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11 Essential Items Your Camping Equipment Checklist Should Include!

In order to have a memorable and fun-filled camping vacation, there are some things you need to plan in advance, such as your camping equipment list, so you are prepared and packed for the best time of your life in the great outdoors! A short week-end camping break to the longer, fortnightly camp-out holiday, whatever you pick, there is special emphasis laid on doing the ‘once-over’ on all your camping equipment needs and then setting out so you are not stranded or at a loss when away from home. This includes having destination info handy by calling in advance for campground reservations to learning about national holidays so you can ascertain area-knowledge beforehand. If keen on taking pets along, it is advisable to call and confirm the rules at the camp grounds and if you get a negative response, you may wish to locate kennel facilities instead.

Typically, when talk of camping equipment arises, most people include the following items in their checklist of basic camping equipment:

1. A Tent
2. A Ground sheet
3. Tent poles and pegs
4. Sleeping bags
5. Camping stove and kettle
6. Extra Blankets for colder nights
7. Powerful Flashlight and a portable lamp
8. Portable toilet
9. Assorted camping cookware (skillets, pots and spoons, fork and knives)
10. Insect Repellents
11. Water Storage Containers to minimize having to frequently fetch water.

Besides the above checklist for essential camping equipment, there is scope for further addition of items if a more comprehensive outdoor experience is on the cards, especially for the more veteran camper, though this is just a guideline for the more forgetful lot of campers. Do check beforehand for your camping equipment being in good shape, especially the tent , because there’s nothing more disappointing than setting up camp and finding a tear on the top of it.

While lots of modern day campsites have near-by convenience stores for daily needs, its advisable to depend on yourself and pack dry rations like tea/coffee, cool drinks and spray-dried milk besides some basic amount of tuck-treats (cookies and wafers are a good bet) to set the mood right after setting camp.

For those setting out with the family and kids, its vital to keep their entertainment needs in mind and pack along games and reading material, apart from the basic first-aid kit consisting of aspirins, bandage and antibacterial cream. Matches and paraffin are two other vital items in your camping equipment checklist if you’re packing a stove and those spending considerable time outdoors (whatever the season) may wish to pack some sun cream besides bath linen, soap and toothpaste to make the holiday fun and camping equipment checklist complete!

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