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Summer Gifts For Outdoor Fun

The temperature has been rising since the Fourth of July. The hot months of summer are upon us. The summer season offers blue sky and plenty of opportunities to play outdoors: in the park, on the beach, or in our own backyard. Hence, when we send gifts to our friends and loved ones for their birthdays, anniversary, or other celebrations during the dog days of summer, we should consider the hot weather and the favorite activities of the recipients. This article provides some summer gift ideas in accordance with the activities that the recipients enjoyed.

When selecting your gifts, it is important to keep in mind that gifts such as chocolates that are great during other seasons are not recommended for shipping during summer. There is no guarantee that the chocolates will not melt even with added ice and heat protectant in packaging. So instead of sending a gift of the recipient’s favorite food, it may be better to send a gift focused on the activities the recipient enjoy instead.

For example, summer is busy and enjoyable time for gardeners. They are busy caring for and maintaining their garden in full bloom. For the avid gardener in your life, you can send a gardening gift. Inside the basket are gardening tools, cloth gardening gloves for hand protection, foam kneepad for planting, packets of seeds, watering can, ice tea mix, and gourmet snacks. Some may even contain a wooden birdhouse, a ceramic decorative plaque, or a book of wisdom for the gardener. Some gardening gifts have their contents filled in a tote instead of a basket, such that the gardener can carry all her tools in the tote while working in the garden. The gardening gift will be a most welcomed gift for your mom, wife, sister, or other female recipient who are avid gardeners.

Summer is time for picnic in the park, sitting on the green grass, listening to the birds, and watching the kids play. Picnic basket filled with all the fine food one will need for picnic in the park would make a great gift. One such basket contains smoked salmon, summer sausage, wheat wafer, veggie dip, cheese spread with cheese knife, breadsticks, and short bread cookies. Your recipients will appreciate your great taste when this gift arrives.

Summer is also time for barbeque by the pool, in the park, or in the backyard. Barbeque gift baskets are popular summer gifts, especially for men. Men are usually proud masters of the grill. Send a bbq gift basket filled with barbeque utensils, sauce and seasonings, gourmet treats, and BBQ recipe cards. Give him the opportunity to show off his mastery of the grill, and share the fun with the family.

Summer is time for outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, motor cycling, camping, and hiking. There are gifts especially designed for these activities. For example, for the golfer in your life, you can send a golf gift filled with treats for the golf course and treats to eat. One of these gifts is filled with golf-theme treats including golf tees, birdie pack, greens keeper turf kit, golfers fortune cookies, golf ball magnet, golf coffee mug, summer sausage, hot pepper cheese and other snacks. Your recipient will be delighted with this special golf-theme gift, both on and off the course. Golf gifts for lady golfers are also available. For the fisherman in your life, you can send a fishing gift box with a built-in compartment organizer and see-through lid. Inside the box are items that can really be used for a fishing trip, including a safety key chain with compass, whistle, and flashlight, multi-function stainless steel pocket knife, fishing floats /bobbers, and fishing lures . Some gourmet snacks are tucked inside the box for the avid fisherman to enjoy. If your recipient enjoy these outdoor activities, you may want to consider selecting these gifts.

Summer is time for the man of the house to work on projects such as outdoor Painting, and other maintenance chores. If you want the to do list to be completed sooner, it will help to send him a men at work gift box along with yourto do list. Inside the paint bucket are packed with pistachios, jelly beans, cheese dips, cookies, along with a gift card from a home improvement company.

Lastly, summer is the time for vacatons. If you are invited to stay in your friend’s house for a vacation, don’t forget to send a thank you gift to the host family afterwards. It makes good etiquette to send a thank you gift to show your appreciation of their thoughtfulness. Some of these thank you gift basket have thank you imprinted on ribbon and on boxes of treats. They will sure receive your message of appreciation clearly.

In summary, summer is time to enjoy favorite outdoor activities such as gardening, picnic, barbeque, golfing, fishing, camping and hiking. There are gifts with special theme on these activities. Send summer gifts accordingto your recipient’s favorite activity, and share the fun.

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Where To Fish For Crappie In Lake Scugog

Lake Scugog is a great place to fish for crappie. During the spring months you can fish the river mouths and in the river. You can fish with bobbers and jigs with some minnows for the best results. As soon as the ice breaks, you want to move to the mouths of the river and wait for the crappie to bite. The spring months are ideal for crappie fishing, but as you move into the summer months, you will see more crappie in the deeper parts of the lake.

During the winter is when you will catch the largest amount of crappie. When there is ice on the lake, you will find crappie in a feeding frenzy in the early hours of the morning and during the early night hours. You can fish near the waters bottom with tiny jigs or spoons and minnows. Use lightweight tackle because the crappies are light biters during the winter months.

For shore fishing, you can fish in the town of Port Perry by the park or you can fish the shoreline by the dock in Caesera. If you fish in Port Perry, you can fish the government dock by Water Street. If you get up by the causeway by highway 7, you can fish for crappie there, but you will find that this area is packed full of anglers trying to catch the fish. That area is probably the least enjoyable because you might have to wait in line for a spot. If you do go, try the area at night. That seems to be the best. The other two places seem to be popular, but there is room for everyone and not a lot of people head there.

The nice thing about fishing Lake Scugog is that there are boat rentals on the lake. You can choose to fish from shore, but you make have better luck catching the crappie from the boat. You are not limited in the areas that you can fish for crappie when you rent a boat or even take you r own boat. A boat does open up more windows of opportunity on the lake. You can look a t a map and see the underwater structures and you can see where the weed beds are located. The one thing you do not want to do on Lake Scugog is wade into the water anywhere. It is like sinking into quicksand in most areas.

Although fishing on Lake Scugog is great for crappie during the spring and summer months, do not be surprised if you catch something else while fishing on the lake. There are walleye, bass and perch to catch on this lake. During the winter, you will not only see huts everywhere, you will see white buckets filled with perch and walleye. This is a popular lake with a maximum depth of twenty-five feet and the shallows are about five feet. The bottom is a mud like quicksand that will sink you very fast.

The water is not clear or even clean. It is murky and muddy. The water is perfect for walleyes, perch and crappie. If you have a few hours to spare, you made even want to try your luck with the almighty muskie. It is a popular lake for fishing everything.

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Walleye Fishing On Lake Oahe

Walleye fishing on Lake Oahe has been very good for anglers. The different areas of the lake offers some fine catches and with the right bait, anglers can catch the daily limit. Since walleye is known as the state fish of South Dakota, you get the idea that it must be the best place to catch walleye. Some of the techniques used to catch a walleye on Lake Oahe are trolling and casting. When using live bait, you will want to have slip bobbers, lindy rigs, bottom bouncers and jigs. Crankbaits will be used for trolling with lead core line as will casting.

Fishing in Lake Oahe is the best in the country many anglers will tell you. This big reservoir has some nice sized walleyes with many trophy fish being taken from different areas on the lake. The over abundance of bait fish, underwater structures and miles of beautiful shoreline is perfect for walleye living and breeding as well as fishing. It really does not matter if you use a crankbiat or pitch jigs, you are going to hook that walleye. One particular place to fish is by Pierre in South Dakota.

Most anglers prefer the month of April right after the ice breaks away. They like to use jigs tipped with minnows, light weight jigs are ideal. During the warmer month of June, they use a night crawler, bottom bouncer and a hook to fish the middle section of Lake Oahe. When the weather starts getting hotter, the fish move into the deeper waters where anglers are using a lead core line to get more depth with bottom bouncers and a spinner. Later in the fall months, the anglers use crankbaits. Another area of Lake Oahe that seems to be picking up over the years is the Gettysburg area. The prior years were a little sad for walleye fishing, but the fishing is picking up.

The peak months for Lake Oahe fishing are June and July, with May and June being the best times for the upper regions. You have Pierre in the lower section and Mobridge in the upper section. Because of the abundance of shad, the walleye have a good feeding ground all over the lake. During the spring when the snow starts to melt, the shorelines become flooded and walleye can be found in these areas spawning, which is a good time to fish the shorelines in the upper and middle sections of the lake.

There are many outfitters and resorts along the Lake Oahe shorelines that have some nice rates for walleye fishing with a guide. This is nice for anglers not familiar with the area or do not have a boat to haul along. The local fishing reports for the lake are put out by the DNR and give some good places to fish for the upcoming year. This is nice to check from time to time when planning a fishing trip to South Dakota. It seems that the man made lake is always going to be a place to fish for walleye. They have a four fish limit with one fish being of twenty inches or more.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best walleye fishing information possible. Get more information on Lake Oahe walleye fishing here:

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How To Get Started In The Great Sport Of Fishing

Now I don’t know all there is to know about fishing, but here are a few pointers on what you need to get started.

To start you need fishing tackle.
There are a lot of fishing tackle items. Some but not all will be mentioned here. Fishing tackle is necessary both to get the lure or bait to the fish and to get the fish to the angler.

A. Select A Fishing Pole
You are going to need a “fishing pole.” Fishing poles are named for the reel (or lack of reel) that holds the fishing line. Every type of fishing reel has an appropriate rod that goes with it.

1. Pole and Line. The simplest is a pole (Cane Poles are great for this) with fishing line attached to the end of it. You can use this with a float or bobber and a hook or lure. This is a very simple set up and not at all expensive. It is very effective in shallow water.

2. Spincast Rod and reel. This simple set up is usually the best rod and reel for beginning anglers. Spincast gear is used to cast light to medium size lures.

3. Spinning Gear. Spinning reels can be used for casting very light to heavy lures.

4. Baitcast Gear. Baitcast gear has more control than spinning gear and is used to cast moderate to very heavy weights farther than other reels.

5. Fly Rods and Reels. A fly rod works differently that other rods and reels. In fly casting the lure is carried by the line instead of the lure carrying the line. Fly casting is not difficult, but normally takes training and practice to become good at it.

B. Tackle Assembly:
Depending on where you purchase your rod and reel it may come already assembled or it may be necessary that you assemble it your self. Here’s some pointers on assembly:
1. Be sure you have all the parts. Check the packaging carefully before discarding.

2. Put the rod sections together with all the line guides lined up in a straight line.

3. Reels attach to the rods in different ways. Different reels have different attachment devices. Place the reel with the front of the reel pointed towards the guides.

4. Tighten the attachment device snugly, but do not over tighten. You don’t want to strip any threads.

5. Some reels do not have the line installed. Follow the directions that come with the new line if it needs to be added.

6. Thread the line through the guides taking care not to skip one. Nothing is more frustrating than to get everything tied on and then discover you have skipped a guide.

7. All that remains is to attach the appropriate tackle for your intended fishing or casting.

Knot Tying:
Tying quality knots is a very important skill that should be learned. The knot that ties the lure or hook to your line is the most important knot to learn. There are several that work well, such as the Improved Clinch, Palomar, Uni, Surgeon knots.

Knot Tying: Other knots are used for different special purposes such as connecting fishing lines together.
You should pick your favorite knots and master the skills of tying them.

Learning To Cast:
Before using a fishing rod, new anglers should understand body position and hand and arm action.

Start with your feet and shoulders square to the target. This is accomplished by pointing the toes of both feet at the target area.

Next, toss a tennis or ping pong ball overhand (action similar to throwing a dart) a few feet for accuracy (hit my hand). Make sure you keep your shoulders square.

This is the desired body and arm action for accurate casting. Release of the ball is at a similar position as thumb release when casting.

Now try it with a fishing rod, a spin cast rod is best for this.

Begin Casting
When learning to cast a fishing pole for the first time, it is best to tie on a casting plug without hooks, using newly learned knots.

Safety is an important habit to establish, check the immediate area around and above to be sure you have plenty of space.

Reel in line so the casting plug hangs a few inches from the tip of the rod. Point the rod at an object on the horizon with your hands comfortably at you waist.

Then raise the rod to the 1:30 o-clock position. This is the normal release position. Practice sliding your thumb off the release button.

When ready to cast, slowly move the rod to a point slightly behind the shoulder of the casting arm, the 11 oclock position. Hand should be slightly above and in front of the shoulder with forearms nearly straight up and down. Hold this position momentarily to concentrate. With the thumb of the casting arm, push and hold the push button on the reel. To cast, the hand should go up slightly and forward as you extend your arm.

By rotating the wrist, move the rod back toward the 3 oclock position in a quick motion, extending the arm forward. Slide the thumb off the button at the same point as you originally released the ball (approximately 1:30 oclock position). Stop the fishing rod with it pointed slightly above the original target.
If the lure went too high and fell short, you released the button too soon. If the lure went too low and fell short, the button was released too late.

C. Advanced Casting
When you advance from spin casting to spinning or bait casting, the overhead cast is the easiest cast with which to start. However, after mastering basic casting with each type of equipment, the angler needs to vary the position of the rod for different situations.
Advanced casting can include a quick transition from 3 oclock to 11 oclock and back and forward (constant motion) to add the rods catapult action.

A. Choosing Appropriate Tackle
Terminal tackle is the tackle between the fish and the rod. Hoooks, snaps and swivels, weights and sinkers, floats or bobbers. All of these come in various sizes and weights. You will need to have a variety of them available in your tackle box.

Other tackle that is helpful in fishing includes a tackle box to hold all equipment. A sharpening stone to keep hooks sharp. A lure retriever. Fingernail clippers to safely cut fishing line. A pair of long nose pliers with wire cutters for holding and removing fish hooks (hopefully only from the fish.)

Other items that you might like to have, but are not essential include; fish baskets for holding smaller fish. Some fishermen like to have a landing net handy for larger fish. A cooler with ice keeps your catch fresh. A thin flexible fillet knife for fish cleaning. An inch ruler to verify legal length.

If you are planning on becoming a regular fisherman it is good to have an angler’s diary to remind you how fish were caught, what the weather was like, and what the fishing were biting on.

There are many other things to be learned about fishing; choosing where to fish. How to set the drag on your reel. How to hold the pole when retrieving a fish. Setting the hook. Playing the fish. Landing the fish. How to attach live bait. Using artificial lures.

If all of this sounds like a little more than you are willing to get involved in. Then just do this: Get yourself a can of worms or some crickets. Cut a nice sapling limb, tie on a sturdy piece of line add a small hook, a sinker and a bobber or float. Find a stream where there are some overhanging tree’s. Fish there and catch a bucket full of perch or bream. It is one of the best fishing experiences there is!

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Get Set With All The Fly And Trout Fishing Gear This Season

There cant be anything more energizing and pleasurable than to go fishing in natural waters. If you are actually thinking that there is nothing much for you to learn about fishing, then think again. The process of fishing starts with one learning to use the fishing rod to making use of the bait. If you are sick of not being able to catch even a single fish then you must read this article for tips on fishing.

If you are a real fishing buff you must already have all the things like rod reel line bait bobbers hooks and such things to start with. A fishing chair added to your fishing equipment not only makes fishing comfortable but also most delightful. Each type of fishing style can pick up from so many varieties of fishing chairs available.

You can find a whole lot of online companies that offer effective varieties of fishing chairs, portable fishing chair and folding fishing chairs. There are so many manufacturers offering various kinds of fishing chairs at reasonable price and of good eminence.

You will have a wonderful fishing experience by making use of these fishing chairs. There chairs are not at all expensive and can be carried with great ease. It is important that the quality of the fishing chair is very good as one need not have to keep on buying the same thing every year.

These fishing chairs come in steel or aluminum. As these chairs are made out of alloys like steel and aluminum it leaves them light weight and sturdy for the long run. There are so many types of fishing chairs available in the market. It depends on your requirement of what kind of chair you want to choose like portable fishing chair folding fishng chair or a portable ice fishing chair. There chairs are made of almost feather weight and so one need not worry about its weight. There are so many kinds of fishing chairs available in the market today and one can even order them online as well.

These days Trout Fishing is one of the most common fishing sports that everyone is interested to play. One needs to have a lot of knack and knowledge to go on trout fishing. For those who are really serious about the sport and consider it as more than just a hobby, studying and researching the behavior and character of the fishes can be of good help. Trout fishing has become very famous in America and as a result a lot of fishing groups and outfits have come up in various parts. One can choose from fishing for trout either in salt water or fresh water.

Here you can find all the information about fishing tips and online guide to fishing Trout.

Author is a recreational expert and writes on topics like fishing chairs , folding fishing chair and trout fishing tips.