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The Largest Type of Fishing Lure for Sale in Australia

Fishing lure may be found critical when some talking about fishing. Sometimes people get the largest types of bait in order to get the attention. We know fish has their own world. Lures have been used for many years. In ancient time, lures were made with bone and hooks but now the technique has been changed and the modern arrays of models are available to the fisherman. In the early 20th century, the United States was the first country who developed modern fishing lure. Since then products have exponentially expanded.

In order to understand why some fishing lures work while others not, a little information is required about how fish are attracted to their food. Fish find their food in two ways by sound and by sight. When choosing the lure, a first thing is needed to get the fish’s attention because the lure is easy to see or it has some sound which is helpful to attract the fish. Soft Plastic Lure is amazingly realistic because they feel like real food. They are available in many shapes that conceive an item of fish diet. With antennae, legs, fins, and other features, they look like an original. They have come in a wide range of hardness. Some has soft jelly like texture but these are not beneficial for longer use. The cheap plastic lure is made with firm material but always prefer to buy which has intermediate hardness. One biggest benefit of Soft Plastic Lure is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

To catch the large and small mouth bass, Bass Lure is used. Both bass species has been used for the fishing lure the difference is the lure size. Small mouth bass and large-mouth bass both have belonged to the black bass family. These types of fish can be easily caught. The jitterbug, spinner baits, the kick tail minnow, plastic worms and grubs are some of the popular Bass Lure which has been used by fisherman @

Flathead Lure is the other species of fish. A long slender body with a flat head give it’s a Flathead name. These fish have a sense of water. In bay areas, these fish assembled in along the edges of the channel. Large Flathead can leave a signature which gives an opportunity of picking areas for fishing. These fishes are seen in flowing water such as rivers, lakes, ponds. Flathead Lure lives in deep water which is a comfortable place to hide.

A group of fish species that can live in both salt water and fresh water, or a single fish that can live in both ways is a type of bream. Bream Lure is a fish which has a spherical shape, small to medium sized fins, pectorals, and short snout. This fishing style has lead to healthy tournament with a great explosion. A soft body worm is a good choice for Texas rigging because vennon hooks points can be easily penetrate. Hook has a sharpened end point. Many different types and sharpening techniques are used in fishing vennon hooks.

In today’s’ trend, Fishing Forum is a place where anglers can talk and discuss about some fishing topic. Some online forums have contained fishing subjects and sub topics which can be addressed and discussed by anglers. Fishing photo galleries is the vital topic of online forums where fishermen can share a photo of their catch fish. Fishing Forum is a vital topic where anglers exchange their information, share an experience, and guide the other people. Just join them and share the fishing catch experience.

Early morning and early evening hours are the productive way of fishing. A bucket serves for keeping the catch fishes. Bait is important to lure the fish. Fishing equipments must be plenty with rods, strings, and vennon hooks.

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Fishing Lure and Forum, Soft Plastic, Bream and Bass Information in Australia

A fishing life changes and everyday offers the promise of a new experience. To the dedicated angler, fishing is not sport or recreation. It is discipline, serious and ever changing. Sure, there are basic rules to follow, but understanding and developing the necessary skills isn’t dependent on strict adherence to convention. Fish are moving feast, a shimmering smorgasbord of life trying to eat in a harsh environment that is both different and the same.

The madeye lures was made from a flat, rather thick piece of brass sheet metal and then formed and stamped in to the shape of a special kind of minnow. It’s made to simulate a member from a group of minnows that would dart about and make a series of rapid wiggling motions and then settle down to the bottom of the stream or body of water they inhabited. Folded-Up sides forming a semi-hollow body channel that flared out to a 1-3/8″ width at the eyes and then narrowed again to the nose. From a top view, it had the shape of a swimming seal and from a side view, a bird-like head. The madeye lure were made by stamping or pressing from the inside, out, forming a convex iris painted yellow and a concave center pupil painted black. A ring-rivet held a circular-shaped dive lip on the nose that was concaved towards the front and then bent straight down. Two tabs were pressed outward from the inside to form the loops for both the belly and tail treble vennon hooks. The lure is pictured with the patent, along with two separate pictures of the lure from both belly and side views.

Light tackle is necessary to cast the very light lures that work best. No bait is needed. Small spinners, plugs or soft plastic lure are the most productive lures. Go with a small, pocket sized plastic box filled with hooks, small jigs, tiny Slug-Go’s and Fin-S Fish. Rig the Slug-Go with a size 1 Texposer Hook, exposed for shallows and riffles and use a 2.5 inch Fin-S fish on a 1/16 or 1/32 ounce jig head for fishing the deeper pools, which may only be 2 to 5 feet deep. If possible, bring two rods, rigged with different set ups. Bring along a pail to keep the soft plastic lure box and spare rod out of the dirt. By making quick switches from sinking to shallow, running lures you can cover pools and riffles efficiently and without constantly tying or untying knots. They kill the action of the light lures required in these environments.

If you want a serious light tackle challenge then try bream fishing. It isn’t like any other form of angling, just ask a bream lure specialist. Cunning, finicky, contrary and great battlers, it is for all of these attributes that bream rate so highly among southern anglers. Southern black bream lure is the mainstay of estuary fishing in Victoria. In New South Wales, yellow-fin bream is the popular species, and as you work up the coast, you find other members of the bream family like pikey bream. All the bream lure are similar but different. (For Exp: – Even though both black and yellow-fin bream fight well, the black bream is more difficult to catch and less likely to be caught on lure or fly).

There’s something mystical about bass lure. Deep within every angler springs the eternal hope that his next lure will slay bass like nothing before. We snap up the latest creations that hit the market, or whatever the pros have the used in winning recent tournaments, or perhaps something a fishing buddy has whispered to us. Fiddling with new lures is part of the fun of bass lure fishing, but it’s easy to let things get out of hand.

The Fishing Forum Soft Plastics and Bream, Bass, Flathead, Lures for sale in Australia, get the more information about fishing @

The bar-tail flathead lure is a common species in Western Australian estuaries. It is curiously very common in the Swan River at the southern end of its range and can be readily identified by the tail fin which has black and white horizontal stripes on the tail with a yellow blotch at the top of the fin. The similar northern sand flathead which grows to 45 cm has similar tail colorations but no yellow blotch. The bar-tail flathead lure is found on sand, gravel, light rock and silt bottoms and is reported as reaching 1m in length, but in the Swan estuary where it is particularly targeted, any fish above 55 cm is noteworthy and most fish are between 30 and 45 centimeters.

In addition to commercial rights, the settlement provided for rights which were to be further articulated, such as in the development of polices and regulations to provide for customary non-commercial fishing forum. Stemming from obligation, regulations were developed to strengthen some of the Tanagra whoa fisheries management rights for customary fishing forum in a way that best fits their local practices.

When fishing soft plastics rigged Texas-style, use a medium to heavy power bait-casting outfit with 10-12 pound line. You need a fairly stiff rod to drive the vennon hooks through the soft plastic and into the fish’s mouth. A medium-power spinning outfit with 6 to 8 pound line works better when using fishing soft plastics with exposed vennon hooks.

The number of individuals that are interested in collecting vintage fishing lures for sale is steadly growing and expanding to all countries where fishing is a well-loved hobby and sport. Collecting, trading and selling vintage fishing lures for sale is a popular hobby in the United States, Japan, Canada, UK, and South America and in the Scandinavian countries to name just a few areas of interest.

Fishing is an evolutionary rather than revolutionary activity. While technology has come into play with new lines and space age rod materials the basic pursuit remains the same, getting a fish on the end of the line.

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Designing and Distributing for FIshing

Welcome to Lure HQ !

Lure HQ, designing and distributing Madeye Lures and Vennon Hooks.

Lure Hq aims to deliver and distribute the most effective lure products that are designed for Australian Species.

All Madeye Lures have gone through hundreds of hours of design, testing and alterations to create a complete range of lures that catch Australian species.

Whether its Bream, Barra, Bass, Flathead or Snapper, Madeye Lures has you covered.

And when it comes time to choose an appropriate hook or jig head, you can be sure there is a ultra sharp Vennon Hook up to the task.

Madeye Lures catch fish………….its that simple.

Why ? Every Madeye has been painstakingly designed and tested for Australian Species. Months and even years are spent perfecting the ultimate lure.

Madye Lures are all about “ACTION”. Whether is the super thin ail of a Flick Stick, or the vibrating legs on the Mad Crab, Madeye Lures will dart more, wriggle more and flutter more than other lures on the market.

Bream, bass, barra, flathead or Snapper, There is a Madeye soft plastic ready for the job.

Australian Designed and Owned

Sourced from the highest quality steel and chemically sharpened using the latest technologies, Vennon hooks won’t let you down.

Vennon Mini Assist Hooks are the perfect choice for Blade fishing lures. The twin assist hooks are less likely to get snagged and are also harder for fish to throw, once hooked.

More and more anglers are fitting them to top water lures as the fish will “slurp” down the hooks thinking they are a prawns feelers. These especially work great for whiting on top water.

The rubber skirts and tentacles provide even more fish attractants and can help slow the sink rate of any lure.

In early times, fishing lures were made from bone or bronze. Before this time most fishing lures were made by individual craftsman. Commercial-made lures were based on the same ideas that the individual craftsmen were making but on a larger scale.

Write to more information about fishing, there are many types of fishing lures.

Lure uses movement, vibration, flash and color to bait fish. Some Lures are attached to the end of a fishing line and have various styles of hooks attached to the body.

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