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All About Fishing Hooks

Fishing is one of the most loved pass times by a massive amount of people across the globe. A lot of people have also involved themselves in the art of fishing in order to make a living. And for doing so, numerous sorts of tools are used, such as hooks, nets, boats, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the functions of the most important part in catching fish: the hook.

The hook is shaped just like a ‘hook’, hence the name. A hook is divided into various parts, such as:

– The eye. is the part that attaches the hook to the line.

– The Shank. This is significantly the straight portion of a hook that is joined to the eye (though designs vary and it always does not have to be straight).

– Bend. This is what makes the hook.

– Point.

– The barb. This is found on some hooks and works with the point to grab the fish.

Fishing hooks have been around for centuries. According to records, history suggests people used fish hooks even back in 7000BC. Through the years, the materials and elements have changed. Many different materials, such as wood and stone, have been used to make hooks, and some places still uses these non-metal hooks. Steel and metal hooks became popular after the sixteenth century.

The Treble Hook

There are three different types of hooks. The single hook, the double hook and the treble hook.

Most fishermen use the treble hook for fly fishing. A treble hook is clothed in feathers of a variety of colors to resemble lures and insects. The most noticeable function of the treble hook is the grip that it takes on a fish. Fishermen use the treble hook for lures.

Lures are available in numerous types such as bobbed – These give the illusion of swimming upside and downwards, whereas some sorts of lures are designed to go all the way down to the floor and collide with the sand in order to give the fish the illusion of activity. However, irrespective of what sort of lure you use, it is best advised to use a treble hook in order to ensure that the fish does not escape you.

The only disadvantage of a treble hook may be the fact that it damages the fish you capture, to some extent. Therefore, just in case you fish for sport or fun and that you intend to let go of the fish after capturing it… then it is not advisable to use a treble hook. Because the fish struggles once it is captured and in consequence, its mouth is bound to be damaged significantly. However, if you want to capture a fish – using a treble hook gets your job done.

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