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Best Backpacking Stove – EasyLIGHT TECHNOLOGY – Lightweight Camping Stove – Hike Camp & Eat – Great for Hunting Fishing & Trekking Trips

Ultralight Backpacking Camp Stove - Lightweight Aluminum and Stainless Steel - Piezo Ignition System - Best for Hiking Camping Hunting Fishing and Trekking Trips Outdoors

  • ULTIMATE HIKING STOVE: We engineered our premium hiking stove to cook food in all conditions and terrains. Cook your favorite foods including: backpacker meals, freeze dried food or even you specialties like steak, chicken, or potatoes.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE MATERIAL: Our premium stoves are ultralight and can resist the highest- temperatures! Hook up a propane tank and you're good to go!
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY & READY TO USE! We engineered our hiking stoves to be small, discreet and ready to use. Great with all types of skillets & camping cookware. Our stove has foldable handles for space saving and compactness.
  • EasyLIGHT IGNITION: We engineered our premium camping stove to easily light in all conditions. We tested our stovetop on the toughest terrains on the Pacific Crest Trail. It performs great while hunting fishing hiking camping picnics & all other outdoor activities.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren't completely satisfied with your EasyLIGHT cooking stove simply return it within the first 30 days. We make it easy to eat & cook delicious food on all terrains!
Our ultralight backpacking stove is perfect for everything from a long hike, to your weekend camping trip, or emergency car stove. GoBackTrail designed it with lightweight aluminum alloy and long lasting stainless steel, providing you with the best camping stove on the market! Our EasyLIGHT Engineering provides you with a portable stove that is:

- Lightweight

- Durable

- Foldable

& Travel-Friendly!

Simply attach it to your camping propane tank and cook your favorite foods in minutes! Our EasyLIGHT Engineering makes the flame easy to control allowing you to cook your food to the perfect temperature. The built in piezo ignition button makes it quick, easy, and safe to light in any conditions. No more fighting with matches or lighters in the wind! We tested it, back on the Appalachian Trail and it was great for cooking

- Deer

- Chicken

- Fish

- Beef

- Elk

& Vegetables!

Buy yours now risk free with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you aren't completely satisfied simply return it within the first 30 days for a full refund!


Lixada Outdoor Lightweight Portable Camping Picnic Alcohol Wood Stove with E2W7

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Portable Camping Commando Cooker Lightweight Foldable Steel Outdoor Pocket Stove
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Technology at its best-sparkling LED LURES

Everyone must have observed that to catch a fish a fisherman uses various equipments like the hooks, rods, baits, traps, lures etc. Most important of these is the fishing lure. Fishing lure is a kind of artificial bait which is used by a fisherman to attract a fish. There are various types of fishing lures like a jig, the spoon lures, surface lures, artificial flies, plugs, swimbait and spinnerbait. But with the advent of technology, LED lures have come into picture.

What are LED lures?

LED lures are the lures which have LED light in them. They are launched recently by an Australian company named BALISTA. Just like a lure uses its movements, vibrations, its shape and vibrant colors to attract a fish, an LED lure has an added advantage that it emits light. Usually this light is of bright blood red color. This flashing of color not only catches a fish’s attention instantly, it also compels a fish to come near and have a bite!! In this manner the fish is caught up in the lure more easily and in less time.

Advantages of LED lures over others

The coming up of LED lures in the market, has revolutionized the entire fishing business. It would not be inappropriate in saying that it has made the process of fishing very interesting and user friendly. It is now possible for a fisherman to catch more number of fishes in less time and add onto his income. In costal countries like Australia, where fishing is a very serious and widespread profession, the LED lures have given it a hike and made it to contribute even more to the economy.

Various kinds of Balista LED lures available in Australia

Balista has come up with a wide range of LED lures which although use the same technology but differ in their design and make. For example the “Balista Lures Dyno 75” is a medium diver. Whereas the “Balista Lures Juggernaut” is 90 mm in length and is useful in catching fishes like the large Murray Cod, Barramundi, Kingfish,Golden Perch, Flathead plus, Wahoo etc. Another interesting quality of these LED lures is that they come in various colors. Ranging from red, blue, green, yellow, to even as bright as purple and silver, there are different LED lures that you find today. These colors again make the LED lures more attractive and catchy.

The coming of the LED lures is actually a blessing in disguise which has brought a storm in the fishing industry of Australia and has helped the fishermen in more than one way.

About LED lures see

Balista LED lures and LED lures

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KastKing Triton Spinning Fishing Reel Double Bearing System for Anglers Who Want Freshwater or Saltwater Spinning Reels with High Technology and Are Looking to Upgrade Their Spinning Fishing Reel From Shimano, Penn, Okuma, Diawa, or Others and Save Money (Triton 2500)

KastKing Triton Spinning Fishing Reel Double Bearing System for Anglers Who Want Freshwater or Saltwater Spinning Reels with High Technology and Are Looking to Upgrade Their Spinning Fishing Reel From Shimano, Penn, Okuma, Diawa, or Others and Save Money (Triton 2500)

  • This open face reel features 10 stainless steel shielded bearings + 1 instant stop anti-reverse bearing, uniquely engineered core structure includes two stainless steel ball bearings supporting the main shaft that stabilize the main shaft for precise rotation and give added endurance
  • Its high tensile strength graphite frame resists corrosion, saltwater approved
  • Triton fishing spinning reels have incredibly light weight, precision pinion gear system, super strong high tensile strength graphite body with attractive rich gunmetal blue and carbon black cosmetics and super smooth drag. This reel's Power Launch Spool design gives farther, tangle free casting
  • The Triton spinning reel double bearing support system prevents torsional twisting and shaft misalignment that robs power and causes shuddering under heavy loads. It will withstand extreme lateral forces
  • The KastKing Triton is for anglers who want freshwater or saltwater spinning reels with built-in high technology and are looking to upgrade their spinning fishing reel gear from Shimano, Penn, Okuma, Diawa, or others and save money. Matched with a KastKing pole it makes a great inshore fishing rod and reel combo
The KastKing Triton spinning reel is the perfect performance package priced for anglers whether entry level or a seasoned fisherman.
It delivers more bang for your fishing buck than any other reels in its size. Only the KastKing Triton gives you an affordable reel that includes these awesome features:
10 stainless steel shielded bearings + 1 instant stop anti-reverse bearing
A triple-disc carbon fiber drag washer system for endlessly smooth pull and stopping power
CNC machined aluminum spool and handle
Stainless steel main shaft
Great gear ratios
Computer balanced high strength graphite rotor
Saltwater approved
The KastKing Triton is the perfect reel if you are looking for quality, advanced technology and outstanding features at an affordable price. KastKing's Triton is made to last...and to meet the needs of anglers at any level.
Product Details:
Triton 2000 Weight(g/oz) 9.03oz/256g / Max Drag LB/KG 17.6LB/ 8KG / Gear Ratio 5.1:1 / Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.15mm/180m, 0.18/150, 0.20/100 / Monofilament Capacity (lbs/yds) 4Lb/155 Yds, 6/110, 8/80
Triton 2500 Weight(g/oz) 9.51oz/269.5g / Max Drag LB/KG 17.6LB/ 8KG / Gear Ratio 5.1:1 / Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.20mm/200m, 0.25/150, 0.30/100 / Monofilament Capacity (lbs/yds) 6Lb/210 Yds, 8/170, 10/140
Triton 3000 Weight(g/oz) 12.41oz/352g / Max Drag LB/KG 22LB/ 10KG / Gear Ratio 5.5:1 / Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.30mm/180m, 0.35/120, 0.40/100 / Monofilament Capacity (lbs/yds) 8Lb/220 Yds, 10/165, 12/130
Triton 4000 Weight(g/oz) 13.26oz/376g / Max Drag LB/KG 22LB/ 10KG / Gear Ratio 5.5:1 / Line Capacity (mm/m) 0.35mm/180m, 0.40/140, 0.50/100 / Monofilament Capacity (lbs/yds) 10Lb/275 Yds, 12/220, 15/160


Glass Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod Stream Thread Spinning Pole Freshwater 5.4

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New 3.6m-7.2m Carbon Stream Hand Pole Telescopic Spinning Freshwater Fishing Rod
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The Simple Technology of Sleeping Bags

Camping is a recreational outdoor activity undertaken by millions in the world. Camping may be done together with other outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing, rafting, backpacking, or mountain climbing.

People usually go camping to find solace in the peace, quiet, beauty, and wonder of nature and get away from busy, noisy, chaotic, urban life. Typically, campers spend a night or two at a campsite. Recreational campers set campsites in national parks, publicly owned natural places, and privately owned campgrounds. More adventurous campers camp in wild, uncharted regions that are almost inaccessible–and sometimes restricted–to the public.

Since campers may spend several nights outdoors, they need to use something that can keep them warm when they sleep. They need something between the ground and themselves when they turn in. Since it is generally impractical to bring a bed, most campers bring a sleeping bag with them.

Sleeping bags are thick, protective “bags” for people to sleep in. In essence, sleeping bags are thick, closeable blankets. Sleeping bags provide warmth and insulation. Sleeping bags can also shield campers from wind, precipitation, ground temperature, and exposure from unwanted view.

A sleeping bag is simple in design. Typically, it is a square blanket that is fitted with a zipper, a set of buttons, or similar closing materials on one or both sides. This allows the sleeping bag to be folded in half and secure in this position. A person can then crawl inside the cavity. A normal sleeping bag is suitable for most camping needs; however, for more demanding requirements such as winter camping, thicker, and bigger bags, called mummy bags, are needed.

Placed between the fabrics that make up the outer shell of sleeping bags is insulation. That is what makes sleeping bags thick and warm. There are different insulating materials that are used for sleeping bags . Most outdoorsmen prefer a synthetic kind of insulation such as PrimaLoft. Synthetic insulation does not easily absorb water, dries quickly, and still provides warmth even if the bag is soaked and damp.

Another quality of synthetic insulation is that it is firm and resilient. That means the sleeping bag still insulates a person quite well even if it is underneath a person’s weight.

The disadvantage of synthetic-insulated sleeping bags is that they cannot be compressed easily. That means they are much harder to roll up for stowage and takes up more space in a campers pack when it is not being used.

Commonly paired with sleeping bags are bivouac sacks. These are waterproof covers for sleeping bags . The tandem can be used in place of a tent, especially if the campers are packing light. Sleeping bags and bivouac sacks can also be used as backup gear during foul weather.

For even more comfort, many campers carry sleeping pads along with sleeping bags . Sleeping pads are placed underneath sleeping bags in order to have cushion, which gives campers a more comfortable rest. Alternately they can opt to use air mattresses which can be inflated and deflated.

Sleeping bags are a must for every camper. Never go camping without one.

For more tips and information about Sleeping Bags, check out www.summitcampinggear.com.

New Glow Technology for Fishermen

Lunabrite, a leader in photoluminescent technology, has uncovered new applications for glow in the dark materials for usage during fishing expeditions. New glow products such as LunaGel Glow Sheets glow in the dark ribbon and rope that can be attached to fishing equipment and gear for multiple uses.

Photoluminescent materials not only glow in the dark, but glow under water as well.  The materials can be used both in and around water.

New photoluminescent ribbon and glow sheets can be used in a multitude of ways to attract fish. The first of which is fashioning this glowing material into a fishing lure. A bright and visible lure is one of the best ways to attract fish.

There are many benefits to using a glow in the dark lure. Glow in the dark lures are beneficial because fish will be able to actually see the bait. This helps fishermen catch more fish. Once in the water, fish cannot easily see lures without glow especially if the fish are under 6 feet of water. Even on the brightest day and the clearest water, without glow, many times the fish will be unable to detect that there is a lure or bait.

Several experienced fishermen agree. “Photoluminescence is a naturally occurring element of nature.It is displayed by many species in nature, especially of aquatic nature,” states avid fisherman John Akeson, “Most fish have encountered natural photoluminescence and are attracted to it as a food source as part of their DNA. Simply put, the fish love to bite on glow because it’s natural.”

Additionally, using luminescent rope trim to outfit a fishing boat is another application for the nighttime fisherman. It has been reported that the bright glow of this trim on a boat can successfully attract phototropes, thus attracting the bigger fish. Outlining the boat in photoluminescent trim and glow in the dark outdoor tape will not only warn others in boats of a fisherman’s presence, but it may attract larger fish, and it can additionally provide a relaxing ambiance.

Adding glowing vinyl material to equipment is another option during nighttime fishing situations. Using glow materials on equipment facilitates keeping track of essentials such as keys, bobbers and tackle boxes. Additionally, a glowing accent is useful when applied to switches on flashlights and boat motors or to the ends of fishing rods and reels.

With so more glow options to choose from, fishermen should be catching more fish than ever!

Flint Charles a supply distributor of Glow products in New York City, Charles loves glow products and will always keep you updated about the same. Check out http://www.lunabrite.com for further details

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