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Eureka Tents: High Quality Camping Supplies

Eureka tents are vastly popular among ordinary campers and professional explorers not only for being made of high quality materials but also for the strong reputation of their manufacturer, a company which has been in the business of tents and awning production since the 1890s.

Eureka tents are categorized by the number of people they can accommodate, by the kind of season when they can be used or by their shapes and styles. In the shapes and styles category, models are available in dome, umbrella, A-frame and screen houses styles. Models that accommodate a single person are categorized under the solo camping tents while family camping tents are good for four people to nine. Backpacking tents, meanwhile, are available in multiple sizes that can accommodate two to four people.

Different season tents from Eureka can be two-season types, four-seasons or three-season tents. The two-season tents are generally inexpensive and are ideal for fair weather. The three season tents are the most popular offerings of the company and are strong enough to handle rain in seasons of spring, fall and summer but can only handle light snow. The four season products are heavier in construction and are designed to withstand wind and heavier snow. The four seasons are made of high quality fabrics and have more poles, total coverage flys and full vestibules.

One of the most popular three season models offered by the company is the Spitfire UL. This solo tent model is silicon-treated and weighs two lbs. The tent has a single hoop 8.84 mm DAC Featherlite frame, clips and post and grommet corner attachments. It features a single door and full panel mesh windows. The area measures 18 square feet and the center height is 3’4″.

In terms of the company’s family camping tent offerings, the Extended Stay model has the largest floor size. This tent has 14 poles with screen room and two sleeping areas. It has two doors, four windows and can accommodate eight people. The model weighs 45 lbs. and 1 oz. It has an area measurement of 266 square feet and a center height of 7’6″. It also features a 12.7 mm fiberglass and 19 mm cable corded self-supporting steel frame.

Eureka tents are offered in various designs, sizes and structures; but no matter what model a buyer chooses, he or she would be assured of a product worthy of every cent shelled out. provides you with information on tents and canopies like eureka tents, fargo tents, coleman tent trailers, canvas tents, party tent and tent trailers. Go to

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Enjoy Your Camping Under The Luxurious Bell Tents

Bell tents are a kind of temporary houses. They can be constructed in a small area whenever required in a very less time. These tents have been used since ages by travelers and armed forces.

For the people who often travel can carry a bell tent along with them. Staying in these luxurious tents makes people feel like they are staying at their own place. They can enjoy and have lots of fun with their families by resting in these tents. This gives a memorable camping experience for the people.

There are many bell tent online stores available where you can purchase the tent as per your requirement such as color, cost, style, occasion, etc. They serve the customers beyond their expectations. They answer all the queries of the customers in a friendly manner.

The different models of tents that are available in the online stores include Apple Green bell tent, coral red bell tent, pastel lilac bell tent, sandstone bell tent, sky blue bell tent, XL 7 Meter sandstone bell tent, etc. The prices of these tents are ranging from $ 419 to $ 849 and above. They do provide shipping facilities to your doorsteps at very low cost. These tents are purely made of cotton material.

Construction of tents

Temporary shelters (bell tent) are very easy to construct and take down; people need not face any difficulties to construct these types of temporary shelters. You need to drape this cotton cloth from a central pole tightly. This will stand tight and stiff with the help of guy ropes. It creates pleasant and wonderful ambience in and around your vicinity.

These tents are available in two different sizes such as 4 meters and 5 meters. The 4m tents are chosen by couples and in this around four to five people can sleep without any issues. The 5m tents are chosen by big families and groups. This is provided with zipped windows and mosquito netting. The people can have a wonderful sleep in any area and additionally they protect you against mosquitoes, flies and insects.

This is easy to carry to any place since it is provided with a cotton canvas carry bag with strong shoulder straps. You can hold it comfortably on your shoulders. The guy ropes provided along with these tents helps you to construct the tent rigidly. The tent is totally spring loaded with metal tent poles.

There are many bell tent suppliers who supply the tent that are unique, simple, durable, traditionally designed, comfortable, fully waterproofed. These are available in different gorgeous and appealing colors as per your occasion. People can happily spend a night under these tents in their tour. These tents have great value in the marketplace due to its quality, durability and of its exact specifications. They provide these tents in the form of a kit which includes seam sealant, spare guy ropes, pegs, replacement spring, instruction book, etc.

Advantages of these tents

These tents are luxurious which makes people feel like they are staying in a hotel suite. They provide ample space and people can happily stand straight in these tents, totally the roof of the tent is higher than a person’s maximum height. The main and attractive feature of the tent that makes everyone to prefer it is, these come with a zipped in ground sheet, which allows the people to roll up and down the sides similar to that of windows. People can roll up if they want to enjoy the breeze and view of the hot balmy summer and roll down during night time. People can even construct these tents near the beach to enjoy the sea view.

Enjoy your camping, summer garden parties, festive parties under the shades of these luxurious tents from Boutique Camping. These tents are especially suitable when you visit the places or forest areas where there is no availability of hotels or other accommodation. It is cheaper, spacious and totally gives wonderful experience and makes your trip joyful.

The author of this article has an extensive experience of Traveling and Traveling equipments. Bell Tent, especially in the field of Bell Tents & Family Tent.

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Headed Into the Wild? Don’t Forget Your Bear Grylls Tent!

Avid wilderness explorers and novice adventurers alike love Bear Grylls tents and other outdoor and camping gear , and with good reason. Bear Grylls products are built tough enough to take on most any adventure and durable enough to last for years.

In fact, Bear Grylls tents and other products are tested by Bear himself, usually along with some of his favorite people. These products are taken on various adventures around the world to prove that they work. Most of the time, there’s even a video of Bear and his team taking the new products out for a “test drive.”

Tent Options

There are a few options for Bear Grylls tents. These are built of high quality materials and are just about the best you can find for the price. Each tent is designed for Spring, Summer, and Fall use. If you are in the market for a durable but affordable tent, consider one of these:

One Person Tent

Ideal for backpacking or solo adventures, the Bear Grylls 1 Person Tent is perfect for one person. It weighs a mere five pounds, and measures about 3.5 feet wide and just over eight feet long. It comes with a rainfly and footprint, along with other fancy features like noiseless zipper pulls.
The price runs about $ 100.

Two Person Tent

This eight-pound tent does wonders for a couple of campers. It is light enough for a long hike, and large enough for campers to sleep comfortably. A rainfly is also included with this tent, and it’s got an inside gear loft for extra storage. That’s perfect if it happens to be raining and you have to have your gear inside with you.

The price runs about $ 100.

Four Person Tent
The Bear Grylls Rapid Series 4P Tent is 7′ x 10′, making it spacious enough for a few campers. At 14 pounds, this 4-person tent isn’t ideal for backpacking or hiking, but it is great for camping trips when you don’t have to hike far to get to the campsite.

Price runs about $ 119.

Six Person Tent

The 162″ x 82″ Rapid Series 6P Tent is designed for larger groups. It can fit up to six sleepers, and has the same easy up design as the other Bear Grylls tents. Inside storage space and breathable ventilation make it more comfortable for sleepers.

Price runs about $ 150.

Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect tent for an upcoming backpacking trip or you need somewhere for your family to sleep on a weekend outing in the forest, consider Bear Grylls tents. They are inexpensive, durable, and just about the best quality for their price range.

Bear Grylls Tents
2770 W. Main Street #264
Frisco TX 75033
(888) 581-7776 Find out why Bear Grylls tents are perfect for your next outdoor expedition! No matter what size you need we’ve got something to fit!

Cool Camping Tents: How To Buy The Best North Face Solo Tents

For a dependable and enjoyable outdoor tents, North Face or “The North Face” is one to beat. They produce innovative outdoor accessories such as thermal jackets, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents and products like tent stakes, mule fur slipper, protected boot and more. Using only top standard materials and integrating the latest technology available today, they generate product after product of superior quality and performance tents.

The actual features built into each product are based on many years of actual experiences encountered and necessities while venturing into the unknown. Like for instance: they produce a thermal jacket that not only very relaxing to wear but also fitted with a water repellant fabric material that will keep you warm and free of moisture the whole day. They have a huge variety of tents with different sizes and variations. Choose from compact, 2 person one pole tents to 3, 4, 6, 8 person multiple poles and large dome tents. These tents are screened and verified to stand up to high wind gusts and even the coldest climate conditions.

When you require an all around tent which you can bring just about anyplace and can quickly be folded and fits quickly in your backpack or small areas like canoes and motorcycle carriage the North Face Hiking Tent is ideal for you. Utilizing a light material allows you transport it easy without compromising toughness and performance. The single pole style that can be folded into a compact unit is perfect for an experienced hiker and diehard backpackers who treasure the beauty of nature and really enjoy discovering the wilderness.

Based on the product, some of the exclusive qualities of North Face Tents include: a lighter design reducing unnecessary pole lowering the overall weight considerably without compromising platform stability. A properly thought vents technique that enables it to function with the wind rather than being knocked around. The exact same Polyurethane material that is used in high pressure pneumatic hose is used in the window that enables you to access and check the environment safely without compromising the warmth inside the tent.

The handy internal and overhead pockets are located in strategic areas for holding and easy access of stocks and loads of gear loops for holding and drying. Sturdy material in various parts is used like Kevlar which is very lightweight with the toughness of steel. It is the exact same material employed in bulletproof vest. These are only few of the several capabilities that make it superior to some other models. If you need extra tips regarding particular product or if you need to find out the most recent advancement on The North Face products, try to visit their website at You can also see there the nearest shops to your area by typing in your location.

Working in severe cold weather conditions can be really dangerous without having proper gears. It may contribute to a life threatening situation if one of your equipment breaks down due to very poor workmanship and wrong selection of materials. Not to mention the expensive high-tech gadget you brought together with you. Protection for you and your crew and also your equipments depends on the tent you choose.

Having a long time of study and producing outdoor sportswear and gears North Face has improved the method of building tents and already gained its reputation. So why risk it and settle for anything less using cheap tents when you can make investments for a more reliable and superior performance The North Face Tents.

For additional details about the various types of North Face Tents and other types of outdoor camping tents simply click on the underlined links and get the cheapest deals.

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Family Camping – Tents To House Your Whole Family

Though camping is not for every person, there are scores people that like spending a weekend elsewhere in the wilderness. Several don’t go that far, but like to find an organized camp ground to camp for several days or even some weeks.

Some families prefer to hire a camper van equipped with all the modern facilities while others like to rough it out in an actual tent. If you’re thinking about the latter, and are considering purchasing a tent for the next family outing, this guide is perfect for you.

These days, family tents are built incredibly well and can house more than three or four people. The old days where everybody had to squeeze together just to sleep are a thing of the past. The type of tents today are so big and spacious that they feel just like a second home, because they are seriously that comfortable.

There are many sizes in the ‘family tent’ category, all the way from three-person tents to huge circus-type tents that can fit up to 12 people. The idea is to pick one which has room enough to accommodate a family of five (on average there are 4 members per family), so that everyone has enough room to move about and stretch out a little.

Family camping tents must also afford some privacy. Though people could take turns to change clothes in the tent, the good ones are the ones that encompass several rooms . They are not noise-proof, obviously, however they could allow someone to change while others are napping in the core section of the tent.

For larger family tents like the twelve-person tent, the addition of multiple rooms means that 2 families may go on a trip together. They also allow people to go in and out of the tent without interrupting the sleep of others.

Some do not like the cost that is associated with some of these larger family camping tents. Although, if you’re going to live in in a place for some days or a few weeks, you’ll appreciate something that is as good as you can afford. That’ll make everybody happy and will also mean that everybody will like camping even more.

If you are going to spend big on a camping tent, you might as well get a brand of tent that’s not only reliable but has the added features for comfort as well. Quality tents these days all come with several windows for ventilation as well as a floor bath to prevent water from leaking into the tent in the event that you encounter heavy rainfall.

Want camping equipment? You might find it useful to have a look at this article about four season tents at this camping tents blog site.

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How To Choose a Family Tent for Car Camping

Car camping means that you’re using a car, van, bus or anything similar to get to the campsite. It’s a good way to camp especially if you’re taking children with you. Before you go camping you first need to have a family camping tent.

To choose a family tent you first need to know the season or time of the year you’re planning to go camping and what the conditions are. Most family tents are three season tents which do well in mild weather in spring, summer and fall but may not be suitable in winter.

If you’re like most people who camp in the three seasons other than winter, then a 3 season tent would definitely be good enough. If instead you like to camp in winter or would like to try camping in winter, a 3 season tent might still keep you warm and dry but if you don’t want to risk it then go for 4 season tents or a convertible tent.

A convertible tent can be converted from a 4-season tent to a 3-season tent and vice versa. They’re heavier than 3-season tents but lighter than 4-season tents. They have removable parts that you can leave at home when it’s warm to reduce the weight.

The next step to choosing a family tent is to decide on how many people will sleep in the tent. You can use the person rating as a guideline but be aware that those ratings are meant for adult corpses rather than people. We recommend that you choose a tent that has a rating of two more people than you expect to sleep in it.

Then you want to consider the features of the tent. A vestibule is useful for storing wet and dirty gear. In bad weather and with good ventilation you can even use your camp stove to cook inside a vestibule. Room dividers are great for sleeping your children separately if you want to. Consider other features as well that make the tent more convenient for the family.

Ventilation is not only important in the vestibule if you intend to cook in it but it’s also important for the whole tent. It will help you keep cool and comfortable in hot weather and prevents condensation to keep you dry in cold weather. A rainfly and mesh windows can really help with ventilation.

You can now decide on the style of family tent. Family tents are mainly either cabin tents or dome tents. Cabin tents have more headroom than dome tents but dome tents have a stronger structure and sheds rain and wind better.

Ease is of set up is a good thing to consider when choosing a family tent. It used to be that dome tents are easier to set up than cabin tents but now there are cabin tents that can be easily set up in less than a minute. If the tent is easy to set up, you have more time to enjoy with your family.

Jonsky Sicuna is a writer for A cabin tent is a very popular family camping tent.

Learn How to Pick the Right Single Person Tent

There are many people who enjoy camping. There are as many reasons why people choose to camp. For most of those people camping means tents. There are tents that will hold up to a dozen people, but those are big and heavy, and aren’t practical for most people. There are people who like to camp by themselves or hike in the wilderness and need some kind of shelter. A single person tent gives those people what they need.

But picking out the right solo tent isn’t as easy as walking into a store and grabbing the first tent a person sees. There are several things that go into making a tent the right choice.

The first thing to think about is when the person is going to go camping. Tents come in different ratings. These rating describe what seasons the tent is good for. They come in 1 season, 3 season and 4 season. The lighter the material the tent is made of the fewer the seasons the tent is good for. If the person is only planning on camping in good weather during the summer then they can get away with just a lightweight 1 season tent. But, unless the person is an avid winter camper, a 3 season tent is the best choice to go.

The reason that a 3 season single person tent is the best choice is because it offers quite a bit of flexibility. The camper doesn’t have to worry about inclement weather because the tent is sturdier. It also lets the person start camping earlier and stop camping later. The difference in weight from a 1 season to a 3 season tent is very small. The only people need to buy a 4 season tent is if they like to camp in wintertime.

Another thing to think about is how much space the person needs in their solo tent. Some of the tents are just big enough for a person in a sleeping back to fit in. There isn’t much room for gear, and it’s not tall enough for a person to stand in, and it might be difficult for a person to sit up in without hitting their heads. Other tents include a vestibule that allows the camper to store their gear outside and still have it stay dry. Those tents also tend to be a little higher, so a person can sit up comfortably. Some may even be tall enough for a person to stand up in, at least hunched over.

Cost is another thing to think about when choosing a tent. While there are tents in a variety of price ranges a person should get the best tent they can afford. Generally the more expensive a solo tent is the better the quality it is and the longer it will last. So it will serve a person well to buy the best tent that they can.

Picking the right single person tent is important. Keeping just a few things in mind can make it much easier to get the right tent.

We have the quality single person tent you need!

Select The Right Size Camping Tent For Your Next Weekend Camp-out

Camping is a wonderful way to get outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle of normal, everyday life. Getting back to the elements by camping can give you peace of mind, and help to wash away all of your mental anxieties. Many enthusiasts make a plan to go camping yearly to rid themselves of the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

The most common piece of equipment for camping is the tent. A tent is a basic structure for enclosure to block out weather, animals, and flies while you are sleeping in the woods. The kind of tent one will need varies on the area you wish to camp in. Tents are specifically constructed for different locations, and specific to certain activities. A camping tent is the essential shelter for people who go hiking, biking, and fishing. Tents can be small enough for one person to lug or so large that they have to have more than one person to carry through the woods.

It can be confusing to pick a tent out because there are so many kinds. Usually, the capacity of a tent is determined by the number of people that can be in there. The most common kinds of tents are:

* Ridge Tents – This is the oldest type of tent in existence. Like the name, there are a couple of ridges on both sides that slope down all the way to the ground. These are easily the most simplest to erect. They typically hold 1-3 people and are very easy carry. They are erected with two poles on both sides and a rope in the middle to keep it upright.

* Frame Tent – This kind is the hugest of tents used for larger groups of people and families. These tents are erected with a bunch of crisscross poles that pop up the tent and secure it in place. The tent fabric is then laid on the crisscrossed poles to create the shelter. Then, stakes and ropes are added to further fortify the structure.

* Dome Tents – This type of tent is the most common in stores. As in the name, these tents have a dome on the top that helps water to drain down; the dome provide the slope for things to easily slope off of of the fabric so the tent is not broken. These tents are low in clearance so you usually can’t walk around inside. But, dome tents are very compact and fast to build.

Before heading out the door to go camping, you should make sure you are prepared. Lacking the right equipment can lead to a horrible time out there in nature. Furthermore, not having adequate can be dangerous to you if you are in places of high terrain, or, places with a lot of wildlife. Furthermore, you have to plan for how many people will need sleeping areas. Tents are usually labeled with how many people can fit comfortably and it is essential to get one with enough room. Camping is supposed to be fun – make sure you are prepared to make sure you have the best time possible.

Jim Samposzi is an independent journalist with over fifteen years of writing experience. Jim is presently employed as a gazetteer with our b2b site and has become the resident expert on camping equipment. Be sure to visit our useful website for additional information on Camping Tents and 2 Person Camping Tents.

How To Choose a Dome Tent

A dome tent is a popular family tent for many reasons. They have a lot of interior space, they’re easy to set up and take down, they have lot of headroom and they’re lighter than most frame tents. The dome tent is also widely used in music festivals during the summer.

Because they’re freestanding stands they can be blown away by the wind if not staked properly. Some dome tents can’t be staked and depend on the weight inside it and its own weight to keep it down.

To choose a dome tent, first decide on how many people will sleep in it then add one or two to the person rating. For example if 3 people are going to sleep in the tent, choose a 4 person tent or a 5 person tent. This will give you enough space for you to sleep comfortably.

Next you decide on the tent rating. In most cases, you’ll only need a 3-season tent. Although 3-season tents are not meant for winter use, many users report that they have no problems using 3-season tents in winter. A 4-season tent is a lot heavier than 3-season tents.

Weight is something that you should seriously consider if you’re going to use the tent for backpacking. You’re likely to enjoy less if you have too much to carry. Weight is not much of an issue if you’re just base camping.

Packed size is also an important consideration when backpacking since you have a limited space inside your backpack. A dome may look small when pitched but they may pack quite large so be sure you know how small the tent actually is when packed.

Ventilation is a big issue with dome tents because of the geometric design. As a result, moisture tends to gather at the top of the dome. A single wall tent is more likely to have a problem with condensation than double-wall tents because in theory, air can circulate between the two walls. The humidity and temperature of the outside air significantly increases the risk of condensation.

The dome tent you choose should also be easy to set up. Some dome tents use a clip system for the poles which makes it really easy to set up. Traditionally, you’d have to run the poles through the sleeves of the tent and in many dome tents you still have to. Dome tents using the sleeve system have a stronger structure.

A less obvious consideration when choosing dome tents is color. In some places, it is required that a tent be “invisible” and some require your tent to be highly visible for safety purposes. Color also affects how much the tent absorbs the sun’s heat. A dark colored tent can get quite warm inside when exposed to the sun.

Jonsky Sicuna is a writer for A large family dome tent can be a lot more expensive than backpacking dome tents.

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Camping Tents – 4 Pointers To Purchase A Camping Tent!

Gone are the days when you need to be an experienced person to set up the pole and staking to install a camp. Such camps were made up of canvas and were heavy in weight . Nowadays, you would be surprised to see the type of tents available in the market nowadays. Tents of various sizes and shapes are readily available in stores.

Whether you are a single person looking for a tent to accomodate your sleeping bag and resembles to a miniature tent like cocoon or you are travelling with your family and require a large room like tent, present day tents have everything to offer to you. However, the type of camping tent you need depends on your plan of camping.

If you are planning to purchase a camping tent for yourself or your family or friends then you need to consider the following points:

1) Where you are about to camp- It is very important that you consider when and where would you camp. You need to purchase a tent that can withstand the season you would be camping. For example, a tent designed to bear rain may not prove to be useful in winter conditions. You can also opt for four season tents that can withstand wind and cold, are more durable to be used in severe winter conditions. Other types of tents available are three season tents that are not sustainable to cold weather. The best way to understand about the quality and capability of a tent is to read the product description in the manufacturer manual.

2) Secondly, you need to consider the size for your camping tent and the type of features you require the most. You can consider using a bivouac camping tent if you are alone or is travelling with whom you can easily share your tent. This bivouac type tent is very light in weight and you can carry only one instead of two in such a scenario. Moreover, it creates a sheath few inches away all around your sleeping bag providing extra protection for you and your beloved.

3) Some people prefer their tent to have more elbow room. For such people, there are various types of traditional tents available in various sizes that range from tents that can accomodate a single person to tents that are like a room and complete family can sleep in one tent. Nowadays, most of the smaller or medium tents are pop-up tents that unfold themselves in their assembled shape. This makes the task of setting up tent an easy task. You would require more assembly if you select a larger tent.

4) For camp lovers, not only size or features but design, colors and material used in tent are of significant importance. Some like their tents to have rooms within tent for privacy whereas others like to have some windows or skylights in their tent. Therefore, our stores are loaded with such trendy and basic tents to suit every need and requirement. Different tents with various features are available for varying prices depending on their capability.

Abhishek is a Camping freak! Visit his website and download his FREE Camping Report “Camping With The Family: How To Have A Safe, Fun, And Inexpensive Vacation” and learn some amazing Camping tips and tricks for FREE. Learn how to have the perfect vacation on a shoe-string budget. But hurry, only limited Free copies available !

Prepare for Spring Camping Season with the Bear Grylls Rapid Series 6P Tent

The world is defrosting and Spring is on its way. That means now is the perfect time to prepare your arsenal of camping and outdoor supplies – so the moment winter is officially over, you can run out and go camping. If you find yourself in need of a larger tent this camping season, consider the Bear Grylls Rapid Series 6P Tent or another one of Bear Grylls tents.

Here are some details about the Rapid Series 6-Person Tent:

* Easy-Up design
* Dimensions: 162″ x 82″
* Height: 55″
* Weight: 15 pounds
* Mesh material for ventilation
* Inside mesh pockets
* Rainfly
* Carry bag included

This is the perfect tent for larger groups. So if you plan to head into the woods with a group of friends or roommates, it is perfect. It is also ideal for a small family who wants to stay together in one tent. If you are packing gear inside the tent (if it’s raining or something), you may only be able to fit about four people inside. It all depends on how much gear you have and the size of the people in your group.

Buying Options
If you buy the Bear Grylls 6-person tent, get it here on We offer package deals that can save you a ton of money. For example, right now you can score the 6-person tent along with a sleeping bag for $ 135. Or you can go for the Premium Family Bundle and get this tent with three sleeping bags for just under $ 200. You won’t find Bear Grylls tents and other gear for this price anywhere else.

Other Bear Grylls Gear
If you are going solo or with a smaller group, consider the smaller Bear Grylls tents. There are also 2-person and 4-person tents that are similar to the Rapid Series 6P tent, but smaller. They are also made of similar durable materials. They include rain flies, inside pockets for storage, and other handy features.

If you aren’t in the market for a tent but need sleeping bags, camping backpacks or dishes, Bear Grylls products can get you there. From sleeping pads to on-the-go camping coffee mugs, this guy has it all. And it is seriously affordably priced considering the quality of his gear. Shop and you can absolutely find what you need, and you can probably buy it and get some extras in a bundle package!

Before you set out on your next outdoor rendezvous, make sure you are prepared with one of Bear Grylls tents and maybe a sleeping bag and some other gear. The gear that bears this famous outdoorsman’s name is high quality without a ridiculous price tag. It is all wilderness tested and made with durable materials. Find great deals on Bear Grylls tents here at! You can’t find a better deal out there.

Taking Care of Camping Tents

Along with sleeping bags , camping tents are standard equipment for campers. In fact, almost no camper would go out without a tent.

Camping tents are portable shelters small enough to be folded or rolled and carried by one person. Tents consist of a sheet of fabric of similar material draped over or attached to a frame of poles. Modern tents have durable waterproof fabrics and foldable aluminum poles.

Camping tents vary in size. There are those that are large enough to sleep one person. Others are quite large and can sleep a whole family. Modern camping tents can be pitched in five to ten minutes.

Although camping tents are designed to be tough, rugged, and durable to stand against nature’s elements, they are not maintenance-free. Camping tents will last as long as their owners take care of them. Maintaining the quality of camping tents is essential; a tent is usually the only thing that stands between a camper and survival.

Here are some tips on how to take care of camping tents.

1) Camping tents should be waterproofed. Most tent manufacturers indicate that their tents are waterproof, and all the seals and stitches are sealed. However, it would be better if you double-seal them for additional safety. Expert outdoorsmen recommend contacting the manufacturer and use the seam sealer the company is using to reseal the seals.

2) Bring extra parts when camping. Bringing along extra zippers, duct tape, fabric, and other materials will help you make field repairs. Remember that the longer it takes to repair the damage, the greater the damage will become.

3) Practice setting up the tent. By practicing how to set up your camping tent, you will have a lesser chance of ripping, bending, or breaking parts of the tent. It will also allow you to set up the tent quickly.

4) Bring the correct states and use them. Stakes help secure the tent to the ground. If you are camping in good weather and on firm ground, then regular stakes are adequate. If you are setting up in loose soil, or if the weather is windy, then sturdier stakes are required. Make sure that the correct tension is applied to the stakes.

5) Avoid setting up camping tents in direct sunlight. Even if camping tents are advertised as all-weather, they take damage from direct exposure from the sun. UV light from direct sunlight weakens and deteriorates the fabric of the tents. Therefore it is best to set up tents in the shade.

6) Use ground cover. Before setting up a camping tent, it is recommended that a tent footprint or tarp be placed on the ground where the tent is pitched. This protects the floor of the tent from dirt, rocks, twigs, and other objects that can rip the tent’s base. It also helps keep the water on the ground out of the tent.

7) Ventilate the tent properly. Moisture can accumulate inside a tent. Opening a window or a flap will keep the inside of the tent from condensing.

8) After each use, thoroughly clean and dry the tent. This prolongs tent life.

Remember that camping tents are like fine wine; with proper care, they improve with age.

For more tips and information about Camping Tents , check out