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How to build a good tent in harsh terrain

1 ramp
Mountaineer walking route rises frequently encountered situation here. Under normal circumstances, we found a sloping ground on the slopes is still possible (if no reference third, fourth), the key is to sleep at night when sleeping bags and mats less friction, one would slide down, In large slope is unable to sleep.

Using the method:
a, when two people choose tent beneath a tent And two endure tree close to camp, if not to move two large stones on the bottom, put the backpack into a tree or middle stone head up this way at night while sleeping, the bottom of the foot with backpack sleep, in fact, Method Man is a semi-standing sleep, I once on a hillside about 30 degrees camp, four hours after the foot is very uncomfortable, and left foot alternately sleep a night.

b, if a person is a better solution, the choice of the tent camp side by a tree or a stone, the backpack into a tree or a stone in the middle, so that the overall weight of people pressed against the side edge of the bag, around the turn of the evening Sleeping on your side can guarantee better sleep effect.

2, tent pole is not
This possibility is open-minded tent s and tent poles, and sometimes did not bring, and sometimes with a tent and a team player with a tent pole dispersion (boil last year several of my friends that happen when too worn), and most of is the tent pole fracture damage, in that case it must be clear that tent pole is actually play a supportive role to the little cloth pole, if you do not camp in the snow, windy weather, the strength requirements are not great, so it is easier to find in the wild replacement products, the best bamboo, toughness has strength, if not, by a long, thin sliced ??almost Muzhi, in principle, do not look to find a new branch old branch, do not look for wet branches Mikie find such branches have a greater toughness. Add that to see another post describes one method of lightning field is to establish inserted metal tent pole tent ten meters away from the place to do with lightning, apparently this time to the camp only with sticks instead of a tent pole.

3, camp ground area is too small (of course, smaller than the tent bottom area) or at the bottom of the rocks are too many can not be cleaned. This situation is more complicated, to utilize the prevailing geographical circumstances.

a, if uneven bottom, then, there is no easy tie thick mats bad end, under normal circumstances you can find hay or leaves the shop in the end section filled.

b, if the camp is so small, they can not clean up, no way, only sent away the tent , where the flat to sleep somewhere, the key is at the bottom of the tent not suspended, to avoid crushing the end of cloth.

c, this case is rather special, once in the hilltop camp, took great pains to find a piece of ground, in the middle of a block of stone annoying protruding knife dug underneath roots, we can not, have to sleep. Obviously if the direct pressure of the tent in stone, dangling cloth can easily be torn. The method is to use tent poles supporting the tent as much as possible when tightening, or even find a few stones pressing tent pole, let the magnitude of bending larger, this results in the account at the end of the cloth is no distraction relatively loose, the pressure in the rock below After the cloth does not collapse very tight. At that time when my companions and I slept, put the stone in the middle, both sideways sleep, uh. Of course, if the curvature of the tent pole too afraid to bend down, it can be replaced with a branch as above.

4, stones, caves, chaos Shek Kong

This is in extremely harsh conditions, and that is simply no place to camp. So I want to ask, the tent is used for what to do with, well, the first of course is the rain, if there is no rain we can not camp, then there is a second, there is a certain warmth effect, well, if you sleeping bags to meet the temperature requirements Why must we camp, so to sleep, of course, sometimes there are bugs harassment, is not very serious about it with a forbearance. If the weather conditions are extremely harsh, Oh, what misfortune makes you come across, and only use the last trick up! First in the account of the mats and sleeping bags wrapped, of course, try to stay inside the space bigger, clothes or some of the items on the top of the head position, so that part of the cloth to his head propped up, easy to breathe, and then cover the top foreign accounts, Well, a rain, warm, insect nest build better.

I just initiate several cases above, I believe we have other methods. Of course, the most important is that every time you travel, try to plan a detailed point, water, camping ground and the number of teams should consider carefully the difficulties and unexpected thought before, when the situation began to do last seen panic. Camp under harsh environment field situation is more complicated, to local conditions according to the geographical environment, flexibility, ensure a higher quality of sleep for the next day’s mountaineering good physical reserves.

Note tent set up:
1) To let rainfly are taut, and Inner tent did not close the place, so, Inner tent will not wet, and because of breathing, will bear on the outer layer of morning dew or frost account, not too close Inner tent not wet, but there are bad frost will bear in Inner tent tent , ah, in that case, a move to get up early, the tent was going to snow, of course, the weather is good, not linked to external accounts are also very comfortable.
2) the external accounts and some rope, are used to reinforce the tent , there is no winds generally can not pull, do not trust the best way or another, but also the land nail, some rope pull firmly and evenly good.

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