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Camping Tents – The Involved Components

When going hiking or camping or any other similar activities, it’s important to take along all the essential gear you’ll need. From stoves, to sleeping bags , food to spare clothes, there are some essentials and luxuries and you’ll need to decide which is most integral not only to survival, but also to having a good trip. Tents are among the most essential equipment as they provide shelter from the weather and insects as well as any other potential dangers. When going on a trip, it’s important you have all the pieces you’ll need for your camping tents, some of which come with the tent, others which will likely need replacing at one point or another.


The tent itself is usually made from a waterproof material. The main focus of this material is to prevent liquid from getting inside the tent, but will let water vapor leave. This prevents extreme amounts of condensation from building up from the inhabitants’ breathing. For double-skin tents, this material will be on the outside, while the inside will be a mesh material.

Outside the tent, there is an area called the vestibule. It’s sheltered, but has no ground covering and is generally used for activities which are unsuitable for the interior of the tent. Such activities may be cooking or the storage of equipment.

The groundsheet goes beneath the tent and prevents water moisture from being absorbed through the bottom of the tent. Like the tent, it’s waterproof and can be used with double-skin tents, even though they have a groundsheet sewn into the bottom usually. There are a number of effective ways to use a groundsheet, but this is usually determined by time, tent and groundsheet size and space constraints.

To provide a structure, poles are used to hold the tent in place and in its correct shape. These poles can be thick or thin, collapsible or rigid. The type of pole is determined by the tent’s purpose with larger tents have stronger, rigid poles and small tents have lightweight, collapsible poles.

Pegs and stakes make sure that the tent is held in position and sometimes in shape, if the tent has guide lines. These pegs can be made from wood, metal and plastic, but all must be driven deep into the ground for the best results. If not used correctly, there can be serious consequences.

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