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Swimming pool & Water Sports

Having a swimming pool in you courtyard has several advantages. The best advantage is that you can enjoy water sports in your courtyard. There are several water sports which you can enjoy inn your swimming pool like: swimming, fishing, sun bath, water polo, rowing, kayaking, rafting etc. You can enjoy these games even in evening also. You children will happy to enjoy the summer water activities in the pool. If you are lover of sun and water then swimming may be a best option for you.

Swimming is the first water activity which has several advantages. It increases body growth, improves mental health and even reduces mental stress. It is helpful in keeping your body slim and trim. If you are too tired then this water recreation can give relaxation to your body. Hence it is necessary to learn this sport. Water volleyball is also a famous sport which reduces mental stress and popular among people. Any sport you choose in the water, it is sure; you have fun with your family members. People enjoy in different modes. For more fun & excitement, you can install floating fountains in the pond. These days, several types of floating fountains are available in the market like musical fountains, single fountains and fountains with light. You can choose one of them according to your budget and space available in your pool. Having musical fountain in the pool area adds more fun to you and your child excitement.

In previous years, only people had baths, air mattress, & sun massage at pool side. But now condition has been changed and people are enjoying water activities. Not only a single they are enjoying different types of floats. The availability of pool in your home has give birth to various different types of water recreations. If you want to have more fun while swimming, you can have cup & glass during the activity as well as can carry drinks and coffee.

Enjoying water sports in your own swimming pool is a great experience as well as several advantages. Since it not a public place, hence you can décor it according to your need and budget. Suppose you go to a public swimming pool and do not like floating fountains inside the pool then it may be a difficult for you. You cannot enjoy more here. But if you own it, you may have water accessories according to your choice. Hence having your own swimming pool in your home area is an exciting experience.

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A Christmas Birthday Party Needs Christmas Party Favor Ideas to Create Glad Tidings!

If you are looking for some Christmas party favor ideas for your upcoming Christmas birthday party, an office party, or your annual Christmas shindig, then here are some snazzy and jazzy options to consider. Your guests will indeed believe this to be the most wonderful time of the year!

MUG FULL OF YUM – For the chocolate lovers in your life, fill a Christmas mug full of Hershey’s Kisses, then envelop the mug with Christmas-printed cellophane, tie it off with some fun ribbons, and hang a glitzy snowflake ornament on the outside.

ANOTHER MUG FULL OF YUM – Capitalize on chocolate and fill a Christmas mug with an envelope of hot chocolate, a small clear bag of mini marshmallows, and a package of creamer to make your hot “toddy” a bit more decadent. Once again, envelop the cup in a decorative Christmas cellophane and tie it off with coordinating ribbons and a dangling ornament.

CHOCOLATE CHRISTMAS TREE – Melt green chocolate candy melts and pour the melted chocolate into a Christmas tree-shaped candy mold. Lay a sucker stick into the warm chocolate. After the chocolate hardens, pop your trees out of the mold. Wrap the trees in cellophane and tie off with a ribbon.

Decorative Variation: If you want your tree to be all decked out, then prior to pouring the green chocolate into the mold you will need to “paint” your Christmas tree decorations onto the inside of the mold using a craft brush. Wilton’s candy melts come in an array of colors, which makes it easy to melt the chocolate, and then paint on your ornaments, lights, garland, or whatever floats your boat!

WHIMSICAL WREATH ORNAMENTS – Buy some mini craft wreaths and decorate them with Christmas ribbons, berries, dried flowers, cinnamon sticks, holly, etc. Create a hanger by gluing a ribbon loop on the back.

In the alternative, you could decorate each wreath to coincide with your guests’ interests. For example, if Suzie likes to sew, then decorate her wreath with spools of thread, ribbons, scissors, etc. For Fisherman Frank, decorate his wreath with fishing lures,
hooks, sinkers, rubber worms, thin rope, etc.

SPA DELIGHT – Make or buy a sugar scrub and put it into small mason jars or decorative glass jars, which have tight lids. Decorate the outside of the containers with Christmas stickers, puff paint, Christmas ribbons, cinnamon sticks, a sprig of holly, berries, etc. Tie a small spoon to the side using green and red raffia, along with written instructions for use.

CHRISTMAS COOKIE CUTTERS – Print out your favorite cookie recipe on a recipe card. Place Christmas-shaped cookie-cutters into a decorative cellophane bag. Tie it off with colorful ribbons and attach your recipe to the outside, or you could slip it inside of the bag prior to tying.

CHRISTMAS CD – Download a mix of your favorite Christmas songs and create CD’s for your guests. Add a decorative CD label, put it into a green or red CD sleeve, and close with a Christmas sticker.

If you are still looking for some additional Christmas birthday party favors or Christmas party favor ideas that could be used for an office party or to help make your home a sled full of fun, then you might want to visit our website. You’ll also find lots of ideas for invitations, decorations, party food, and cakes, along with a fun assortment of Christmas games for all ages, which would compliment your Christmas event splendidly!

Find additional Christmas party favor ideas for your Christmas party or Christmas Birthday Party by visiting website, a party planning website written and edited by Professional Organizer, Elizabeth Chastain. Copyright: You may freely republish this article, provided the text, author credit, the active links, and this copyright notice remain intact.

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Ray Buhen Legendary Bartender

Every tiki aficionado knows of Don the Beachcomber’s, the original tiki restaurant. Founded in 1934 in California, this restaurant chain owned by Donn Beach became known as the birthplace of the mai tai and dozens of other fruity tropical drinks. Though the restaurant is closely associated with its founder, its success depended on the bartenders who mixed up these inventive concoctions night after night.

Ray Buhen is just one of the legendary bartenders to have worked at Don the Beachcomber’s. He started in the restaurant’s original Hollywood location in 1934. On any given night, he could be serving Charlie Chaplin, Howard Hughes, or Joan Crawford, just to name a few of the celebrities frequenting this popular bar. After a 90-minute wait to order, most drinks were made right at the bar. Others, however, like the Zombie or Missionary’s Downfall, were concocted behind the scenes and served in specialty glasses shaped like a tiki statue or a cauldron. Buhen, particularly, was known for mixing these mysterious drinks for Don the Beachcomber’s.

Born in the Philippines, Ray was in his mid-20’s by the 1933 end of Prohibition and the first signs of the tiki craze. Getting his start at Don the Beachcomber’s, Buhen soon moved on to other tiki bars in the area. By 1937, Buhen began working at South Seas, another Hollywood restaurant known for its tiki ambiance. There he was responsible not only for mixing drinks, but also playing the soundtrack of thunder and lightning to give the bar a distinctly outdoor flavor. Later he became the bartender at The Luau, The Palms In The Jungle, China Trader, and several other well-known Los Angeles-area lounges founded to capitalize on the tiki craze. While at The Dresden Room, he invented Blood and Sand, which would become one of his most well-known drink concoctions.

By the 1950s, Ray had worked at nearly all of L.A.’s Polynesian-themed lounges, with the notable exception of Trader Vic’s. He was ready to try his hand at his own bar. In 1961, Buhen used his experience as a tiki bartender to open the Tiki Ti. Build by Ray and his son Mike, this restaurant features bamboo molding, a waterfall, and such tiki artifacts as a puffer fish and glass fishing floats.

This Los Angeles bar soon became known for its dozens of unusual tropical drinks. Because of his extensive experience serving up tropical drinks, Ray already had a following by the time Tiki-Ti opened in April of 1961. No beer or wine is offered here — just the Shark’s Tooth, Navy Grog, the Pearl Driver, Blood and Sand, and more than 80 other drinks Ray had learned or concocted during his three decades of bartending at other tiki establishments.

In 1968, the restaurant’s signature drink was born. An accidental variation of the Anting Anting, or “Witches’ Brew,” it became known as “Ray’s Mistake.” The Blood and Sand, Uga Booga, and the Hawaiian Twist are three other drinks popularized here.

By the 1970s, the mid-century tiki craze was winding down. While other Los Angeles tiki bars, including the China Trader, the Luau, and Don the Beachcomber’s closed, Tiki Ti continued on, becoming even more popular as tiki aficionados flocked to the only tropical destination in town. Though Ray Buhen passed away in 199, his legacy lives on, with his son and grandson running the Tiki Ti.

Royal Tiki’s beautiful range of Tiki are hand-carved on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. Also check for current specials on Tiki hut masks

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Winter Storm Watching, Pacific Rim National Park, BC

As a spectator sport, winter storm watching in the Tofino area of BC is soaring in popularity. Storm watching is an unbelievable West Coast experience, and is at its best during the fall and winter months. Starting in October, a huge and unrelenting low-pressure system establishes itself in the Gulf of Alaska.

All through November, December, January and February, gale after gale slams into these exposed western shores. The peak months of December through February usually have the most spectacular storms.

Stepping into a Pacific Rim National Parks’ Winter Storm can be an incredible experience. These enormous storms that belt our coast from November through February often generate 40 ft breaking seas which in turn rocket spray 100 ft. into the air. There are as many as 15 storms per month that hits the west coast during the storm season.

The raw power of the natural world has become an intriguing draw for tourists to the Long Beach area of BC’s Pacific Rim National Reserve. That has in fact created a new winter time activity – storm watching. Tofino and Ucluelet are the towns nearest the park, both offering a range of accommodations for storm watchers.

On the wet and wild west coast, nothing is more exciting than the fury of the wind, rain and waves during one of these storms.

Watching these massive waves from the warmth and comfort of your room is breath-taking and supernatural. However if you are in the frame of mind to be outside experiencing the storm first hand you can walk the Wild Pacific Trail (Ucluelet) and enjoy it in all it glory. At Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park you can walk for kilometres along the unspoiled water’s edge and witness storm watching first hand.

Many storm watchers sit back and relax, enjoying the sights and sounds of the pacific storm while staying dry in their room, in the lap of comfort sitting behind large windows… spending hours fascinated by the waves as they toss logs about like toothpicks.

Still others prefer to be outdoors exploring on foot, vanishing into the sheets of ocean mist that hits the coast. The waves that pound the beaches carry driftwood and sometimes Japanese glass fishing floats on shore. Beachcombing after a storm is fascinating.

The more adventurous types, suit up in rain gear, slip on some rubber boots and water proof the camera in preparation of walking the beaches and the thundering waves, before you take a boat tour out on the water where the waves will give you a wild ride.

Now the question that you may be asking yourself is where do you find more information on this subject? Click here for additional information on Winter Storm Watching ? To widen your research to the coast of BC in general go here! Around Vancouver Island

Acting Skills For Star Performers

There was a time when actors were taught to pose in a particular way to depict grief, arch an eyebrow to portray doubt, and shift the weight from here to there to express haughtiness. That sort of thing has no place in the technique of today’s enlightened actor.

The emotional scale is not played by moving from one specific pose to another. An actress like Judith Anderson doesn’t portray grief the same way Audrey Hepburn does. Katharine Cornell — or, for that matter, any actress worthy of the name — does not delineate grief exactly the same way in two different characterizations.

Since different people have different ways of expressing emotion, the actor must develop understanding as well as technical acting tools-for flexibility and control-which will enable him to portray emotion in many molds.

These acting skills are the same for everyone. The end result of their use is individual. Through training, your voice, body and mind can become so flexible and so well controlled that they will automatically obey your commands without conscious effort. Bit by bit, the science underlying the actor’s art will become concrete in concept, defined in detail, and clear in purpose to you.

We are all creatures of the habits and characteristics which influence our personality pattern. Our own personalities are made up of habits, fears, gratifications, inhibitions, complexes, personality mannerisms and traits, etc.-most of which are subconscious.

We all know there are two parts to the mind-the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious is your voluntary mind. Your aware mind. The mind that functions when you’re awake. The subconscious is your involuntary mind. It functions without your knowledge and control when you’re asleep, as well as when you’re awake.

You can use your conscious and subconscious mind as skills of acting to develop, heighten and enhance your own personality by making this mental image. Picture yourself in a sailboat at night, floating on a dark, uncharted ocean. On the prow of the boat, put a searchlight.

The person in the boat is you.
The boat is your conscious mind.
The dark ocean is your subconscious mind.
The beam from the searchlight is your aware-beam.

The size of your sailboat can be compared to the size of your measurable, conscious mind-and the unmeasured ocean to your subconscious mind. The subconscious-ocean conceals many things of which you are not aware. But they are there. Anything you can think of is there-and everything you have ever known is there.

A fraction of all this passes through your aware-beam. Good habit-waves and bad habit-waves. Destructive floating mines and beautiful colored-glass fishing floats.

Let’s say you’ve focused your aware-beam on a live, floating mine (which is just our figure of speech to represent a potentially dangerous fear). As soon as the mine is in your aware-beam, you can cope with it. After focusing your aware-beam on the bad habit, you can use what is called:


to correct the bad habit You start by constructing a good habit pattern in the conscious mind. By your conscious perseverance the new “good habit” pattern will be absorbed into the subconscious, replacing the old bad habit.

You can also use the law of substitution in dealing with undesirable personality traits. While fears, bad habits, undesirable personality traits, etc., are within your aware-beam, you may know they’re there-and yet refuse to recognize them. Figuratively, you hold your hand up in front of your eyes, like a blinder, to hide from yourself whatever you don’t want to see.

We will refer to this, figuratively, as a hand-inhibition. It’s up to you to overcome and consciously dispense with your hand-inhibitions and look squarely at what is within the focus of your aware-beam. By using the law of substitution, you can transform your liabilities into assets.

To ring true, a character’s “personality” should be made up of habits, fears, gratifications, inhibitions, complexes, personality mannerisms and traits, etc. These should consciously be built into the character’s subconscious by the actor. Use this technique and acting skills to enhance your ability as an actor.

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Hong Kong – City of Life

This enigmatic city of skyscrapers, ancient traditions and heavenly food will fascinate, whether it’s your first visit or your 50th. On China’s south coast between the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea, tourist places in Hong Kong have a population of seven million people. The city is called many things, not least of all a country in and of itself. As the world’s most vertical and arguably futuristic city with high-tech transportation, it’s a fascinating place to explore and view famous tourist places in Hong Kong.

Since the colonial era, main tourist places in Hong Kong has been Asia’s commercial and cultural hub, making it one of the world’s most cosmopolitan, spectacular and thrilling cities. The wonder of popular tourist places in Hong Kong lies in its unique blend of influences, combining true multicultural modernity with ancient Chinese traditions. Beneath the towering skyscrapers of the Central District, traditional wet markets offer the daily diet of fresh vegetables and live, flapping seafood. The chic shopping districts of Wanchai and Causeway Bay are replete with international brands and designer labels, but the locals head instead to the bustling night markets of Nathan Road for being the main tourist places in Hong Kong.

There are countless sightseeing possibilities in the city and surrounding islands to check out popular tourist places in Hong Kong. To admire top tourist places in Hong Kong signature panorama over glittering skyscrapers to the harbour beyond, take a ride up the precipitous Peak Tram, or travel a little further afield to the fishing harbour at Aberdeen, home to the world’s largest floating restaurant. If time allows, the outlying islands of top tourist places in Hong Kong offer a tranquil escape from the hubbub of the city; visit Lantau for the giant Bronze Buddha and Tai O fishing village, or Lamma for fine beaches and hiking opportunities. Cheap and efficient public transport, wonderful hotels and sumptuous dining combine with a wonderful natural setting to make Hong Kong the ideal place to begin or crown your Asian adventure.

The famous tourist places in Hong Kong Island skyline, with its ever-growing number of skyscrapers, speak to ambition and money. Paris, London, and even New York were already centuries in the making when places to visit in Hong Kong gleaming glass towers landed it on the map as one of the world’s leading financial centers.

Commerce is concentrated in the glittering high-rises of Central, tucked between Victoria Harbour and the forested peaks on tourist places in Hong Kong Island north shore. While it’s easy to think all the bright lights are the sum of today’s main tourist places in Hong Kong, you need only walk or board a tram for the short jaunt west into the Western neighbourhood to discover a slower-paced side of places to visit in Hong Kong that is more traditionally Chinese. You’ll discover the real popular tourist places in Hong Kong to the east of Central, too, in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, and beyond. Amid the residential towers are restaurants, shopping malls, bars, convention centers, a nice smattering of museums, and–depending on fate and the horse you wager on–one of Hong Kong’s most fortuitous spots, the Happy Valley Racecourse.

If you’re heading to top tourist places Hong Kong in the summer, attend the famous tourist places in Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival. Hundreds of thousands of people flock here each year to watch 5,000 athletes participate in dragon boat races. If you plan to go to tourist places in Hong Kong in the winter, consider organizing your trip around the 15 Days of Chinese New Year Celebration. It’s one enormous street party complete with elaborate floats and performers. During your places to visit in Hong Kong travel, also visit the Peak, the island’s highest point.

TraveLibro is one stop travel guide for all your travel diaries. It aims to connect travellers and travel agents from the globe to create a travel community!

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Decorating a Nautical Themed Living Room or Bedroom

Nautical themes are very popular right now, especially for living room or bedroom décor. When you’re planning to use a nautical theme, the first thing you should do is paint the walls blue, like the water. Depending on your tastes you can use anything from very pale blue to bright or dark blue; any shade of blue will work with a nautical theme. When decorating your nautical themed living room or bedroom, consider scenes you may encounter when walking along a boardwalk or at a marina, and use those as your inspiration.

Nautical décor should include elements that you would find on a boat. Natural ropes, netting, accents in bright red and white, and a porthole motif can all be easy ways to tie everything together. You can also add a few flags tied to the tallest piece of furniture in the room, or use wooden flags that can be hung around the top of the walls all the way around your room. If you have wood paneling, don’t cover it up; wood paneling on interior walls can remind you of the interior cabin on a ship or inside a beach house.

For the walls and windows, canvas is a traditional material that is very popular in nautical décor. It can be used for curtains, dust ruffles for the bed, and other details. Canvas curtains hung with the use of large eyelets are a classic piece of nautical décor. You can even recycle an old sail, if you have access to one. The canvas can also be used to cover cushions or throw pillows.

Use natural wood furniture or paint your furniture white or cream, possibly with a distressed look, to make it fit in with your nautical décor. The paint should not be shiny or new-looking; it should look as if the furniture has had years of use on the beach or out to sea. If you’re choosing a whole new set of furniture to go with the nautical look, go for those that look like they belong in a beach cabin, including Adirondack chairs and wooden furniture. If you want to get creative with the furniture, you can even use a hammock for a chair or bed to represent a fishing net. Boat shaped beds are also a possibility. If you choose to stay with a regular bed, use blue and white bedding with red accents. These are the traditional “nautical” colors.

As for as decorations are concerned, paddles and oars are an appropriate touch for any nautical-themed room. Pictures of sailing boats or other nautical or beach themes can be a great way to provide a centerpiece in the room. Model sailboats, lighthouses, anchors, ship wheels, life rings, and vintage glass fishing floats can bring a nautical style to the walls, bookshelves, and tables in the room.

When done right, a nautical themed room is unique and inviting. It should instantly remind you of the seaside. If you want your room to be more relaxing than exciting, choose a color scheme consisting of white, khaki, and any shade of blue. Adding a pop of red or yellow can add excitement to the room.

Royal Tiki’s genuine Hawaiian Tiki statues, totems and masks make a great addition to any Tiki bar. Also check for current specials on statues for your Tiki bar

Brittany Festivals – 10 Fun Festivals In Brittany Written By A Confirmed Francophile

From its peninsula in northwest France, hugged by the English Channel, the Celtic Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay, Brittany boasts the longest coastline of any region in France. Just think of all that bucket and spade territory – not to mention the bustling bistros lining up to serve the freshest catch of the day, dished up with a flourish and a refreshing glass of the local cider.

Of course there’s more to Brittany than seafood and cider, but like any region in France, the local specialities tend to take pride of place. And quite right too – which is why you’ll find no end of festivals focused on gastronomic delights, ranging from the scallop festival in April to the traditional Celtomania festival across September and October. Whichever festival tickles your fancy, whether it’s rock music or traditional folklore, you certainly won’t go hungry.

Here’s our take on the top ten festivals in Brittany:

1) Mandinka Nights Festival, Nantes
25th – 26th March 2013
The Festival Nuits Mandingues is an annual event that was started in 2005 to celebrate the Mandinka regions’ rich cultural history of music, dance, storytelling and traditions. This popular festival is a boisterous affair and a great way to enjoy African music and popular forms of blues, jazz and reggae.

2) Panoramas Festival, Morlaix
28th – 30th March 2013
Contemporary music comes to Morlaix in a big way in Spring. Every year, the Panoramas Festival hits the town – bringing big names from the world of rock, R&B, rap, dance, and pop to kick off the summer festival season in style. Taking place at various venues including the Parc de Langolvas and the Théâtre du Pays de Morlaix, get ready for big beats, thumping rhythms and plenty of fun.

3) Nantes Carnival, Nantes
14th – 20th April 2013
The Nantes Carnival is a bizarre affair that celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of Spring. Every year it’s marked by a lively procession of colourful floats, giant puppets, brass bands, musicians, dancing, stacks of confetti and silly-string. Hundreds of thousands of people line the streets to welcome the celebrations in this big and bubbly occasion – with visitors encouraged to join in by spraying foam at the passing floats.

4) Scallop Festival, Various Locations
27th – 28th April 2013
Brittany is famous for its delicious seafood and fresh shellfish – so what better way to celebrate this delectable delight than a festival dedicated to scallops? The coastal towns of Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Loguivy-de-la-Mer and Erquy mark the end of the scallop-fishing season with the Fête de la Coquille Saint-Jacques – a range of festivities including live music, parades, street parties, brass bands and of course, plenty of opportunities to taste scallops in various guises.

5) Pancake Festival, Gourin
27th – 28th July 2013
Love pancakes? Then the Fête de la Crêpe really will cut the mustard. The crêpe has pride of place in Gourin, and every July this delectable festival serves up mountains of pancakes in every shape, size and flavour imaginable. As with any good festival there’s also a lively programme of entertainment including Breton bands, traditional games, dancing and concerts. The crème de la crème of the festival is the pancake competition, which pits pancake-makers against each other to see who can serve up the biggest crêpe.

6) Fêtes Historiques de Vannes, Vannes
18th – 21st July 2013
Every year in July, the attractive medieval town of Vannes re-enacts its turbulent history with a series of processions, battles, jousting contests, street performances and concerts. It’s the perfect excuse to explore this attractive, historic city and discover its rich cultural heritage.

7) Jazz à Vannes, Vannes
22nd – 27th July 2013
Barely have the jousts and costumes of Vannes’ Fêtes Historiques been packed away before the town comes alive again with another summer celebration. One of Brittany’s biggest jazz festivals, the long-established Jazz à Vannes, provides a spectacle of music covering various styles and genres. Attracting big-name musicians, the lovely port town of Vannes is transformed into a jazz-lover’s haven – with most concerts and performances taking place outside in the Jardin de Limur, on the streets, and even down by the port.

8) Fête des Remparts, Dinan
July 2014 (biennial)
This fun-filled medieval festival brings history to life in many different ways. Step back in time and enjoy a spectacle filled with jousting, battles, medieval markets, dances, music, parades, hearty food and plenty more. The beautiful town of Dinan and its impressive fortifications provides the perfect backdrop to this rich historical event, which combines myth, legend and entertainment – a great day out for all ages.

9) Festival La Route du Rock
15th – 16th February / 10th – 12th August
Rock music comes to the lovely port town of Saint-Malo twice a year in the form of La Route du Rock, with a summer festival in August and a winter event in February. Its setting on the Emerald Coast is a definite plus point, as is the line-up – which features both big names and undiscovered acts across a wide range of rock and metal.

10) Les Celtomania Festival, Various Locations
27th September – 27th October 2013
The Celtomania Festival has been going for over 20 years and spans several locations across Brittany, all of which come together in a diverse and fascinating display of Breton culture. From Pornic to Montluc, Bouvron to Nantes, the villages and towns come alive with live music, concerts, singing hikes, exhibitions, dancing, great food and a whole host of other events.

Want to know about more festivals in France? Perhaps plan a holiday or a caravan holiday in France around a few different festivals by French region? Go to festivals in France at the Caravan Insurance Gurus website.

Magic Lantern Show to upgrade controversial tame fish

“Fish every year” caused controversy.
CCTV Spring Festival Evening this year, performing magic for magicians Fu Yandong “fish every year” and became popular. Were friends but then attack, calling it an extremely cruel way to abuse the fish. Last night, Hunan Satellite TV, joy at the Lantern Festival, Fu Yandong live goldfish Secret Magic, but was friends refer to muddle through, simply does not make clear whether the child fish, but the performance so users questioned in a new magic “change dead,” a goldfish , which will upgrade again child controversy fish.
After the Spring Festival, the fish comes from a variety of child decryption, to animal protection organizations, open letter, the dispute dragged on. Curiosity in the audience between trade secrets and is really difficult to balance. Text / reporter Zhang Suqin
Lantern Night “become dead” goldfish?
Last night, Hunan Satellite TV Lantern party, bring goldfish model playing Fu Yandong said in an interview with host considerable pressure after the Spring Festival, magic show to the audience to ensure that the goldfish is now “very healthy, comfortable old age, not their own live happy. ” Subsequently, his “Secret” as a gimmick, a goldfish model will become three, the scarf through the tank as an example of the Spring Festival Evening goldfish goldfish magic lies in how the church invisible and appeared, as well as how to penetrate the glass, something .
After Fu Yandong performed “great changes goldfish” Magic – two tanks, with a red cloth cover, empty fish tank suddenly changed numerous redfish; the other side, with a black cloth cover, black fish tank full of fish . In the final session, in a black goldfish tank stiff surfaced, although the camera lingers on less than two seconds but still clear to see.
Clarification: the larger cause floats roll
Magic Immediately after the sharp-eyed netizens have posted it in the Fu Yandong broke the news: “just a dead blackfish you see?” But there are friends, said: “goldfish turn belly does not mean that he died ah.”
The night 9:53, Fu Yandong updated his Twitter: “fish found down sideways, and who can tell me how it had? How can I do?” Then attached is a 28-second video, the middle of the video tour really turned the stomach of the snakehead. Not dead goldfish voice-over said: “As a black goldfish floats belly larger, resulting in some body roll during swimming. Goldfish swimming slowly roll to the audience’s visual errors caused by the dying.”
Yuan Fu Yandong said assistant draw on previous experience, After the performance on film this video. However, users do not buy it, “how can I determine the goldfish in the video is live TV to which the goldfish?”
Open Letter: invited experts to witness
In addition, on February 16, for the relevant questions have been responded to several of the Fu Yandong, in a blog published an open letter that “the open letter will be the last time talking about the Spring Festival Evening Magic,” “to adhere to in order to protect the magic of conduct,” ” I show the ‘fish every year’ magic did not put any object inside the belly, please do not free to ‘follow’. “
Fu Yandong said, “willing to be active in animal protection try!” He also said: “Lantern Festival tomorrow evening at the Hunan Satellite TV to continue with the goldfish and common interpretation of magic, we are linked by Hunan Satellite TV Hunan local authority aquatic experts, invited experts full participation in our magic rehearsal and preparation process and after the end of track magic goldfish health, through the supervision and guidance of our actions, the witness of our performances are not contrary to the nature of the fish, without compromising the health of the fish! “
Spring Festival goldfish magic cause the outbreak of fish abuse controversy
CCTV Spring Festival Evening this year, Fu Yandong performing magic “fish every year” caused controversy. After the Spring Festival, the Internet is spread out “the fish to swallow iron ball”, “fish is cut open the belly”, “fishing line lure,” “electric fish” and other four fish decryption abuse claims. Subsequently, Fu Yandong had to respond through the media, and stressed that there is no abuse of fish, method is to use magic domesticated goldfish.
Upgrade requirements of animal protection organizations to stop play
February 14, Small Animal Protection Association, the joint 53 animal protection organizations jointly issued an open letter to the Spring Festival Evening strongly protest abuse of fish behavior.
The association said, “fish every year” has caused abuse of fish behavior, a Magic fan of his published online during the test: After trying to put the fish gills in a thin disk, the thin disk glued to the fish belly The following were unsuccessful, put the magnet into the fish mouth, and then poured into 502 fish head, “and 502 dry fish head was sealed”, so try out the “fish every year” in the fish obedient moving effect.
This is the Small Animal Protection Association protested reasons. The letter also suggested that should put an end to large-scale variety show staged animal shows, in order to avoid the audience to imitate caused by maltreat or hurt an animal.
Secret self-control fish infested by the completion of performance
February 15, and his father Futeng Long Fu Yandong attended a Beijing community “Lantern Festival” activities. “China’s devil,” said Fu Tenglong said, in fact, magic is the “authority”, but also performing components.
Fu Yandong said that the Spring Festival Evening performances put dozens of aquarium fish, the fish come and go through his control, that is, disappearance of the fish appear to fish way, become a fish swimming in a variety of Zhenshi.
Industry: a few magic tricks to science and technology
Fu Yandong born in 1975, “Chinese devil” Futeng Long’s son, graduated from East China Normal University, the international financial system.
Miscellaneous Magic Club Association of Jiangsu Province, deputy director of Fangzhen Yong had said in an interview, Fu Yandong “fish every year” pricey tech, “the magic in Japan already been made, but for the Chinese audience, quite fresh, “Fangzhen Yong said the industry is not in line with the Magic since the principle of exposing the secret that he can not debunk the mystery. “As for ‘abuse of fish’ does not exist, because entirely possible to use the remote to control the simulation of high false goldfish, fish maw house has a magnet device …” He disclosed that the “tame fish” props in the country not yet introduced, cost is relatively high, so high-tech, but the Magic’s own way inadequate.
Sound gradually tolerant users
For Fu Yandong and his magic, the controversy has not stopped the Internet, the fifteenth day “change die” CCTV Spring Festival Evening of fish is to fish since the abuse controversy to upgrade again.
User “Toth mother” said: “Animal Protection Society, said early to prevent the use of animals is not to show it? Whether fish died did not die, it must first comply with the rules.”
There are some friends that Fu Yandong not very professional. “I hope and thought a good magic tricks, please professional point, otherwise the audience looked embarrassed.”
However, there are a considerable number of users on the Fu Yandong expressed tolerance and support.
Friends “babyboom” said: “did not die like fish, do not control what other people say, I support you! Learn magic, after all, is not easy!”
Friends “Dear_Stranger” then laments: “Learning magic really hard, I hope you can go its own way, as the public that much more wrong is much more to clarify some things can not be more clear. Yes, my first few fish days also cross over, and I slightly changed the point of water, fed a few fish food, slowly it is over the. “
Friends, “Man-man summer” bluntly: “do not need to always feel so intolerant, they obviously eat meat, fish abuse also blame others.”
If the guess is too obsessed with mystery, magic to see if it will lose meaning? In the magician’s trade secrets and curiosity among the audience, really difficult to balance.
Each have two wonderful Lantern Festival party
Last night, Hunan Satellite TV, CCTV and the Lantern Festival party was accused. Two parties, CCTV recording and broadcasting, Hunan TV broadcast, so some of the faces also appear on both party. Such as migrant workers masculine combination of sun, but they did not own, such as singing songs mentioned in rumors. Hunan Satellite TV, joy at the Lantern Festival, they presented a cover song “edge of life.” CCTV is on stage singing “My future is not a dream.” Through experience, they are obviously a lot of relaxation, less points of passion, but more stable points.
CCTV: Zuying acclaimed magic
CCTV Lantern Festival party a total of 90 minutes, the biggest bright spot is Zuying magic.
Central Zuying sitting round table, and Zhao, small Shenyang, Dong Qing, Dong Jie, etc. all seated at her side, “supervision” of her performance. Zuying performing magic is the “coin through glass.” I saw the coin slowly Zuying extrapolation from the glass into the cup, which immediately drew the audience’s applause. Sitting beside her Zhao was also surprised to cry, “is simply too god, you’re better than Liu Qian is also God.” The Magic Zuying show finished immediately after the Internet caused great surprise.
Hunan Satellite TV: a “disturbed”
Gong Linna singing “uneasy” swept the country, known as the “Divine Comedy.” From Hunan twenty retired veteran choir challenge this first Divine Comedy. Choir members also learn to sing to the chairpersons of the “disturbed” the harvest, said learning to sing “disturbed” after the feelings of pleasure, is a good way to decompress, to sing an old man said he was “uneasy” Da Cangying hit rate high.
New Divine Comedy

Sit on top Kayak -Pro’s & Con’s

Kayaks are used to improve the performance of fishing. They are used by fishing lovers for recreational purpose. Kayaks are of different types and are made from different material. It is necessary to select the most appropriate type of Kayak for an easy and safe fishing. While Kayak fishing necessary safety precautions are needed to be taken care of. The type of kayak depends upon many factors, one of which is the fishing type.

Common fishing types are:

* Moving water

* Flat/Open water

* Versatile i.e. in between water

Types of Kayaks

* Sit on top (SOT) Fishing kayak

* Sit inside (SIT) Fishing kayak

* Bass Fishing Kayak

* Tandem Fishing Kayak

* Fly fishing Kayak

* Inflatable fishing kayak

Sit on Top V/s Sit in Kayaks

Kayaks basically come in two types SOT or SOK. In SOT there is a seating space available in the hollow tube. These are more traditional type of fishing. They ca be customized and are easy for getting in and out of the kayak. They are very comfortable and spacious. The angler can move and adjust himself in the Kayak. There are few disadvantages of SOT’s too. SOT kayaks are less stable, slow and heavy. They are preferred for moving waters. They offer a dry ride as compared to SIT.

SIT or SIK have design similar to SOT. They too have a seat in the hollow of the kayak. They are more stable, lighter and faster. They provide extra protection from wet situations and cold. But these too can be uncomfortable after a long time Also they are little uncomfortable while getting in and out of the kayak. SIT can be used for saltwater. They are safer as they can roll with filling in water.

Advantages of Sit on top kayaks

* They are made from fiber glass and are less expensive

* They have the advantage of paddle floats, navigation maps and self-rescue.

* The seat is molded on the hull of the kayak.

* They are useful for fishing, touring, surfing, scuba diving etc.

* They are built specially for recreational purposes.

* They are appealing for new paddlers and inexperienced anglers.

* They are warmer and great for cooler waters

* They keep the kayak and the angler dry

Tips for better kayak fishing experience

Control: It is important to have control over your kayak. Control is necessary to remain safe and also for catching the fish. A good training is pre requisite before going for a kayak fishing.

Pack light and right: When packing always consider all thing that are important and necessary. One should be aware of the gears and accessories needed for kayaking.

Setting the balt, casting and catching: Get the balt ad hook personalized as per your preference. Choosing the appropriate kayak and setting the balt right is important factor that needs to be considered.

Storing: Take ample of storage capacity with you to store fish and other items. Also know the fact that the storage should fit into your kayak.

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Participate With Your Family In A Relaxed And Beautiful Atmosphere

There are four major reasons to use Hotels in Lincoln City, OR. The visitor to this ocean shore paradise enjoying the Hotels in Lincoln City, OR can look for finders keepers glass, experienced tax-free shopping, check out the coolest skateboarding park in the United States and view the world’s shortest river. This seaside village with luxurious Hotels in Lincoln City, OR is nestled between the ocean and the lake.

There is a plethora of activities waiting for the outdoor or arts and crafts enthusiast. Take a kayak adventure with Northwest Ecoexcursions or explore the wildlife on the bike trails. Visitors can learn how to paint with watercolors or sharpen their photography skills with a workshop at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. For those looking for more, there is the nearby aviation museum and Oregon Coast Aquarium. There are more than enough activities to require a long stay at one of the hotels in Lincoln City, OR.

Beachcombing is very popular and visitors at Hotels in Lincoln City, OR love to take home to take home the old-fashioned Japanese glass floats from fishing vessels ranging in size from a few inches to three feet. These are very rare as fishing vessels have converted to modern materials. Now the local glass artists make small glass floats and scatter them along the 7 1/2 miles of shoreline for enterprising locals and guests of Hotels in Lincoln City, OR to find. The lucky beachcomber who finds one can request a certificate of authenticity from the city. Hotels in Lincoln City, OR will have information on this unique and fun pastime.

There are thousands of miles of biking and hiking trails for the outdoor enthusiast; directions can be obtained from Hotels in Lincoln City OR. Whale watching is a popular past time as well as attending cooking classes at the culinary school; Hotels in Lincoln City OR are near the centers. There are many date trips that offer education and fun including a lighthouse, Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Evergreen Aviation Museum. These are within an easy drive from Hotels in Lincoln City OR.

The hotels in Lincoln City, OR welcome guests of all ages and groups. Whether it is a family traveling to the ocean for the first time, a couple celebrating their anniversary or a local business hosting their annual conference, there are hotels in Lincoln City, OR that fits their needs. The Pacific Ocean setting is perfect for those in love with the outdoors. It is time to visit some place new.

When planning a honeymoon or club meeting, there is no better place in Oregon to find a Rooms in Lincoln City than the Coho Lodge. Here you will be able to savor each other and all the lovely natural surroundings that will make the social ocassion not only memorable but also unique. For more information about the best Lincoln City Hotel Room visit our website.

Appreciate your vacation time inside your finest Hotels in Lincoln City

You’ll acquire four major reasons to utilize, OR. The visitor to this ocean shore paradise enjoying the Hotels in Lincoln City, OR can seem for finders keepers glass, experienced tax-free buying, verify out the coolest skateboarding park inside United States and watch the world’s shortest river. This seaside village with luxurious Hotels in Lincoln City, OR is nestled in in between the sea as well as the lake.

There could be a plethora of actions waiting towards the outside or arts and crafts enthusiast. Take a kayak adventure with Northwest Ecoexcursions or analysis the wildlife relating to the bike trails. Internet site visitors can understand how you’ll be able to paint with watercolors or sharpen their photography skills using a workshop within the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. For all people searching for very much more, there is the close by aviation museum and Oregon Coast Aquarium. You will come across extra than enough activities to require a lengthy continue to be at 1 with the Hotels in Lincoln City, OR.

Hotels in Lincoln City OR are based round the seashore, 7 1/2 miles within the sandy shoreline is salted with gorgeous handmade glass floats by means of the neighborhood artists every and each and every year zero price to whoever finds them. Thousands of agates are collected as a result of the beaches at lower tide. A neighborhood casino in addition to the Salmon River fish hatchery are nearer Hotels in Lincoln City OR. Background on the Indian tribes of Siletz may well be studied together which includes a covered bridge driven by means of. Accommodations in Lincoln Town OR possess a list of current events, guided kayak tours, kite flying festivals and challenging skateboard park offers competitions.

Of all of this Hotels in Lincoln City, OR, the Inn at Spanish Head Resort Hotel may be the only 1 of it is sort which can be situated correct in regards to the seaside. Practically nothing compares towards floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies that permit site visitors a full watch within the seashore plus the sea. For those families or couples that will need a small added in there resorts in Lincoln Metropolis, OR, complete kitchens are accessible in certain rooms. If visitors choose to not cook, there is an onsite bar and restaurant full with ocean view. An outdoor heated pool and Oceanside sauna are other amenities distinctive towards the Inn. For corporations looking for to get a site to hold their up coming business enterprise company convention, the Inn at Spanish Head is totally equipped with conference rooms along which has a corporation center. This really is just 1 in just the Hotels in Lincoln City, OR that specializes in private vacations, on line small business functions, or destination weddings

It does not matter when the visitor prefers reside theater, nightlife or purchasing or outdoors adventures like bird watching and golf, the visitor will quickly find out about why this is 1 within the most outstanding 25 areas within your United States to retire. It all starts working with a visit to Accommodations in Lincoln Town OR to discover out the charm and possibility in the great seaside paradise.

When planning a honeymoon or getaway vacation, there is no better place in Oregon to find Hotels in Lincoln City than the Coho Lodge. Here you will be able to enjoy each other and all the beautiful natural surroundings that will make the romantic getaway not only memorable but also unique. For more information about the best Lincoln City Lodge visit

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