like a miniature sofa that kids can relax on while they do homework, watch TV or play video games.

3. Throw pillows are also great for decorating kids rooms. And there are plenty of choices that kids will love. From a stuffed Thomas the Tank Engine to zebras, dinosaurs and ladybugs, kids will love having them on their bed or piling up on them on the floor to read a story. Pillows not only show off the kid’s interests but also give them something to lay on they like.

4. Kids love to bundle up on chilly evenings and with great blankets and sleeping bags, they can bundle up in style. Blankets with Star Wars or Toy Story themes and sleeping bags with flowers and butterflies or trucks and dinosaurs as well as many other themes will give the kids something cool to stay warm in.

5. With both girls and boys decor, there are lots of bedroom decorating ideas that make great Christmas presents and the most useful may well be great looking toy boxes and cubbies to store all of the other things they get for Christmas. There are lots of great looking collapsible toy boxes with sports themes or flowers and butterflies that will hold a lot of toys and even padded seats that are soft to sit on but also provides you with lots of usable storage as well.

Kids bedroom decor needs to match their style for them to really enjoy it. But by using these bedroom decorating ideas, locating decor that your kids can not only use, but actually enjoy, won’t be such a difficult task.

When Christmas finally arrives, shopping for kids bedroom décor doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Bianca Bowman loves decorating and found both girls and boys décor that she can enjoy with all of her children.

Simple and Easy to Do Slumber Party Games

One of the most-awaited activities of your little girl is what we call a sleepover or a slumber party. Slumber parties are also done by boys whenever they want to share a ghost story or two, or if they want to swap their action figures for a rough game in the wee hours of the night. But more importantly, the little girls are the ones who would really love to stay out from their homes and spend the night at the houses of their friends. Expect that these young girls will giggle and talk all night.

Slumber parties are considered to be one of the most meaningful moments for your young child. In this very simple occasion, your children are able to socialize with her friends and develop genuine friendship with the other kids that they spend time with. That is why it is very important for you and your child to plan some of the activities that you plan to do for the sleepover. There are tons of slumber party games which are easy to do for you. All you have to do is to get the materials which will be used in propping up the games and you are ready to go.

One of the most popular slumber party games that your child could do is a sleeping bag race, which is an alternative for the outdoor sack race. You may assist your children in grouping themselves into two. It would be better if you have two different colors of the sleeping bags so it would be easier to group the children into two because they are represented by the colors of their sleeping bags. In this game, the first two kids in line will have to race to the sleeping bag, put them on, and race until they get inside completely. Once that happens, they get out and go back, and the next kid does the same thing. The first team to finish the task will be declared as winner.

Another slumber party game is ‘pass the pillow’. In this game, let the children gather around in a circle. They would have to pass a pillow containing pieces of paper in which several fun activities are written. Play some music and instruct them to pass the pillow to the person sitting beside them. By the time the music stops, the last child who gets the pillow will pick a piece of paper and perform the activity which is stated there. Make the activity as simple and worthwhile as possible. Give a reward for those who perform well and repeat the whole process again. Remember that one should consider giving away some rewards to all of the children participating in the game, or else, you might end up facing tons of children crying because they were not given anything at all.

Slumber parties can be quite an endearing experience for your young child. This is why it is very important for you to organize it efficiently and well.

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Planning a Special Trip For Your Anniversary

When I was in college my girlfriend and I wanted to celebrate our six-month anniversary in style. But we were dead broke.

I really wanted to impress her. She had just graduated from college and she was my dream girl. I wanted to give her a special trip to show her how much I cared. But going to Europe was out of the question. Even New York City was out of our budget. The most we could afford was a few bucks a day and gas for the car. But we also had one thing in our favor – time. We both had three weeks vacation time to spend.

I did a little research and came up with a plan that would make any PUA proud.

I decided to save up a few bucks and do it on the cheap. I went to the local Army Navy surplus store and bought super warm, inexpensive sleeping bags (that zipped together, of course) and a cheapo tent.

We bid our Los Angeles apartment goodbye, hopped in our beat-up hatchback, and headed south. We crossed into Mexico at the Tijuana border and stopped for a tasty lunch from a roadside vendor. (Hey, we were young with stomachs of steel!)

Every night, we would either rent a cheap hotel room in a small city or we would pitch our orange tent on the beach and join other campers at their fireside. My relationship with that girlfriend didn’t last, but that six-month anniversary trip was the most romantic vacation I’ve ever taken in my life.

We didn’t have any money, but we had our cameras and our sketchpads and our books and our portable chess and scrabble games. We met new friends as we traveled that I am still in touch with this to this day. I just wish I knew how to keep the girl I had. Nowadays, I know much more about How To Get A Girlfriend and how to keep one.

One memorable few days was spent at a beachside campsite hanging out with some professional chefs who had biked down from Canada. In the morning, the eight of us went digging for clams and scallops in the warm ocean waters. That night, the chefs created magic with a little butter and oil over the campfire and we had the most delicious, tasty seafood I’ve ever tried.

So even now, years later, I’ve taken much more involved anniversary trips – even to exotic locales, such as Jamaica, Cancun and the Bahamas, but I must say the best anniversary trip I ever took was the one that cost me the least.

The key was being creative and not getting caught up in spending money. The secret is to make sure your vacation or trip is completely focused on experiences, not things. Make sure that every minute is about the experience of the trip. Make it romantic. It doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to add romance to your trip. Sunsets are a great way to up the romantic feelings. Just make time to enjoy them.

If you walk into your anniversary trip – from the planning stages – remembering that it’s not about things or money, but that it is about the experiences you will share together, you will be bound to have a memorable trip that you will remember for a lifetime.

Bill has been a pick up artist and owner of PUA Forum for the last 5 years in NYC and can teach you the skills you need to be one, as well, including how to text a girl. The original article can be found here: Planning A Special Trip For Your Anniversary.

Loungefly For The Girls Of All Ages

Having the chance to raise girls would probably make every mother want to create a mini version of herself. It is very common that you would want to see your daughter grow up to be the way you were raised before and to like the things that you liked as well. Some people call it an impulse while others just believe that it is some wrong way of binding children to what the parent’s frustrations were. But then of course if it is never a thing that the child hates but rather loves then it is something that should also be supported by the parents all the more. Getting things like Loungefly for the children’s bags should be a very great option. Who does not love Hello Kitty anyway?

It will be a delight to see the little girls wearing their favorite cartoon characters. The little ones in the primary school are especially very inclined to getting merchandise of cartoon characters due to their attachment to animated objects or characters – the antithesis to how all concepts are taught in school. What are some cartoon characters that children love and probably would want to be like? Here are just a few of those that kids both girls and boys would love:

*The prince and princesses from fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin and the many other characters from immortal tales that often begin with “once upon a time” and ends with “and they lived happily ever after” are also among those that get shelves empty most of the time. Kids could easily identify them of course and somehow, having them through school and everyday merchandises have this “transfer’ effect on them- they feel like prince and princesses as well!

*Cartoon or animated characters are also very in demand for most merchandise for children as well. With Loungefly’s Hello Kitty tote bags for example, you will see that the cartoon characters are not the ones that are in fairy tales and they are rather from modern television series or movies that kids watch. Of course Kitty is not the only one with all the merchandise as Shrek, Ben 10 and all the other characters are very popular among children as well.

*Book characters and television series characters are also very much in demand. So do not be surprised if your child would ask a bag with the face of teen star Danielle Radcliffe in Harry Potter. Other characters shown on television such as that of Lizzie McGuire and the like are also in among kids.

As long as your kids really love it so much and if you think that it could suit your budget well, whether those are Loungefly bags, clothes, notebooks, other stuff in school or board games and other available merchandise that your kids are asking from you, then give it to your kids. That is how they are able to express themselves after all, so there is nothing wrong with giving them what they want. They will surely thank you for that, especially when they grow older.

Loungefly have always claimed to be one of women’s most sought after accessories each time they leave their homes. Irregardless of whatever occasions they are attending, these types of bags never go out of fashion and make them appear stylish. Visit to find more Luxe Link .

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How To Choose The Perfect Sleeping Bag

Comfort, warmth and security are the first things that come to mind when you think about getting a new or used sleeping bag. The piece of equipment has an important role to play in the outdoors, sleep over, geek night, girls night or even in a survival situation.

But do you know how to find the best sleeping bag for you and your loved ones? Here are some of the things that you might want to keep in mind.

Environment and Weather
When buying a sleeping bag you should first consider the environment that you’ll be spending the most amount of time in. Down insulation is definitely lighter than synthetic insulation, but if you think that you’re sleeping bag will get wet use the synthetic insulation because down will lose its thermal capabilities when it gets wet.

Down is a fantastic thermal insulator and fine padding material. Down insulation is rated by fill power, which is the number of cubic inches displaced by a given ounce of down. Higher fill power means better insulation so you might want to look at that and get something that would protect you in a warm or very cold weather.

Sleeping bags come in different shapes. There’s the mummy shape which is the most compact. The rectangular shape which gives you more room to move around and the barrel shape which has rectangular shape tapered at the bottom.

There’s also a really interesting wearable sleeping bag which has arms and legs. This is for people that feel restricted in normal sleeping bags.

When you have to go on a hiking or backpacking trip you should bring a sleeping bag which is easy to carry and light. A good choice here would be a mummy shaped sleeping bag with down insulation since it’s lighter and more compact.

Aside from different shapes, sleeping bags are also made for different ages. There are sleeping bags for kids and infants and there are also those that are for taller individuals. Choose the best one for you.

There are indoor and outdoor types of sleeping bags. The indoor type are the ones that you can use when guests arrive at your house or if the kids will be having a slumber party. There’s also the outdoor type which is the one that’s normally used for camping and it’s normally made of materials to protect you from extreme weather.

Aside from the sleeping bags mentioned above there’s a lot of other sleeping bags out there from double sleeping bags which can fit two people to sleeping bags that can be worn as garments. Just keep in mind that people have different needs and you have to carefully consider those needs the next time you purchase a sleeping bag for yourself or for others.

Justin is the founder of a place where geeks, gadgets and the great outdoors coexist. Discover camping gadgets like the ultimate wearable sleeping bag Selk Bag at

The Teen-Girl Zone – Tools To Organize Teenage Girls’ Rooms

So, you have bravely determined to roam where more faint-hearted mothers dare not: The Teen-Girl Zone, a.k.a. your daughter’s room! You want to help your teenage girls get organized, but you’re not really sure where to start. Well, as a professional organizer and mother of four teenage girls, I have a few tools to help you get your teenage girls get organized.

Let me encourage you by reminding you that learning any skill takes repetition, reward and coaching. I also have a small word of warning-if you have a rocky relationship with your teenage girl, this could become a bit of a power struggle. You don’t want to come between her clutter and emotions. May I suggest that you do a little research and determine what “organizational type” your daughter is. Organizing for Your Brain Type, by Lana Nakone is a precious resource that will help you decide whether your teenage girl is a people person, innovator, maintainer or prioritizer. Knowing how she needs to organize might reduce your struggles in the Teen-Girl Zone! What is the most fun schedule to get organized? Get in the Zone!

In the Zone

When you help a teenage girl organize her space, start with a few questions:

1. What do you love about your room? 2. What do you dislike about your room? 3. What things are in the right place that you certainly don’t want to move? 4. What do you do in your room? (Sleep, dress, read, homework, etc.) 5. Do you like the color and general arrangement of your room?

Knowing the answers to these questions helps get you in the zone and guides the organizational process, helping you see how you can avoid struggle. These questions also give you an opportunity to uncover possible areas for incentive. Would your daughter enjoy new bedding or painting her room? Perhaps you can offer those as rewards to her when she has organized her room and maintained it for one month.

Prepared with the right information, you will have success in the zone.


To a local government, zoning means determining how an area is to be used or developed-that’s the type of zoning you are going to help your teenage girl with. You know what zoning means to the typical teenager! It’s your job to help your teenage girl use these organizing tools to transform teenage zoning to space-use zoning.

Zone One-The Sleep Zone

It may seem obvious, but your daughter will be sleeping in the sleep zone, which includes the area immediately around your daughter’s bed. You should ask her what she needs to get a fine night’s sleep. Make a list of those items and make sure that those items are in her sleep zone.

Some items to consider in the sleep zone are: the bed, pillows, blankets, an alarm clock, and nightstand. Depending on your daughter’s habits, she may need a good lamp on her nightstand for reading; reading material; tissues; a water glass; paper and pencil; and chap stick. If there is no room for a nightstand, consider providing your daughter with a basket that can hold the things she needs that can be stowed under the bed or on a nearby shelf. A floor lamp or a lamp that can be clamped to her headboard might be fine alternatives for lighting.

Here’s a tip that can instantly make your daughter’s room look orderly: have her make her bed every day. If this is a habit she has never developed, you could offer to buy her new bedding if she consistently makes it every day for a set period of them – one month is always long enough to establish a brand new habit.

The last area to work on in the sleep zone is the space under the bed. Pull every thing out that might be lurking there. Sort through what needs to be kept in the sleep zone, what needs to be stored elsewhere, and what can be thrown away. My girls store bulky items like sleeping bags, overnight bags, and folding chairs under the bed.

Zone Two-The Clothes Zone

The Clothes Zone will probably take the most time of any zone in your teen girl’s room to organize. Make sure you have time to complete this project in one session; it could take up to three hours to organize, depending on how numerous clothes your teen has. You will need storage boxes or bags and cleaning supplies.

I have created a process to help you get your teenage girl’s clothes organized. Here are my seven steps to Clothes Zone Heaven!

Step One: Take all of her clothes out of her closet and dresser drawers and create categorized piles.

Pile 1-This season’s clothes, shoes and accessories that you are wearing now. Keep only clothes that fit and that you like and use.

Pile 2-Out-of-season clothes, shoes and accessories that you are sure will fit next year and that you like and will continue to use/wear.

Pile 3-All clothes, shoes and accessories that are too small, you don’t like, are stained or are beyond repair. (Bag up items to pass on to a sibling or friend. Or, you might want to take usable items to a consignment store or charity. Throw away everything that’s in unusable condition!)

Step Two: Take out all games, memorabilia, toys and stuff. Decide what you will keep and what can be given away. Anything in poor repair or missing pieces should be thrown away.

Step Three: Clean the closets and drawers thoroughly while they are empty. Wipe down walls and shelves, and then vacuum the floor and cobwebs along the ceiling.

Step Four: Place this season’s clothes, shoes and accessories back into the closet or dresser drawers. Hang or fold all clothes neatly. Make sure that jackets are buttoned or zipped. Group clothes by category: pants; shirts; skirts; and dresses together. Hang belts on hooks or hangers. Consider a shoe organizer, if your teen-girl has lots of shoes.

Step Five: Place off-season clothes, shoes and accessories in a clear plastic material bin and store under the bed or in the attic. If your closet is big enough, you may store your office season clothes and other items in the back of your closet.

Step Six: Place all games, toys and memorabilia back in your closet on a shelf or easy to see place. If memorabilia is worth keeping, it is worth keeping well, so make sure that your teen has an appropriately sized box to store all items neatly. You will also want to take this time to help your daughter consider what items are truly worth saving and which things she might let go.

Step Seven: Now that all of your teen-girl’s clothing and other belongings are nicely organized you can very easily see what items she might need. Make a list and plan to purchase and replace needed items.

Now that you have completed the seven steps to Clothes Zone Heaven all your teen girl needs to do is maintain the new order. I have found that it goes well when my daughters take a few moments each week to make sure that they are keeping things stored properly. Remind your daughter to give you items that they try on and no longer fit or that become stained or otherwise un-wearable. Dealing with items as they fall out of use is easier than working through an entire closet. Also, encourage her to immediately put clothes away that she decides not to wear. It takes seconds to hang up one outfit. It can take 15 minutes or much more to sort through and put away a pile of clothes!

Finally, you will want to make plans to revisit the Clothes Zone each season to repeat all seven steps.

Zone Three-The Study Zone

Zone Three is actually a matter of preference. You need to consider where your daughter always does her homework. If she most frequently does her homework in her room, not really the kitchen table or sitting in the bonus room, then she needs a homework zone established in her room.

If she prefers sitting at desk, then have her sit down at her desk and think through all the supplies that she needs while she is working there. Ask her what she uses every day or weekly. When I am working with a client, I give items that receive ordinary use what I call prime actual estate. Anything not really related to the tasks your daughter does sitting at the desk, do not really get to stay there. Keepsakes and memorabilia must be “containerized” and stored elsewhere. If your daughter prefers to work sitting on her bed or the floor, maybe all she needs is a basket of supplies that she can pull out when she is working. Next, make sure her Homework Zone is nicely lighted and that she has a comfy chair.

You will also want to make sure that this zone is well supplied, include: a calendar, clean sheet protectors, notebooks, note pads, as nicely as pencils and pens with a carrying case.

Zoned Out

Now that you have worked through the three main zones of your daughter’s room, you will almost usually have items that don’t fit into any of the zones. You might place these in a bin and go through them to consider whether you will keep them. Here’s the test. Ask whether the item is used daily or weekly. If it is used that often, then it can stay.

With memorabilia and other items left, ask:

– Do you want to display the item– Should the item be stored or placed in a container to keep it in fine condition– Do you want to place the item in a scrapbook or photo album– Is there someone with whom you can share the item-

With collections ask:

– On a scale from one to ten, how much do you love this collection– Do you need the entire collection or only a couple of favorites– If the collection is important to you, are you keeping it well and where it can be enjoyed-If you both decide that a collection will be kept, assign it a shelf or container. When the space is full, attempt to purge the collection to make room for brand new items.

A final word of encouragement-if your daughter (or you!) struggle to