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Experience Luxury During Your Vacation Time

Hotels in Lincoln City OR are the best because there is so much to do in this area. Lincoln City is located between the Pacific Ocean and Devils Lake in the middle of an evergreen forest with wonderful weather. There are outdoor activities like clamming and crabbing, deep-sea fishing and indoor fun like glassblowing, indoor kite flying, casinos and live theater all near Hotels in Lincoln City OR. Best of all Hotels in Lincoln City OR are nearer tax-free shopping; almost any kind imaginable from arts and craft to outlet stores to designer clothing.

In the spring, the great Oregon Coast garage sale is a bargain hunter’s paradise with over 100 sales happening around the town. Hotels in Lincoln City, OR are booked long in advance. Gourmet foods and wines will please any discriminating palate; this list can be obtained at the Hotels in Lincoln City, OR. Thousands of activities indoors or out will entertain visitors of all ages. Three different kite flying festival are held a year; reservations at Hotels in Lincoln City, OR should be made early. Two are held on the beach where the ocean breeze provides the perfect, dependable wind and the other is held in the indoor arena where windless kite flying is taught and perfected. There many classes in designing and building kites; information can be obtained from Hotels in Lincoln City, OR.

Beachcombing is very popular and visitors at Hotels in Lincoln City, OR love to take home to take home the old-fashioned Japanese glass floats from fishing vessels ranging in size from a few inches to three feet. These are very rare as fishing vessels have converted to modern materials. Now the local glass artists make small glass floats and scatter them along the 7 1/2 miles of shoreline for enterprising locals and guests of Hotels in Lincoln City, OR to find. The lucky beachcomber who finds one can request a certificate of authenticity from the city. Hotels in Lincoln City, OR will have information on this unique and fun pastime.

There are thousands of miles of biking and hiking trails for the outdoor enthusiast; directions can be obtained from Hotels in Lincoln City OR. Whale watching is a popular past time as well as attending cooking classes at the culinary school; Hotels in Lincoln City OR are near the centers. There are many date trips that offer education and fun including a lighthouse, Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Evergreen Aviation Museum. These are within an easy drive from Hotels in Lincoln City OR.

The hotels in Lincoln City, OR welcome guests of all ages and groups. Whether it is a family traveling to the ocean for the first time, a couple celebrating their anniversary or a local business hosting their annual conference, there are hotels in Lincoln City, OR that fits their needs. The Pacific Ocean setting is perfect for those in love with the outdoors. It is time to visit some place new.

When planning a honeymoon or getaway vacation, there is no better place in Oregon to find Lincoln City Hotel Reservations than the Coho Lodge. Here you will be able to enjoy each other and all the beautiful natural surroundings that will make the romantic getaway not only memorable but also unique. For more information about the best Lincoln City Luxury Hotels visit

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A Quick Guide About Camping Tents And Food

The great outdoors: for centuries we have headed outside when we want to relax. There is no better way to change up your routine and get away from the rush of everyday life than camping. You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment to enjoy yourself on a camping trip, but the type of tent that you use is an important part of the experience.

When choosing a camping tent, the different varieties can be confusing. Do you need a three-season tent? Do you need a hiking tent? What size tent do you need? What shape is the best?

The type of camping tent that you choose will depend largely on how you plan to use it. If you are going on a single summer camping trip by yourself, a small and basic tent may be right for you. A small tent doesn’t allow much room for moving around or storing supplies, but it is easier to carry and set up.

Campers who don’t have a lot of experience with camping equipment will find that pop-up tents are easy to use. They also allow more time for having fun. When you don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to set up the tent, you can get to other activities sooner. Pop-up tents are especially popular with young campers since they don’t require much skill or strength to set up or take down.

If you plan to hike to your destination, a hiking tent is ideal. Hiking tents are lightweight and waterproof, making them excellent shelters for most camping situations. Many hiking tents are also low-profile. This makes them a great choice for camping in inclement weather since they won’t be greatly affected by high winds. They are among the most expensive choices in camping tents, but hiking tents are usually of very high quality.

When you are taking your family or friends along with you, a multi-room tent is your best bet. Multi-room tents feature ample space for your entire party along with separate sleeping chambers. Although the thin walls don’t allow for complete privacy, they do provide some personal space. You can fit anywhere from two to eight people in standard multi-room tents, and some specialty tents can sleep even more campers.

Camping tents also come in several different materials. Lightweight nylon or polyester can make wonderful weatherproof tents, but they do tend to degrade as they age. Cotton is a traditionally popular and rugged material for tents, but it is very heavy. Cotton isn’t well suited for some camping tents because of its weight. However, it is superb for military encampments or other semi-permanent settings.

Another thing to consider when shopping for camping tents is the ground cover or groundsheet. The groundsheet is built-in on most camping tents. This configuration protects the tent from water seeping in between the walls and floor. Some hiking tents utilize separate groundsheets so that the weight of the two pieces can be shared between two hikers. This feature is handy, but may not provide much protection from precipitation and insects.

With so many types of camping tents to choose from, it’s easy to get lost. These recommendations are just the basics to get you started on your quest for the perfect camping tent. There are plenty of resources online to point you in the right direction for finding the camping tent that fits you, your lifestyle and your camping plans perfectly.

Camping Food

A good meal means different things to different people. However, good eats while camping are important because they can have an impact on the entire trip. I believe good camp food is food that is easy to make and can be made very quickly. Here, are a few tips I have picked up through the years to make good meals:

1. Don’t be afraid to choose basic hamburgers. Whether it is hamburgers or hot dogs, most people find that they like one if not both. By adding these to your cooking menu, you increase your chances of making them happy.

2. Meals Ready To Eat (MREs). These staples of the military can also be great for you. With food that tastes similar to what comes out of a can, these are great because of their quick cooking times. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive as you get up to 30 meals for under $ 100 in some cases and they pack well as they were designed for traveling.

3. Freeze dried food. The arguments for MREs also apply here. The pricing is much like them and the other benefits are the same.

4. Food in a can. These are good because of their quick cooking and ready to go formats. All you have to do is heat them in a pot and you are good to go. Plus, the left-over cans can be used to help you around the campsite to store smaller items or for target practice.

5. Boxed foods: Rice and noodle dishes, mac and cheese, and other boxed goods work great in the field. Boxed foods are good because they are relatively light weight, tend to have fast cooking times and the materials can be easily disposed of afterwards.

6. Breakfast food: There are about a dozen different types of bars you can choose from: cereal, granola, fruit, etc. Each one is great because they require no cooking and can be carried with you while hiking. This means you may be able to avoid having to build a morning fire on certain days.

7. Trail Mix and More: These work just like the breakfast food bars. Whether it is dried fruit, beef jerky, or a trail mix, they give you a ready supply of carbohydrates and proteins. Great for hiking trips and keeping your overall camping food weight down.

8. Crackers and More: Crackers are a great food for camping because they keep for a long time and can be used with a number of other items, like tuna, cheese, some meats, etc. While camping, these foods taste extra good, so be sure to add them to your camp food list.

9. Fast Menu Options: These examples are great because everyone enjoys them.
a. Taco salad( chips, shredded lettuce, and pinto)
b. Pita Bread Pizza (Pizza sauce, cheddar or mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, pita bread).

10. Drinks for Camping: It is best to avoid drinks that are liquid form. Choose powders to reduce your weight as you can always add water later. Popular camping choices are coffee, cocoa, tea, tang, and Gatorade powder.

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