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Things to Consider Before Buying your First Family Tent!

When you are a first time tent buyer, there are several things you need to know, before buying a tent and taking your first camping trip. One of the most relaxing and rewarding adventures you can have this summer is tent camping.

When you go camping for the first time, you will need a tent that will stand up to any weather condition you are faced with. All family tents come with a 3-season and 4-season rating. Which means the 3-season tent is good for spring, summer, and fall and the 4-season is good for year round camping.

After determining which type of season tent you need for your camping adventure, you will need to decide how big a family tent you require. Tents also have a rating for the number of people who can stay in a tent at one time. There are tents available to accommodate one person and on up to as many as twelve people.

By now you should already know what season tent you are going to need and the size of family tent you will need also. Then you will have to consider the type of the material you want your tent to be. Family tents are made of two materials.

Nylon is the newest and most popular material that tents are made with today. This strong and lightweight nylon material gives you great portability and easy care. A nylon tent will keep you dry and comfortable if you are camping deep in the backcountry or at your favorite camp ground.

You can get tents made of cotton canvas; they are waterproof and provide good insulation from the elements. Cotton canvas is much heavier than nylon and may not be what you need when you want a tent that is easy to tote.

Now the only thing left to consider is what style of family tent you will want to have. The A-frame tent is the tent we all remember from years past. The most popular family tent is the dome tent. Dome tents are super easy to assemble and they provide lots of head room for optimized comfort and relaxation. The last style of tent is the cabin tent. The cabin tent is great if you prefer to sleep on cots. The walls of the tent are straight just like a cabin.

Now the best way to find your perfect family tent is to take your search online. You will be able to see the different styles, sizes, and seasonal ratings of any tent that catches your eye. Family tents made by top manufacturers who have built a reputation providing high quality family tents for the outdoor enthusiast.

Purchasing a family Tent is not hard to do. Finding the perfect tent that fits your camping style is simple if you go to MyFamilyTentShop.com

Kid Bean Bags – Some Amazing Facts To Consider

Most of us understand that buying something for our kids is really a complex task because it is almost impossible to interpret their special needs. Not only the needs, their like and dislike is also a complicated area to comprehend. While buying a gift for them, you need to be on toes. However the kid bean bag is something that they will surely appreciate. If you want to buy one of these fascinating gifts then pull up your socks and join us in the article.

If you want to make them happy and enjoy your gift, choose it with utmost care. Further divulging on to the article we will reveal some facts and secrets that you should keep in mind while buying the kid bean bags. Some of the essential points are enlisted as under:

1. Color Of Bean Bag

Your small toddlers even have their color preferences and they want everything in their room dipped in to the same color. Mostly the cute girl child loves to have pink or red color white the naughty boys like dark and bright shades. So before making your purchase decision, make sure that it goes well with the demands of your kids. They will only allow this bean bag if it suits their taste.

2. Size Of Bean Bag

Select the size that that can easily accommodate them. As your children want to jump, sleep and sit over it, size becomes a major consideration. At the time of working out accurate size keep in mind their age, height and weight. The over-sized or lesser sized bean bags will not be attractive and I am sure that your kids will not like it.

3. Design

Mostly the kids prefer to choose the attractive shapes rather than the typical sofa shape. They do not consider it useful furniture while for them it is a fun piece. So bear this fact in mind while choosing the right one. The print on the bag like cartoons, flowers, etc and its unique shape will lure them.

4. Material

Comfort is your priority and while choosing and of these bags ensure that the material of bag is safe, durable, attractive and above all it is comfortable. The texture and the feeling should be soft, cozy, restful and soothing. Do not compromise with quality.

5. Purpose

First ensure that whether you are buying it for sleeping, playing of resting? Your purpose will largely determine the things that you need in your dream kid bean bag.

Following these above listed factors you can really end up with a good sale!

Kid Bean Bags are very stylish sofa and chairs that do not sacrifice the user’s comfort. The Kid Bean Bags adjusts its shape to that of the the user’s body contour so that all pressure points of the body are well supported, taking away stress or strain to the body.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing Kids Sleeping Bag

If you love outdoor activities, chances are you could have come across and purchased different sporting equipments for your active lifestyle needs. What would influence your purchase? Different people have different answers in mind. Here I would like to guide you through some of the tips before making a purchase. It can be quite an experience to purchase one of them, especially if you are flooded with so many choices around.

The very first question is to understand thoroughly the purpose of the kid sleeping bags. A silly question maybe? You bet. Sleeping bags for kids do not only serve good purpose during outdoors (especially camping), but it is also very handy for slumber parties or overnight stays with friends or relatives. In general, if you are planning for a couple of nights’ stay in the camp or forest, try to look for one with high portability and durability. There are many famous names with well-known durability that you can choose from, and you can take a look at some of them in a separate section on this site. On the other hand, if you are using them indoors you may have more options at relatively lower prices. And yeah – more design choices for your kids too, as I am sure every kid wants a fancy and unique design of their own.

After some thoughtful considerations about the purpose, you should now consider the temperature rating factor, which I think is as equally as important. The temperature rating refers the maximum ambient temperature such that a sleeping bag still keeps you (or your kids) warm or cold. The reason why this is so important is because there is little or none at all that are suitable across summers and winters. Again, it is definitely worth considering the “purpose” – in this case, when exactly in a year that your kid sleeping bags will be used. If they are often used for outdoor activities such as camping, it is advisable to get a lower temperature rating. However, it usually does not matter if you use them indoors most of the time. While some may think that the temperature rating numbers are only estimates from the manufacturer and make little sense, it is still a useful general guide on how you can expect how they can perform under different temperatures. In addition to that, the temperature handling capability will tend to degrade over time. Nevertheless, to avoid getting one that is either too hot in summer or too cold in winter, consider the temperature rating before making any purchases.

Another consideration to make for kids sleeping bag purchase is to look at various different designs. There are many different designs available in the market; however they can be categorized in two general groups: mummy and rectangular bags. Mummy sleeping bag got its name for the fact that it closely resembles the shape of the Egyptian mummy. It is usually narrower on the foot and has a wide opening on the head. It provides better “wraparound” feel to the kids and insulated warmth more effectively. The immediate drawback is that there are fewer spaces inside to move around and some find it cramped being inside. Rectangular bags, on the other hand, are named in such a way for the same reason as mummy bags – they are rectangular in size. The characteristics of a typical rectangular sleeping bag are somewhat opposite of what a mummy has: it offers more room in the inside and some people favor this, at the expense of lesser capability to insulate warmth inside it. As you may already be aware, rectangular bags tend to be larger and heavier that mummy bags. Regardless of the design, do also pay some attention on the user-friendliness of the bags’ designs. This could include the location and opening of the zippers, the weight and size after compression and storage, and so on.

John YK has a detailed review on the different types of sleeping bags. Read his article to know better on the important criteria before making a purchase, and some recommendations. More information please visit http://kids-sleeping-bag.net

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Some Things to Consider in Choosing Trout Fishing Lures

The first things that come to our mind when we want to go fishing are fly rod, fly line and fly reel. Those equipments are used in one set. Those are really important equipment in fishing. Aside from them, you also need another equipment to fish, it is Trout Fishing Lures. These lures can be in the form of a rooster tail or any small spinner, a small minnow imitation, a small spoon or any other small lures that are used in trout fishing. In order to get abundant of fish, you should know how to use the trout fishing lures as what will be explained in the following paragraphs.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that use the right length of fishing line with the right size of Trout Fishing Lures. When you employ too heavy fishing line, in this case too long fishing line, you will find it difficult to cast it when you go fishing for trout. Moreover, there is a possibility that the trout can see your line since it is very long that it will not bite your lure. So, choosing the right length of fly line with the right size of fishing lure is very crucial to catch as many trout as you want.

The next thing to consider when you want to do Trout Fishing Lures is to never use snap swivels. The snap swivels usually are used to attach the trout fishing lure with the fly line. If that equipment is attached to each other, they will make the trout run so you will not be able to catch them. To avoid this problem, you can utilize the direct tie to your line or you can employ a barrel swivel with twelve to eighteen inch in length. Those two methods are proven as the best methods in rigging the trout fishing lure. What you just need is to tie the trout fishing lure to the fly line.

After you rig the Trout Fishing Lures with fly line, snap your fly rod tip when you reel your trout fishing lure in. It aims to make your trout fishing lure look like a wounded prey to attract the fish. Most types of fish will be attracted to wounded preys since they look like real preys. Make sure you can make the Trout Fishing Lures wounded as natural preys that are eaten by fish. You will know when the trout bites your lure by noticing the lure that suddenly speeds up.

In order to get many fish in fishing, most anglers recommend that you should use eye-catching and attractive lures, such as Trout Fishing Lures. Moreover, you should also select the best fly (fly rod, fly line and fly reel) as well as use the right technique in casting the line. Then, one thing that you should consider in fishing is to use lighter fly line and fly rod along with lighter Trout Fishing Lures. By following those tips, you will catch whatever fish that you want to catch.

The real example of the previous paragraph is when you try to catch small panfish. You can catch this kind of fish by using the very light Trout Fishing Lures. It surely will work on it. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that trout fishing lures are not just simple wet and dry equipment but they are divided into dressed and plain. The plain trout fishing lures can be brown, gray, green and other colors while the dressed one can be monochromatic or patterned.

There are many Trout Fishing Lures that are available in packages and combinations that ease the novices to do their fishing activities. In buying those packages, you should be able to pick the right style and size of trout fishing lures . To get the things right, you can utilize the trout recorder or journal. Those sources can help you identify the good styles and types of trout fishing lures .

Abu Fakhri, will serve about Fly Fishing Trips, Trick and Equipment that you need to have fun with fly fishing. The site is will be usefull to get Fly Fishing Guideline. http://fly-fishingtrips.com/trout-fishing-lures or blog http://fly-fishingtrips.blogspot.com/2012/05/trout-fishing-lures.html

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Party Tents To Consider For Your Next Big Event

Outdoor events and even indoor events, for that matter, would benefit greatly from the use of party tents. It serves as much-needed space especially for big do’s like birthday parties and anniversaries.

The only requirement for setting up a tent is space. Some are small, designed to hold around 10 to 12 people while others are very large with a capacity of several hundred. What’s more, there are several types of designs from pop-up tents – great for small informal gatherings – to pole tents and tension tents which also create drama with their fancier construction.

Whether you rent or buy a tent, you must know which is likely to suit your needs the most. Large, fancy models cost a bit so if you’re buying one to use for a wedding reception or similar big bash, be prepared to spend upwards of over $ 1,000 or so.

Types of tents

Frame tents

Simple in construction yet practical for most small to medium gatherings, frame tents have no walls, just a ceiling supported by metal poles. Because they’re so simple, they can be set up virtually anywhere. Such flexibility makes them a popular choice among buyers who can’t be bothered with intricate designs. Price is more too as the unit is heavy and needs more hands to set it up.

Frame tents have a maximum size of 40 feet because anything more than that necessitates the use of internal support.

Tension tents

Beautiful to look at owing to the dramatic design, tension tents are similar to frame tents in that they don’t have walls. However, they have high peaks like traditional pole tents which lend a very dramatic appearance. Depending on the construction, tension tents may have the sides anchored to the ground to create inverted triangles that can act as partial walls. Looking in from outside, it’s not hard to imagine that the tent is the setting for whimsical goings-on!

Though not as expensive as frame tents, tension tents do have a higher cost compared to pole tents. It’s still a good deal because the pointed peaks improve wind resistance so they can be used in fairly windy days.

Pole tents

These are what you see at most outdoor events and are the cheapest of the three. They typically have walls and ‘windows’ which help create the appearance of a complete structure and center poles to support the roof. The biggest advantage they boast is the ability to range in sizes as small as 10×10 feet to massive structures of 100×300 feet.

Pole tents are perfect for wedding receptions, anniversaries, award ceremonies and birthday bashes as long as there’s enough clearance. Manufacturers offer a variety of top colors and styles to suit color schemes.

If none of the three tents appeal or aren’t practical for your needs, go with a pop-up tent which is small, very easy to set up and portable. It’s nowhere near as stable or as stylish as the rest but it serves its purpose fairly well.

Check out the entire range of tents from a vendor before buying any. Examine stability and ease of installation. If appearance matters, go for a model with a festive color or if choosing tension tents, roofs that make a statement.

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Things to Consider When Planning a Camping Menu

A camping trip will not be complete without a hearty food feast. There is something about the outdoor atmosphere that makes eating more pleasurable and the food more delicious. Planning the menu is important to ensure that you do not forget any necessary ingredient and that you do not spend the whole day preparing the food. Here are some things to consider when planning a camping menu to make the whole process easier and faster.

Preparation and Cooking Time

When planning for meals to cook for the trip, consider the preparation and cooking time of each recipe. Choose dishes that are easy to cook and prepare. Pick a recipe that requires few cooking equipment as well as simple ingredients that won’t easily spoil.

As you know, if you’re going to cook in the campsite, you won’t have the usual cooking equipment that you have in your kitchen. It is best to stay away from elaborate meals that would entail baking or any other complex cooking procedure. Simple boiling, broiling, and grilling are practical cooking methods to do during the trip.

To make things a whole lot easier, prepare the ingredients back at home. Cut, chop, and slice vegetables and other ingredients and put them with labeled Ziploc bags. As for the meat, poultry, and fish, you can pre-cook them at home and then freeze them and store in the chest coolers so that it would take a shorter time to cook them at the campground.


It was mentioned earlier that it’s important to select ingredients that don’t easily get spoiled. In the campground, you won’t have a refrigerator and freezer where you can store foods without worry of spoilage. Here, the best thing you have are camping coolers that can keep your food fresh as long as they are packed with sufficient ice. This means, it is smart for you to choose dishes that don’t easily get spoiled.

Apart from this, you have to keep the camping coolers in a shaded area so that ice won’t melt easily. Don’t put them at the trunk of car where it can be exposed to heat. It would also help to wrap a blanket around the cooler to help preserve the ice.

Organize the food in one cooler in such a way that the food you’re going to cook first will be on top. The perishable items should also go at the bottom. A separate cooler should be used for the snacks and drinks, as this will be opened more frequently.

Food Preferences

Aside from safety and cooking time, you also need to consider the food preferences of the people you’re going camping with. It would be nice if you get their opinion on what they would want to eat during the trip to assure that everyone will enjoy the food feast you’re going to prepare. Aside from preferences, you should also find out if anybody has food allergies so you can stay away from those dishes that can make your fellow camper’s skin burst with red spots.

Preparing the menu for your trip will make things easier for you. Not only that, it will also help ensure that everybody will enjoy the scrumptious dishes you’re planning to prepare for them.

For more tips and information about camping coolers, please check out chest coolers