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Having Glow Sticks In The Car Can Help Prepare For Urgent Situations

Jumbo glow stick products are made not only for parties, but for safety glowing purpose as well. Safety glow sticks give glow for as long as 12 hours and they are a big help in certain situations. One such situation is changing tire on the roadside at night. Glowsticks stored in your car can give you enough glow for the tire change. Glow sticks are also called safety glow sticks.

In the classic Rambo movie, the character used blue glow sticks in night actions. For emergency lighting purpose, a special kind of glow sticks, called safety light sticks are manufactured not only for military use, but also for civilian use for power outage or outdoor lighting. Glow sticks are neat to use as they don’t need any accessory, like battery or electrical wires to work. A glow stick as a lighting tool eliminate any concern about out of battery, bad weather conditions, causing wild fire etc. Getting some glow stick in the house is a wise choice.

Glow sticks are low cost and have long shelf life so it’s not a bad idea to keep a few in your car also to use as makeshift lamp. Glow stick illuminates dark theatre hallways and pathways for special events and provide illumination for campers and divers. Store glow sticks in offices, residence houses in the event of blackouts or gas leaks;

To activate, simply bend the glow sticks plastic tube enough to break the inner glow tube. Once the inner glass tube breaks, the chemicals inside inner glass tube come out and mix with the chemicals outside the glass tube and glowing reaction starts, thus the light is generated.

Glow sticks come in two types and most of the glow sticks in the market are liquid type. Liquid type ones generate steadier light than the dry powder kind light sticks. 1W6 Has you ever tried fishing in twilight with glow sticks? You can tie glow sticks to the line and they would act like bobbers. They also do a great job of attracting fish and stimulate fishes to bite. They also make the bait appear bigger than their actual sizes. supply glow products for events of all types, including party glow sticks and also safety glowstick. Visit us online today.

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New Glow Technology for Fishermen

Lunabrite, a leader in photoluminescent technology, has uncovered new applications for glow in the dark materials for usage during fishing expeditions. New glow products such as LunaGel Glow Sheets glow in the dark ribbon and rope that can be attached to fishing equipment and gear for multiple uses.

Photoluminescent materials not only glow in the dark, but glow under water as well.  The materials can be used both in and around water.

New photoluminescent ribbon and glow sheets can be used in a multitude of ways to attract fish. The first of which is fashioning this glowing material into a fishing lure. A bright and visible lure is one of the best ways to attract fish.

There are many benefits to using a glow in the dark lure. Glow in the dark lures are beneficial because fish will be able to actually see the bait. This helps fishermen catch more fish. Once in the water, fish cannot easily see lures without glow especially if the fish are under 6 feet of water. Even on the brightest day and the clearest water, without glow, many times the fish will be unable to detect that there is a lure or bait.

Several experienced fishermen agree. “Photoluminescence is a naturally occurring element of nature.It is displayed by many species in nature, especially of aquatic nature,” states avid fisherman John Akeson, “Most fish have encountered natural photoluminescence and are attracted to it as a food source as part of their DNA. Simply put, the fish love to bite on glow because it’s natural.”

Additionally, using luminescent rope trim to outfit a fishing boat is another application for the nighttime fisherman. It has been reported that the bright glow of this trim on a boat can successfully attract phototropes, thus attracting the bigger fish. Outlining the boat in photoluminescent trim and glow in the dark outdoor tape will not only warn others in boats of a fisherman’s presence, but it may attract larger fish, and it can additionally provide a relaxing ambiance.

Adding glowing vinyl material to equipment is another option during nighttime fishing situations. Using glow materials on equipment facilitates keeping track of essentials such as keys, bobbers and tackle boxes. Additionally, a glowing accent is useful when applied to switches on flashlights and boat motors or to the ends of fishing rods and reels.

With so more glow options to choose from, fishermen should be catching more fish than ever!

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