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How to Host a Great Children’s Playdate Outdoors

People across America are rejoicing with the beginning of Spring, but for millions of stay at home parents, warm weather and the end of the school year means days to fill with activities. If you’re looking for great outdoor playdate ideas, look no further. Instead of spending days inside, cooped up in front of the television, grab some friends and enjoy the outdoors by playing on bounce and jump houses, swinging on swing sets, camping out with sleeping bags and picnicking in the park!

Jump Around with Bounce and Jump Houses
Many people rent bounce and jump houses for birthday parties, but there’s no reason they have to be limited to party time. Bounce and jump houses are a great outdoor activity for kids of all ages because the children are easily entertained with just the house. For a little extra fun, add some soft, squishy balls and encourage children to throw and catch the balls while in the bounce or jump houses. Or, let children create their own games with other soft toys or just jump the afternoon away.

Outdoor Fun with Swing Sets and Backyard Playsets
If the neighborhood park is a little far away, consider adding one of many available swing sets to your yard. Swing sets have come a long way in the recent years and many of them are made of solid, sturdy wood that can withstand years of outdoor weathering.

Swing sets can be easily customized for different ages and interests and it’s common to find them with climbing walls, sandboxes, slides, picnic tables, pirate telescopes and of course, swings. Your backyard will become a favorite neighborhood hangout for kids of all ages no matter which of the many swing sets you select.

Camp Out Under the Stars or In Your Living Room In Sleeping Bags
Summer also means camping, so grab your sleeping bags and head out for a night under the stars. Children will enjoy simply sleeping outside in their sleeping bags, so don’t feel like you must go to an actual campsite to have a good time. Build a fire in an outdoor fire pit, roast marshmallows and tell stories before climbing into your sleeping bags for the night.

Don’t have a backyard? No problem! Bring your sleeping bags into the living room and have your camp out there! One bonus of camping out inside is that your children’s furniture and bedrooms are close by just in case one of your campers decides that sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags isn’t their thing.

Picnic at the Park
Another easy and inexpensive playdate is a picnic at the park. Have everyone load up their Radio Flyer wagons with sand toys and lunch and head to the park. Children can eat and then play the entire afternoon. The Radio Flyer wagons will come in handy on the way home when everyone’s too exhausted to walk.

Playing with bounce and jump houses, swing sets, camping with sleeping bags and picnicking in the park are just a few of the many outdoor playdates possible throughout the warm summer months. With just a little effort, you’ll be able to plan a playdate for every day of the week and avoid cries of ‘Mommy, I’m bored!’

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Childrens Sleeping Bags Reviews

I do not know whether or not you are thinking about arranging a family camping holiday or not, but for anyone who is then you may want to have a look and possibly invest in your childrens sleeping bags .Kids sleeping bags are certainly the best bedtime product you could carry with you in the event you go camping with the little ones.

Nowadays, the use of synthetic fibers is typical in the manufacture of childrens sleeping bags mainly because it lowers the cost while at the same time still creating a good bag.

Yet another reason that synthetic fibers are used in place of down nowadays is mainly because synthetic doesn’t require much maintenance and will still provide some insulation when wet.

This is a great decision in the event it rains or something gets spilled on the sleeping bag. When you purchase a sleeping bag it is a great idea to purchase a sleeping bag that will at least last several years before the young children outgrow them.

How much the childs sleeping bag weigh is an additional important feature to keep in mind.You are doubtless going to have to carry their camping gear for them and you want to make sure that it is not going to be a problem. Many children sleep warmer than adults, this is down to the actual fact that children have a higher metabolic rate which in turn produces high body tempreature.

So, even when they lose warmth rapidly because of their little bodies, they produce heat even faster.So it’s not surprising that childrens sleeping bags which might be inexpensive are more popular than high priced sleeping bags .

Most of the youngsters sleeping bags which are in the marketplace these days, employ a non-rectangular shape which contains a hood, draft tube, and draft collar. In extremely cold weather, the hood is essential because you lose a substantial amount of heat through your head.

Many sleeping bags may also be utilized in temperatures as low as 20 degrees!The type of bags which have a core to ensure they lessen heat loss around the head are best because the heat is blocked from escaping the body by draft tubes which can be built in the kids sleeping bag which allows for supplementary warmth.

Additionally, draft collars boost the sleeping bags insulation properties even further by stopping the warmth from radiating the shoulders and out of the sleeping bag. As you can see you’ll find a number of factors which have been measured in the production of kids sleeping bags .

Helen is a Childrens products blogger and helps parents make the right product purchases for their children

If you’d like to know more about childrens sleeping bags , that click the link below;-

Childrens Sleeping bags Reviews

Children’s Yuletide Gift Ideas: Sleeping Bags for Kids

Asking yourself what to give your friends children this Christmas? With numerous grownups choosing fun toys and games, you are able to make your present much more distinctive by giving them sleeping bags for kids. A lot of on-line suppliers of this sensible Christmas gift, like Santas Top Gifts, provide them in a large selection of colors, designs and styles to ensure that you’re certain to discover a fantastic sleeping bag fit for each child’s personality, preferences and requirements.

Get a Coleman sleeping bag or even a double sleeping bag as a first-time gift. Such kinds and brands of sleeping bags are recognized as a few of the most long lasting and comfortable ones, certain to provide warmth and tranquil sleep to any kid who owns one. Also ideal for those lengthy and kid-friendly camping trips, sleeping bag packages like Disney Cars Complete Children Camping Kit provide everything you should need to make your youngsters camping trips enjoyable, memorable and cozy.

Or, should you prefer just the one sleeping bag, you’ll be able to make your little girl pleased by gifting her with a Disney’s Princess Sleeping Bag – Pink. Girly and fun, this sleeping bag is the ideal holiday present for your small princess who loves to pamper herself and sleep in fairly things.

Selecting sleeping bags for children requirement need not be excessively complicated, all you have to do is determine the design and style that suits a child the mostt and go with it. A Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Mollie Sleeping Bag or a Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Augie Alligator Sleeping Bag, as an example, are fantastic for children who require a motivation to go to bed and get their much-needed sleep as their fun and vibrant styles ooze child-friendly animal appeal which makes bed time or sleepy-time something to look forward to each night.

The best thing about giving kids sleeping bags for Christmas goes beyond just giving them a good incentive to get to bed early, by choosing those that boast of unique and creative designs, you can use these sleeping bags as props for a memorable and fun pre-bedtime ritual, whether it’s snuggling or storytelling.

Buying these enjoyable Christmas gifts at a trustworthy, kid-friendly gift website like Santas Top Gifts ensures that you will get the biggest selection of sleeping bag choices (from a Coleman sleeping bag to a good, warm double sleeping bag) for your children and the rest of the family to enjoy.

By the end of the day, you want to give children a lot more than simply something they can play with throughout the day, sleeping bags are a excellent gift option which will assure maximum comfort during one of probably the most important formative parts of their day: bedtime. Indulge in some much-needed bonding time as well as plenty of creative moments with your kids by giving them with a colorful and kid-friendly sleeping bag that they’ll look forward to cuddling into by the end of the day.

Want to give sleeping bags for kids for that fun Christmas present they’ll forever remember. Visit Santas Top Gifts for unique gift choices that will make even just choosing the perfect sleeping bag a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Want to find out more about sleeping bags for kids., then visit Santas Top Gifts site on how to choose the best sleeping bags for kids. for your Christmas gift.

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Outdoor Sleeping Bags A Few Basics

Have you ever been camping and you are exhausted and getting ready for bed and despite how hot the day has been it has cooled off and now you are ready for a warm, comfortable good nights rest? Or, do you find excitement in camping in the winter months? Have you ever borrowed a friend’s sleeping bag and found that when you go to climb in the sleeping bag that it isn’t big enough for you and you are pushed out of the sleeping bag your toes hitting the bottom before you completely get into the sleeping bag?

Many of us had some kind of an experience with a sleeping bag, but if you are going to be sleeping outside it is critical to have an outdoor sleeping bag. You might wonder what the difference is from an indoor to an outdoor sleeping bag. Here are a few things that you will want to consider when borrowing or purchasing an outdoor sleeping bag:

1. Have it be the right size. If you are an adult you won’t want to take a children’s sleeping bag to sleep in. That will be the first thing you will notice when getting ready to sleep in it.

2. Have a sleeping bag that is labeled for outdoor camping. Many of the outdoor vs. indoor sleeping bags are made of different fabrics and can make a large difference of how comfortable and warm you are.

3. Don’t have your sleeping bag be the only thing between you and the ground. It is good to have a pad or air mattress between you and the ground. Most sleeping bags can’t provide enough comfort and warmth between you and the ground. There can be rocks, unleveled ground and the ground can get really cold.

4. Even if your sleeping bag is labeled for certain temperatures don’t take for granted that you will be warm as soon as you get into the sleeping bag. You need to do your part. You will want to stay in your basic clothes and socks and get into your sleeping bag. Then you can change your layers of clothing and if your socks are wet you will want to change them immediately. You will want to secure that your body is completely covered by the sleeping bag and a layer of clothing, even up to your head. You can wear a hat to help cover your head. These precautions are critical if you like to campout in the winter.

These are a couple of basic things to consider with a sleeping bag. It is important to be comfortable and make sure you have the right equipment when camping outdoors.

Park’s Sportman ( is a sports shop selling outdoor and indoor sport clothing and equipments. Art Gib is a freelance writer.

The different sleeping equipment available

When going camping, one of the most important things to check off your list is your sleeping bag; otherwise you won’t have a very good night’s sleep! There’s a lot more to sleeping equipment than your basic sleeping bag though and if you want to make sure you sleep like a baby on your next camping trip you should try out some of the following:

If you want to be able to feel as though you’re sleeping in your own bed at home, an airbed will be your best bet. These inflatable mattresses can be incredibly comfortable and can give you a great night of rest, so you can wake up in the morning feeling ready for the day’s activities. In order to make the job of inflating them infinitely easier you should invest in an airbed pump, which you should be able to get at the same time as your airbed, and you can get airbeds in both single and double sizes.

Camp beds
If the idea of sleeping on the ground really doesn’t appeal to you, you should try a camp bed for size. They work as an ideal alternative to an airbed if you don’t want the hassle of pumping them up and are very easy to assemble and dissemble (most simply fold away into a seemingly tiny package!), which means you can quickly get setup when you arrive at the campsite. Camp beds are often only found in a single size but can be used by both adults and children.

Sleeping bags
Sleeping bags have come a long way and nowadays you can get ones that are designed to lock in your body heat during the night so that you stay nice and warm no matter what the temperature’s like outside. There are a few different styles of sleeping bag too, including the age-old envelope style (which zips up the side) and the mummy style (which comes with a ‘hood’ to keep you even cosier). You can also get single, double and children’s’ sleeping bags, so everyone can sleep comfortably.

Camping mats
If you’ll be using a sleeping bag you should always take a camping mat with you, as it can add an extra layer between you and the tent floor to make you more comfortable.

Always remember a pillow when camping unless you want to wake up with a crick in your neck! You can get inflatable pillows and micro fibre pillows, but whichever you choose you can guarantee that a specially made camping pillow will be lightweight, so you won’t have any trouble carrying it to your campsite.

You can find everything needed for a camping trip on the internet, including sleeping bags and festival tents.

Don’t Purchase Your Child’s Sleeping Bag Without Reading This

Kid’s sleeping bags are an integral part of a child’s growing years. This elegant bag is where a child develops his mental skills so this is no ordinary sleeping bag. They remember the fun and the laughter that they had and how they dreamed of being invincible during this stage in their life so take extra care in buying one as a gift for a family or friend.

Length of the kid’s sleeping bags is a major factor in buying one for we don’t want our kids sleeping curled up like a baby to get full coverage. Do check the labels for manufacturer’s description of how long the sleeping bag is.

As with any kids age, length is a factor to be considered for we don’t the child to be short of a cover for either the legs or the head. We want them neatly tucked in after the activities they just had, so check the manufacturer’s labels.

Kid’s sleeping bags are cherished forever so size matters along with width dimensions. These bags are made with the intention of keeping the kids comfortably moving on different angles, like ghost stories or sharing feelings, so check out product labels.

Not all kids are the same so before buying their sleeping bag, take the time to know what the child likes and what he doesn’t like. As for material of the kid’s sleeping bags, always think of comfort and ease of use because you do want them to grow up on their own. Kids sleeping bags can be either custom made, handcrafted or the all too easy purchase at the mall. Take into consideration the sleeping bags easy wash and wear features to say you some stress.

Try to know the kid’s personality and sense of style to narrow down from the vast array of choices there are in the market. Flannel and cotton works best for younger kids for they stretch without causing any type of constriction to the child’s body. For older kids, Flannel and cotton are basic choices but consider silk and satin as well for a much more sophisticated approach.

Generally, flannel and cotton works best for kids of all ages but of course they do have their own sense of style so as the age mature, add some satin or silk for elegance. Hooded, draft tubes or collared kids sleeping bags are better for you don’t have to worry about them getting a draft in their delicate heads for they can just slip it in.

Safety is the topmost concern for any purchase of a kids sleeping bag whether its camping outdoors and indoors or for a kids slumber party so make sure that the material is flame resistant just to be safe than be sorry later on.

Cristina enjoys outdoor activities and loves to write about the best equipment that includes ultralight sleeping bags and an air mattress sleeping bag .

Baby Sleeping Bags for the Safety of Your Child

Babies are the best gifts of the almighty god and we all love them the most. They are the special and most important for their parents and everyone wants to do the best for their children. Baby sleeping bags are one of things that are becoming a very important thing to have while you are thinking about your baby. This can be one of the best things for your baby of all ages and a very important one. There are a number of things that can be really vital for the health of your baby and if you are not taking proper care then you have to suffer.

Parents are generally aware all the problems a new born baby can have and even if they don’t know the doctor can tell everything they need to know. Especially one should ask about the sleeping problems and it is very important. If the baby will not sleep comfortably then they will suffer from bad health which is not a good thing for you. Kids sleeping bags can make sure your baby get the most comfortable situation for sleeping and relaxing while awaken. Many times without these bags you will face problems as parents. You have to change diapers, clean the sheets, change clothes, adjust the blankets and much more while the baby is sleeping and it is in the night then many times don’t know and sometimes you do it.

Kids sleeping bags come in flexible designs that are easy to change and you will get the perfect way for performing all your works on the baby. Today, these bags are gaining a lot of popularity among the people due to their healthy and safe sleeping advantages. This can protect your child from different issues that you don’t want to face. These bags have the right kind of bedding that is required for your baby for a good sleep and for the proper air flow in to the body and the head of the baby. This is crucial because overheating is a medical risk to a baby and proper care should be taken.

Baby sleeping bags are convenient and comfortable for use. These can be really easy to carry and you can take your baby anywhere. If the babies are in comfort then surely you will also feel better and it will also be good for you in many ways. One should pay close attention to the thickness of the bags and it’s really important for you to know. Thickness is really important and we should be looking at seriously. You can make a lot from these bags and these are great for all your baby needs. There are a number of advantages if you go with the use of baby sleeping bags.

* These are the most comfortable baby sleeping products available in the market and are also available at great price.

* You can easily buy them from the online stores as they easily available in all the major shopping websites.

Ilona Williams writes articles about various baby care products frequently. When it comes to buying baby sleeping bags online, he recommends the name of – the leading Australian store for premium kids sleeping bags at competitive prices. Visit the site to find the latest arrival today!

Girl’s Sleeping Bags: Choosing The Right Gift For Your Fashionista

Girl’s Sleeping Bags can be a challenge to pick out. Parents look for practicality while children are more interest in visual appeal. Thankfully, you can find both! This article covers three things that every great indoor sleeping bag should have.

A sleeping bag is a necessity for any little girl. And that’s why you’ve got to make sure it’s the right one! Good children’s sleeping bags aren’t always easy to come by, but when you find one, it can last for years. Whether she’s going to her best friend’s slumber party or she just wants to “camp out” in the living room, at the end of the night she’s going to want to be comfy and cozy. But just like any other accessory kids are looking for something that is just as fun as it is useful. Here are three things that will help you find the perfect sleeping bag for your little adventurer.

1. Make sure it’s comfortable. It may be the cutest design you’ve ever seen, but if she can’t get a good night’s sleep in it, forget about it! Look for soft fabrics like cotton or fleece when picking out a sleeping bag. It may be helpful to take a look at what material her favorite clothes are made of since each child has different tastes. It’s also smart to think about where she will need to use it most. Indoor sleeping bags are the way to go unless your family camps a lot. Outdoor sleeping bags are made for much colder weather conditions and chances are the designs won’t be as cute and she’ll get too warm when using it anywhere else.

2. Make sure it’s durable. A child’s sleeping bag has to be able to withstand some rough treatment. So try to find a durable sleeping bag that will be able to grow with your child. A machine washable bag will be much easier to keep and reuse no matter where she takes it. And the easier it is to carry the better. Travel bags and elastic straps will help her pack up quickly on her own, which means that she’ll like taking it even more. There are even some sleeping bags that fit in a special backpack. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

3. Make it stylish. Just because a sleeping bag is comfortable and durable, doesn’t mean it has kid-appeal. A unique bag that expresses her interests will be a sure-fire hit. And thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to find them! Companies like Fireside Comforts, Wildkin, Bazoongi Kids and Marsupium all produce bags that are stylish and well tailored. You can find great designs with horses, dancers, butterflies, and, of course, princesses. There are also wonderful colored patterns and designs for parents who are looking to get a little more mileage out of the slumber bag.

It’s never been easier to find sleeping bags made with your daughter in mind. Designers are finally creating slumber bags that are just adorable as they are practical. There are so many different styles that are unique and trendy so, don’t settle for anything less. Set some time aside for you and your little girl to find a sleeping bag that will satisfy both of your needs. With the right sleeping bag in hand she’ll be ready for any adventure!

Find an incredible selection of Girl’s Sleeping Bags at Alycia Shapiro is in charge of product resourcing and she only allows the cutest toys and kids furniture on her site.