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How To Choose Kids Sleeping Bags

It’s important that your kids sleep well at night because when they do so do you. No one else is responsible for your kids warmth and comfort other than you, the parent.

Kids sleeping bag designs are a lot more simpler than the ones for adults because they’re not likely to camp in extreme climates. It would be irresponsible if you take them hiking in extreme climates.

The materials used for making kids sleeping bags are usually cheaper. Synthetics materials are more commonly used rather than down. When people do buy kids sleeping bags made of high quality materials they make sure that it will at least last a few years before the kids outgrow them.

There’s another reason why synthetic fibers are used instead of down. Synthetics require less attention to maintenance and they still provide some insulation when wet. This property is convenient especially when your kids are in the nappy years. Down sleeping bags for kids are not very common and they cost quite a lot of money.

Weight is an important consideration if your kids are going backpacking as well because either you or them are going to carry it. However, even when down is lighter than synthetics, the difference may not be very big since it’s small in size.

It’s no surprise that cheap kids sleeping bags are more popular. The kids may not really need down insulation anyway because most kids sleep warmer than adults. This is due to the fact that kids have a higher metabolic rate so even when they lose heat fast because of their smaller bodies, they produce heat even faster.

Most non-rectangular kids sleeping bags have a hood, draft tube and draft collar. The hood is critical in really cold weather because you lose a lot of heat through your head.

One of the most popular sleeping bag for children is The North Face Tigger which is rated at 20 degrees and made of synthetic fill. With no cords to adjust the hood or chest section there’s no way for a kid to get tangled in sleep.

Draft tubes in sleeping bags prevent the heat generated by the kid’s body from escaping throught the zipper. Draft collars enhances the bag’s insulation properties even further by prevent heat from radiating above the shoulders and out of the sleeping bag.

Other well known brands that make sleeping bags for kids include L.L. Bean, REI, Lafuma, Deuter, Big Agnes and Integral Designs. There are others as well and they’re quite easy to find.

The bags range from cheap rectangular ones you can find at Walmart to sophisticated models that have all the bells and whistles. However, cheap sleeping bags for kids are much more common and usually does the job well enough especially if it’s to be used only in the summer.

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