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A Splendid Variety of Bass Fishing Lures Await the Avid Fisherman

From the east coast of the United States to the west coast, sport fishing for bass is one of the most enjoyed summertime sporting events. Professionals and amateurs enter tournaments as well as simply having a bass fishing weekend or go on daily trips to a favorite lake.

Besides being a significant sporting event, bass fishing is considered an art. To be successful, it is essential to be able to choose the best bass fishing lures to use based on the behavior of the fish, water temperature, seasonal movements, and water conditions.

There are any number of freshwater bass fishing lures that are customarily used in places where bass tend to exist. The many types of bass include small and large-mouthed bass, peacock, stripped, spotted, and white bass. Each one of these groups is fished using a different size and type of bait. Common bass fishing lures can include:

Topwater baits – these lures are used on the surface of the water. They are designed to float and move across the water in order to attract bass that are feeding right below the surface. Topbaits may be buzzbaits or rattlebaits that utilize their movement through the water to make a vibration or sound to attract bass, or they may have tiny propellers that are there to make a splashing sound when breaking the surface of the water.

Crankbait – these bass fishing lures may be used at any water depth including deep, mid-level, or very close to the surface. Crankbaits may possess a lip or can be lipless, depending on the depth at which they are used and the action that the fisherman desires to get from it. Crankbaits are usually shaped like thick minnows and they cause the fish to become attracted when they move through the water while the lure is being “cranked” or reeled in.

Swimbaits – these bass fishing lures are quite streamlined and sectioned throughout the body in order to nearly duplicate the movement of a swimming minnow. Typically, they have colors like the fish used for bait in the area; and, for most bass fishing, the shad colors are widely preferred. The swimbait can have a single hook, a treble hook or a series of hooks.

Jerkbaits – these are also shaped like minnows, but they are usually heavier than swimbaits. However, the jerkbait is not designed for smooth retrieval as the other lures are. Instead, they move irregularly and act as an injured bait fish would when swimming.

Bass fishing lures also may include trolling baits, worms, and live bait fish. Usually the lures will be brightly colored for fishing in bright conditions and deeper waters. More naturally-colored lures are for fishing in shallow and cloudy water found near the shoreline.

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