Fishing for Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide (Types of Fish, Tools & Techniques, Fi: The Ultimate Beginner’s Fishing Guide (Volume 1)

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Product Description

Need to start fishing but don’t know how to start? Fishing is a good way to disconnect with the world, chill out and enjoy the moment on your own or with the person you’re fishing with. Try something new and you might find your new hobby.

This guide is meant for individuals who have considered fishing but haven’t had to chance. Perhaps you’re worried about what equipment you wish to have, wondering how to catch a fish or what baits to use. A majority of these things can turn you away from fishing. Alternatively, with the Fishing for Beginners guide, you’ll be able to learn all about the basics to fishing and catch fish to your hearts content.

This guide includes:
– Why Fish?
– Learning about the Fish
– Fishing Tools & Techniques
– Reading the Water
– Fishing Methods
– Different Type of Baits
– Fishing Tips and Hacks

So if you end up ready to fish and get away from it all, pick up this guidebook and start!