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How To Have a Great Time Camping

As a family you can have a great time by going to face the great outdoors for a few nights and it can be an unforgettable experience for your children. To make sure that you have a great time camping you need to make sure that everything goes to plan.

To be honest the British weather is not the best so you make sure that you are prepared for the worst weather possible. Firstly you will need to make sure that you have a good quality waterproof tent. These tents can be found easily but when you are getting the ten you should make sure that the tent is waterproof by asking the people that are selling it to you. You should also make sure that you have enough room for the whole family. If there are 4 of you in your family then you should probably go for a 5 man tent so that everyone has enough room to be comfortable and there is room for your stuff as this is often over looked. Most tents no have separate rooms for the larger tents so it may be worth sorting out your sleeping arrangements so nobody is left annoyed or unhappy.

Accessories for your tent are probably just as important as the tent itself. Some people do prefer to have air beds for their tent because the ground can be very uncomfortable and this is a problem that can easily be dealt with. When buying an airbed you should make sure that it will fit into your tent easily. In addition to the airbed you should make sure that you have enough sleeping bags to keep everyone warm. There are junior sleeping bags available and these can suit children up to around 12 years old but after that you should probably get an adult sleeping bag for them. You are recommended to have a source of light with you so that if there are any problems at night you can deal with them. The light can be something simple like an LED torch or you can get something like a lantern which can light up a large area and they are very effective.

When packing your clothes for the trip it is worth looking at whether or not your clothes are suitable for the weather that you are expecting. It is worth taking enough clothes so that you have a spare change of clothing for every day. In addition to this waterproof clothing would be a good idea so you can still venture outside in the heavy rain. A simple rain poncho can solve these problems and these are widely available and do not cost a lot of money either.

You should make sure that you can have things to do so everyone can have fun during your adventure. Whilst camping you should see what there is to do in the surrounding area as there are normally a lot of local activities. If there isn’t then you should try making your own fun which can be very easy. Simple garden games can help you have a lot of fun and if not then there is always the simple choice of football which most people do enjoy. It could be worth going camping in an activity site which can then provide you with a lot of fun. Activities like kayaking can be fun for everyone and this can be done in any weather unlike some sports.

Whatever you do choose to do when you do go camping then make sure that you are allowed to actually camp there without any problems and if you are then make the experience the whole family will be dying to do again.

Bonnington Plastics are garden furniture and BBQ wholesalers based in the UK. They work with Louise Fisher to bring new information to subjects online where people can enrich their awareness of different subjects such as wild birds.

Choosing a Hajj Package

Hajj, which purifies man of all sins, is a very sacred trip whose religious feature can be overshadowed when faced with logistical difficulty. consequently choosing the “ideal” hajj package is essential to allow you to focal point on the religious portion of the expedition completely.
Following are some aspects to reflect on when choosing a hajj package:
1. Choosing an organization registered with the Ministry of Hajj larger than a sub-agent enlarge your probability of a soft trip. Registered agencies are more cognizant of the latest rules and convention of dispensation visas, can contact Ministry of Hajj to determine a difficulty, are responsible to Ministry if pilgrims file a objection and are more imaginative in making airline, hotel and carrying understanding. They are also cheaper because travel arrangement in Saudi Arabia can only be done by approved agencies. Sub agents have to buy services from these agencies and therefore sell the package at a mark up price.
2. although all the recompense of licensed agents mentioned above, you can choose a sub agent if you have heard good things about them. All approved agents may not give a good service while some sub agents are very qualified. Therefore one should choose a hajj package supplier based on referrals.
3. Company of a familiar and experienced guide in your group is compulsory. No matter how much in turn you have accumulated from books and lectures, you may face questions, you had not predictable before. It is also important to know if the travel agency seeks advice from their guide. For logistical ease, some agents may plan departure to Arafat and Muzdalifah before the time recommended by Islamic law. Choosing an agency that plans the trip under a trustworthy imam can alleviate risks of taking shortcuts or going against Sunnah.
4. Having a female guide would be of added benefit for sisters performing pilgrimage.
5. It is useful to check if the travel agency has a full-time. The more an agency relies on outside possessions, the supplementary likely it is to experience from negligence. Also the longer an agency has provided Hajj services, the better operational it is to give a prearranged service.
6. Most Hajj packages advertise price with fare from New York to Jedda. If you live elsewhere, be sure to include the cost of domestic air fare to New York when choosing a package. Also add the cost of Hajj fees and Zabiha to get an approximation of the exact amount you will be expenses someone.
7. space in a suitable site is very useful. Hotel close to the Haram and Masjid – e- Nabwi is more essential than the number of stars of a hotel as it would cut travel time, preserve force for worshiping and save time by not having to situate in long lines to do wudu or use restrooms. It may be better in cases to share your room with 4 people in a hotel close to Haram and not sharing room with one other person but at a superior reserve from the Haram. Moreover hotel ratings are per Saudi Government standards which are diverse from the American standards of rating hotels.
8. Do not worry too much if a hajj package does not offer meals in Makkah and Medina. There are abundance of options around Haram to eat and drink in between request times, but may take up a lot of your time waiting in a line. Hotel buffets could be a time saver or a big distraction, as often people may spend a lot of time socializing too much. If you are performing Hajj with family it may be superior to choose a package that offers meals throughout the trip.
9. Choosing hajj packages that land in Medina first, can save time spent in immigration lines. Pilgrims landing in Jedda can experience 14 – 18 hours in immigration before leaving for Makkah. However choosing package where pilgrims land in Jedda opens up many more flight options and may be cheaper. Same is true for leaving Saudi Arab. Medina as a port of entry or exit could save a lot of time.
10. Ask the agent about the location of the tent in Mina. VIP Tents are mostly (if not all) at a short walking distance from Jamarat. In fact some tents are not even pitched in Mina. They are located beyond huge sign boards that say “Mina ends here”!
11. Hajj packages hopeful access to personal apartments during stay in Mina is a plus. Tents in Mina are small with just enough space for people to sleep. Pilgrims can thus leave their luggage in their rooms during their stay in Mina. It also opens up the option to use the bathrooms and showers of the room and not the ones set up in Mina camp.

We have proudly offered Executive Hajj packages season 2015 for our valuable customers & company clients. Join us and find the new way with our best Hajj services / arrangements of Executive & VIP packages.

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5 Camping Traditions That Make Camping a Fun Event for All Members of the Family

No family camping trip is complete without the practice of some popular camping traditions. Singing songs around the campfire, setting up tents, etc. are all camping traditions that are deeply-rooted in history. Make your next camping vacation one to remember by incorporating these fun camping traditions into your stay.

1. Setting up Tents

Staying in tents is not only an economical way to camp out – tents are a traditional dwelling that Native Americans used long before Europeans arrived. The tents that Native Americans used were known as Tipis. Tipi is a Sioux word for “dwelling.” The shape of Tipis allowed them to shed wind and rain. Nowadays, tents are far more compact and easier to carry around. The nights you and your family spend camped out in a tent while listening to the sounds of the night and going outside to admire the star-studded sky will become lasting memories.

2. Campfire Songs

Campfire songs are an oral tradition that cannot be traced back to a particular culture or time in history. Singing around the fire is a common practice across many different cultures and popular campfire songs have a variety of origins. The popular campfire song, “Home on the Range,” is Kansas’ state song while “Blow the Man Down” is a traditional sailor song from the 19th century. Some campfire songs even have spiritual significance. Both children and adults love to belt it out in front of a campfire. Bring a guitar, hand drums, and/or tambourines to make singing around the fire with your family even more fun. Only the crickets will hear you so it doesn’t matter if you don’t exactly qualify as a good singer, let loose and enjoy singing around the fire on your next camping trip.

3. Campfire Storytelling

While packing your tent, food, and everything else you need for your family camping trip, don’t forget to stock up on great campfire stories! Storytelling is a tradition in every culture of the world. Native Americans have been telling stories for thousands of years in North America. Telling stories around the campfire with your family will bring you closer together. Let your imagination run wild and make up your own stories or consult a great storybook and pick out the best stories you can find.

4. Making S’Mores

No one knows exactly where everyone’s favorite campfire treat originated but there was a recipe for a similar treat in the 1940 Girl Scout Handbook that was called “Some Mores.” Everyone in the family can enjoy this delicious sandwich cookie that consists of fire-roasted marshmallow, melted chocolate, and graham crackers.

5. Campfire Cooking

Whether you’re going to cook with a charcoal grill, dutch oven, campfire, or camping stove, making and sharing food with your family is a lovely tradition that shouldn’t be left out of any camping trip. Cultures around the world have different methods of outdoor cooking and in North America the Scouting movement and wilderness educators are excellent sources of information on the subject.

Margie Dettman, is the owner and operator of the Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Natural Bridge, one of the most popular sites for camping in Virginia. Her work has allowed her to become very familiar with family vacation hotspots such as the Natural Bridge campground and cabins in Virginia , enabling her to give insider tips for fun family vacations.

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E-Commerce Shops Provide a Extensive range of Items at Manufacturer Price

The world of online purchasing has propagate far and wide; these days, most companies have an e-commerce shop. But, there are also on the internet retailers that offer a assortment at factory cost. The conventional tiered system is providing way to on the internet selling at the company’s cost. If you want an 8ft trampoline, you can buy it on the internet at the factory cost.

Inexpensive Camp tents for 6 People

If you are preparing a hiking journey with your family, you will need a 6 man covering. This can be bought from e-commerce stores at factory cost. You can choose from various groups of tents and buy according to your specifications. Most the tents of this dimension have two bed rooms as well as a living area or storage area space. This is incredibly useful if there are 3-4 children. Although big, you can set up it quickly in just about 20 moments. Insect netting and floor linens are offered. The north and south poles are created of fibreglass and the covering content is usually created of cotton. A cover and bring bag are part of the buy. If you want an immediate distribution, it will cost a little bit more than the cheapest.

A Useful Gas BBQ Set

A gas BBQ is very useful anywhere; you can have BBQ events either in your lawn or use it on your hiking visits. There are types of grills; the primary kind basically has a gas hob together with a barbeque barbecue. Gas-powered BBQ places are very well-known usually because it is practical to use. The meals gets warmed and prepared quick as opposed to the grilling places. You can ideally modify the heated according to the food; for example a low heated for food preparation vegetables and high temperature for beef etc. The conventional designs can be used for food preparation and they have two burning. BBQ hoods help to keep the meals heated. Drop containers are important to gather the fat that drops while food preparation. It’s better to buy places with tires so that the large devices can be manoeuvred quickly.

The Electric Patio Heater

Compared to the conventional gas heating units, the electrical patio heating unit is eco-friendly and a fantastic option to the former. You can get your patio warmed immediately by the change of a key. The electric heating unit is useful as it is odourless and does not launch risky pollutants. Power effective and quiet patio heating units are fantastic for the outside. You can buy from a number of style designs, some that are free standing and others that can be installed on your walls. The dimension the free standing designs can be modified. You can use them in a event gazebo or parasol; most of them are water resistant, so you can use it in any kind of climate.

For more information regarding 8ft trampoline and 6 man tent visit our websites

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How To Pick The Right Tent – Your Guide To Having A Comfortable And Safe Refuge In The Outdoors

In order to maximize on your camping experience, one of the most important piece of equipment that you will need is the camping tent. Whether or not you enjoy your experience will depend quite largely on the quality of the tent that you choose. This is why there is a considerable amount of tents available in the market today.

The first thing you should do in order to pick the right tent is to firstly decide on the dimensions of the tent that you need.

Tents are made to shelter a specific number of people. For example, a solo backpacker might need a tent suited for a solo camper, while a family of six campers will need something that is much bigger and more spacious.

Most tents in the market are made with labels describing their capacity, or in the other words, how many campers it will house.

This means that, if you do not want to purchase many tents with different capacities, you should think thoroughly and decide wisely on the largest number of campers that you foresee camping together with you.

So, if you always go camping with a friend, but decide to go it alone this year, think about purchasing a tent made for two, or a “two-man tent”.

There are basically four components to a tent – the poles, body of the tent, the rain fly and the tarp. The tarp is actually a cloth or sheet that you put on the ground which will help to make your tent floor last longer.

Now that you know the basic components, here are some tips on how to choose the best tent according to your needs.

1. Think of what you need. Consider factors such as where you go camping, during which season, whether you will be backpacking and any other requirements that you can think of. After deciding on your needs, you will then be able to make informed decisions on the type to purchase.

2. Determine your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Once you have established your budget it is unlikely for you to overspend.

3. Decide on the weight and size of the tent. Will there be many campers who will be sleeping in that tent? The size will not matter much if you go ‘car camping’. However, if you decide on going backpacking then it would be wiser to invest in a lightweight tent.

4. Look at the available features of the tent. In today’s market, you will be spoilt for choice as there are many manufacturers offering different unique features for their tents.

For example, you could choose tents with mesh panels which allow the breeze into your tent while at the same time keeping the mosquitoes and other insects out. Or you could opt for ‘shock corded’ tent poles which allow for a fast setup, waterproof or flame resistant tents, or even a rain fly for more protection against the rain.

Keep in mind that the tent you choose should be the one that best suits your camping needs.

5. If possible, choose a durable fabric tent. It might cost more but this is one of the things that you should definitely invest in.

6. Make sure that you select the right colour for the tent. Check how the colour of the tent spreads the light inside the tent. Some colours can make the tent interior look bright, while others might make it dark and gloomy.

Take note that light colours are cooler, hence more suitable in the summer. Darker coloured tents absorb heat from the sun and are best used during the colder seasons.

7. Inspect the coating of the tent. You should see a waterproof and shiny coating inside the floor of the tent and on the rain fly. If this is not seen, or felt on the fabric of the tent, then the tent might not be durable enough for heavy usage.

8. Do remember that your camping needs differ in summer than in winter. Your tent choice should reflect this difference, as camping in the hot summer sun is definitely unlike camping in the snow.

Most tents in the market nowadays have weather ratings. Choose and invest in a tent that is specifically made for the weather conditions that you will be camping in.

9. Look at tents from various manufacturers. There are many tent manufacturers that produce unique designs in their name. Some manufacturers are known for their inexpensive tents, while others are more established and famous for their expensive but high-quality tents.

Among the popular tent makers are Coleman, Wenger, Greatland and Eddie Bauer. Pick a tent manufacturer you trust.

When you are in the wild outdoors, it is important to have the proper equipment. The wrong type of equipment will not kill you, but will surely make your camping experience an unpleasant one.

Thus for a perfect camping experience, you should think thoroughly and decide wisely when purchasing your tent.

Keep in mind that your tent will be your home away from home for a few days. Thus, having the perfect tent will provide you a comfortable and safe haven during your camping days.

Juzaily Ramli and Tommy Lehmann are camping buddies and love to camp whenever they could find the time. Find out how to camp and choose the best tents at Camping Guide and Camping Tents.

Advantages Of Purchasing Discount Family Camping Tents

If you are looking for a vacation that your entire family would enjoy, without it drilling a deep hole in your pocket, camping is the way to go. The ones who enjoy camping the most, are kids and so you too can have maximum fun while camping with kids. Everyone, these days is so busy, that they hardly have any time to spend with their family. In such a situation, camping is the best way to bring your family together. And the best part is the fact that camping does not even cost a bomb, especially as compared to the hotel vacations, with the price of staying at a campsite being in the range of $ 8 to $ 16 per night. However, you do need to buy the necessary equipment required for camping. There is a vast variety to choose from, amongst the discount family camping tents and other important camping gear available.

Considering the high quality of these discount family camping tents, they ultimately turn out to be a very sensible investment. In fact, if you take good care of your tent, it can last many camping trips over a period of several years. Since it is your family you are thinking of, be very particular about checking the safety features of the tent. Also ensuring that your tent is in proper condition will save you the headache at the campsite. When you realize that some part of the tent is not working properly, or worse, that the part is missing.

We are sure that by now you are convinced of the merits of discount family camping tents. So, the next step now would be to determine the size of tent that your family would need. There are a lot of factors involved in selecting the correct tent size. The number of kids you have, their sizes and ages, together determine the correct tent size.

For example, if there are only two young kids in a family, a 4- man tent would easily suffice for the entire family. However, families with older children or ones with more children, especially those of different genders, can even go in for tents with 2-3 individual rooms. After you have settled on the appropriate size of tent to suit your family, you can go ahead and scour out the various places that sell discount family camping tents, and get the best deals on them.

Besides the camping tents, a few other important items are requires for a camping trip. Things like sleeping bags, blankets and pillows are in fact essential. And egg foam is the answer to your prayers, if the hard ground beneath disturbs your sleep at night. Oh, and don’t forget to take flashlights and a lantern with you. The campfire food is the most convenient to carry on your camping trip. You can take marshmallows, packaged drinks, and even hot dogs. These come in handy especially if you do not have a kitchen at your disposal.

Apart from being an inexpensive way to really enjoy your vacations, camping can if fact, over a period of time, become a family tradition. Buying the right discount family camping tent takes you forward in the journey towards a lifetime of memories.

Abhishek is a Camping freak! Visit his website and download his FREE Camping Report “Camping With The Family: How To Have A Safe, Fun, And Inexpensive Vacation” and learn some amazing Camping tips and tricks for FREE. Learn how to have the perfect vacation on a shoe-string budget. But hurry, only limited Free copies available !

In Search Of Tents For Your Camping Trip

They were the mainstay shelter for many years, back to the nomadic man era. They were easy to handle, small enough to carry comfortably and it has often been said if buildings grew naturally like a tree, then tents would be like the mushrooms on the forest floor. Why? Because they tend to appear overnight, are only seen briefly, then disappear just as quickly, with no proof that it had ever been there.

As sturdier materials started to be used, such as wood or stone, it was thought that the tent would surely become extinct. But for no apparent reason, as buildings became much more grandeur and larger, so did the tent.

Perhaps the biggest and grandest pergola belonged to Alexander the Great. He made a marriage tent that hung from 50 thirty-foot columns of silver and gold, making it large enough to house 100 couches and host 9,000 friends.

The roof was a dome and had amazing portrayals of the sun, moon, stars and all of the deities of heaven. It was named the cosmic tent and went on to inspire Nero to build one just like it. Luckily, it does not need to be that spectacular or big to get the job of sheltering done.

However, it is interesting that the basic, primitive structure for sheltering man can also be seen now as a symbol of pomp and circumstance, showing up on parade grounds, campgrounds and even used for outdoor wedding receptions. Tents are extremely versatile, used at golf tournaments, at groundbreaking ceremonies and the Worlds Fair. But even with all of that history and versatility, many believe the best use of a tent is as part of your camping equipment.

When you are considering what type of tent to get for your camping excursions, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you want one that is actually comfortable when everyone is inside, meaning if the manufacturer says it will fit 4 people comfortably, go for something bigger.

Space saving and durability are two major points to look for when purchasing tents. Every extra pocket is great when you are trying to make floor space, and of course you need something durable so that you will not end up on the lake without a boat the next time you are camping and it gets windy. And please, for the sake of your children, practice setting up the tent at home before attempting it at the family campground.

Mike Selvon’s portal will expand your knowledge on tents for camping. Visit us and leave a comment at our camping sites blog where a free gift awaits you.

6 Man Tent – Making Camping Less Of A Hassle

The six man tent is a great size for a family camping trip, and choosing the right one is crucial to a fun and comfortable time. No one wants to sleep in a cramped tent, and even less people want to spend time in one that’s poorly made. So choose carefully for the best possible camping trip.

Most of these large tents have some sort of noise reduction to allow you to and your family get a good night’s rest. This combined with the sheer size of these expanded tents make it an incredible vacation sleeping spot or wilderness shelter. The 6 man tent has opened up whole worlds to families who were previously weary of going on a camping excursions, and one can do just the same for you. No longer do it’s a must to tote around extra tents or squish together like sardines to get some sleep.

It ought to be said that all of these tents aren’t made equal. A good quantity of comparison shopping is a must so you know that you’re getting the right size, shape, material, and any additional functions one may have. Working within a budget could be difficult if you have something particular in mind, but luckily enough there are actually several sources from which you could purchase them from, giving you the chance to product and price compare relatively easily.

The six man tent can also be used for more than just camping trips. These are also great fun for children sleepovers in the back yard, but that in itself shouldn’t be something to push you to purchase. Rather, the amount of space available that can accommodate blankets, pillows, and other comfort items should be the main draw. This is especially true if shopping on a budget, as additional features such as electrical cord holes, weather-proof external roofing, and the like will cost more.

The six-man tent remains a highly popular item. From Boy Scout to nature trips, it will truly meet all your needs. When looking for a tent, always search for special deals and discounts. These are especially abundant in the colder months, but can be found year-round over the internet as well. You can save a great deal of money just by being picky about sales and discounts, no matter what time of the year. Shop smart, and you will get just what you need at a terrific price.

6 person tents are a very useful tool to have on you for special outdoor events. If you wish to learn more about frame tents , please, visit our website for additional information.

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Northamptonshire Caravan Holidays And Days Out With The Kids – An Ultimate Guide

Northamptonshire is in the heart of England, and is home to some of the most exquisite countryside. With miles of beauty to walk through, country parks and canals to explore, you will never be short of something to do. There are modern towns full of new attractions and with their own the thrilling buzz, or you can visit the pretty villages with old thatched roof cottages and winding lanes. It has an estimated population of around 692,000 so it is a very popular place to live.

Traditionally it was known for shoe making as well as many other leather connected industries and today it is now home to many top companies. In the main market towns you will find great facilities, shops, museums, cinemas, great nightlife and much much more! The network of canals is a great way to get around and explore the whole of Northamptonshire; you could even hire a boat for a day, which makes an exciting change to driving!

Local Country Parks:
Barnwell Country Park,Barnwell Road, Oundle, Peterborough, PE8 5PW Tel : 01832 273435 Fax : 01832 274779

This enormous site of 15 hectares of pure amazingness! it is great for anyone who wants to enjoy a quiet picnic or to go on a great wildlife adventure with the kids. There are facilities on site and a 24 hour car park, so there is no need to rush to get back.

Brampton Valley Way
Brampton Valley Way is great for railways fanatics. The park is rich in history and is placed on the former Northampton to Market Harborough Railway line, and these days this trail still has many remains from the railway – why not see if you can follow it all the way (only 14 miles!!)?

Brixworth Country Park
Brixworth Country Park, Northampton Road, Brixworth, NN6 9DG Tel : 01604 883920 Fax : 01604 883921

This park is another enormous site which consists of 15 hectares, but this one overlooks the charming and quaint Pitsford waterway. Why not see it by bicycle? You can hire bikes at the cycle hire centre.

Daventry Country Park
Northern Way, Daventry, Northants, NN11 5JB Tel : 01327 877193 Fax : 01327 703708

A great choice for woodland walks, picnics, nature trails and fishing – this is an easy accessible site and is the perfect day out for the family or even if you fancy getting away for a while.

Days Out With The Kids?

Wickstead Park
Wickstead Park Ltd. Barton Road, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 6NJ Tel: 01536 512475

147 acres of wholesome fun with rollercoasters, rides and many attractions nestled in a historic grade II country park. At the on site pavillion you can enjoy live music events, and it is a highly sought after wedding and party venue.

For the fairground, prices are as follows:
Adult wristband: £13
Child wristband: £17
Daily parking: £6
Also for those who live close enough, you may want to consider an annual child wristband which costs £70.

Westlodge Farm Park
Back Lane, Desborough, Kettering, Northants, NN14 2SH Tel: 01536 760 552 Fax: 01536 764 862

A fantastic place for children to learn about the extensive range of farm animals at the park. They can even pet the smaller animals in the cuddle corner, and watch the pygmy goats on the goat mountain.
Entrance fees: (Peak times) Adult: £5.95
Children: £4.95 (Off peak)
Adult: £4.70
Children: £3.70

Places to stay:
Grendon Lakes
Main Road, Grendon, Northamptonshire, NN7 1JW Tel: 01933 665303

Set on 150 acres of some of the best countryside in Northampton, it has 12 lakes and 2 of those are solely used for water sports, so you will never be short of something to do on site. They have a great club house on site which overlooks the main lake on site. There is a fully licensed bar, restaurants, toilets showers and changing room. Other fun activities include paintballing, fishing, wakeboarding, inflatable, jet skiing and private boat hire.

All types of campers are welcome – families, large groups, small groups, even couples. They have 3 separate fields which are all close to the toilet and shower facilities, please see below:

Main Campfield: 20 Acres of flat grass enclosed
Tents only
Separate car park zone
No electric 100 metres from toilet block.

Frankies Lake: All lakeside pitches
Suitable for tents, caravans & campervans
10x electric hook ups Peace and quiet zone!!
300 metres from toilet block.

Geralds Pond: Closest to the toilet
10x electric hook up
Suitable for tents, caravans & campervans
Whole area can be hired for large groups.

VIP Glamping Village: Included in the hire of the VIP Glamping Village is:
3 x Lakeside glamping Bell Tents sleeping up to 12 people, all equipped with beds, duvets, pillows, cooker, pots, pans, cutlery, plates, i dock – just about everything you will need for a special home from home camping experience.
Fire Pit with burning fuel & bench seating – toast marshmallows & sing songs under the dark starlit sky!
Festoon Lighting & electric power supply BBQ Private toilet Additional space for extra tents (not supplied)

Prices: Tents
• 2,3,4 man tents – £12 per night / £10 per night if pre booked and prepaid
• 5,6,7 man tents – £17 per night / £15 per night if pre booked and prepaid
• 8 man and over – £22 per night / £20 per night if pre booked and prepaid
• Motorhomes/Caravan/Campervan – under 22ft – £15.00 per pitch per night
• Over 22ft – £25 per pitch per night

Crossing Farm Touring Caravan & Campsite
Crossing Farm, Boddington Road, Byfield, Northamptonshire NN11 6UP Tel: 01327261876

A very small quiet campsite; which makes the perfect romantic get away or just a general relaxation zone! This small family run site only has 10 hook up, so nice and secluded. All pitches have electric hook ups, and on site you have water points, waste disposal area and a separate under cover area for washing up.

There are a lot of small pubs and restaurants close by, so ask the site owners for more information.

Prices are as follows:
January-March £12 per night
April-June £13 per night
July-September £15 per night
October-December £10 per night

For guides to other British counties go to the excellent Caravan Insurance Gurus website. You´ll find lots of feature articles there to help you plan days out and caravan holidays in England, UK and France. Also find caravan sites in UK and in France.

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Starting out with a 10 Man Tent

Ideas on making your first holiday with your 10 man tent go off with out a hitch.

4 Ways to decide which 10 man tent is right for you at straight away! Do you need Pods or no? If so how big do you need them? How high do you need your tent to be so you can stand? If your tent is lighter in the day, what features does it have to make it dark at night? Is there any protection against bugs (essential)?

Before your first trip take out all the pieces, lay them out and check them out against a tick sheet that everything is all there. Better still pop up your 10 man tent for a dry run. Do this BEFORE you go on vacation. Then make a kit list for everything you need to take from bug spray to utensils. Take first aid kits and mosquito repellent.

The secret tent raising techniques. Find out when you purchase your tent that is it easy to put up. If possible purchase a tent with colour coded poles.

Apportion someone who knows what they are doing to put the tent up. Give chores to the kids or get someone to occupy them. Remain calm and take plenty of time to put up the tent. Reward yourself with a beer or chocky or a hearty dinner!

My 3 favourite points for camping newbies. OK who hasn’t tripped over the guy ropes – be honest! Some ropes are already marked these nowadays, if not put a coloured cloth on them so that you can see them. Pitch your tent so that rain and wind won’t drive into it every time you leave. Raise everything off the ground as it is apt to be cold and damp at night.

Three mistakes people make when putting up a tent. They don’t read the instructions and think they know how to do it – and they don’t! They have not tried it at home before they go away and don’t know where everything goes or even if it is all there. They arrive at the camping site late and in the rain to discover that there is a Triathlon in the town and all the best pitches are gone and they don’t have adequate time before dark to put up their fantastic new 10 man tent.

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Right Sized Camping Tents Will Ensure A Perfect Holiday

Planning a camping trip? Whether you’re an old hand at camping, or a novice who is about to experience your first taste of living in the great outdoors, you must have a suitable tent. Tents for camping purposes are available in many varieties.

Once you’ve had a taste for camping, you are sure to be hooked. In these tough financial times, camping has become a firm favorite with families. Hotel prices have rocketed, so camping makes an ideal alternative. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper, and it gets the kids outdoors and away from their digital distractions.

It’s really important to get children in touch with nature, and they will learn to appreciate their environment. On a camping holiday they can learn all kinds of outdoor skills such as biking, hiking, canoeing, and fishing ‘ to name just a few. And if the weather is miserable, you can all huddle up in the tent and play some fun family games.

The first requirement of any tent is to make sure that it is big enough for everyone to have his or her own space. You don’t want to crush into the tent like sardines. The tent must be completely weather proof. Also make sure it can be put up and taken down easily.

For a single hiker or backpacker, a one-person tent should be more than adequate. They are made with very lightweight material. When folded and packed, they take up hardly any space in a backpack. Although the material is light in weight, the tent will still provide adequate insulation and protection.

Tent sizes continue going up to include 3-man, 4-man, 5-man, 6-man, and then the larger size that can accommodate seven or more people. This type is perfect for a family or a group of friends. A seven-man-plus tent will provide plenty of space for each person to relax and stretch out.

Once you have bought your tent, there are other accessories to think about. You will need a repair kit in case the tent gets torn during the trip. You will also need some spare cords, ropes, stakes and pegs. Other accessories include lanterns, sleeping bags , camp stoves, a portable power pack, and a vacuum cleaner.

When embarking on a camping trip, it is advisable to take more supplies than you may need. You might have to stay longer due to bad weather, or you might want to stay longer because you are having such a ball. If you have the right tent, you will all be guaranteed a good night’s rest to energize you for the next day’s activities.

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Shopping For Camping Tents 101

Nowadays, camping has evolved from simply being an activity that involves temporary outdoor living to being a mode of living. Sleeping, eating, and working outdoors are more than just urges, they are thought to be biological characteristics of man. The “return to nature” movement has helped develop modern camping, designing it now to supplement modern living and provide opportunities for the development of outdoor skills. The camper employs a minimum of primitive but functional equipment that furnishes almost all of civilization’s basic conveniences. One such necessary equipment is the camping tent.

Factors to Consider

Standard tents used to be “two-party-affair” pup tents. For larger parties, taller and warmer wall tents, having floors and screening of suitable fabric to make them insect-proof, were readily available.

With the growth of organized camping, the industry that provides such equipment has steadily grown. And with more campers paying close attention to structural factors, tents should now be manageable, useful, made of sturdy materials, and uncomplicated to set-up and put away. The temperature ranges in which a camper will be camping also need to be considered when buying this equipment.

Keeping all these in mind, shopping for a tent isn’t easy. The marketing jargon for tents can also befuddle the neophyte camper. Conversely, camping tents can simply be classified as either 3-season or 4-season.

The 3-Season Tent

The average 3-season tent is functional in light to moderate weather conditions. The fact that it is built to hold up for temperature ranges in spring, summer and fall, and in almost any location, fittingly gives it the name 3-season tent. This type of tent is normally less expensive than a 4-season tent. 3-season tents also come in an infinite array of features and prices, and can be bought at specialty camping stores or from large merchandisers. Those of great quality let the air in, but keep the moisture out.

The 4-Season Tent

The pricier 4-season tent may or may not have a rugged “bathtub” floor which is merely an excellent waterproof floor that comes up to about six inches on most 4-season tents’ sides. These tents are suitable for year-round camping, and for whatever weather conditions there might be. They have a minimum of four aluminum poles for support, with some brands having more than that. Such specification is great for inclement winter weather. 4-season tents can also come in sleek outlines, are usually dark-colored to soak up heat better and are also lighter.

The 3-Season vis-à-vis the 4-Season

Most campers still prefer the 3-season tent because it makes for a great family camping tent. As long as it’s used in the seasons specified, it can still provide adequate protection from the elements. However, 3-season tents cannot withstand powerful snowfall, lashing rain and rough winds. They are not suitable for such wilderness outings as an Alaskan excursion in January.

Too much insulation can be a problem during the summer months for a 4-season tent. The heftier price tag of a 4-season could also sway a buyer towards a 3-season. But for the camper who plans to commune with nature in the wilderness and in stormy winter, the 4-season would be a better choice.

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