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Pike Fishing Lures Demystified

A species generally encountered in the northern fresh waters of the globe, pike is a favorite catch for many hobbyists. The maximum length one such fish can reach is 1.83 meters and its weight can go up to 35 kilograms.

If you are after pike, don’t forget to take special pike fishing lures , or you’ll fail to catch. Yet, you may have all the accessories possible and still be unsuccessful if you know nothing about the feeding habits and the specifics of the species.

All the baits and lures take their inspiration from the fish diet. Pike loves shoal fish and they sometimes prey on their smaller kin. They also love insects and amphibians and would not say no to mice or moles or even ducklings if they are really hungry.

There are four main categories of pike fishing lures : spoons, spinners, live fish and swim baits. The first category, spoons, are very appealing for pike because of their chaotic nature and their trebling motion. This kind of pike fishing lures also has the reputation of catching fish more rapidly than other models.

Spinners on the other hand are simpler pike fishing lures preferred by most hobbyists. However it is recommended that one should use the bigger size of this kind of lure because otherwise pike might not bite. For short bites, you can still catch the fish if you attach a trailer hook to the pike fishing lures so that the pike may not escape.

The third type of pike fishing lures is represented by the swim baits. Usually made of plastic, these items have a major downside: the lure gets damaged when the fish bites and you have to replace it every time .

Live fish will definitely be the traditional or classic variant of pike fishing lures . Depending on the type of pike one intends to catch, any of the food sources mentioned above are a good choice for lure, especially minnows that work pretty well with smaller pike.

All in all, pike fishing lures represent an accessory, and it is up to the angler to decide whether they need to be artificial or natural.

Those who have very little experience with fishing should get well informed on what materials and equipment items to bring along, if they are keen on catching something.

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The Right Fishing Lures For Fishing

The fisherman needs to have quality equipment like fishing lures to make a dream catch on the fishing day. This is all possible if a fisherman have the right kind of items required to catch fish. This also improve your chances of getting that big catch on the line. The right fishing lures , rods and a strong line is necessary for having a better chance of catching the catch of the day.

Sometimes it might be difficult to get hold of live bait before you go fishing. Therefore, it would be a wise option to go for quality fishing lures that can take care of such a situation. The use of quality equipment can help the fisherman get lucky while getting hold of that big catch.

Fishing lures are very useful as they replicate the real movements made by any prey used as live bait. The colors of the prey are also shown in a similar manner. The fisherman can set the traps for multiple fish as the fishing lures have multiple hooks attached to it. This helps the fisherman catch more fish at a time.

Once the fish is attracted to the fishing lure, it bites the same while being trapped in the hook and being pulled out of the water by the fisherman. The lures are attached to the fishing poles and are inserted into the water to catch the fishes. The lures are reeled back by the fisherman to display the movement of the actual bait.

With the right kind of reeling action, the fisherman can replicate similar action using the fishing lures that displays the movement of the live baits. The fish gets attracted to the action of the lure and tries to bite the same. This allows the fisherman to get hold of them through the hooks.

It is necessary to select the right kind of lure for the fishing activity. The lure will depend on factors such as fishing environment and the type of fish. The most common type of lures are spoon lures, soft baits, and artificial flies. The spoon lures display themselves as small fish as they reflect light out of water.

For the fly-fishing activity the fisherman should make use of the artificial flies’ kind of lure. This is because the lure can be made to hop on the surface of the water showing themselves as small insects. The fish gets attracted to the hopping action and tries to bite the lure. Once they do that, the hook is attached to their face allowing the fisherman to pull them out of the water. Soft baits are also used for the fishing activity. These baits replicate organisms such as frogs and worms. They are made of plastic or rubber.

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Basics About Fishing Lures

What is a fishing lure?

A fishing lure is an object that is attached to the end of a fishing line. Its purpose, as the name suggests, is to lure fish through a combination of movement, vibrations and color. Fish get attracted to the lure and attack it, in the process fall prey to the hook on which the lure is set.

How does it work?

Fishing lures are widely used with fishing tackle. The lure is attached to the fishing line with a knot. It is first cast out into the water and then slowly retrieved. The process of retrieval makes it appear as if the lure is alive and swimming. This grabs the attention of any fish that are nearby.

History of fishing lures

Fishing lures can be dated back to ancient civilizations, where fish hooks carved out of bone and molded out of bronze have been discovered. In fact, archaeological sites in China and Egypt have revealed fishing rods , hooks, and lines. In the early nineteenth century, the making of tackles and lures was no longer an individual craftsman’s job, but something of interest to commercial manufacturers. Over the years, this craft considerably advanced, and post WWII, much more technical advancement was seen in fishing lines and fishing lures. Soon, fishing was both a hobby and a sport, enjoyed by those who could afford it.

How many types of lures are there?

Fishing lures are available in a myriad variety of sizes, colors, and types. The lures behave differently in the water depending on the kind of fish that they are designed to catch. The most common types are jigs, spoons, plastic bait, plugs, spinners, spinnerbait, poppers, and flies.

Materials used for fishing lures

Fishing lures can be made of metal, wood, cork, and plastic, depending on the type of lure. Lure-makers seldom make an entire lure; they specialize in a particular part of the lure. Manufacturers as well as hobbyists need to then assemble the lure after collecting all the required parts. Metal could be used to make hooks, wire, beads, blades, ball bearings, rings, loops, and spacers. Wood and cork are often used to make plugs. Plastic is equally popular and is used to make plastic bait; in fact, almost all lures are dressed up with plastic attractions.

How to use a lure?
A skilled angler will tell you that it’s not so much about the lure (apart from using the right one for the right kind of fishing), but more about how you work the line. When a lure is used for fishing, it is necessary to continuously cast out and retrieve the line. This ensures that the lure moves in the water, giving the appearance of a moving fish or insect. The lure will be completely ineffective if it not made to move in the water.

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Old Fishing Lures-Do You Know Where To Get Them?

There are people who like buying old fishing lures of around $ 5 per piece that you can buy on eBay. There are also passionate collectors who are actually after the really old lures that have not seen the light of day for something like 80 years and more, and which have been kept in special recipients for this particular purpose.

Real collectors would even venture to uy items rated for sums between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000. There is another category of people interested in old lures who oscillate between the eBay old lures and the real collector’s ones.

But these people do not always buy the old valuable lures; as a result they cannot be considered permanent members of the collectors’ group. They come into contact with the collectors and their pieces but do not become real members.

On a basic search online, you should be able to find useful info on old fishing lures. The history of fishing equipment, the manufacturer’s market presence, the availability of collections are other common topics you’ll encounter on the Internet.

In addition, pictures serve for products promotion, either to just present historic details or to illustrate product specificity. It is known that fishermen and hunters are characterized by telling a lot of incredible stories; with old lures, the story stock will be enriched too.

If you are an active fisherman interested in old fishing lures, not necessarily for a collection, but for actual fishing with, then you may have the opportunity to find such lures in specialized fishing stores where you usually buy your fishing tackles.

Besides the Internet and the stores, there are lots of specialized books and magazines for fishermen. These magazines often publish useful information on both new and old fishing lures, fish habitat and behavior, fishing gear and fishing techniques. Therefore, finding tackle and lures should be easy.

An advantage of old fishing lures over the new ones is that they can be used when fishing for various types of fish. In the past people did not have lures specialized for different types of fish as the manufacturers have developed the new ones lately.

The new lures resemble live bait a lot better. On the contrary the old ones do not show much resemblance, they are stiffer and imitate the partial look of the living bait used to fish.

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Fishing Lures Do Fishing Lures Attract More Fish

Recreational fishing relies most on the use of fishing lures.

They are objects attached at the end of the line and they are designed to look like the prey of the fish that you want to catch.

Color, vibration, movement and shape, all influence the capture as such.

Without the fishing lures attached to the lines, the bait could remain invisible for the fish. All fishing lures come with a hook at the end onto which fishermen attach the bait.

Once the fishing lures play their part, the fish gets hooked.

With the help lures, hiding fish are also attracted out of their hidings becoming an easier prey.

This is done by casting and retrieving the lures progressively, and such movements make the lures appear to be swimming. The lure often reflects light contributing to attracting the fish even further.

Several categories describe fishing lures according to the design and the purpose they serve.

The jig as a first mention consists of a lead hook with a sharp tip onto which artificial or natural bait is placed. The bait is shaped in a such a way so as to resemble a worm, a craw-fish or a minnow.

Then come the surface fishing lures, a bit lighter than the jigs they float on water looking very much like surface prey.

Last but not least, the spawn fishing lures have been created for surface fishing; their shiny thin surface attracts the attention of the fish that mistake them for spawn.

Another category is that of plugs or crank-baits; these fishing lures are designed to move at faster speeds and to go back and forth exactly as fish prey would.

In the popular group of artificial baits, bass worms and flies are extensively used.

As for popularity, fishing lures have been with human beings since the beginnings of history.

The change results from the possibility to manufacture the lures artificially; they are made of plastic, wood, metal, rubber or cork.

In a way, the decreased use of smaller fish species as baits poses no longer a threat for the survival of such small-sized specimens; consequently, the food chain will remain unaltered if regular living baits are used restrictively.

Last but not least, with recreational fishing, caught and released fish have better chances of survival if artificial fishing lures are used.

The hooks attached to the fishing lures are not very dangerous for the fish and do not harm the mouth as deep as the old type hook varieties used to.

Therefore, more and more fish survive after being released by sport fisherman.

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You Dont Have To Be A Profesional Fisherman For Catch Many Fish If Yoy Use Fishing Lures Correctly

Allow me to detail this topic. Take a couple of minutes from your time to read this article.

Fishing lures are mostly used in recreational fishing. They consist of objects hung at the end of the line and they are manufactured so as to imitate the regular prey of the fish the angler is after. The methods of attracting the fish consists of such aspects as color, shape, movement and vibration. If there were no lures attached to the lines, the bait could pass unnoticed by the fish. All fishing lures have a hook at the end onto which fishermen attach the bait. Once the fishing lures play their part, the fish gets hooked.

Lures can also help fishermen look for and actually find the places where fish may be hiding. This is done by casting and retrieving the lures progressively, and such movements make the lures appear to be swimming. The movement of the lure will also make light reflect and thus attract the attention of the fish.

Several categories describe fishing lures according to the design and the purpose they serve. A first type is the jig, a lead hook with a sharp tip onto which artificial or natural bait is placed. This is usually shaped like a minnow, worm or crawfish. Another category consists of the surface fishing lures that got their names because they are lighter than the jigs and therefore meant to float on the water and look like surface prey. Last but not least, the spawn fishing lures have been created for surface fishing; their shiny thin surface attracts the attention of the fish that mistake them for spawn.

Crank-baits and plugs fall in a different category; these fishing lures allow rapid back and forth motion like that of small fish prey. Flies and bass worms are two more types of fishing lures artificially made and widely used nowadays.

Fishing lures are not an invention of our times, as they have been part of fishing ever since the appearance of this occupation. The change results from the possibility to manufacture the lures artificially; they are made of plastic, wood, metal, rubber or cork. In a way, the decreased use of smaller fish species as baits poses no longer a threat for the survival of such small-sized specimens; consequently, the food chain will be preserved if regular living baits are used restrictively.

Another advantage of todays fishing lures is that they encourage recreational fishing without causing death of caught and released fish. The hooks attached to the fishing lures are not very dangerous for the fish and do not impale the mouth as deep as the old type hook varieties used to. Therefore, more and more fish live after being released by recreation interested fishermen.

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Some Things to Consider in Choosing Trout Fishing Lures

The first things that come to our mind when we want to go fishing are fly rod, fly line and fly reel. Those equipments are used in one set. Those are really important equipment in fishing. Aside from them, you also need another equipment to fish, it is Trout Fishing Lures. These lures can be in the form of a rooster tail or any small spinner, a small minnow imitation, a small spoon or any other small lures that are used in trout fishing. In order to get abundant of fish, you should know how to use the trout fishing lures as what will be explained in the following paragraphs.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that use the right length of fishing line with the right size of Trout Fishing Lures. When you employ too heavy fishing line, in this case too long fishing line, you will find it difficult to cast it when you go fishing for trout. Moreover, there is a possibility that the trout can see your line since it is very long that it will not bite your lure. So, choosing the right length of fly line with the right size of fishing lure is very crucial to catch as many trout as you want.

The next thing to consider when you want to do Trout Fishing Lures is to never use snap swivels. The snap swivels usually are used to attach the trout fishing lure with the fly line. If that equipment is attached to each other, they will make the trout run so you will not be able to catch them. To avoid this problem, you can utilize the direct tie to your line or you can employ a barrel swivel with twelve to eighteen inch in length. Those two methods are proven as the best methods in rigging the trout fishing lure. What you just need is to tie the trout fishing lure to the fly line.

After you rig the Trout Fishing Lures with fly line, snap your fly rod tip when you reel your trout fishing lure in. It aims to make your trout fishing lure look like a wounded prey to attract the fish. Most types of fish will be attracted to wounded preys since they look like real preys. Make sure you can make the Trout Fishing Lures wounded as natural preys that are eaten by fish. You will know when the trout bites your lure by noticing the lure that suddenly speeds up.

In order to get many fish in fishing, most anglers recommend that you should use eye-catching and attractive lures, such as Trout Fishing Lures. Moreover, you should also select the best fly (fly rod, fly line and fly reel) as well as use the right technique in casting the line. Then, one thing that you should consider in fishing is to use lighter fly line and fly rod along with lighter Trout Fishing Lures. By following those tips, you will catch whatever fish that you want to catch.

The real example of the previous paragraph is when you try to catch small panfish. You can catch this kind of fish by using the very light Trout Fishing Lures. It surely will work on it. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that trout fishing lures are not just simple wet and dry equipment but they are divided into dressed and plain. The plain trout fishing lures can be brown, gray, green and other colors while the dressed one can be monochromatic or patterned.

There are many Trout Fishing Lures that are available in packages and combinations that ease the novices to do their fishing activities. In buying those packages, you should be able to pick the right style and size of trout fishing lures . To get the things right, you can utilize the trout recorder or journal. Those sources can help you identify the good styles and types of trout fishing lures .

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Read more regarding Antique Fishing Lures

Fishing lures are objects which might be related to baits to which fish get attracted. Conventionally dwell worms or these other little dwelling animals have been used for the same goal. But later on even artificial fishing lures had been utilized. Artificial baits could be reused every time. These antique fishing lures have grown to be wellliked are becoming wellliked collectible objects above the many years.

The oldest lure manufacturing organization was established in 1860s. The first commercially produced lures have been accessible in Michigan and Ohio. The companies that created these artificial fishing lures had been Heddon William Shakespeare Jr and Pflueger. They dominated the fishing lures market for above forty a long time thats from 1900 to 1940. The earliest lures had been prepared by the organization at home. They prepared the later lures making use of carvings on wooden with glass eyes which made the fishing lures extremely beautiful.

The antique fishing lures date back towards the time. In 1898 the fishing lures have been carved frog shaped lures attached to broom sticks. This straightforward type of lure was successful in attracting fish to it. From there commenced the concept of commercially prepared synthetic lures.

The antique fishing lures are made out of wood or metal. These lures are painted with appealing colors to lure distinct types of fish. The antique fishing lures are categorized depending on the size bodyweight content color and many other much more factors. These fishing lures could aid catch any types of fish. Additionally the condition and also the age with the lures had been essential for identifying its worth. For example a mint lure in a excellent condition fetches much more than the one in an common problem.

Occasionally even the paint was considered as a significant factor in choosing the value of lures. Metal lures also had a fantastic commercial price. several collectors and customers were even interested from the uncommon plastic lures because they had lengthier life and have been comparatively less expensive.

The wood lures have been much popular than some other kinds of lures. These lures have been produced available for casual use in the 1800s. Wooden fishing lures dominated the market from 1915 to the 1950s.

Early 20th century fishing lures are available even these days. Gathering fishing lures is becoming a pastime for several people. Antique fishing lures has also become a kind of collectible. Well adorned wood boxes can also be accessible for keeping these artificial fishing lures . They are exquisitely adorned and also have compartments for keeping the lures. Various collectors with the lures pay only a small amount of cash to have hold of those boxes in addition to lures.

The antique fishing lures are available online biddings auctions along with passed down as heirlooms. These lures can also be available at antique retailers. Some properly preserved antique lures are hard to seek out but the dealers can resolve them for interested purchasers. A great deal of info could be discovered on these lures from the different dealers and shops.

Today antique fishing lures can be found at affordable fees. These lures are considered to be fortunes and folks contemplate on their own fortunate to obtain hold of 1. As they are sensible in cost many individuals have an interest in buying them as a result of their value and rustic appeal.

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