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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Areas

Smallmouth bass is a very popular species of fish for those who are bent on fishing. In short, smallmouth bass is a well known catch for fishermen. Many fishing circles regard smallmouth bass to be a species that is worth catching. Many tournaments are held for fishermen to compete in smallmouth bass fishing battle. Even though there is another kind of bass fish, which is largemouth bass, smallmouth bass is more popular since it can put more fight. Thus, it is regarded as more challenging. Most fishermen tend to migrate northward to fish for smallmouth bass since it is well known that the northern parts of states have many good lakes that can be a perfect habitat for smallmouth bass population. Northern states reek of colder air and water and they are perfect for smallmouth bass.

Areas like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and many parts of Canada have some of the best smallmouth bass in the country. One of the best areas for fishing smallmouth bass is Lake Erie. For one, it is known for its remarkable walleye fishery. However, a good fisherman might notice that it is also a good place for smallmouth bass fishing activity. There are many fishing charters in Ohio and they can guide you into going to the perfect spot for walleye and smallmouth bass fishing. Door County is also a place to consider. Located in Wisconsin and surrounded by Lake Michigan, intermediate smallmouth bass anglers should know that the location along the shorelines is rich with fish. If anyone experiences difficulty, they can always get the service of a fishing guide that can be found in the local area. The fish is known for the size and weight. If you can get a fish, it is guaranteed to be big.

Other smallmouth bass fishing areas are Lake St. Clair in Michigan, Lake of the Woods in Canada, Rainy Lake in Minnesota, and Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee. If you are a local inhabitant, you probably know good angling spots. If you are not, make sure you seek out helps from the locals or just hire a fishing guide to ease your activity.

Smallmouth bass fishing is not difficult, yet not that easy either. To catch more bass than other anglers, an experienced fisherman usually has some leeway. There are several tips if you plan on catching a smallmouth bass. The first is the place. To get a smallmouth bass means to know where the fish can be abundantly found. In other words, it is important to know where the best place for fish to gather is. The first place you want to check is the flowing water of a river or a stream. The second is to look for clear water where you can see a number of bass gather and swim together. The last is to look for the habitat like rivers and lakes. Try to get to know the temperature of the lake or the water. Smallmouth bass tend to gather in colder water and make their population there.

If you plan on smallmouth bass fishing in a river stream or moving waters, it is preferable to use gang hooks and live baits. The use of live baits, combined with a gang hook can make even a novice fisherman get huge catches. River streams and moving waters will make the live worms rigged on the set of gang hooks drift naturally. The current of the stream will make it more preferable for the fish to catch the bait. Smallmouth bass fishing will be even easier when you learn the way the moon affects the fish behavior. By knowing the natural behavior of fish, you will know what to do to get a catch. It is best to use realistic fishing lures since it will have a higher chance the fish will bite.

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Suggestions For Successful Bass Fishing

When it comes to fishing tips for bass, baiting the hook will either make or break you. There are some specific things to remember to make the most of of your day on the water.

Make sure that the hook you use is very sharp. Sharpen them yourself with a hook sharpener, or use new ones each time you go out. Hooks lose their sharpness as they troll along the water’s bed or when hitting objects in the water. As with any knife, your hooks should be as sharp as possible.

When dangling your bait, you want to aim to make it appear to the fish to be naturally placed there. A great method for accomplishing this is to use gang hooks. If you do not know anything about gang hooks, you really should educate yourself on them. They will allow you to present your bait in the most natural way you can.

Do not think that because you have a big hook means you will catch a big fish. A lot of people get this impression and they pick out a huge hook, bait it, and think they will land a huge fish. Gang hooks will take care of this problem and will allow you to use small hooks and get better results. A lot of the biggest fish have been snagged by very small hooks.

Many people make the mistake of not keeping their hands free of artificial scents. Fish can pick up on strange smells and will avoid bait tainted with it. The best way to eliminate foreign scents on your hands is to rub them with some nearby dirt. Not only will it throw off foreign smells, but will help coat the bait with scents from the nearby environment.

Use the suggestions here to have a more successful bass fishing outing. No matter if you are just going out with friends, or teaching your kids to fish, this advice will surely help.

You will notice remarkably better results if you follow the above advice on your next bass fishing trip.

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Three Tips For Bass Fishing With Worms

Bass fishing is one of the leading sports in the nation. All types of anglers seek out the bass. The young, old, novice and the professional alike all love bass fishing and why not? The bass is one of the most exciting species of fish there is. They grow to some amazing sizes and they can give you a fight that you won’t soon forget. This makes them a fun and exciting species for all anglers.

Every year millions of dollars are spent buying equipment designed especially for bass fishing. These include everything from bass boats to rods and reels to lures. There are so many different options available when it comes to bass tackle that it can even be a little overwhelming. In fact, there are more lures designed especially for bass fishing than for any other species of fish. If you don’t have a clue what to buy before you go shopping, you may find yourself in a difficult situation trying to figure out what to do.

Every angler has their own special bait that they enjoy using more than anything else but there is one certain bait that most all anglers will agree is fantastic and that would be worms. They are considered a great bait to use when fishing for bass. They are one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to reel in the bass. You can use live worms, dead worms and artificial worms all with some excellent results. There are even different types of worms such as blood worms, earthworms and grub worms to name a few.

Three tips for bass fishing with worms:

Always Clean Your Hands – This may sound a little silly to some people. Afterall, you are fishing so why is cleaning your hands important? It’s important because the bass can smell your scent on the worms you use (artificial or real) if you’re not careful. This is a strange scent to the bass and it will send them swimming in the opposite direction no matter how tasty the worm looks. Cleaning your hands for fishing doesn’t mean washing them with soap. It means getting rid of your scent.

You have two options for getting the scent off your hands. One is to wash your hands in the water in which you’re fishing and the other is to rub dirt on your hands before you bait the hook.

Gang Hooks are the Best – The hook plays a more important role than many people realize. When fishing with worms the best hooks to use are the gang hooks. This is because they give you the most natural way to present the worm making it more effective. It’s also important that you only use hooks that are sharp and in good shape.

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